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  1. How long is a piece of string? I would say certain to be extended throughout May and then some aspects relaxed gradually region by region depending on results being considered successful or not. I am sure that the Thai government will want to get Thai's working again as soon as possibe. When tourism restarts depends upon what happens in the rest of the world. Realistically, it is going to be months before anything like normality returns to Pattaya. It will be a new normality as well which we may well not like or even recognise. I am just hoping I will be allowed to travel back to Pattaya by the end of July to renew my retirement visa. I do not want to have to discover what additional obstacles may apply in the local Immigration office here in Mae Sot.
  2. I am sure Phil is trying to do what is best for his children in all round difficult circumstances.
  3. Phil eat lunch in Secrets one day looking like a road traffic accident. 😀
  4. We normally do not get any real rainfall until May and then June and July can be quite dry again. If my memory serves me correctly that was how it was last year. It has been so dry even when the rainfall starts it is going to just run off without making any real difference until we get some consistantly consecutive days of meaningful rainfall. It is in touching distance of 40c where I am currently. A monumental thunderstorm would be lovely to break that cycle. Unfortunately, more of the same is expected.
  5. You are a good guy Phil but it looks like (many?) months, not weeks, before visitors start returning to Pattaya. You are not a bank or a registered charity. Look after you and yours first. Personally, I would draw a line no later than the end of this month and tell them there will be a job for then when you are able to reopen.
  6. I am now stuck here in Mae Sot not able to return to Bangsaray until they lift the restrictions on travel. The only way out of Mae Sot to travel south takes you to a permanant police/army checkpoint 10 minutes drive away. That is the first of four between Mae Sot and Bangkok. There is a huge Government hospital here but I have no idea what it is like other than the fact that our one and only Covid patient ( Paki visitor from Pattaya! 🙂) is still in residency with his girlfriend in isolation. Sai's Mother has diabetes and seems to have been well looked after as an out patient. Another 12 days before I try to do my 90 days online. Total mixed messages as to whether it will work or not. ps: Sai just informed me that the guy has been released from hospital having recovered. His "girlfriend" is out of isolation having not contracted Covid. Apparently, she was some Thai guy in Mae Sot's official "girlfiend" and is now being given the "sent to Coventry" cold shoulder by friends and relations. 🤣
  7. Your not my mate John from Corstorphine by any chance? He had the misfortune to be a Hibee too. 😀
  8. Yep! Auba makes countless millions a year and drives a Lamborghini and me a 5 year old Fiesta and a 14 year old Honda Airblade. But is he happy? 🤣
  9. Yet another House near me has put up a red flag as if some wee flag or a bottle of green fanata is going to keep out coronavirus! You need a proper BIG flag to keep the coronaspuds away! 🤣
  10. I wonder how different it will be this time next year?
  11. I am in training to enter Thailand's online "Ex-Pats Got Talent" competition but I cannot chose between singing "Wonderwall" , "Maggie May" or "Match of the Day" ? Wotchathink? Alternatively, maybe I will go for the novelty act. Possibly, try for a tray of 10 B52"s downed in under 15 seconds. Sweatie did that in Catz one night. Decisions. decisions. 😀
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