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  1. Kev's sister made a post on FB confirming Kev's passing.
  2. I never could understand why he didn't go back home for treatment.. I chat to a friend often that is having treatment in Thailand and it's getting to the stage where he is thinking the insurance don't want to pay for the whole treatment and scans. He is thinking on coming back to the UK to continue his treatment. RIP
  3. Come to think about it.. i was still stoned on my THC oil... can see it in my eye's... As Puang says "lazy eye, your oil is still working"
  4. Running late this morning... Started to feel like Robinson Crusoe so decided to have a shave.
  5. Your more like the Mr Mussels ad on tv years ago lol
  6. Just had a shave for tomorrows mug shot.
  7. Since treatment mate they taste too sweet. I loved been and now can't do with them..
  8. Just a bit of fun.... here's mine..
  9. Nothing else to do mate than to take a photo of your food and post it... Here's mine mate:-
  10. Koh Sumet for me.. Every time we have booked on line its been a mess when we have arrived and every room stinks of damp. in fact the last time we booked it was for 4 nights and we packed up and left after one night.
  11. How I start every day.. This mornings with a cuppa remote and mac book..
  12. Been thinking the same but each virus thread has its own relevance to a degree. Now if its all moved into a club members will need to join the club to view the threads and this may create more threads on the main forum.
  13. Thanks for all the birthday wishes and due to Puang we all had a lovely day.
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