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  1. E11C3E2E-DFD2-4D34-8316-604A937F87AE.MP4
  2. Which do guys perfer A lady with firm boobs and long nips or a lady with large set of bolt ons ??
  3. With nips like that I can see why your married for 18 years hope you have many more happy years . 👍👍
  4. C201AC39-BDBD-4665-9E44-7536E3F6093D.MP4
  5. F3CABFAD-A5DB-4095-BA4A-C29A89119493.MP4
  6. If that happened in Ireland or uk ( don’t know about other countries) you would have every solicitor within a 20 mile radius looking for your business. It would take years to come to come to a payout and solicitor and doctors would get more out of it . in Thailand from accident to payout took less then a week and all sides happy . I think I perfer Thailand’s way of doing things , Glad to hear she is ok .
  7. Sorry to hear about your Thai gf hope she feels better soon
  8. Some nice ladies there . Where did you find them ?
  9. Maybe Phil might buy it . Bigger bar
  10. Hope Britboy is ok not heard anything after he met bank lady lol
  11. Watched this and thought it was a good movie
  12. 70 days to lift off . But beginning to regret booking it . Euro is sinking , numbers are down in Thailand. Think I be drinking alone 😭😭
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