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  1. Look at the text its importing the text type and font from somewhere else.. I've just logged into your account and I see it as normally would on my Mac.. Here you go and take a look at the text:-
  2. Always think of that sketch in Goodfellas when cutting garlic..
  3. Hi @tingtong2k get your post count to 10 and you will jump up to advanced and you will see more or the forum. 👍🏼
  4. Seen it loads of times mate many a time in Pattaya but never seen it in Bangkok... Eat from the markets or home and spend everything in the beer bars...
  5. Now we all remember the I-rover in LK Metro starting it off with the 98 Baht breakfast then this did its round all over Pattaya and social media. Now all i'm seeing on social media is buy one get one free.. Is this the way its all going.. I think the quality of food will be compromised ...!
  6. Did you know you can get Tommy Hillfinger cheap in Thailand.. I'll be getting one..
  7. Just had this, my second one today... was lovely too..
  8. Love them old type Citroen vans ... you know all the part and panels can still be purchased of the shelf...
  9. Just relaxing and bed very soon...
  10. I bet she is a complete bag of hassle
  11. Surgery Addict Spends £15k To Look As Fake As Possible A 21-year-old woman has freely admitted that she spent nearly £15,000 on cosmetic surgeries in order to look as fake as possible. She also said that despite the fact that she gets some funny looks when she walks down the street, she will be having even more procedures to further her look. Aspiring musician and salon manager Serena Smith, from Toronto, added that even her own boyfriend has asked her to stop having procedures because other men go 'crazy' for her. This all started because Serena got it into her head that she looked plain - using the examples of celebrities who have had plastic surgery to enhance their various features, she decided to get into it herself. Credit: MDW Features Several years and a whole wad of cash later on, she's had loads of fillers put in, augmented her breasts from 32A to 32DD, and continues to have Botox injections into her face. Her boyfriend, 29-year-old bodybuilder Tyler, has begged her to stop having the fillers. However, Serena insists that her desire to have more surgery is no different to his desire to build bigger muscles. That doesn't stop him being jealous of the looks she gets, though. Credit: MDW Features She said: "Since my very earliest thoughts I can remember being very aware of looks and beauty. "From a young age, I began a fascination with plastic surgery from watching different documentaries and reality shows on the subject. "My desire to look like these women was overtaking my life, it was like a constant obsession of beauty. "Before having any enhancements, I truly did not feel like myself, just a very bland and basic person blending in with the others. Of course I had a natural beauty, but it was too simple for my taste." Credit: MDW Features She continued: "When I'm all done up, my hair and makeup and of course my enhancements draw a lot of attention and stares. "Whenever I go out, I always see men ignore their wives and children and stare at me because I guess maybe they wish they could be with me instead. "Whenever I leave the house, even if I'm not wearing any makeup (which is very rare), men will still approach me and try and have conversations with me. Everyone is always trying to pass on their telephone number to me - it is hilarious." Credit: MDW Features So, despite her boyfriend's concerns, she wants to continue with her plan. Oh, and she also wants to forge a singing career in the process. Serena added: "I do have a boyfriend and he does get jealous sometimes when other men get excited by me but that is just the reality when you are with someone like me who gets a lot of attention. "My boyfriend tells me to stop with the fillers, especially the lips, and that I am already beautiful, but I just can't do that. Like I said, the extreme look is what I desire, an over-exaggerated emphasis on glamorous beauty. "I'm sure he won't mind once I have larger breasts though, which is one of the future surgeries I am planning on having. "I'd also like to have a rhinoplasty to achieve a cute Barbie nose, an eyebrow lift, my chin bones shaved down and reshaped, a hairline reshaping surgery and also butt and hip implants for a curvier look. "I have big things planned. This really is just the beginning for me." Credit: MDW Features Serena concluded: "I think beauty is confidence; it is something you can create for yourself, however you would like to and in whatever unique way you desire. "When you walk out into the world every day you need to be happy and confident with the way you look - it really is a big thing that can change your life once you are secure with yourself."
  12. Welcome to the forum @Sea-Hawks 👍🏼 Once you move up to the next level after you first ten post then you will see more content.
  13. Udon is a great little town which for me has everything i need. I'm sure if your having meetings in Udon Thani for what ever season you will know on Soi Farang...?
  14. Welcome to the forum @magnus and @Gin Kii 👍🏼
  15. I like Wetherspoons and i'd stop in the hotels with have all that pub grub on hand and all the booze you can drink without heading out.
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