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  1. Well, I sure hope you do because I would love to meet you, Ray - best wishes to you.....
  2. My first new dirt bike, a 1977 Maico 400WR:
  3. Another great name from rock'n'roll passes on: https://etcanada.com/news/507056/lead-singer-of-the-cars-ric-ocasek-dead-at-75/?fbclid=IwAR1eh7bNgbgLVt5VPl1NNU0ussudD7A0SOLYJqyN0ZMdGe4vqPaBQeqj1wE Not only was this guy an outstanding musician and songwriter, he was also married to one of the most beautiful women in the world for 28 years.....
  4. I was always more of a dirt rider - still really don't like street riding that much - and this is one I wish I had kept; 1983 Husqvarna SC500, desert bike with 6sp transmission and 100mph top speed, last of the classic metal tank, twin shock Huskies: -and this is the craziest bike I ever owned, a 1991 Honda CR500 - I didn't keep it long, was just too much and wasn't suited to the cross-country riding I preferred:
  5. A couple of classics I've owned over the years:
  6. I loved this series - I don't watch any TV at all but after hearing about it this series I managed to get it all from a friend who was really good at pirating stuff when it was really easy to do so.....great entertainment.
  7. I, too would never wear flip-flops - I occasionally wear sandals with some support - I guess what TS is referring to as "Jesus sandals", lol....but mainly I wear running shoes (trainers) almost exclusively because I walk a lot. I like cargo shorts for all of the pockets and I like the colourful short-sleeved Indonesian "batik" shirts - not only are they comfy in the heat but they have a shirt front pocket that is very handy for my clip-on sunglasses...
  8. The other car is a 365GTB4 Daytona, the last real front-engined Ferrari GT - it was superseded by the 365BB, or "Berlinetta Boxer" that was a mid-engined model with a flat-12 motor. I was a Ferrari nut from childhood, and had an Airfix model of the original 250GTO that was sent to me by my English grandma back in the day - it was a lovely model and very well detailed and I am sure would be a collector's item today. Ironically, in my youth some classic Ferrari models- mainly the 2+2's - from the '60s were actually quite reasonably priced and if I hadn't lived virtually in the middle of nowhere, I might have taken a chance on one....kudos to you for actually owing one back in the day....
  9. I just tell them that I think they are gorgeous but that I cannot afford them....I've been up to one of the Russian bars once and that was enough for me....
  10. A pair of my favourite Ferraris:
  11. I must admit that I got off to a slow start on this forum while I watched the "Shhh" forum die its slow death but I'm enjoying it now....
  12. Sitting here on Saturday morning listening to the weekly "Buy and Sell" phone-in program on the radio - I just love it, I seldom buy or sell anything but some of the idiots that call in really crack me up.....a real cross-section of humanity...
  13. Cold, clear morning which means that it's going to be a lovely sunny day later - and the weather office promises us a week more of this stuff. We used to call this "Indian Summer" but in today's PC world it's probably better to say "Aboriginal Autumn", 555...
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