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  1. Driving back from Mae Sot to Pattaya is something I do quite regularly. It always involves up to 5 or 6 Army and Police check points and normally both are exceptionally polite, love to practice their English and send me on my way with a smile and often a salute. Only one exception and that was several years ago when I was "fined" 400 baht on the spot for speeding at a Police checkpoint. I was moaning like made after I paid and set off again when Sai said "But you WERE speeding!" "Yeah, but they did not KNOW that!" ๐Ÿ˜› Different story in Pattaya - several instant "fines" over the years. My most recent donation "fine" was going back to Bangsaray on the Sukhumvit. I had stopped at the traffic lights short of the Ocean Marina/Ambassador Hotel. Adjacent is a Police sub office and one of the BiB started blowing his whlstle at me so I had to ride off the carriageway. He took my driving licence and then told me I had stopped past the stop line. I said it is hard to tell where the stop line is and there are 10 other motor bikes, a mini bus and two cars over where you say the stop line is so why me? He just smiled and walked into his "office" holding my licence. When I followed him in he sat down with his back to me and held up my licence. "You go to Soi 9 or pay 200 baht fine now." So 200 baht it was.
  2. Just do not walk close to any tall condo blocks as it might not be bird shit that falls on your head.
  3. Jambo


    I caddied 17 holes for an American female pro golfer on a tour event taking place at the Belfrey. You did not have to pay in those days and I only called in to have my lunch and maybe watch an hour of the golf. She was on the first green when her caddie had a fit and started thrashing about on the ground. Being a very sympathetic golfer she shouted out "Well who the (@3@#) is going to caddie for me now? She then walked straight up to me and smiled and said "Will you caddie for me?" She was being sponsored by some cosmetic company and looked a lot like "FarahwhatsipMajor" So in my suit ( minus jacket) I carried her bag for 17 holes and had interesting excusions with her into the rough and trees round the course. My pay? She said thanks and gave me her golf ball as she stomped off to register her 78. ๐Ÿ˜›
  4. I cycle around Bangsaray about 5 mornings a week and it is nothing far short of a miracle that I have not been hospitalised. Many car drivers simply ignore that I even exist particularly when they pull out of turnings or worse turn right across me either not seeing me or assuming I will brake in time before being wiped out. See no reason why Pattaya could be any safer as there is a lot more traffic.
  5. Jambo


    Rose about to play his second shot on the 18th. Birdie puts him in the lead on his own. Bunker shot ran on a bit. fingers crossed. Y E S !!!!!!! - 6 for a 65 and leading the US Open'
  6. I was in Princess Street Gardens in Edinburgh and these two ladies from the USA were looking up at Edinburgh Castle and one remarked to the other: "Gee, that Castle is really something. Shame they built it right next to the railway station."
  7. Apparently marketing initiative - 15% discount on offer if you book your wake in advance.
  8. I am about 25 minutes from Queen Sirakit Hospital in Sattahip so if I have a heart attack or similar at home in Bangsaray I think I will probably be brown bread before I get there. Have a wake for me in Pattaya. It seems it is about the only way for a bar to be busy these days. ๐Ÿ˜›
  9. I used to go hiking around Glen Nevis with Holly, my bearded collie. I rented a mobile home for a long weekend that had central heating on a site that positively encouraged dogs. I also used to hike near Windermere staying in the Watermill Inn that not only allowed dogs but claimed to have the largest sellection of real ales in England. Holly came from working sheep dog stock in Scotland and was both intelligent and athletic .
