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  1. I played Sunday morning football for a team called HTA ( short for Highgate Tennants Association) which included on occasions Rod Stewart and various family members. He used to turn up either in a lamborghini or a Roller. I turned up on my Vespa. There was a time I used to host Christmas Sporting luncheons with the idea being a famous sporting icon entertained with an after dinner speech. I got to meet and entertain the celebrity speakers in the morning before the luncheon. My favourite was Dennis Law and George Best doing a double act at three venues in the north of England. We had to put a minder on George because he got pissed at the first one in Leeds when he tipped the waiter to put brandy in his own pot of coffee. Dennis gave George an intro into when they played together in a round of the European Cup but he forgot what he was supposed to say and told the story about him shagging Miss World, the bed covered in thousand of pounds and the waiter bringing champagne to the room and asking him where it all went wrong. The biggest cheer was given at the luncheon where Rodney Marsh the Australian Cricketer spoke. Those with long memories will remember the famous "Botham" test match where thanks to Ian Botham England somehow gained a most unlikely victory. During the period that followed stories started to circulate about certain Australian team members placing substantial bets on England to win but no proof ever came to light as far as I am aware. Anyway, Rodney Marsh was introduced to speak at the luncheon. He stood up to polite applause and said "Good afternoon. The answer to your first question is ................YES!" The whole place just errupted in laughter and applause given the fact that no question had been forthcoming.
  2. Another 10 minutes and GCHQ will have you targetted on their terrorist watch list, know your bank details, where you live, have cloned your hard drive and turned the camera on in your smart phone and the camera you did not know exists in a smart TV. Basically, you are now f***d. For ever!
  3. I believe somebody offered Allis 10,000 baht in Secrets to piss in a glass but she declined. I would have done it for 5,000 baht.
  4. Speaking of Swedish Schoolgirls 🤩
  5. Looking for an enjoyable night with some nostalgic music we all know and love? Come join the fun this coming Sunday at Secrets at Scooters "MoTown Music Night". Great music; cold happy hour premium beers; lovely hostess and a FREE Buffet.
  6. Jambo


    Me too. I cannot stand coleslaw or blue cheese for that matter.😀 Pork pie; corned beef; pickled onions; Branston pickle; potato salad; tomato and crusty bread. Now I don't fancy what I really have for dinner tonight which is nothing like the above. f**k it. 😧
  7. What is there possibly anything to dislike about something that creates a real "feel good" reaction?
  8. Jambo


    Wasn't he was the geezer that had his horse stuffed?
  9. Welcome to tthe forum Sigi. That is a excellent post and really good to see people having a good time and enjoying and maybe joining in with the "entertainment."
  10. Jambo


    I once came home from work to find that my boxer dog had found all the kids Easter eggs hidden under the bed and eat the lot. I always understood that chocolate was toxic to dogs but they just gave Butch the galloping shits.
  11. Bangsary"s Songkran Day is tomorrow and the streets will be packed, lots of music and everyone will have a great time and get very wet. I really enjoyed it last year particularly as I observed much of it from the "Terrace" of the Sports Bar. I have not seen one single example of water being thrown around leading up to Songkran Day itself and that includes today.
  12. We have had Hotel customers coming from the Airport who took 1 hour 20 minutes to reach the Sukhumvit Road and 4 hours from there walking the last hour or so dragging their luggage. I did suggest spending their first night in Bangkok. I did try driving in once myself. It took me three hours or so to get from my house in Soi Khatalo just to reach Big C on the Sukhumvit where i managed to reverse direction, give up, and go back home.
  13. Did not answer the question about which 50 specific Bars were participating.
  14. My last real job was as a self employed Accountant working from home in Edinburgh but that was after many years in financial services sales Management followed by the "poacher turned gamekeeper" when I became Compliance Manager for an Insurance Company. The company was eventually taken over, I took a big redundancy payoff, and after a year or so of study, exams etc I set up my own accountancy practice working from home. Looked after mostly self employed clients and eventually 6 large pubs in and around Edinburgh. Virtually worked 7 days a week so I could fit in 3 trips a year to Pattaya. Retired in 2006 and moved to Pattaya. Soon became involved with Secrets in one capacity or another. "Retired" myself again in 2016 but asked to retain a "watching brief" over the Hotel. In more recent times I have been providing support to owner Paul with the new venture. Going into Pattaya 3 mornings a week augmented by an hour or two a day remotely from home is the best or all worlds for me.
  15. I kept looking at the photo and trying to remember what I had seen the guy on the left in previously. Eureka! Sons of Anarchy - Charlie Hunnan On a roll then - Vikings! 🤣
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