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  1. The absolute cure for Covid 19......................................"Medicinal Compound" Most efficacious, in every way! 🤣
  2. Just recently I have been wearing good quality headphones when watching films etc on both the TV and my PC. That was a spin/off from the fact I intend to watch footy in bed (starting tonight) on my new tablet to save me getting up in the middle of the night. Need to wear h/phones for that or I will wake up the wife. 😀 I never realised how much better the sound quality is with the phones although it is probably fucking up my already diminished hearing. Led Zeppelin's "Whole lot of love" sounds awsome with phones on as did the sound track on the trailer for G vs K. 🤣
  3. That is exactly what is happening with Jade as she should be resident enjoying her first few weeks at Uni studying to become a vet at her new vetinary college. That and doing what students do the world over normally do by balancing study with an active social life. At first she mostly studied from home visiting the college in the Scottish borders for two nights every two weeks. This required her mum to drive her down then pick her up after two nights to return to Edinburgh. Now all study is at home as there is a restriction on travel. On top of this, last week Jade had the first of h
  4. Thanks to the Covid restrictions in Scotland my Grandaughter Jade's 18th birthday yesterday could only be shared with her friends using a group video chat link.
  5. Sadly, one for the times we live in right now!
  6. I do not accept the cliche "Trust the Science." It is right to be sceptical because there are countless examples of "accepted science" being updated as our understanding becomes greater as our knowledge grows. Dr. Fauci has updated his views as his knowlege and experience of what has been occuring has grown. Nothing wrong with that as it would be infinitely worse to stick with a view that has been overtaken by events. He appears to have acted with dignity and restraint given the fact his ultimate "boss" was doing his best to undermine his best endeavours. Politicians, all politi
  7. The "Experts" are not categorically stating that the end result will not be just as good delaying the second dose to 12 weeks merely that "There is no data" to support that it will be just as efficacious through delaying until 12 weeks. Personally, I always thought it might be a good idea to wait a couple of years to see which "experts" f***d it up. 😷
  8. Given the fact that in a few short weeks the USA will have achieved half a million deaths from Covid19 through not taking prudent actions to restrict the spread of the pandemic the belated introduction of a raft of restrictions is long overdue. Paying the price for putting dogmatic politics above sensible healthcare precautions.
  9. Never, ever buy frozen vegetables in Thailand. Sai grows much of what we eat but not brocolli or cauliflower which is always available 2 minutes away in the village. Everybody is back wearing a mask and I do mean everybody. There have been very few Covid cases in the Town area (small cluster of Burmese who came over the border and immediately confined) so how am I going to get infected? I shop virtually every day for both me and the dogs. Might put some of what I buy in the freezer for a couple of days maximum. Gets me out of the house and I have to wear a mask and get temp
  10. I will be okay. I have been 49 for years.
  11. I bought a new Huahwi Tablet two days ago so I don't have to leave my pit in the middle of the night to watch footy. I told Sai to use it to watch her Thai/Korean soaps instead of straining her eyes with her i-Phone so I let her get used to it all day yesterday. When she gave it back she says: "I put Netflix on it which will load automatically if I am not signed in on my phone." "You subscribe to Netflix then?" "Yes, for a long time." says Sai. "You never thought to tell me before?" "You never asked." For the first time ever, I can now sign into Netflix
  12. There are not that many things I miss from the UK but a pint or three of real British, room temperature, proper beer is right up near the top of the list. I will be visiting family in Scotland so it will be Deuchars IPA in East Calder or 80/- in "The Diggers" next to the Hearts in Edinburgh itself. 🤗
  13. This B.U.F.F turned up in our garden yesterday. I though it was a frog but Sai says it is a toad and that they are poisonous to eat.
  14. Planning my main meal for tonight. Been on a very strict low carb diet which enables me to eat a wide selection of food I really enjoy and still the weight drops most every day and I never feel hungry. I am not going to eat one single item that I do not enjoy just because it is low in carbs. Basically, all the crap I used to eat on top of the good stuff was full of carbs. That however still leaves the good stuff so tonight I will have a grilled sirloin steak from Oz with brocolli and mushrooms stir fried in coconut oil. I have to remember to put the bottle of coconut cooking oil out
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