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  1. I don't watch TV at home other than Netflix and really have never had much interest in sports as an adult but I find that when I am in the pub alone I like to watch the golf if it is on - I don't play myself and have no urge to but I like to watch it just to see some of the amazing shots those pros can make... When I was young I was really into Formula 1 and sports car racing but nowadays I haven't much interest in either - the cars all look the same (and are ugly as well compared to the beautiful cars that used to race in the '60s and '70s) and just give me the impression of being four-w
  2. "No other kinds once you've tried Heinz?" lol....I tend to stick to the same brands for condiments I've been using forever - like Heinz ketchup - but for most other foods I'll usually go for the best deals and don't pay much attention to the labels.
  3. In my jurisdiction you would have received the equivalent of a 28 pound fine and 2 demerit points; after you receive 7 demerit points you lose your license for up to 6 months, and You must meet with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles to discuss your driving privilege. The gov't website doesn't make any mention of courses that can or need to be taken. Yeah, doesn't surprise me - as far as I am aware we don't get any insurance surcharge for regular speeding tickets but we can if we get nailed in a school zone so I am always careful to slow down through these areas. We don't hav
  4. Is this for a first offence - seems a little strict; our local City fathers are discussing lowering our local downtown speed limit from 50kmh to 40kmh, and of course all of the safety numpties and nervous drivers are clamouring for it, the silly c**ts - speed isn't the problem here, it is lack of enforcement of the existing laws because although our city is quite small at 27,000 inhabitants, it covers a vast area and the local constabulary can't be everywhere at once...which is great for habitual speeders like me, lol...seriously, if they do lower the limits it will just result in worse gridlo
  5. Just applied for my Canada Pension Plan benefits online - will come in handy when I turn 65 in January and my work pension reduces significantly as I took the option of more upfront for the first ten years of my retirement...
  6. The effects of gravity on snow can be interesting - I've been waiting for this formation to fall off of my patio rail for a couple of weeks now but it's still hanging in there:
  7. Just saw the news that the YT gov't is closing our borders to all non-essential traffic as of the 20th, so I guess our YT-BC bubble is burst for now....I suppose it was inevitable...
  8. maipenrai


    He's never been much on punctuation....
  9. Good story and good on you for giving the little guy another lease on life away from humankind, hopefully. We don't have skunks this far north so I had never smelled one in my life until I went out to Alberta to work the summer I got out of high school - we were driving back in from the jobsite one day and suddenly there was this awful smell and I asked the guys what it was, whereupon they told me it was a skunk that had been run over on the road; we must have run the corpse over as well because ten miles later when we pulled into camp, you could still smell it on the truck's tires! Now t
  10. Ah, the memories - my first car, although it wasn't this colour and certainly wasn't in anywhere near this condition...
  11. There used to be lots of cars around that looked good and performed well too, but today's styling is just so full of sharp edges and over detailing that I can't really think of any new cars that I really think look great...it's like the stylists are having a competition to see who can come out with the most hideous front end, for example - that Roush Mustang is no exception, although I am sure it's fun to drive...
  12. IMHO, the whole car is ugly - the green callipers are just the icing on the cake...
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