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  1. I was getting excited when I saw an update on this thread. But no. By way of information, earlier this week I attended at the Royal Thai Consulate at Hull. The staff there said that no one had attended there with a blue UK passport. Does look as if they have not started to issue them as yet.
  2. But what is behind the cape?
  3. Batman on the case now. But what is behind the cloak. Who knows?
  4. Well it has certainly attracted a crowd.
  5. I wonder if there are any Secrets shares in the fund?
  6. Reuters report crowds watching the sign being flown in.
  7. @Painter and @forcebwithu are favourites to get the first photograph. However an outsider could sneak in.
  8. Did you get into the one at Central Plaza? It is near the food court on the top floor. Food court there is pretty good and one can sit outside on the outside balcony and have a view over the bay.
  9. https://www.aph.com/manchester-airport/parking/aph-car-park.html?campaign_code=GMAN03&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmZDxBRDIARIsABnkbYS_jQJx_1EFukTPpGQiPkuolzBGRFjHOifFcwRUD4Eu4nSQhszWngwaAljaEALw_wcB Whilst I rarely use airport parking as the length of my trips tend to make it uneconomical. I do however recommend this firm at Manchester Airport. One thing that seems to work with them is go through the booking procedure up to but not including payment and then exit. Within a day or so an e mail then arrives offering the stay at a discount. The site is not too far away from the airport, its security is excellent and I have never experienced problems with it.
  10. Bread Roll Baking - To be truthful heating part baked rolls.
  11. The company plane. Captain Egg - pilot in command.
  12. I wonder if the search engines will pick up any of these signs.
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