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  1. Same digits but different currency? And people saying this is the cheapest they've ever seen, I still remember the time when prices (from Amsterdam) were what they are now, but at that time the currency was NLG, not EUR. And the conversion rate was 2.20371 (NLG for 1.00 EUR).
  2. What is going on in Thailand? This is the second streetcar project in as many weeks.
  3. Did you by any chance miss the photos of the queue they have there?
  4. I didn't say they were successful at getting rid of them, only that they were trying. And besides Amsterdam, a city I don't really like, Rotterdam, where I live, also has a nice tram network.
  5. Looks like it is going to be a street car. All over the world cities are trying to get rid of them, at least at street level, but Phuket is building one from scratch. Amazing Thailand.
  6. All bets are of if/when the police raid the temple because some monks and/or the abbot have gone rogue, but until that time, a single overstaying foreigner, who isn't bothering anyone, is unlikely to be the cause of a raid, especially as this is in line with the image of the country's dominant religion.
  7. As long as he stays on temple grounds (with permission of the abbot), the police and immigration service are unlikely to bother him.
  8. Finally "hole in one" becomes unambiguous in Thailand 😉
  9. That is about the original location, but not the shape (as I remember it, it was supposed to be a mirror image of the existing terminal). And Suvarnamhumi 3 Rd is about where the fourth runway was planned. And you can see the outlining for the third runway on the left, looks like some of it still is greenery.
  10. I took a look on Google Maps and it seems like they scrapped the plans for the fourth runway and the third isn't finished either.
  11. Of course there are no prostitutes in Pattaya (or anywhere else in Thailand), everybody knows prostitution is illegal and that Thai are very law abiding citizens.
  12. No problems whatsoever.
  13. The Netherlands at least, but the stored fingerprints can't be read out by any other country.
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