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  1. I bought a 50" 4K one a couple of years ago for about $300 US$, and used it for my computer monitor - Its the best!!!
  2. Actually, my cabin was in Homewood on the west shore, about half way between Tahoe City and Emerald Bay, but the winters were brutal there! We did have a private beach and boat buoy in our homeowners area, but sometimes it took 2 weeks to plow the road so you had to hanker down and wait, usually with no internet or landline. The best snowmobiling was the gold courses and Tahoe City as well as South Shore used to have them and I loved to take my kids there when they were young to do that. But it had its drawbacks even in the summer - Traffic was so bad on 89 (the road around the lake) that during any weekend, it was impossible to go anywhere as it was bumper to bumper.
  3. Brings back lots of memory's as I used to have a cabin at Tahoe..
  4. I am also a realist, and understand what you said, but I try to live my life being free. The control crowd takes your freedoms a little at a time, but over the years, they add up to where we are now, and hopefully, it will swing back a bit to the center.
  5. The usual insult and non answer when you cannot rebut
  6. I agree!! If it flys, floats or fucks, rent, don't buy!
  7. I much prefer the buy one, get one free....
  8. Spoken like the Socialist that you are, denouncing freedom.
  9. I consider myself to be a free man, and am insulted by people trying to micromanage my life by telling me in great detail what I can do and not do. Why should anybody tell me what straw I can use?
  10. Mrmango


    Just pretty good? To me, it was unbelievable!!! It looked they were playing a high school team, not a 13-3 team, and frankly I could not believe that over the course of the game, GB did not change their defense and continued with what did not work - Dumb!!!!
  11. Ok but none of your bitches has to do with the Chinese quality. BTW, I have never used ANY Apple products, and I only used the iphone as an example of products from China that can be top quality.
  12. Really? Pray tell me why. Is the materials cheap?, bad construction?, reliability problems? I am serious, I really want to know why you think the iphone is crap.
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