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  1. i read an analysis from somebody that said they are intentionally written to look that way, as the people that they are aimed at would not see the obvious fraud
  2. I remember Las Vegas well. After they finished naked dancing, they would walk around the bar naked for tips and maybe sit on your lap to entice you to go to the the back with her.
  3. Have you considered semi sexy uniforms or something different? One of my favorite bars in the US had the girls in cut of shirts and no bras. The place was always full.
  4. Oh Oh, then most of us would be gone...
  5. I also use google drive. The free version works great and I bought the extended version for $1.99 a month and everything is automatically backed up for me in the cloud, encrypted of course. I synced my laptop when I bought a new one and automatically, it was the same as my desktop.
  6. Unfortunately with Win 10 new version, they took away the homegroup.
  7. I must be showing my age, but my fav. was Washington square...
  8. Can I ask you a few questions? Do you have a wife or live in? Do you go to the bars often there? How do the girls treat a local? Any different than visitors? I used to live in Jomtiem, and sometimes it was too small and the coconut telegraph made it impossible to hide
  9. Unfortunately, I only have a few inches, not a mile..... But I would love to try.
  10. Actually it's a false assumption you need a parachute to skydive, you don't... You only need one if you want to skydive twice.
  11. But bautbus's are nothing but pickup trucks with benches and a top.
  12. Two cops and their dog were standing in front of a bar when a drunk walks out, goes to the dog and lifts its tail, looks, and then goes back into the bar. A few minutes later another drunk walks out and does the same thing and the cops are getting suspicious.... a few minutes later another drunk walks out and heads to the dog but the cops ask him what he is doing, and he says that somebody inside insists that there is a dog outside with 2 assholes.....
  13. I remember the beach club. mirrored tables where damsels would dance on in miniskirts with no knickers.....
  14. That sounds great to me! Why not try it in your bar?
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