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  1. It is good to see a meal cooked from fresh unprocessed ingredients. Well done.
  2. For the same reason as above I have cut the lawn.
  3. That is running late, I normally arrive at condo around mid day when I use the KLM flight. The AF flight which roughly does the same route about an hour or so earlier also had a similar delay.
  4. Sorry to hear. Home nothing serious.
  5. Have a safe and uneventful flight. Are you flying Emirates again? Keep it quiet but BM @Krapow is buying a whole load of shares in The Avenue Food Court.
  6. Best Wishes for your Birthday today. @Thai Spice
  7. Historic - from last years International Firework Festival at Pattaya.
  8. What date is the well dressed resource joining this forum?
  9. Eating my toast and drinking my coffee. It is breakfast time here.
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