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    How were things before the lock down ? being lock up in your house can do anyone’s head in. Soon you be able to get out and maybe things might settle down again
  2. Tourist industry is 45 billion pounds every year to Thailand love to see a breakdown of that . How much do chinese pay compared with western vistors
  3. I heard that Thailand will reopen its airports soon with China the only country able to fly in .
  4. How long before next lockdown???
  5. What a lot of bars and restaurants are doing here is asking people to pay now and get their food or drink later when they reopen . they just need money to keep the business going while it’s closed . wonder if Phil would ever think about that?
  6. Hope you cashed in on Tesla before last Friday. energy stocks are looking good now . Only way is up I think
  7. Looks like the second wave is coming but not from covid but from people drinking disinfectant . As if the hospitals aren’t busy enough. What a idiot Trump is
  8. You mightn’t get Coronavirus but you might get stds from them 😄😄
  9. I am totally fed up hearing and reading about this. Our politicians are f***ing useless. The London mayor for all the use he has been in his 4 year term, is now saying he thinks we should be wearing masks compulsory. Christ sake can’t even get PPE for the health service never mind 60 million population. I don’t understand why people weren’t told to wear masks from the start . maybe it might take pressure off the hospitals
  10. Add at least one zero to that. Think you could multiply it by 30 when this virus is over with what will the world think of China ?
  11. The Chinese are lying, and western countries are inflating the numbers by counting everyone who dies WITH the virus as having died OF the virus yes your right about the Chinese lying but your wrong about other countries inflating the numbers . It has been proven that the numbers in uk and Spain don’t count the old people dying in nursing homes .
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