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  1. I think that problem must be quite common as it has certainly happened to me but always then accepted at an adjacent ATM.
  2. If you ever go to Gibraltar do visit the Trafalgar cemetary. We discovered it by accident and found it to be a fine resting place for some of those sailors that served and died doing their duty.
  3. I thought that requirement had changed and you now only have to complete a TM30 if you have changed address? Not that any of us are likely to be leaving in the forseeable future with the current draconian requirements on returning . Even when I was going for trips to AC or PP I never completed a TM30 on return. A couple of times when needed to do subsequent 90 days Immigration just asked me if I was still at the same address and that was sufficient.
  4. I have only ever done one TM30 ever and that was some considerable time ago. i.e as in several years ago. I recently used an Agent in connection with renewing my two driving licenses and THEY had to obtain one on my behalf before Immigration would issue the residency certificate. I was not involved other than it cost me an additional 500 baht.
  5. No we cannot. The theme's are dark or light and that deep blue is in the light theme and has swallowed up all the signs. I would suggest going back on "The few changes at the front end" and reverse them. If it ain't broke.......................?
  6. I thought fat Thai girls was a recent occurance but apparently not?
  7. We used to get snow both in London and the West Midlands where I lived for some time but it was always as if that was the first time ever and everything came to a halt. When I moved to Edinburgh I found that no doubt due to its proximity to the sea there was far less of the white stuff but you only had to go a few miles inland to find the snow drifts. I once drove from Newcastle to Edinburgh on the cross country route in what became a complete blizzard. I reached the sign which said "Welcome to Scotland" which is at the top of a very steep hill and when you looked down it was impossible t
  8. We were sorting out a large storage box in Bangsaray and came across a couple of photo's from our visit to Genting Highland Resort in Malaysia. The first one is in Snow World which was amazing for Sai who had never seen/experienced snow even if it was artificially generated. That really is "snow" and, quite understandably, it was freezing. That was taken about 10 years ago before his poker addiction made everything go pear shaped. Should have seen the writing on the wall as Genting Highlands Resort is a massive casino complex. There is also a theme park where the foll
  9. Yes, it was loading very slow for me yesterday as well although it seems okay today.
  10. Jambo


    After two weeks I decided she was doing my head in and I sat her down and gently explained that it was not working out and that I would take her back to her house in Chonburi. She turned red in the face, rushed to a kitchen drawer and came at me with a carving knife.After trying to stab me I then had to stop her stabbing herself by hitting her hand a couple of times on the work surface until she dropped the knife. After she calmed down I even drove her to her house up in Chonburi. The next morning when I walked out of the condo entrance there she was waiting from me. The start of wee
  11. It is not at all one sided as they have to deal with some real scumbags from time to time who do none of us expats who try to get our ducks in a row any favours. Nevertheless, my experiences over the last couple of years or so and feedback from friends who have also suffered just leaves me feeling that they are looking for any reason to find fault. They are also deliberately pointing us in the direction of dealing through an agent. Why would a different member of Immigration staff on consecutive years ask me directly "Why did you not deal through an agent?" That is a rhetorical quest
  12. Make sure you are the one to pay the premiums when they fall due. 😀
  13. Jambo


    Lek was long gone although I did have to involve the police (very helpful) in stopping her stalking me in bars across Pattaya but that is another story. Just in case insurance for the b/fines that immediately followed after Lek's departure. It is very traumatic to face an out of control angry Thai female with a carving knife in her hand. 🤣
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