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  1. Visited Secrets last night. The place was very quiet and there were very few staff. Four customers were sighted other than ourselves. The staff centred upon one particular customer, who was later joined by a friend and he was buying ladydrinks.
  2. At the local elections I was approached by a gent, who had what I can only describe in non medical terms as 'shakey hands'; he wanted me to mark his ballot paper for him, which as presiding officer I am allowed to do. I accompanied him to the polling booth and he then asked, who is the best to vote for? I was somewhat suspicious and I had previously asked one of the clerks look on and monitor things. I replied, 'I'm sorry sir, I can not advise you at all on that.' He then said he wanted to vote labour. I marked his ballot paper as requested and showed it to him. I then asked him if he was happy and would he like me to put the ballot paper into the ballot box. He replied 'Yes, please.' He may have been genuine but I wondered with his opening question whether it was some sort of sting.
  3. Thinking of BM @Krapow , who now has less than 12 hours to the close of poll.
  4. These were taken mid afternoon. Quite hazy looking from Beach Road towards the big Pattaya Sign. Even looking in the opposite direction towards The Dusit Thani Hotel, one can see more haze in the background than usual.
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    I use it in my chicken, veg, mushroom pasta.
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    This should calm things down then.
  7. How many people does it take to decorate a Christmas Tree? This advertisement is 100% true. But read it carefully.
  8. Solo effort to try to recruit a potential member.
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