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  1. There seem to be a few cosmetic changes as the software has been updated by the provider. I just had to figure out a couple of changes but everything is still there but the layout has changed slightly. The forum itself is lightening fast at my end
  2. Of course, as I said, everything is a risk. But we have to base our personal choices according to our gut feelings. There is no conclusive win/win as yet. I cant speak for others, as to whether they should have a vaccine or not, its just my personal view. I have been having the Flu jab for 5 years now and not had the Flu during that time. Could be a coincidence, but more likely it has been worth it and without any side effects that I am aware of. Right now, its all a gamble. There is no vaccine yet, so I will have plenty of time to make up my mind. International travel does
  3. I too have some apprehensions but I probably will. I would much prefer if there were more effective treatments for the sick and elderly, who run the risk of premature death as a result of C19. At the moment, those that are being developed are also not beyond risk. However, Its a tough call and for instance, if, let's say, international travel became dependent on a vaccine then that would persuade me. Nothing at the moment appears to be without risk. I would weigh up isolation against a vaccine
  4. Just got back from an evening in a pub in Richmond with friends Could be the last for a while until the 2nd Tier rules are revised again.
  5. Wow, looks deserted. Thanks for the pics BS. Always appreciated
  6. Relaxing with a vodka and orange, and a bit of parda, wondering what I am going to do next week with the second Tier from Saturday in London. I am not f*cking going to the pub on my own Perhaps I will have to take up needlecraft as a hobby and my Korg Kronos doesn't arrive until the 22nd October . Woe is me
  7. I have hidden, several posts on this topic. Personal abuse will not be tolerated If it continues then those responsible will be given a holiday from posting. Thankyou
  8. Tastes better the next. Hate to see food go to "waist"
  9. Contemplating the purchase of a korg Kronos 88, seeing as I am not going to get a vacation in Thailand anytime soon.
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