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  1. Freee!!

    Airbus scraps A380

    That is only for the first few (overweight) airframes, hull losses aside, I expect the remainder to reach at least 20 years.
  2. Freee!!

    Extrasensory Perception

    I once overheard my sister in a conversation telling somebody she was done with having children and was getting rid of the baby stuff. I was quite surprised and didn't hide it well, so she asked me why I was surprised. I told her she would have a third child. Much hilarity as that was completely ridiculous. About 8 months later (Dec. 3rd), at the birthday party of the friend of our mother, she apologised to me and told me she was pregnant. The baby was born on Aug. 1st. Once two of my best friends (engaged at that time and since that time married) were having an argument with me present. They tried to hide the details from me by having it in Greek (her mother tongue and he was quite fluent in it as well). Hilariously enough, I understood enough of it to insert an appropriate comment, even though normally I don't understand (modern) Greek.
  3. Absolutely correct ... if he was a major before.
  4. Freee!!

    Airbus scraps A380

    I am afraid you are correct, but I still prefer a bit more than two engines for long over-water flights. ETOPS: Engines Turn Or Passengers Swim.
  5. Freee!!

    Airbus scraps A380

    No experience with the B787, but I prefer A380 above B747 and B777, comparable with A340.
  6. For certain values of bullshit. The problem wasn't taxiway congestion, but runway congestion (with golfers). Best experience: FRA, home bound BKK - AMS. Coming in from BKK (THAI flight) , we arrived in time and I settled down in the departure area to wait for the flight to AMS (Lufthansa), which was scheduled to depart at 09:00. At about 7:15, there was a PA announcement from the next gate, asking if there were passengers booked on the 09:00 flight to AMS who would like to fly on the 08:00. I was interested and asked about arrangements for checked in luggage. Was told that in AMS I would have to file a report and it would be delivered home. So I waited an hour less, didn't have to wait for my luggage and didn't have to drag it home on the train either. Half a year later, exactly the same happened except I didn't have to ask about the luggage. Worst experience: CDG, out bound AMS - BKK. I managed to get lost in the confusion F***ING disorganized maze, but caught my plane in time. My luggage didn't and I had to wait about two days before it was delivered to the hotel.
  7. As has been stated before: Any valid Thai ID will also do.
  8. Freee!!

    Kanchanaburi, the Long walk!

    Been there once, now waiting for my sons to be old enough to appreciate and understand it.
  9. Freee!!

    Airbus scraps A380

    That will only become relevant if and when the USA government stops overpaying the military side of Boeing, thus cross subsidizing the civilian side.
  10. Freee!!

    Airbus scraps A380

    Keep in mind that the first few were heavily overweight and thus a lot less economical.
  11. Was that Hengelo, Overijssel or Hengelo. Gelderland? If you truly did manage to achieve that level of proficiency in Dutch, you are to be complimented. It is pretty rare and most of that is indeed because Dutch will switch to English at the drop of a hat. It doesn't even matter to them their English probably isn't as good as the foreigners Dutch either. Always funny when they encounter a foreigner who truly doesn't speak or understand English
  12. I call bullshit on this one. No native speaker of English ever learned Dutch to the level he can tell a taxi driver to get him to Zoetermeer. I am perfectly capable of believing the taxi driver understood (nearly everybody here can get by in English and taxi drivers better than most), but Dutch isn't a language, it is a secret code foreigners (and especially English speakers) aren't supposed to learn.
  13. Freee!!

    You ever fly on New Year's Eve?

    Closest I came was a departure on 27-12-1999, arriving in Bangkok in the early morning of 28-12-1999. I still remember it being cold.