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  1. I do not believe any one other than the partys involved know the REAL story. There was another situation along the same lines about another fairly known pattaya guy doing the same thing and running off to PI. Well I dont know the story or all of it anyway but not long after he was back living here in Pattaya. Can't see him doing what he was accused of then coming back to where to so called crime took place to live. Again as with the Skeeter story only those involved really know the REAL story.
  2. Skeeter and i go back along way and he is ok in my book always treated me well
  3. Watching Bills and Colts NFL wild card playoffs
  4. Watching Michigan State and Purdue NCAA basketball
  5. Watching Michigan destroy Minnesota NC AA basketball
  6. On 2 PCs I have win 7 still and on 1 PC have win 10 i am not a fan of Win 10
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