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  1. That one is way worse, luckily Wakefield was stripped of his right to call himself an MD. He should however be charged with murder for every child that died because it didn't receive the necessary jabs because of his "works". He is a mass murder, just not quite at the level of J.V. Dzugashvili or N. Buonaparte.
  2. Glad Spock changed his mind, unfortunately, not everybody received the message yet, though.
  3. Freee!!


    No problem for me, it isn't my religion anyway.
  4. Freee!!


    You shouldn't have had red meat for the last 38 days nor should you have it for the next two.
  5. I prefer direct flights, don't really like flying.
  6. What the [CENSORED] would I do in Abu Dhabi? Why the [CENSORED] would I stop over there?
  7. Freee!!


    But it is regulated. It is religious, so important enough to leave it out of the hands of politicians.
  8. Freee!!


    Thanks, saved me a lot of typing. One small addendum though: The above only goes for the Roman Catholic Church and the protestant churches of western and central Europe, including the Czechoslovak Hussite Church. There are other calculations for the Eastern European Orthodox churches and Judaic Pesach, which are all supposed to follow the same rule.
  9. Freee!!

    Airport # 2

    Sorry, can't read it through the ads.
  10. It is a nice effort, but I am rather underwhelmed as another forum I visit regularly has a very bad day when the number of unique visitors drops below half a million. And that forum has the disadvantage of being in Dutch.
  11. It is over 20 years already since I first heard of the Japanese rule of fours: Four inches, four minutes, four thousand baht. That was in the time that a BF was 200 baht and I paid one thousand baht LT (plus breakfast if she wanted it, offered in the morning, wasn't mentioned in the deal). And I still stick to the Dutch rule of ones: One foot, one night, one thousand baht 😉
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