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john luke

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  1. john luke


    I suspect this has been photoshopped. The letter n can be seen faintly.
  2. john luke

    Scottish money!

  3. john luke

    What are you doing right now..?

    Watching the sunrise and very high winds here in Pattaya. Would not like to be landing in one of those small planes at UTP if the wind was a this level.
  4. john luke

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Bella Italia. Meal for two. 560 baht.
  5. john luke

    Christmas Dinner in Pattaya - Adverts/Posters etc

    I went to look after I left the coffee place and did not see this. Age creeping up @Painter Steve told me about it. I can not see it being good for 199 baht, though I suppose all the trimmings is a meaningless expression. Could be a slice of pork and a Christmas Cracker.
  6. john luke

    Street Photographs from Pattaya

    A few from Bali Hai area And onto Walking Street Tukcom - like it or loath it. Magic twigs for cooking. Reactive, passive beggar - certainly not proactive. Software available third floor Tukcom.
  7. john luke


    Perhaps a sign of the times.
  8. john luke

    Hasselblad H6D-50c Medium Format Digital Camera

    I have just spent 30 minutes going through a series of videos on YouTube about it. Clearly a superb camera. As far as I can tell the High Dynamic Range is greater than any other production camera. I recently moved from the APS-C sensor to a full frame sensor and certainly noticed the difference in overall sharpness and ability to crop images. This camera would be one stop further in that direction. I believe you are a believer in prime lenses rather than zoom lenses; do you have any lenses which you could use on this camera. Of course only a cheap Charlie would buy the 50 mp. 😀 Do you print out large images? I am just wondering what made you consider this camera with the significantly large sensor size? @Chokdeekap
  9. john luke

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Dinner for two at Yayoi in Central Marina. 600 baht including soft drinks.
  10. john luke

    Street Photographs from Pattaya

    Onto TukCom. 40000 baht for the large drone. A collection for an Orphanage being organised at the monastry. I donated 20 baht. This has been going on for a few days.
  11. john luke

    Street Photographs from Pattaya

    Onto the Soi Buakhao market at the TukCom end of Soi Buakhao.
  12. john luke

    Street Photographs from Pattaya

    A plug for Air Asia. Tree Town structures appear less than permanent. Whilst by no means a substantial structure, this place seems OK. Ongoing work here; rumoured to be an Indian Restaurant. Acquired by same group that have some premises in Second Road. Chunky Monkey still well patronised. A place for cheap charlies, however the price of the special keeps increasing. No doubt BM @Evil Penevil will give more detail/information. .