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    For a couple of years I used to commute from Edinburgh to Newcastle every day. The "cross country" route took me through some wonderful but wild countryside and on one memorable occasion I was driving in a complete wipe out blizzard and seriously worried I might not make it back. The border between England and Scotland was at the top of a hill and when I looked down the other side I could not see the road, just snow. On another occasion I turned a bend and found a badly smashed up car in the middle of the road with the driver inside and unconscious. I had a very poor signal on my cell phone but the driver of a lorry coming the other way managed to get through to the police and ambulance. The lorry driver and I noticed that there appeared to be damage to a low wall on one side of the road. We looked over and found another car upside down in a gully. We learnt later that the driver of that vehicle was sadly deceased.
  2. Eureka.! So can I visit the True shop and buy the EPL package just for my phone and then use chromecast to show it on my tele?
  3. But how does that produce the EPL footy now only on Bein and not True?
  4. Personally speaking I cannot get too upset about the UK selling some impractical old pile way past its sell by date. Much better to move to a smaller, modern building more fitting to the task of providing embassy services to UK nationals.
  5. I am getting confused - often my default setting. Are you now streaming the EPL from your phone by chromecast using the Bein Connect Asia app? How much does that cost to show just the footy?
  6. Thanks Phil - I take your point about buying in the UK. I cancelled my full subscription to True so presumably I can buy the EPL True stand alone for my phone in the True shop next to Tukcom? I must say I was impressed with the picture quality in your Bar using chromecast.
  7. They sell tinned haggis in Siamburys but I have no idea of the quality.
  8. Hi Phil, I understand what is chromecast but I do not follow how you buy the 2,500 baht subscription for True.to go along side the chromecast? Where do you buy it from? Do you use the basic chromecast or the Ultra version? I might well buy one whilst I am in the UK.
  9. Question: Why did we all come to Thailand? Answer: To have a great time and shag Thai ladies half our age. f**k the Saints!
  10. It is a wee hairy beastie found only in the Highlands of Scotland and a much sort after delicacy. Not easy to find as it is very adept at hiding in the Scotch mist. Most Sassenach's don't like the taste but I love it washed down with a wee dram or two.
  11. I have an Oppo F9 which I much prefer to my previous Samsung phones. You can actually use it to phone people. Not many people know that.
  12. Waiting for somebody to say "Carlsberg" Might have a long wait.
  13. Back in Scotland visiting the family. Lunch in the Black Bull in East Calder. First, a pint of Deuchars IPA, the nectar of the Gods. With the main course being Haggis, neeps and tatties Freshly shot Haggis this very morning
  14. Given the fact that Airports always overcharge I was somewhat surprised that my pint of Carling was £4.50. Back in Edinburgh now, well East Calder to be exact, and I am so looking forward to lunch in The Black Bull today and several pints of Deuchars IPA my favorite beer in the world. I will report back on cost.
  15. A bar that sells food at little if anything above cost does so with the thought in mind of hoping to keep the customer in the bar so he can continue buying drinks which generate the bars real profit. A restaurant that sells food at little if anything above cost will not survive because the food alone will not contribute sufficient income to pay all the additional expenses of trade over and above the wholesale cost of the ingredients. The type of customer who looks exclusively for cheap charlie restaurants is highly likely to immediately leave the restaurant and return to his cheap charlie bar of choice.
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