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  1. I have a weeping, really itchy, rash on my.............................ankle. It is really annoying me and I have had it for about a week. So I decided this morning to go to the local pharmacist I use from time to time. So I set off on the Honda but decided firstly to call into the local Tesco/Lotus which needs a roundabout route so that I end up arriving on the correct side of the dual carriageway. I get close to a run of local shops and suddenly see the signs for a brand new clinic so on impulse I pull up outside thinking perhaps they might be more help than the pharmacist. I walk in and it seems quite busy with several Thai women waiting on seats, two female staff and a Thai guy in a long white coat. Everyone is looking at me but as a farlang you get used to that happening in Bangsaray. I take a few steps forward so that the guy can see the whole of me and I point at my ankle and say " I have this annoying rash on my ankle." For a second or two, nothing happens, then everyone starts laughing and the guy manages to splutter "Sorry Sir, this is a vets!" I crease up and all the ladies on the seats are enjoying themselves and so are the 2 dogs I notice for the first time. At least I gave everybody a good laugh. Dick head! 🤣 ps Came home with a tube of antibiotic/corticosteroid cream from the..................... pharmacist.
  2. Jambo

    New Nordic

    Totally agree with you. You expressed my own thoughts exactly just far clearer than I did.
  3. Good luck mate. I am about 80% back to normal and that was 5 days from when it started. I was blowing my nose so much I burst blood vessels. I was out this morning power walking and my two dogs plus their male pack leader were having the time of their lives charging around me and play fighting. I have a large area of waste land opposite my house which is ideal for walking laps round it but the Thai 'Old Dear" who lives next door tells me it is full of snakes including some large pythons. Hopefully the dogs will scare them off.
  4. Jambo

    New Nordic

    As quite a high profile individual in Pattaya, I am sure Tommy has got a lot more common sense than to repond to your request. Reporting known facts is one thing. Contributing to rumour and inuendo is something completely different and potentually somewhat dangerous. I am going somewhat off topic and my next comment is by no means directed at your goodself but why do some forum members think they have a right to know the confidential dealings of a business they have absolutely no involvement?
  5. I spent all my employed working life in the insurance industry and I assure you that if you provide an excuse, inadvertantly or otherwise, for an insurance company to opt out of paying a claim then they will do so. A common one is non-declaration of a previous condition. Don't even think of not declaring a pre-condition, any pre-condition, because they follow up and if they find out they will turn down the claim. I was at one time Compliance Manager for a Scottish Life Assurance Company which is a fairly senior position. That did not stop Norwich Union doing all they could not to pay out on a claim I made for a suitcase and its contents stolen by the thieving baggage handlers at Heathrow. I was getting absolutely nowhere getting them to settle the claim until I asked the General Manager of the company to phone the GM of Norwich Union who authorised payment the same day.
  6. I have been predicting water rationing for Pattaya for several weeks now. The rainy season was largely a non-event this year and it does not return again for the best part of 5 months. Another concern will be wild fires breaking out. On my long drive back last Thursday I noticed several in the distance.
  7. Jambo

    New Nordic

    When I wanted to start a rumour in Pattaya I always told Larry first with instructions not to tell anyone. 🤣
  8. I have had real flu only a couple of times in the past and on both occasions it was as much as I could do to drag myself out of bed for a pee and took 2 weeks or more to fully recover. I just had a heavy cold and for two days I could hardly stop blowing my nose. But it was very short lived and I am all but over it now. I quite enjoyed wallowing in self pity which is not that uncommon in men suffering from "Manflu." 🤣 For 8 years prior to retiring to Thailand I was self employed working from home. As I was also for the first couple of years acting as a carer for my wife I always each year had a flu jab which I paid for myself as it was not free on the National Health after my period as a carer ceased . Before I first came to Thailand I had a whole range of jabs for all sorts of things I might possibly contract over here. Much to my surprise all that lot were free which seemed to me to make no sense when I paid for the flu jab?
  9. That reminds me of all the years in a row (13 to be precise) that I used to go to the Cheltenham Festival and always had a few "hot toddies" at the Jameson Pavilion. It would certainly have helped of that I have no doubt. Feeling so much better this morning and went for my early morning cycle ride. Suffered the ignomy of being overtaken by yet another Sheila in full cycling clobber but put that down to my weakened state. 😀
  10. I remember being the only one in the Holiday Inn Crown Plaza in Bangkok ordering scrambled eggs for breakfast as there were no eggs on show in the buffet. At the time Thailand was busy slaughtering all its chickens.
  11. Possibly as a result of this cold weather reducing my natural resistance I have been struck down by a delibitating bout of Manflu. Manflu (aka by females as penwat or the common cold) is characterised in men by a deep feeling of being sorry for ourselves and the need for understanding and continuous sympathy from the rest of the world and particularly our wives and partners. Sneezing like mad and got through a box of tissues driving back on Thursday. Immediately phoned Sai , still up in Mae Sot, that evening to tell her how bad I was feeling only for her to remind me to put the dogs coats on them as it was getting cold at night. Tried another attempt to gain the sympathy vote only to be told that Sai hopes I will not have given it to her. Friday got through no less than 4 boxes of tissues and in between sent messages to the UK and phoned a few friends to let them know how bad I was feeling. Both Daughter and Grandaughter in Scotland have colds so not much sympathy there. Went to the pharmacy and paid 30 baht for some medication called Nasolin which states it gives symptomatic relief to all the symptons of Manflu. Just kept sending me off to sleep so I recommend it for flights to/from the UK. Also went to the "Western Produce" shop in Bangsaray and bought 6 Cadbury's cream eggs as they were on 2 for 1 special offer. Pigging out of them was a comfort in my hour of need. Not much better Sunday and had to get further supplies of tissues. Watched a great deal of TV and continued to fall asleep from the effects of the medication. Feeling much better today and heroically think I might well pull through after all. flushed the note I left for Sai giving the User Name and password for an online bank account of mine down the toilet. 😀
  12. Coming from somebody who gives a good impression of having had a sense of humor bypass operation that is a bit rich.
  13. Jambo


    Bought these today in Siambury's. You do not see these very often in Thailand.
  14. I had a Triumph Spitfire I used to literally keep a bag of cement in the wee boot because the back end was so light. I still once went backwards into the bus garage at the top of Muswell Hill in the wet. A zillion years ago I worked with a guy that bought his young son every single Dinky toy that came out. Except he always bought two and stored one set in his loft. I remember him telling me that they would be worth a lot of money one day. So many were produced I doubt he made a "lot" but maybe a complete boxed collection would have been very attractive to a collector.
  15. Lucky the barman didn't want a beer as he probably would have got a pint of Titbread Wankard.
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