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  1. Totally agree. I really felt for him in the final because it could have gone either way, it was so close. The final was won by such a small handful of points and both players deserved to win, but there can only be one winner. I have never seen a closer men's final. Despite not being British, Federer has won the hearts of the British public and he is a true ambassador for the sport of tennis. I would love to see him win at Wimbledon again before he retires, and although he is 37, the staminar he showed in this year's final is phenomenal.
  2. Good Friday and Easter Monday are both public holidays. A tradition long held
  3. I use a touch of lavender in the warmer weather😌
  4. I have to or I would end up giving myself warnings and deleting my own posts.😉
  5. Fixing a hole where the rain gets in,and stops my mind from wandering
  6. Great news, really pleased for you.
  7. Personally, I prefere low season especially Oct/Nov when it's a bit cooler. But I fully understand what Tommy is saying and whilst it may seem a gloomy prediction, we have to face reality. The only way that many businesses will survive is by competitive pricing. But,dare I say it, for years the Thai mentality has been to increase prices to get through low periods. Not all of course. What with higher wholesale alcohol pricing and tax, margins have become slimmer. Many of the girls have become accustomed to getting more money from punters and bar fines are up everywhere. I think for many businesses it's already make or break time and just hoping that tourism will pick up is no longer an option. Pattaya has a particularly difficult task of promoting itself, given it's reputation. It has become the Benedorm of Asia I do not envy bar and restaurant owners right now who are fighting competition and fewer customers
  8. I think it was a follow up artical. Thai Visa put it up 5 days ago. My knowledge of the exrtradition process is limited, but I am assuming that it has taken quite a while for the UK and Thai authorities to sort out.
  9. Just reading the last sentence, it appears that he has been in custody for a while but extradition to the UK will surely mean charges dropped and he will face class A drug trafficking charges in UK. Just as well, too many of these characters end up in places like Pattaya and less in Spainthese days. I wonder how long he will be banned from re entering Thailand under their imigration rules?
  10. Thanks. I was booked in for day surgery. Had to be there 7am and didn't go into theatre until around 2.30 pm. Worse than waiting at airport for a delayed flight. No water, no cigarette for 7 hrs.😉
  11. Ok now. My blood/oxygen level after a general aneisthic was still low so they were not happy to release me but I managed to blag my way out and a mate came to pick me up at 8.30 pm. Feel a bit better today but no alcoholic celebrations
  12. It's my B Day today.nearly had to spend it in hospital.
  13. This news comes as a great releif to me. When I first came to Thailand I was told that many of the girls in this area were in fact,prostitutes. I am glad to know that none of the girls I have been with, have done so for money and chose me for my good looks and charm. Prostitution s a disgusting profession, and thank God that it does not exist in my favourite holiday destination. Well done Thailand 😂
  14. I often have swelling in the feet and ankles only for the first few days when I arrive. Commonly known as Edema. The body is retaing too much water in the tissue.i take a Diuretic, sometimes known as water tablets which brings down the swelling and makes me pee a bit more.Often caused by the change of temperature and dehydration. I take one Diuretica day and drink lots of water. There are a number of different types of diuretics available and as has been suggested it's worth visiting a doctor if it persists. I get my medication prescribed in UK before I travel, but have also bought them over the counter. It starts with the Long haul flight for me. Walking is goodbut does not always work. I have heard from lots of people aboutlegand ankle swelling in Thailand and it's more common than we might think. Providing you do not have any major medical conditions and it only happens in Thailand, then a daily Diurectic tablet usually works. But,.............I am not a doctor and only speaking of personal experience You may notice that your urine is much darker when you have swelling which is another sign of water retention
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