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  1. Are the current burgundy ones valid until they expire ? Or it there a date by when everyone in UK will have to reapply for a blue (non EU) passport ?
  2. I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms, including sweating and the shakes until I logged on today and posted. I am alright now
  3. I have always wanted a big a size and its 4K Ultra HD too 😊
  4. I bought a 55 inch in Costco about 5 months ago and they gave me a 5 year warranty to. Good to have peace of mind when buying an expensive TV
  5. Looking at the 9th, but not booked yet until I am sure I will be well enough. If so, we must definitely meet up, for a cigar and a glass of brandy 😊 Maybe we can arrange a London drink near xmas ?
  6. oopps. Just edited that 😃
  7. Legal dealing of course 😀 I have not drank alcohol for 3 months either. That is not to say that when my sense of taste fully returns that I will not drink again I was at my daughter's yesterday and tried a sip of her wine. Tasted like vinegar. Could be a while before my taste buds and saliva glands recover but I could murder a pint of beer. The real test will be, is in a setting where I am having a drink and then may want a cigarette. I am planning a trip in Jan 2020 to Thailand and that will probably be the big test. Mind you, alcohol has never been a big problem for me.
  8. I will probably sell it. I have a bag full 😏
  9. I stopped smoking 3 months ago. I had little choice not to as I was diagnosed with Tonsil cancer and advised that if I continued smoking it would minimise the effect of the Radiotherapy that I would receive. I had 6 weeks of daily RT on my throat and neck area which was intense and the side affects left me not even thinking about having a cigarette. I am now in recovery and I have not smoked since, That said there are days when I have started craving again. I don't keep any cigarette papers in the house although I have not thrown away my tobacco. I hope to fuck, I don't start again at any point. Left to my own devices, I doubt whether I would have stopped smoking so I don't take any credit for stopping. I have no idea whether the T1 cancer cells were a direct result of years of smoking but there is probably a good chance that it was. Since I stopped, I do breath better but apart from that I don't feel any major benefits. Not easy for any smoker just to quit.
  10. If the private owners were serious about spending money on the road then it would have to be closed and repaired in sections over at least several weeks. That could cripple local businesses. It's the only soi in the area that has never received any proper maintenance apart from continual filling in of potholes which just return even days after. They might as well just pour down packets of Kellogs Frosties. That said, it kind of gives the place a bit of character 😃 As has been said many times, the only thing to do long term is to knock the whole street down and rebuild. I wonder if or when that will ever happen. Lighting is of course the other issue and at night it is a death trap if riding a bike and if wet, stepping in or tripping up in the potholes. Many people only walk about half way up anyway, coming from the Triangle end. Once full of Laundry shops, now awash with massage parlours.
  11. I have lost 2 stone in weight. Not by choice but i feel better for it
  12. FM. The pound so low. I hope it perks up a bit by the NY, hoping to book a trip
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