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  1. I don't think it is but I have no idea of the breed. Chow Chow's are more poofy looking dogs like poodles. One of my 4 former Soi dogs probably has a bit of it in its DNA somewhere down the line. They have everything else! 🤣
  2. Beans, beans good for the heart. The more you eat, the more you fart. The more you fart the better you feel, So lets have beans for every meal. 😀 I second that although mushy peas are a contender!
  3. The first time I had Abbott ale I had 4 pints one lunchtime on an empty stomach and realised I was in no state to drive the 2 miles home from a wee pub in East Barnet to my house in whetstone. So I decided to sleep it off in the car which was dangerous in itself. It was winter and when I woke up it was dark and I was half dead from hypothermia. I learned to have a very healthy respect from then on to Abbott ale. 😀 I got to the final of a big darts tournement at East Barnet Old Grammarians FC drinking Abbott ale all night. They sold Abbott ale in watering cans. The treble twenty was HUGE and I just had to get the timing right when I swayed. Unfortunately, rubber legs by the final.
  4. There I was visualising you at the Bus Station in your parka, notebook in hand, jotting down the bus numbers. Go on you can tell me. Does the 134 still go to Muswell Hill? Nampla would know that. 🤣
  5. I could not agree more. He appears to be the complete deal as he can defend, attack and lay on the final ball. He seems to have a great attitude and willing to learn by all reports. So all we need is to find a central defender (preferably two) a new right back and lock Auba in for another 3 years. No problem! 🤣
  6. I totally agree as I am now a convert to the on-line report. By pure coincidence mine was approved today and I just printed off the confirmation. My first 90 day on-line application took 5 attempts to get the submission to go through and I did have to imput all the full details similar to a paper submission. The difference is that once you have done it once the software retains all your details so you do not have to put them in again. Each question defaults to your previous answer. It maybe just good luck but the submission went through at the first attempt this time too. 😀 The whole process took no more than about 5 minutes and that included setting up my printer which I rarely use these days.
  7. Had to set my alarm for 02:00 am yet again. All thse matches in the middle of our night are killing me. Arsenal played some lovely attacking football against Leicester who have never beaten us at home in the Premier League. In control and should have been better off than one goal lead then Nketia comes off the subs bench and gets sent off before he touches the ball. Spuds at the weekend!
  8. In a few posts we highlight all that is wrong with our collective dealings with Immigration. You have no problem with obtaining the letter the day before but Steve (The Proffesor) has been turned away and I asked the question in this topic because Larry mentioned the same to me only yesterday. There is no consistency when dealing with Immigration. We never really know when they are going to move the goal posts. When turning me down last year (after moving the said goalposts) the guy said to me almost in passing "Why did you not use an Agent?" I was speaking to another guy also this week who without prompting from me told me that when he also had a problem at last renewal he was also asked the same question by Immigration. There is no need for any further comment as to why now is there? I will be waiting outside the bank to get the letter the same day. I really would be silly to take the chance on the day before. Or maybe I will simply give my passport and bank book to the Agent several friends use and let them take all the hassle away. That and not raising my BP every time I go into Immigration is sounding more and more attractive. What really gets to me is that I do all I can every year to meet their requirements as I have done since 2006.
  9. Easiest way to get round the problem is for him to go to an Agent. I may still do that myself using the derisory net interest I accumulated from my 800K bank deposit to fund about half their fee. Interest available on renewing the timed deposit is now 0.50%. 🥴
  10. My first three Company cars over a period of 6 years were all Morris Marina's. Top Gear featured the Marina comparing it with the Allegro to decide which the worst car ever made! The Morris Marina won the vote. 😀 On the plus side I was driving a car that cost me absolutely nothing. Apart from that it was without any shadow of a doubt the worst car I ever had the misfortune to drive. Apart from anything else it was dangerous as the brakes on all three were useless. During four of the six years I owned my own Triumph Spitfire just so I didn't have to drive it at the weekends.
  11. Rolls Canardly for me. Rolls down one side of the hill but can hardly get up the other side.
  12. I just go to the dentists for emergency extractions. Four now missing and several decidedly dodgy. I am like an elephant. When I run out of teeth and can no longer demolish a sirloin steak I am checking out!
  13. Sustenance for visiting ghosts I presume? 🤗 It was actually outside a coffee shop next to the vets one of our dogs was being treated.
  14. I am doing the renewal of my Retirement Visa/Extension next week and after my fiasco a year ago I may well just use an Agent but it pains me to do so as just like last year as far as I am aware I have everything in place to do it myself. The thing which was the initial catalyst for last year's problems was the fact that the 800K timed deposit was in joint names with my wife as it had been for the previous 3 years without comment from Immigration. It has subsequently been in my name since September of last year so that is no longer a reason for declinature. Is somebody able to confirm that Jomtien Immigration will accept the required letter from the bank dated the day before I throw myself at Immigration's mercy? One of the additional problems I encountered last year was them sending me to get an updated letter from the bank as mine was apparently out of time. Am I also correct in believing that the amount you have to leave on deposit for the following two months is 400K. With bank interest down to 0.50% I am loath to renew a timed deposit.
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