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  1. Different jurisdictions means worldwide.
  2. It would depend where burden of proof lays when one party alleges duress. Different jurisdictions have different rules; in some the person alleging merely has to raise the issue and the burden then falls on the other side to disprove it. Others the party alleging must prove on balance of probabilities.
  3. I do not know or understand how Thai law works, but in UK that would be unlawful and lead to employment tribunal. A lot depends on how accessible Thai law is to the staff. @Yesitisdakid Any idea?
  4. I have been utilising the wok too. My dish is pasta in a mushroom sauce with chicken, red onions, baby carrots, sweet corn, peppers and mushrooms and cheese. First cook the mushrooms in a frying pan. Stir fry the vegetables and add the mushrooms. Add the contents of a condensed mushroom sauce; stir it all in and add a quantity of cheese to thicken the sauce. Add the pasta which has been cooked.
  5. If one likes this type of attraction, this is one of the best I have visited. Admission was not expensive; it was something like 60 baht. The place was well staffed and there were multilingual signs on front of exhibits giving details. On the day I visited it was hot and sunny. A hat is essential whilst walking on the roof. Shoes have to be removed before entry, however they do provide flip flops for visitors walking on the roof. Overall I think it is a good place to visit.
  6. There are numerous statues on the roof of the building. Another of the Buddha mountain taken later in the day. A temple not too far away. These were small statues set into the wall. There were no bigger than one foot.
  7. We had some friends come to visit for a few days and on one of those days, we did a three site visit; Mini Siam, Floating Market and The Chinese Temple, Chon Buri. There were five of us and we hired a large taxi for 1700 baht to take us from Terminal 21 to the three sites and then drop us off in Jomtiem. The cost was 1700 baht and we were with him for about six hours. This was actually less than our maximum fare, before hiring the ladies (who speak Thai) were instructed that we wanted him to take us to the three locations, drop us of at Jomtien and we would require him for six to seven hours. We told them to start at 1200 baht but ultimately accept anything up to and including 2000 baht. I was pleased with 1700 baht. Mini Siam and the Floating market are already posted on the forum, so these are the pictures from the temple site. From the temple site it was possible to see the gold inscribed Buddha on the mountain. This was quite a distance away. The photograph is not brilliant as that day I had taken a decision not to take my 70 200 lens. The picture was taken with a 70 mm lens and has been cropped significantly.
  8. I have eaten there only once. I had fish and chips. The chips were soggy and each chip was very large. The fish was fried in batter. The batter was almost sold on the outside and soggy on the inside - consistent with being cooked in fat that was too hot.
  9. Some from last trip. Another to scare @Horizondave Cheap Charlies Corporate Uniform Not so Sexy Men Like the Western Union Advertisement Now I look, there is a fair bit of duplication. Sorry Gents.
  10. A light meal. French onion soup with an added dumpling. Some cheese rolls for after. Yogurt to conclude. Coffee without milk (aka black coffee, but that is a term adjudged not politically correct) in a millennium China mug.
  11. The AIS shop has now moved up a couple of floors in Central Festival. It is near a few shops selling phones, computers, lap tops, tablets etc. There is also a shop in Central Marina. I can not recall seeing one in Terminal 21 but quite often one does not notice what one is not looking for at the time.
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