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  1. Doug PM me the BB account number i will do the transfer to her BB account and i will pm you my US Bank acct number and you can deposit the current exchange rate amount to my account in the states
  2. Thanks Sean always good to see you hope you have a great trip appreciate the care package but it's not necessary. Almost more closed bars than open ones we saw crazy Sent from my LG-H962 using Tapatalk
  3. Nope i was lucky to be in the right places at the right times thats all There have been offers but not interested happy being retired
  4. I was just sent 2 photos of him at the accident site not easy to look at fucking sad this is
  5. Wombat and Baz and I at my retirement party at Babydolls june last year
  6. Baz and I became friends when he was an overseas worker in the Middle East he was a very good customer at secrets. He is survived by an ex wife and daughter here in Thailand Nikki met her as well years ago coming into the bar with baz. Motorbikes have claimed another one today is not a good day
  7. Larry, it's Mike Smith, Baz's friend, Jasmine's husband. I'm very sorry to have to tell you that last night Baz was involved in an accident and died from the injuries he received. He was hit by a motorbike which was going too fast, driven by a guy wearing sunglasses (at 9pm!) Who obviously didn't see Baz. The family have been informed, but I would be grateful if you could let Baz's friends in Pattaya know the sad news. I don't know what will happen next, we are waiting to hear from the family what they want us to do.
  8. The business owners i know all have said that it is the very worst low season ever but not only that Last high season was the worst ever as well. That says something
  9. Unfortunately the grand pink complex has been converted into a family Hotel. Too bad because I did a lot of reading on it and I was staying right next door didn't find out about it until I arrived. But it is a really good trip for anybody that has got a few days to burn Sent from my LG-H962 using Tapatalk
  10. I remember him showing me a photo of when he won the lottery in Australia a fair amount of money when he was younger. He and some friends came over to the US rented or purchased rather A motorhome and traveled the states what a great thing to be able to do yes a great guy Adam would do anything for anybody Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  11. I spent 15 minutes stacking that up just to get that shot :-) Sent from my LG-H990 using Tapatalk
  12. I'm sure many here remember Adam Secrets board member Arnold ziffel a very good customer of mine for years I consider him a good friend. But he basically disappeared from sight not long after I was removed from the Secret's forum. Has anybody been in contact with him? Is he on another forum as another board member? I hope he's okay wherever he's at and he just decided to disappear from social media. Nothing at all from him on Facebook either for a years. A top guy Adam
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