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  1. Not being a Brit, but from what little I know, I doubt it. It took years of total gutting the private and his incompetent lackys running and looting the public sector and when the power fails, you have nothing but looting, killing, starvation and no drinking water for the city's residents. It took years to get to that point, but when the tipping point tipped, it was immediate and there will be massive loss of life
  2. IMHO, every economy is a house of cards, and it will all come tumbling down at sometime in the future. I just read what is happening in Venezuela and it is sickening!
  3. The Sands has always been kind of a place that is almost going broke for 20 years! You want the real local action, go to Cal Neva..
  4. I probablyally have seen him! My wife is from there and I spend a month there one week.....
  5. I used to live full time in Reno, 2 blocks from where the main show is (and still own a condo there) and I remember Hot August Nights and the gangs did take it over for a while.
  6. I thinks that is one sexy woman! I love it when the tits are showing from the sides.
  7. Great pics but the uniforms have changed from the past!
  8. Thanks for the answer and of course I will abide with the rules.
  9. A off topic question - Can I post a naked pic of my Pinay GF?
  10. I was looking at a great pic that a Pinay sent me, are we allowed to post tits here?
  11. Yep one and the same.
  12. Along with the female f/a
  13. Now that is an interesting comment. Do you know who the new owners are?
  14. I think in the Southwest's case,it makes sense as their fleet is made up of 737.
  15. I thought Ben was going to replicate the FLB when he left it and started Secrets, and I remember fondly the wild things that happened at the FLB but none of that seemed to happen in Secrets. I understand it's not wise to publicly talk about nudity in bars, but now that it is history, anybody have any experiences like the FLB parties? I have not heard of any so it seemed boring to me, compared to all of the wild things that happen a few meters away
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