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  1. AJSP

    What's your main reason for

    Seems to be the case. Shame but this seems to be a pattern over at least 3 forums
  2. Do like Krabi a lot. A potential area to spend more time in years to come ( if Cyprus doesn’t win over). The sea is beautiful there
  3. AJSP

    UK Spouse Visa - English Test

    It was quite a week for you mods with Pete as well ( prob still here)
  4. AJSP

    What are you doing right now..?

    Good luck with this and fingers crossed.
  5. AJSP

    Le Pub

    Think Man U will squeeze my gunners into 5th😓
  6. AJSP

    What are you doing right now..?

    Nando’s for lunch
  7. Anything involving tools/power tools
  8. AJSP


    My wife bought me a new one in Blueport Shoppibg Mall, Hua Hin last year -
  9. AJSP

    new car

    Tend to agree...........cars are a waste of money Perhaps consider leasing one ............
  10. AJSP

    songkran flight price

    If that was me, and a few hundred didn’t really matter I would not take the risk of flight prices increasing and get booked pronto. I take it your heading to Thailand regardless? Put it this way, if your wife’s holiday dates are booked and things go the wrong way price wise you’ll pay more. Not trying to influence you but it’s a gamble this game your playing- I hope it pays off
  11. Love Cyprus. Looking at going to more places in Europe plus travelling more extensively in SE Asia.
  12. AJSP

    songkran flight price

    The expression ‘ piss or get off the pot’ springs to mind Matt. JET £516 EVA £771 Both the above prices seem reasonable to me. I’d book before they rise.
  13. Newish. Halfway down Soi sampan run by Maxx ( Dutch I think) who used to own witherspoons on Soi buakhao nice enough grub good selection of beers and good environment just let down by occasionall poor service which is oft the case in Thailand worth going in when next in town
  14. Fried pots don’t look half bad either
  15. AJSP

    Under 300 Baht ... And Good

    Yes, tried this place and enjoyed it. Nice people that run it as well