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  1. Mid-morning and I am contemplating the day's activities, and wondering how long it will be before the rain starts again; I don't think we've had two sunny days in a row since early June. It starts out nice in the morning and then it's raining by mid or late afternoon - I've seen summers like this before and they are really a piss off as our summers are short enough as it is at this latitude...
  2. Beans, beans - the musical fruit; The more you eat the more you toot! Love 'em myself, but gotta admit they can be pretty gaseous when mixed with eggs...
  3. Relaxing at home this morning getting a good start to my day by having a sexy video call by my favourite Thai girl from the last trip...
  4. Good score - I'd love to have an M model but they are just too expensive to buy and maintain; I do own another E36 model, though - it's a 1992 325i that was sold new in Japan with LHD and then imported to Canada ten years later; basically a Euro model with a couple of Japanese tweaks. I bought it three years ago with only 106,000Km on the odometer: i I also own a 2003 E46 330xi which has a lot more power and features than the 325i but it's also a lot heavier and feels like it - the old E36 can be thrown around like a go-kart and is also not too difficult to maintain - I would dearly love to find an original, unmolested E36 with a manual gearbox but it's almost impossible nowadays...
  5. Of the scores of vehicles I have owned during my life, only two have been new and they were just small cars; I really don't believe in brand loyalty and even though I presently own four Ford trucks of various sizes, it doesn't mean I am a Ford fanatic - they just happened to be what was available when I was looking. I like to own cars that are fun to drive as well as being somewhat practical and that is why I currently own a couple of old BMW's - I wouldn't buy one newer than 2002 or so because the newer ones are just too crammed full of electronic gadgets like every other vehicle these days and I like to do as much work on my own cars as I can; the further I can stay away from the "stealerships' the happier I am.
  6. I flew PE on EVA on the YVR-TPE-BKK route for 13 years, with the occasional upgrade to business, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I switched to Cathay Pacific in PE for my last trip because EVA was dropping PE from YVR with their switch to the 787, and didn't find it quite up to the standard I had enjoyed with EVA. I ended up flying home in early April on Korean Air in economy because of the closure of HKG and it was quite enjoyable but that is mainly because the plane was almost empty - I don't relish the thought of flying economy on a long flight again with a return to normal capacities - I have been spoiled now and will willingly pay extra for a more comfortable flight for the longer routes.
  7. I usually book in June or July for a November flight but I'm certainly not going to this year - if things straighten out enough by September or October I may look at December or January but the odds are that I will go somewhere else this winter for a while if I am able to...
  8. Yeah, I'm sure that all venues will be just jumping to reopen so they can put up with onerous conditions like these....jeez.
  9. Great photos, nice to see such a rustic area of the PI..
  10. This morning it was -2C at 0430 but the day became gorgeous later, the first really nice day here for almost ten days; we(four of us, these things are heavy!) got my buddy's woodstove out of his basement and then drank beer on his patio in the sun for the next three hours or so...at home now and the sun is still shining and will do so until almost 11:00PM tonight - finally feels like summer.
  11. Sitting here having a late breakfast and watching the sun vainly trying to break through the clouds - strong south wind blowing for a couple of days now which brings all of the moist air in from the Alaskan coast, giving us cloudy skies and cool weather...hoping for better weather tomorrow...
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