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  1. I must admit downloading many albums for free using Vuze, but this was the last CD I actually purchased in HMV,Oxford Street
  2. Apparently,Forum.member Butch is an experienced uphill gardener who might be useful 🙂
  3. Feeling domestic today and bought a large non stick wok, a heavy duty deep frying pan and a new non stick baking tray. Sad being a batchelor sometimes, but I am handy in the kitchen
  4. I remember it well but never got around to visiting. The Pump Station was a favourite backing the day 😄
  5. Nice report, just had to correct your spelling towards the end 😁
  6. That brought a tear to my eye
  7. Mike is one of the good guys. When I had my motorcycle accident some years ago, he was a great help to me in sorting out insurance and treatment and his partner even retrieved my bike and brought it back to my residence. I met up with him in October last year and he was in more or less full recovery.
  8. Me neither. I imagine Tik Tok have taken the video down
  9. If Panda Boy crosses the line first today, I shall spend my winnings on a prostitute 😝
  10. Good idea, although I would still advocate the death penalty for repeat offenders 😄😄
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