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  1. They must have did an about-face I spoke yesterday with one of their managers who said they were going to wait to open later in the month guess they changed their mind.
  2. Yes but I don't want to turn them off I want to get the one time weekly notification that I was getting in the past trouble is I'm getting them twice a day sometimes as I said even with no activity.
  3. I think the new app is better by far trouble is I keep getting these damn notifications even if I'm not using the card for a deposit or a withdrawal they notify me daily of my balance and sometimes twice a day strange
  4. Not long ago I downloaded and installed the update I prefer the new app to the old one you can do more with it and it's more user-friendly. But I've got a question for others out there that have this app I paid to get notifications when there's activity on my account I think it's 20 Baht a month. The problem is they're sending me too many notifications I used to get a notification letting me know my bank balances every Monday now I get them every day and on occasion more than once a day even when there have been no activity on the account. Anybody else seeing this or am I just the lucky one 🙂
  5. They also have one in Harbor which is always dead I've never seen a single person in there
  6. I wouldn't be in a hurry to buy that ticket and even if they do let you fly here they're not going to lift those requirements I guarantee you especially for the UK in the US based on our numbers if you do buy that ticket make sure it's refundable
  7. You must be joking flights will not be allowed back in for the normal holiday travelers by then for sure. If they some how are and i am wrong still the 14 day lockdown upon arrvial will be in effect 100% not to mention the other requirements that will sure to still be in place.
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