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  1. Consistently good internet is something you need to have my connection is here somewhere. I shit you not this is the true box in my building
  2. I remember the times you would visit secrets with a troop of girls back in the good old days
  3. No surprise that all they couldn't have opened it a worse time
  4. Understand that may be the case for some but those with a home PC set up would never need a box
  5. Others have tried to convince me this is the way to go when wanting to see TV from around the world. I have seen boxes all over the place all difference prices and IPTV service as well at all different price levels depending on what you want to see. My question is why do i need a box ? Or why does any one for that matter? I have been downloading torrents for years using P Torrents. I have always been a donor to their site as it has served me well. about 6 months ago when i went into their web site i saw a Ad for their IPTV service. No box needed ll seen thru the free VLC media player that
  6. I never watch just one game I am a big fan of NFL Red Zone that goes from game to game when the action happens.
  7. Terry Lee was given a 11 year License I have seen it with my own eyes they screwed up I assume the dates
  8. Naughty Girls Soi Diamond
  9. Can never have too many beer bars if that's what they've got planned 🙂
  10. When I opened my Bangkok bank account in 2001 they didn't ask me for shit passport 5000 baht I got a passbook and an ATM card and I was out the door in 15 minutes. Those days are over
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