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  1. Lanzalad

    How quiet is town

    You fly out tomorrow @john luke .. have a good flight.. 👍🏼
  2. Lanzalad

    How quiet is town

    High season kicking in now... how busy is town now..?
  3. Lanzalad

    The Board Name Decoding Thread

    His been and gone already mate...
  4. Lanzalad

    Remember the massive hack of Talk Talk?

    I'm not a big fan of Tapatalk as it feeds you mobile info and its sol and used for product placement which means they could be doing anything with your info.
  5. Lanzalad

    Sandals and socks

    That rhymes but for me its still a no no...
  6. Lanzalad

    Do you have any pets..?

    Do you have any pets..? We have one Thai cat which was a soi cat living with us that we flew out and one from the uk.. One understands that and the other one understands english..
  7. Lanzalad

    What are you doing right now..?

    I enjoyed the movie mate.. both played good parts.. Puang said to me "Wot happen to him..?" at the end.. i was thinking she havant got the end of the movie.. well never mind..
  8. Lanzalad

    Sandals and socks

    I'm not the fashion police by any means, its just not for me but i see many do.. Sandals and socks are you guilty..?
  9. Lanzalad

    Ever Broken A Bone?

    Shouldn't try clipping your nails while on a skateboard.. lol
  10. Lanzalad


    I don't it @KhunDon but i understand when to buy and sell you hold a wallet and its connected to you bank. You can sell and buy the Litecoin then sell it.
  11. Lanzalad


    I'm looking at Litcoin now and watching it closely ... A life time line... Over the last week Im told it will fall more before the end of the year.. Then i may buy a few hundred pounds worth.
  12. Lanzalad


    I was going to buy in 2013 but didn't... that was when it was 1.19 USD to the bitcoin.
  13. Lanzalad


    Last December bitcoin hit 20,000 and in less than one year its taken a massive hit and now its at 4,679.00... Anyone here still dealing in bitcoin..
  14. Lanzalad

    The Board Name Decoding Thread

    A few more have joined that I'm not sure who's who..
  15. Lanzalad

    Bangkok Nightlife Prices

    Theres a bar for every kind of spender in Bangkok .. I don't go to the his places and then i spend what i want and never watch my pocket.. Always had a cracking time..