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  1. Of the three, only the oldest (Barry) seems to be still alive.
  2. Freee!!


    I never had a woman pull a weapon on me (so far, pray it continues), but there have been a couple of guys. Judging by my reaction to that and taking into account I don't discriminate (except for bedcompanions), the end result would be predictable.
  3. Freee!!


    My subconsciousness is acutely aware of the correct thread level (or maybe a bit overly paranoid), sometimes it won't let me sleep with a gal in the room. When that happens, she gets taxi money and leaves. And I am glad I never had to defend myself against a gal going berserk as I am quite certain I would put her in hospital or worse, a ruptured spleen probably being the least of the problems.
  4. Freee!!


    But they weren't in the same room (cell in his case). Besides that, I don't really believe he got the best quality cotton sheets.
  5. I see a picture, so I'd say you can post them (or someone is faking it for you).
  6. Freee!!


    True, but first they have to rip it apart, which takes effort and time. And the sound of ripping cotton is guaranteed to wake up just about everyone with functional hearing.
  7. I know several forum members use it as you can read it in their posts, as far as I am concerned they can learn to post without it, just like the rest of us does.
  8. That won't be Boris' bridge, but yes, that bridge will be built when Scotland joins the re-united Irish republic to get back into the EU.
  9. When will it be finished? Before or after the Kra isthmus channel?
  10. No problems here, maybe some bad (targeted?) ads.
  11. "overannuated juvenile", really too old to still be called juvenile, but still behaving like one.
  12. She isn't the first to go that way on film, Brandon Lee (son of Bruce Lee) preceded her while shooting The Crow.
  13. So you are finally growing up to become a responsible, adult man instead of remaining an overannuated juvenile delinquent.
  14. Here in the Netherlands as well.
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