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  1. What the hell is this... satellite dish in the bog....?
  2. I'll put my arms up to the move... I wouldn't have bothered moving it as it was in "News around the world section" but yes its better into its own section on Cambodia.
  3. I always remember it not taking too long.. maybe an hour is my grandads vauxhall vivi Got a speeding ticket on the road, it wouldn't have happened in the 70'S
  4. I'm not 100% on this list is may not have been updated:- Current Bar List – 24 Bars Soi 6 Mods Bar Sexy in the city Offshore bar Foxy bar Kawaii bar Butterfly bar Where Angel’s play Horny bar Pussy club Nature bar Play pen Night wish bar Toy box Passion Seduction Envy Wrath Avarice TBA Soi Chaiyaboon Orange Anny Blue bar Soi Bongkok 8 Jclub Club sin Note: Bunny Club Has Been Sold
  5. The UK don't see the job as a "waitress" where the likes of Spain see it as a full on profession. We could learn from the Spanish
  6. Just seen this in FB:- Steak & Co and Smoking Joes up for sale.The exodus continues
  7. its called "The crab" In Thai, I think its called "Pupen Seafood" and its a Thai sea food, i've no idea if there's a menu on line. Here's the full address Pupen Seafood Restaurant 62/1 Moo 1, Chai Talay Road, Na Jomtien Subdistrict, Pattaya Business hours: 9.30am – 10.30pm http://www.vkeong.com/location/thailand/pattaya/pupen-seafood-pattaya/#
  8. The crab in Jomtien not WS prices by any mains. The draw back is getting there maybe baht bus or motorbike taxis.
  9. i'm back home now and it was the lack of tablets which I needed.. I felt like someone had put a bang over my head to breath... Currently on two lots of Steroids and anti sickness tablets which add up to about 12 tablets a day and they told me to just stop taking the and it was a train crash mate... I called them told them what is wrong and they had me in within a flash...
  10. I was short of breath and dizzy and no sense of balance So now in hospital
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