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  1. Nice country and holiday destination, but I am avoiding it for other (political) reasons.
  2. I know, but they just don't have the capacity to take up the slack. KLM, to name just one, is usually booked solid on BKK-AMS and KLM neither has planes nor slots to spare. Similar for most if not all of the others.
  3. Do you have a phone number? Besides that, I am not the one who is going to tell a panicked bureaucrat how to do his job.
  4. If Emirates stops flying to Thailand, a lot of European tourist will be left stranded in Thailand, no way the European carriers can take up the slack, not even with the help of THAI and EVA (the only other airlines flying directly between BKK and Europe). And alternate routes have their own problems.
  5. In view of his age I think he is disqualified on the grounds of having reproduced.
  6. As far as burning books go, I wish them luck trying it with the first edition of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.
  7. I can understand that, but given the other two, that would be an insult to Barbara Cartland.
  8. Freee!!

    Board Pilots

    Looks about the same size as an ASK21 twoseater, small but not claustrophobic because of the clear all around view (I've been a passenger in one a couple of times).
  9. I'd like to make an exception for the works of L. Ron Hubbard and A. Schicklgruber.
  10. You almost seem surprised. And yes, I am that asshole who asked which year 😉
  11. Nope, a bad man with good taste in food and women 😉
  12. Nice read, but that is olds (read it Sunday morning on another forum).
  13. Would do so, if only they would like what's on the menu (sushi at a good place).
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