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  1. Now it hits the UK:- 14 tested for Wuhan coronavirus virus in UK as death toll hits 25 Public Health England says 14 people have been tested for the Wuhan coronavirus in the UK - with five cleared and nine awaiting test results. Six Chinese nationals remained in isolation in the UK yesterday while treatment and tests are carried out - two in Glasgow, one in Edinburgh, one in Belfast and others in undisclosed locations. At least one is thought to have flown in via London. It is also being reported that a desperate hunt is now under way for 2,000 recent arrivals in the UK from China. They all arrived in Britain within the last two weeks. Four NHS trusts in the capital have been put on standby to receive patients. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has insisted Britain can cope with any outbreak. While in China now:- Footage Shows People Dropping To The Ground In China Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Shocking footage showing people in China falling down in the streets and in hospital has been shared online, as authorities attempt to control the coronavirus outbreak outbreak. Wuhan, which has been identified as the city where the deadly coronavirus started, has been placed into lockdown. Now footage, reportedly filmed in the city, has emerged showing people dropping to the ground while emergency workers walk around in hazmat suits. Yesterday images were shared online showing panicked residents stocking up on food and other essentials while the city remains in lockdown. One clip shows a man lying on the ground while medics attempt to help him. Other clips show packed hospitals - as hundreds of people turn up to be tested. Officials have said a brand-new 1,000-bed hospital will be built in just six days in an attempt to keep up with demand. The hospital is being built around a holiday complex on the outskirts of the city, Changjiang Daily reports. The news outlet claims the hospital is designed to 'solve the shortage of existing medical resources', adding that the buildings will be prefabricated, potentially reducing construction time and costs.
  2. Just having Chicken With Cheese & Leek Gratin from Aldi. The price was £2.99 and I had some chips left over from lunch. Its very nice and it made a bit of a change
  3. It looks like China is going to do the same.. I was shocked to find out China will do this:- Single-use plastic: China to ban bags and other items China, one of the world's biggest users of plastic, has unveiled a major plan to reduce single-use plastics across the country. Non-degradable bags will be banned in major cities by the end of 2020 and in all cities and towns by 2022. The restaurant industry will also be banned from using single-use straws by the end of 2020. China has for years been struggling to deal with the rubbish its 1.4 billion citizens generate. The country's largest rubbish dump - the size of around 100 football fields - is already full, 25 years ahead of schedule. China's mega-dump already full In 2017 alone, China collected 215 million tonnes of urban household waste. But national figures for recycling are not available. China produced 60 million tonnes of plastic waste in 2010, followed by the US at 38 million tonnes, according to online publication Our World in Data based at the University of Oxford. The research was published in 2018 and said the "relative global picture is similar in projections up to 2025". What has changed? The National Development and Reform Commission on Sunday issued the new policy, which will be implemented over the next five years. Plastic bags will be banned across all cities and towns in 2022, though markets selling fresh produce will be exempt until 2025. The production and sale of plastic bags that are less than 0.025mm thick will also be banned. The restaurant industry must reduce the use of single-use plastic items by 30%. Hotels have been told that they must not offer free single-use plastic items by 2025. China looks to clean up act on illegally produced wood too By Roger Harrabin, BBC environment analyst The broadcaster David Attenborough has warned that the planet can't be protected unless China changes its polluting ways. Suddenly that's just starting to happen. Following Beijing's clampdown on plastic, there's now to be a ban on illegally produced wood. For 20 years, China's demand for raw materials has been a massive driver of illegal logging, especially in South-East Asia and Africa. It's said to be the single largest international consumer of illegally-felled wood. Now Beijing has amended its law to help timber-producing countries trying to tackle corruption in forestry. It says it aims to protect forestry resources and supports a ban on the cutting of natural forests. The UK-based Environmental Investigation Bureau said the news was thrilling, but critics will note that the central government tried to force provincial governors to stop building coal-fired power stations - but failed to impose its will. This isn't China's first campaign against the use of plastics. In 2008, the country banned retailers from giving out free plastic bags, and banned the production of ultra-thin plastic bags. And in 2017, China - once the world's largest importer of plastic waste - announced that it would ban the import of foreign plastic waste. Who's sending back plastic waste? The small town with a dirty secret A blockage in global waste disposal China is not the only country in Asia that has cracked down against single-use plastics. Thailand announced earlier this year that single-use plastic bags would be banned in major stores, with a complete ban across the entire country in 2021. Indonesia's capital Jakarta also is banning single-use plastic bags in department stores, supermarkets and traditional markets by June 2020. The Indonesian island of Bali has also banned single-use plastic. Separately, Malaysia has sent back 150 shipping containers of illegally imported plastic waste back to their countries of origin. "[We] will take the necessary steps to ensure that Malaysia does not become the garbage dump of the world," Environment Minister Yeo Bee Yin said on Monday. She added that there were plans to send back further containers in the near future. Wealthier countries have been sending plastic waste to Malaysia since 2018, but officials say they are struggling to cope with the amount that is being brought in illegally. BBC NEWS
  4. Had my account for a number of years.. but never used it that much until recently. They are giving 50 GB for new accounts again:-
  5. What for media app's and the odd file and a few photo's .. I really don't have an issue with the free 50 GB and I don't intend to pay..
  6. I've been use this now for some time and just use the browser on my Mac to login and in my mobile and minix box I use there own apps. https://apps.apple.com/app/mega/id706857885 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=mega.privacy.android.app&referrer=meganzmobileapps All you do is drag and drop them and you can share them and login on other devices to access the free 50GB storage. https://mega.nz/start Here's a few shots of the browser version:-
  7. My skin goes hard on the heel and a few on the soul on my feet and i use a pumice stone and it works a treat when your feet are wet. Some them for about 30 minute then rub with the pumice stone.
  8. My mate few back home landed at the airport in the UK walked outside and it was that cold he decided to get the next flight back to BKK..
  9. Always remember it and waiting for the Taxi to pick me up on Soi 8 picked me up around 2am as my flight was at 6am.. Ha looking back I remember landing on my first trip on two days back to back no alcohol ... wondered what the hell i've done... lol
  10. Same as last Sunday.. Was lovely and the chicken that's left will do a curry for tomorrow night.
  11. This is the second time we have used this service which has helped us out so much with not having to travel to London. We have been wanting to sort our little Thomas's Thai birth certificate and Thai passport. Here's how it works On line the embassy will set a time and date before the day and time for a temple in Leeds. So one a few weeks ago Puang was on the pc at 7:55am waiting for 8:00am and she fulled in the online from and we get number one in the queue. We left the house late as I'm always on time unless it involves Puang, never mind we got there just in time with 100's before us.. Puang went to pay the fee and collect our ticket number and yes we was number one.. Did the little ones Thai birth certificate and Thai passport in 30 minutes at a cost of all in with registered post £40.00 Now it would have cost us loads on money to head down to London and with the fuel and hotel to be they're early doors. Now I know they visit many towns across the UK at different times of the year.
  12. Book the driver on Uber and call him let him pick you up in the carpark or at the airport entrance.
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