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  1. Congratulations and all best wishes.
  2. Not in this case, people are reluctant to spend money in this crisis as they aren't sure about their jobs (at the best) or already have lost their jobs, so there is less money to go around.
  3. But it is, otherwise the Thai government would pay better, compare it with the obligatory tip in American bars and restaurants.
  4. I don't doubt, I know it won't happen any time soon. On the other hand, corruption and the like in Thailand is much less of a problem than some other countries in the region I can name.
  5. Or Thai immigration could modernise and start accepting debit and credit cards. Even better, make those mandatory and forbid cash, that will cut down on corruption and opportunities to embezzle the cash.
  6. I did the same, was quite surprised when it was suddenly included in the price of the airline ticket and didn't have to pay it at the airport.
  7. Didn't know he was convicted for murder. De mortuis nil nisi bonum, may he rest in peace.
  8. How is the gender of his partner relevant?
  9. For most programs I use there is an acceptable Linux version or alternative. Unfortunately, that isn't (yet) true for IrfanView.
  10. Looks like it is time to permanently switch to Linux.
  11. What is a mirror and why would one look into it?
  12. Why don't you ask her what she knows about farming? And even if she really wants to. Besides that, where? Some areas just aren't fit for certain types of farming and excellent for other types.
  13. I am still sticking to the one from 1999: No more New Year Resolutions!
  14. I have something else to give you nightmares. Imagine Ziggy meeting and falling in love with a guy like you were in your younger years. As for the discussion on weed being a gateway drug, that is mostly so in jurisdictions where the punishment for using weed is the same as for using things like heroin and the like. It is a lot less so where usage of heroin is seen as a medical instead of a legal problem and possession of user amounts of weed (while technically illegal) is on the list of officially ignored infractions. On another note: All winos started with milk.
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