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  1. Mrmango


    maybe if he changed his MO and stopped being such a troublemaker he could get a job. most people who want jobs dont give the new boss the finger.
  2. Mrmango


    Yes and no. I just read that the NFL New York Office said that the second foul was not a penalty and should not have been called. The game stands, but I believe that there will be a head that rolls in the near future.
  3. Really? Here is a good reason for the 2nd amendment and he used a semi automatic rifle that you hate.... https://www.cnn.com/2019/09/17/us/georgia-teen-would-be-robbers-shot/index.html?utm_source=twCNN&utm_content=2019-09-17T15%3A50%3A08&utm_term=link&utm_medium=social
  4. Mrmango


    A couple of years ago, when Pattaya Pete posted about it.
  5. Actually the house edge is half of that, 2.4% as they don't take any vig on the losing bets.
  6. The 53.5 is the Over Under not the win odds When they have -10, that means you have to lay $110 to get back $100, which is the normal house vig. Sometimes they will show Ev on one team and -120 on the other, which means you bet $100 to win $100 or bet $120 to win $100.
  7. ?? Really? can you tell me why? I frankly have not noticed any difference.
  8. You are right of course. William Hill is I believe a Brit Company and the previous owner of the Cal Neva had one of the most successful books in Nevada and merged with Hill a few years ago, so Hill now is the major player in sports betting in Nevada.
  9. As of now, the Raiders are +8. Here is the web site and if you look at William Hill, which is the Cal Neva bookie you can see the latest odds. http://www.vegasinsider.com/nfl/odds/las-vegas/
  10. The pony's can be a bit of a problem, as the rake is something like 30% off the top. Granted they only run 2-3 times an hour but that's a lot of vig to overcome.
  11. Depending on how you play, Blackjack can be right up there, along with some craps bets as almost even bets. But some sports bets have a unique advantage, as the frequency of events is so low. You can play maybe 50 hands an hour of blackjack, but it takes hours to complete one sports bet. House winning = (win %) * (number of transactions).
  12. Actually sports betting is the best bet against the house that there is in Nevada. And yes, you have to divorce your favorites from your wallet, but the trip to the payoff window makes that pain go away...
  13. In the past, we probably met, as I still own a condo 2 blocks from Cal-Neva, and i would spend 12-14 hours every Sunday during Football season in the sports book watching every game and drinking a case of beer. Reno has dramatically changed over the years, Downtown has suffered with Indian casinos but there are many exemptions. Eldorado in Downtown Reno has bought Ceasars Palace in LV so Reno is not exactly going broke. The biggest change is the invasion of people from California driving real estate through the roof! You have people fleeing the high tax Bay Area for no income tax Nevada, along with the Musk Giga factory next door to the whore houses.
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