  10. My wife has been watching the volleyball world cup (?) which is in Japan at the moment. Thailand are competitive at that and although they lost to Brazil recently the games are close and they really seem to enjoy themselves. I hjave enjoyed watching it with her and I cheer each point for Thailand. We have not mentioned the footy! ๐Ÿ˜ง
  11. I keep logging into the sports news on yahoo hoping to see that the Gooners have signed a defence. ๐Ÿ˜€
  12. Paul is the sole owner. Although he did not have to do so he made a promise to pay all staff for the month of March when Secrets was basically shut for the rebranding exercise and the staff had an additional extended paid holiday. That he did out of his own pocket but as he apparently explained to the staff who returned at a meeting the payment of future wages would need to be spread throughout each month. Those who have met Paul will have found him to be a very down to earth and likeable individual but also a very private person. He is not a person given to posting on social media and forums. I think he might not be too pleased at me commenting here about him but I really like the guy and I do not believe he deserves much of the flak being directed at him. I have no idea about the figures involved, it is quite literally none of my business, but I have a good idea that he risked much to do his best to turn Secrets around and keep all the staff in paid employment. Now for the news that I am sure he would not be too pleased at me for posting. Paul had a reoccurance of the problems associated with a tumour he has in his back. He had succesful treatment which ended a couple of years ago but as the tumour is right next to his spine a small "dormant" residual remains. Some weeks ago It moved slightly and is pressing on a nerve causing Paul absolute agony. So bad it has made walking difficult. Whilst some members have been demanding information or salivating at the thought of the possible demise of the business, Paul has been having protracted treatment to try to move it as a patient in BPH. Pattaya is suffering from the lowest of low seasons. It remains to be seen which venue's come out the other side or even if there is another side?
  13. Yes, I completed the process of collecting my new UK Passport from Immigration last week having had a whole page of various stamps transferred from old to new. At the risk of being ridiculed for being lazy etc etc I admit to using Thai Visa Express to obtain the Passport itself on my behalf at a cost of 5,000 baht. Shame on me. ๐Ÿ˜€ I visited their office and gave the lady my old passport and she entered all the information she needed into a PC and printed off a form for me to sign. She returned the photo's I initially submitted as she told me they would have been rejected by the UK Passport Office as I was smiling and apparently you are not allowed to show teeth. There is a photo shop just round the corner in Soi Bukhou so I was back in 15 minutes. She told me she would phone in a few days so I could collect my old Passport just in case I needed it and that the new one would take about 3 weeks to arrive. She phoned 4 days later and In fact it took exactly 3 weeks to the day after the first phone call. On collecting the new e-Passport she gave me a form the Passport Office provide addressed to "Immigration" requesting their assistance in transferring visa's from the old to new passport. Thai Visa Express did what they said they would do and exactly in the time frame they indicated. Immigration: The next day at Immigration puts you in the same queue as expats renewing Retirement Visa's so be prepared for a wait. Another more detailed form to complete at Immigration and initially a copy of page 1 of both passports. Then the processing lady turned the corner of another 5 pages in my old passport and sent me to copy each page. Took less than 10 minutes processing and I was in and out of Immigration in about 45 minutes. Returned the next day (after 2 pm) showed my number and new passport with a whole first page of five different stamps handed over. No more than 5 minutes in and out of Immigration. I hope the renewal of my Retirement Visa next month goes as smoothly. I do that myself and this year I will remember not to wait more than a day or two after obtaining the confirmation letter from the bank. I think it was 4 days old last year and they sent me off to the local Kasikorn bank in Jomtien to get a replacement.
  14. I worked for an insurance company which was Dutch owned. Every four years they hosted a sporting summer "Olympics" in Holland for all the companies they owned world wide. I was part of the football team from the UK although my last competitive football match was at least 2 years before. They played a real dirty trick on us. ๐Ÿ˜€ The night before the match they booked us in for an Indonesian meal called (phonetically) a "rice tafel". All I remember was each dish took my head off every one being hotter/spicier than the one before. The coach to the ground had half the team doubled over with stomach cramps and when we arrived at the ground it was a race to the changing room and the one available bog inside. Trying playing 90 minutes football in 80f when you are dehydrated from evacuating half your insides 15 minutes before kick off. We lost. Badly.
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