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  1. In this case the ads (and other malware) are blocked by the firewall (Pi-Hole), I would have to unblock all kinds of unsavory sites just to see something I don't care that much about. If Washington Post were to host those ads themselves, there would be no problem whatsoever, but they are too cheap to do that.
  2. Can't see the content, get accused of using an ad blocker.
  3. Their foreheads or their behinds? I'd say the latter as target for the foot kicking them out of the country.
  4. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution reads: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." I don't have any problem whatsoever with a well regulated militia, but I do have a serious problem with individual citizens going rogue. Apart from that, I will uphold "The Right To Arm Bears".
  5. Nice write up. Based on that list of bands, I recommend you take a try at listening to Golden Earring as well.
  6. Marriage is a contract to arrange for a lot of administrative details automatically. And the current norm that people marry someone they love instead of someone picked out by their parents is a recent invention and not even the norm in a large part of the world. For some perspective: The mother is a fact, the father is an opinion. I got married twice, mostly for administrative reasons (residence permit) and because it made them feel better. I don't regret it.
  7. I'll give you my recommendation in one word: DON'T The type of business you are interested in targets tourists and you wish to get away from the major tourist areas (though I see Koh Samed on your list).
  8. That is the current situation, twenty years ago the bars were a lot different 😉
  9. She didn't speak even one word of Dutch at the time and didn't know the culture either. She was in Rotterdam as an au pair. And the host family didn't speak Dutch either.
  10. I am lucky that prejudice doesn't kling to Vietnamese ladies. And I met my Vietnamese wife here in Rotterdam, we were introduced to each other by a mutual acquaintance who liked to dabble in matchmaking.
  11. It is a gamble you are taking. The pound can also drop more and I think that is more likely. Please note that this is just one personal opinion from somebody who hasn't made it his job, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is wrong.
  12. Nice depiction of a certain hinduistic funeral type (feeding the corpse to vultures).
  13. That usually is a lot cheaper as well. I think even they are smart enough to understand you are back home if you are not registered in any hotel anymore and also not left the country. Jomtien is smart enough to understand they can't handle the extra workload for that, which will be a lot less in those smaller places. Bangkok will have a much larger staff anyway as the national back office of the nation wide immigration services, so can handle that extra workload without problems.
  14. Didn't catch that, thanks, looking forward to viewing it.
  15. But even a high level of English isn't enough for that kind of job. You have to be able to understand people at a non-verbal level and Thai have a problem understanding non-Asian foreigners. To be fair, westerners have a problem understanding Asians as well. Personal experience: two long time Thai ex-girlfriends (honourable intentions that didn't work out) one Chinese ex-wife (PRC) one Vietnamese wife about ten years working at a Japanese bank in Amsterdam (could understand the colleagues in Warsaw a lot better)
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