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  1. Asymptomatic spreading is the most worrying People who have the virus but with no symptoms, therefore feeling safe to mix with others if they have not been tested. They may be lucky, but their parents/family and friends might be less fortunate. If people just had a dry cough then would have been no lockdowns. As it was millions of people were either hospitalised and many more died as a result of C19. If large portions of the public continue to go on as if nothing has happened then it's only a matter of time before a second spike. Some countries including USA are still going through the first spike with rising numbers even though their leader insists it will go away by magic and that 99 percent of those infected will not have symptoms When people start to believe these things, the virus will continue to spread and many more will die unnecessarily. Thank Christ the UK acted as early as it did , although not quick enough or we would still be in total lockdown today. The idea of culling the elderly and sick but doing nothing has not been appealing to the majority of world leaders in favour of their economies. I am still alive and grateful for it. Many are not or could even have s decent burial. Instead of thinking how hard done by we are, we should celebrate the fact that we are now much lower in cases here in UK and far less daily deaths. The economy will grow again over time. But the whole world has suffered financially. None off us beging for food on the street . We are the lucky ones in the West. Britain survived two world wars. We can survive Covid 19 and in a much shorter time frame hopefully.
  2. I would not believe everything in the MSM 😀
  3. I just contacted my travel insurance company out of interest to see what it would cost me for 4 weeks in Thailand. £82.57 I could live with that. Won't be booking yet though. But October would be nice in a perfect world. Not holding my breath though. Would probably stick with Emirates, Gatwick to BKK via Dubai. Still pipe dreaming.
  4. I paid around £700 for mine, but if you shop Around the second hand market, now is the time to buy. Not so good for the seller. I have had 2 amps, 2 keyboards and a guitar on the market for over a month. I guess with all the uncertainty of Covid 19, people may not be spending so much on non essentials, who knows. I can wait, but I have seen a lot of gear prices being reduced. You can get the SE 24 standard though new for around £400 or maybe less in many UK music shops. They are pretty good. Tried a couple out last January just before the virus let loose. The great thing about these guitars is that they are slit coil, so at the pull of the tone knob you can get nice Fender strat/Tele sounds or use both humbuckers together for meaty solos and overdrive through an amp.
  5. Nightcrawler


    Yeah it seems to vary. I have never travelled specifically for an event abroad. I suppose because factoring in travel and accommodation could work out expensive. A trip to Malaysia for the F1 weekend would cost me around 1200/1300 all in I reckon including a bit of nightlife and restaurants
  6. Nightcrawler


    Must have been great but not cheap, I would imagine.
  7. I am not taking any risks this weekend
  8. Nightcrawler


    No, never, but one day I would love to. I have been to several race events at Silverstone but not F1 and loved the atmosphere Next year British F1 ticket on my bucket list. For now, feet up.and watch on 55 inch TV with a few tins
  9. Nightcrawler


    Really looking forward to the Austrian GP this weekend I am a big F1 and Ferrari fan
  10. Yep. Great value and nice finish. I have an SE24 custom too.. Same pick up config. Split coil which makes it very versatile in sound. Locking tuners a good idea although the standard pegs are pretty good. He won't need any other guitars. Hope he enjoys
  11. I use a pair of women's knickers filled with a pantry liner as a mask. Does the trick.
  12. During lockdown would have been the best time to have done some more serious work on the Soi but too late now. It has been patched so many times over the years and always ends up the same of worse. It requires serious investment which is clearly not going to happen. I suppose it has its charm but with poor lighting at night it can be a death trap.
  13. As long as living Your life means that means the possibility of others dying prematurely with there life ending. People start to change sides when reality stares them in the face, not all though. The vaccine will be a choice and hopefully protect those who are most at risk from those who are happy to chose not to and ignore and spread. I have had the Flu vaccine for 5 years on the trot. I have not had flu for five years on the trot It has made me sick. I am not enslaved by it because it is a choice Another major lock down will do more to enslave people and for them to lose their freedoms once again Just a little more pain for long term gain is all that is required along with some patience. Did you mean "government" or "governments"? I am not so sure whether they have been lying for the sake of taking control, but have been sometimes misinformed, or have made mistakes. But it's happened all over the world in many countries. We are still in a learning curve. I say we, because that includes the people and the government and scientists. The question is, can we afford to ignore C19 ? We already ARE at war with a Virus that wants to infect us all Now we want a war between ourselves to decide who it infects ? Crazy shit
  14. I agree. If we do end up with further lockdowns then these are the people to thank for it, who are not exercising common sense and common decency. It is selfish and disrespectful of others who are following the Covid safety rules Sunbathing on beaches, street parties and other unlawful gatherings are NOT essential.
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