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  1. Just the next pyramid scheme (to Americans known as a Ponzi scheme).
  2. Unlikely, Munich is less unlikely.
  3. I prefer the cooled fresh, young coconut.
  4. For real fun you walk down from Buddha hill, cross the street and walk up to the radio station. It used to be a really nice view up there.
  5. Pro cyclists using those is cheating, but elderly citizens using those on otherwise normal bikes is becoming a real problem here in the Netherlands as they are going way faster than they can handle, resulting in accidents. EDIT: For some reason I couldn't give a like to your post, which it does deserve.
  6. Freee!!

    Time to heal

    That one made me laugh, you still got it.
  7. I didn't pay attention to your flag, I was just thinking about visa requirements for a holiday or something like that. My wife waited with a city trip to London until she had her Dutch passport.
  8. She'd better hurry, I don't know what the visa requirements for EU citizens will be after Brexit.
  9. FTFY. Everybody knows those Yanks won't extradite anybody. I refer to the Hague Invasion Act as a case in point.
  10. Frankly, I don't think I would (live that is). OTOH, I can't imagine myself being stupid enough to play with a loaded gun. And (to me) a gun is loaded unless I personally removed all cartridges and pulled the trigger (in a safe direction).
  11. If it is irritating enough, I'll start laughing like a hyena. Usually the message comes across.
  12. That most definitely comes under the heading: "Things on the forum board members surprise you with" 😉
  13. But we all know by now the government of the USA isn't among the good ones anymore.
  14. And to think people are still condemning the (communist) government of Vietnam for their intervention, without which it would have been even worse.
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