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  1. They say a photo beats a thousand words. That one just about says it all. I remember when it was just Russian women shot putters who were a joke. On the other hand, 20 year old female gymnasts who have not had a period yet is almost as bad.
  2. Tom, of course you delete. I think I have had three posts deleted recently. The point I am trying to make is that deleting posts that break the rules is fine but I have had posts recently deleted where I do not believe I broke the rules at all and that is simply not fair to me and it would appear others who feel that has happened to them. Surely it makes common sense for a Mod to advise a BM the reason a post has been deleted if for no better reason than ensuring the member does not repeat the "offence" ? You want an example: See post 14 in my topic about "My bruised ego". You will see I refer to a post of mine simply disappearing. The post that disappeared was simply the words " Sorry, I could not tell without seeing her ass" or very similar. An insignificant, tongue in cheek comment but hardly likely to cause offence to anyone but deleted nevertheless. Why? It is not as if I mentioned the cod piece over her piss flaps now was it. I might be being paranoid but my deletions have occured quite soon after I recently disagreed with a comment made by a member on this forum who happens to be a Mod? Just saying like. 🤣
  3. Scrambled egg and smoked salmon for top brecky.
  4. The last of my birthday present Baileys.
  5. On my application for my first job with an insurance company there were two questions I did not like: 1. Father's occupation - answered as "No idea" 2. Religion - answered as " R & B" I was told a year or so later that my answers were the catalyst for both questions being dropped from the staff application form.
  6. I am more than a little sensitive about posts of mine just disappearing from the forum. Ben used to do this to me all the time if I expressed an opinion he disagreed with in Secrets forum. No breach of the forum rules by me but if I posted something he did not like he simply deleted it. Why? Because he could. I think I have had three recent posts simply disappear. I thought maybe it was me but a member sent me a message today confirming that he had seen one of my posts and then.... it was gone. I strongly believe that not one of the posts I made that has now been deleted was controversial, inflamatory or a breach of Thai247 rules. If that is the case, and I am sure it was, why have my posts been deleted ? Because he could? It is not fair to any of us that posts can simply be made to disappear without an explanation as to what we did wrong.
  7. Jambo

    A bruised ego

    Well that view from the rear was the only one I had but they all look very nice, I have had two of my posts simply vanish recently. I could only assume that was actioned by a moderator. I also logged in a few days ago to find a whole series of posts quoted and reprinted under my name in a topic the submission of which was not my doing. Very strange.
  8. Jambo

    A bruised ego

    Hi fygjam, My post saying I could not tell without seeing the (above) girl's ass appears to have been deleted by a moderator. I apologise if my sense of humour inadvertantly offended you but judging by the rest of her I am sure she has a very nice ass. 😀
  9. My daughter sent me the photo's but I have no idea who took them. Actually not his first match as he has been taken to watch the Hearts several times so he is a jambo (jam tarts) as well. It runs in the family. When I lived in Solihull I had season tickets at the Villa for both me and my daughter Karen (Morgan's Mum) when she was about 13 or 14. I used to go with a big bunch of guys and they used to spoil her terribly.
  10. Went for my regular early morning cycle ride today. An absolute stunning morning with hardly a cloud in the sky and the view along beach road Bangsaray clear and the beach itself pristine. Most, but not all, of the long weekend visitors had departed so just me cycling along saying 'Hi/Sawadee krup" to the regular joggers , dog walkers and other cyclists I see every day. I use the outward leg to warm up and then I push myself on the way back which is my main source of real exercise these days. So there I am pushing the pedals on the way back when another cyclist comes up from behind, catches me unawares, and goes steaming past me. Now I am used to meeting real proper cyclists and they are in a different league to me so I keep out of their way although most acknowledge my existance by a nod or a Hi. This is different. This is not just any cyclist. This is a girl cyclist! She is dressed in real proper cyclist clobber albeit somewhat lady chic and she is not astride the Thai copy of an indian knock/off I am riding but she is a GIRL neverthe less. There is no way a "girl" is going to go past me like that! So I set off in persuit. Head down, with my eyes fixed on the road just ahead of my front wheel, and I go into flat out mode. I look up after 30 seconds or so to find her about 100 yards ahead and still drawing away. I realise she must pushing a very high gear because she appears to be doing so with very little effort. Head down again and I really go for it now determined to catch her up ........she is a ........"girl". I look up again and 100 yards has become 200 yards and I am sounding like a kettle that is about to explode. I cycle to hopefully stop a premature heart attack not generate one! I give up and swallow my pride and my bruised ego by telling myself that she was probably on performance enhancing drugs. 🤣 I wonder what her saddle .......................................bad man!
  11. The Scottish FA were so depesperate to get some bodies along to watch Scotland and San Marino battle out for the wooden spoon that it seems they handed out a lot of free tickets to the schools which is how my teacher daughter got VIP tickets to the game for the family. Anyway, they had a great time particularly my grandson Morgan( the absolute spitting image of me when I was his age) as you can see from the following photo's.
  12. Jambo


    You are very lucky. Sometimes it is impossible to avoid particularly when it may involve the illness/death of a loved one.
  13. I cannot believe she/him/it would actually walk around looking like that in public. And the skinny one is awful too.
  14. Jambo


    I had a period in my working life when I had to give presentations to relatively large groups of people at sales conferences both in the UK and offshore and on several occasions stand up at formal dinners and give a speech on behalf of the company to the guests. One of those occasions was to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Insurance company that employed me. The only time I managed to pronounce "sesquicentennial" anniversary correctly was during the actual delivery of the speech. I used to enjoy writing the speeches and presentations and as long as I had sufficient time to prepare and practice generally the delivery was okay and well received. Nobody, except no doubt my patient wife who was the recipient of much of the practice, had any idea however of the stress I placed myself under every time I had to actually give such a presentation/speech. Off my food for the week before and ravaged by the thought I might make a complete fool of myself. They do say a certain amount of stress is good for you and actually helps when speaking in public. Some people seem to be a complete natural at "Public" speaking but that was not me. Every time I stood up there was a flock of birds flying around in my stomach but they generally settled down once I started. A huge amount of self induced stress is anything but good for you. A most bizare thing ocurred at one of our sales conferences. One of my fellow Regional Managers was presenting a new Permanant Health Insurance policy to the assembled troops. Basically it paid out a lump sum or annuity in the event of one of many serious illness occuring during the lifetime of the policy. As he was given the presentation he started to speak strangely and then collapsed. He had a stroke, one of the very things he described during his presentation. Subsequent feed back from his wife was that he had been worrying about the presentaion.
  15. Me too except because of the sun shining on the screen I gave up after 10 minutes or so. By the way, I know somebody who let his licence run out and he had to take the whole test again. On the other hand it was several months before he realised. He failed the retest as well.
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