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  1. Been there a few times and once climbed to the top of the pyramid of the Sun. After a long time of huffing and puffing, I finally was able to reach the top and to my surprise, there were several 12 year old's with backpacks selling cold drinks.....
  2. Mrmango


    I had bladder cancer 10 years ago and they took out a tumor the size of a cigar. It was only by accident that I discovered it from a random piss test that showed blood in the piss and in less than a month, they stuck a rope up my dick and played pacman and cut it out. Two days later, I was back at work.... And it does come back! I have a checkup every 6 months and it returned several times, only to be removed.
  3. Actually Tahoe traffic is worse than the bay area, as it is stop and go (mostly stop) at all times during the busy season. I almost bought a house on Donner lake Road (The South side) and the traffic was much better than Tahoe with far less building restrictions but a much smaller lake. As for the sale time, it was literally sold within a few hours after the listing with several offers above the listing price.
  4. I just sold one 15 days ago in Homewood and never again!! The bureaucracy is unbearable - It takes years to cut down a tree! Plus when times are normal, the traffic is unbearable. 4th of July weekend it's impossible to go anywhere as hiwy 89 is stop and go the entire perimeter of the lake.
  5. In the US, that's called escrow, which is independent of either party and legally neutral.
  6. I live on the big Island about 30 miles south of his house. We are about 1800 feet in elevation which means that we don't need heat or a/c, and we have almost 2 acres that my T/W can grow all kinds of things that she is used to eating in Thailand. Our house is small - 2 bedrooms with huge lanai's (patios) where we spend most of our time, as the weather is usually perfect.
  7. My sister is writing my book now, and the working title is "The Black Sheep in the family"
  8. Both Sparks and Reno locations had the same owners when they started, but were sold off many decades ago to separate owners. The Reno location used to have 2 huge pancakes with an egg on top for 99 cents......
  9. I agree but IMHO, the reason they did not do that was the amount of fuel that would be necessary to take from earth to the space station, then use for the decent - That's a lot of extra weight for liftoff.
  10. My father said the difference between a good and bad haircut was 3 days....
  11. The title for this pic should be: "Reel time"
  12. In the US, any Doctor can prescribe ANY meds that have been approved, regardless of what they were originally intended for,
  13. My fav is Jimmy Buffett "lets all get drunk and screw"
  14. That's true for any canned product. The only way to kill any germs is to seal the can, then put it in a steam room at high temps for a bit that kills anything inside the canss.
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