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  1. Never mind the gym mate crack on with that cake... 😁
  2. I remember last time they took me ages to find on the net and i'm sure there's about 2 to 3 zip files and this is part of the problem with the names and the format. I'll do some digging around to see if I can find then and if so i'll add the links here.
  3. Never been to that part of Thailand, i think its not too far from Kanchanaburi Some great shots and thanks for posting
  4. lol that's what created all the work last time and to get it working again I needed to do a fresh install of the software. So I created a separate category and uploaded them and some of them didn't upload so I decided to leave it alone... You could say Don't try to fix what is not broken...!
  5. Walking Street in Pattaya at night. Bars and clubs showing a slow recovery from Covid (July 2020)
  6. Best pizza's in town mate.. I had the discount card and I would often make use of the 2 for 1 offer with my mate and go 50/50 👍
  7. Here's a new code, im not sure what it offers but I guess its worth a try.. DISCOUNT PROMO CODE: BE214
  8. I'm sure it was the floating market for us, we had maybe half a dozen Thai's in tow and my entrance fee was higher than all the Thai's added together. Now at Mini Siam I showed them my Thai driving licence and only paid the Thai entrance fee. I think its very much weather the faring is willing to pay the high price or not...
  9. Chicken Pad-Thai for dinner then apple pie with custard for dessert. was lovely... 👍
  10. Yes well the Chinese have been cutting water supplies from neighbouring countries for years and over storing it and not releasing it and I guess this what happens when they do this...
  11. Loved them before my treatment and now cant stand them and taste too sweet.
  12. I did add all of the old emojis but many of the old ones carry the same id's of the new once which created a conflict with all of them and created me loads of work to sort it out so this is the reason we only have a limited amount of the old ones.
  13. I would leave the house an hour before sunrise and have two rods set up for tench with fishing the margins using grounded mature cheese and shredded tin of spam and sweet corn, Works a treat and i'll be home by midday with my feet up relaxing and had a good days fishing.
  14. I've uploaded app onto my minix box and it works great, i've seen a few weeks that need to be done which i'll sort out the i'll start on an IOS app for Apple users.
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