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  1. Yes, there is a park between the market and the coastline. Families bring their rugs and picnic/eat there.
  2. LOL I am afraid it reminds me of what the old Leeds Fish Market was like when I was a child; by the way I am 70 now. 😀
  3. My main camera is a Canon 6D Mark II, however it is heavy and even heavier with the longer lenses fitted. I wanted a small point and shoot type camera, which would produce pictures of a similar quality to the 6D Mark II when tayking what I would describe as easy pictures; by that I mean no difficult lighting conditions and subject not to far away etc. I recently took the plunge and purchased a Canon Powershot g7x mark III. Whilst it will in no way replace to DSLR, I have been pleased with its performance. One feature that is good is the attached flash gun; the better quality DSLR s do not have a built in flash; it is so quick to just press a button and have a small flash gun there, rather than having to get an external flashgun out of the camera back and attach it. All the shots here were taken with the g7x and I do not think there has been any loss of quality from previous stuff taken on the DSLR and the fill in flash also was convenient. It is a 1 inch sensor. I still post process everything using Lightroom and Photoshop.
  4. This afternoon I paid a visit to Naklua Sea Food Market in Naklua. Nothing much has changed there recently.
  5. I have answered your PM just now. You should be OK finding it now. For other members, the Brexit thread is in the Politics club. Select clubs from the task bar at the top; find which club, click the button to join and approval normally done very quickly. The reason politics club was created was to keep political threads off the main board as some members do not like them.
  6. These were due to be issued from 1/10 as far as I am aware but will only be issued when supplies of burgundy versions are exhausted. Has anyone managed to secure a blue one yet?
  7. Gents i am not going to move any posts as I appreciate the correlation between the value of sterling and Brexit, however it would be better for Brexit related posts to go on the Brexit thread so that this thread covers value of UK pound v Thai Baht. Thanks.
  8. Please see PM - I have converted some train pictures to black and white and processed one as Black and white with colours only on train. I have not put them on the forum as they are your pics.
  9. I am not a big fan of black and white. For me it is something from the past. The only time I have used it is on night shots where a lot of the scene has been lit with red lights. When one tries to adjust the colour balance it tens to send any faces and other white or light coloured objects it pushes them towards green and cyan. i do like the everything black and white plus one outstanding feature/person in colour. (Not my photograph for the record)
  10. Beach Road almost at a standstill again. Journey from Naklua Road to Mike's Mall around 30 minutes plus.
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