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  1. Fingers crossed 7th of March 2020... it will be my 50th.
  2. Also don't use this any more...
  3. I know, i showed my nephew this photo and he couldn't believe it.. I told him we had nothing like we have today.. no smart phones no internet no computers.
  4. Had them both done over the last 6 months.. I wouldn't say both was pleasant ... but yes the colonoscopy is the worse one I ended up very ill after the endoscopy.
  5. Yes used it in the pst without any problems, but... is it worth it when you can just walk into home pro and walk out with one under your arm.
  6. Having been told not to venture out past the house door unless it was for the hospital over the last 4 months and today I was told my blood count was up and it would be ok for me to head out into the really world, So it was very nice to get out of the house again today. We decided to have a bite to eat at Frankie & Benny's food chain restaurant. I like how this place is set up with the decor and its nicely spaced out with ample walk ways ... We opted for the 3 courses for £11.99 each which is great value for you buck and i think our total bill came to £31:00 with a soda drink... I decided to leave £35:00 as the service was very good too. We both had the same to eat starting with the mushroom bruschetta then the skinny pizza and then the Brownie and ice cream which always goes down a treat.
  7. Bloody hell a bet its nice and fresh over there...
  8. Trust me its not all like this..
  9. We have a plugin installed that watermarks all uploaded photo's to the server. This was only done as the odd person will take other members photo's and try to pass them off on social media as they're own.
  10. Lanzalad


    We are only placing ads on the forum in key places such as the top and bottom of the page for partners of the forum and business advertisers. The reason why to help to support the forum cost, it's not that important but it may help to bring a better forum. To the members it will alway be a free useful forum.
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