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  1. A very nervy and odd ending - never seen a ‘penalty shootout’ before in cricket
  2. Roll on Sunday 😎
  3. My first attempt at Toad in the Hole. Batter needed a tad longer
  4. My first attempt at Toad in the Hole. Batter needed a tad longer
  5. My first attempt at Toad in the Hole. Batter needed a tad longer
  6. I’ve got a few bht in a Thai account so rather than use GBP, For my upcoming holiday I’ll draw down from that account as it was transferred at around 15% higher so would be daft to take GBP. Woukd like to see the £ rise but outside of my control
  7. I agree my favourite thread. That said, sometimes a nice bowl of cornflakes with cold milk does hit the spot
  8. I think you did well to get a photo, I’m normally too quick to get stuck into it then fall asleep ( to my cost).
  9. Can’t see any chicken 😎 garlic mayo on the wedges ?
  10. Very pleased to hear this as we are flying with Eva very soon 👍
  11. Pretty sure when I grew up in the 70’s that most mums went shopping with one of these
  12. Very Crisp pint and very enjoyable but very expensive- c £5 in Bristol. Not a session lager
  13. AJSP

    Ko Chang

    Myself and my family are heading to Thailand in a few weeks, with the wife and son going first with me following after. The usual routine is that I go up to Udon first and then stay a week/10 days then we head off to a beach area then finally BKK. This trip we intend flying back from Udon to BKK and I've hired a car for 2.5 weeks - went for a Honda HRV https://www.honda.co.uk/cars/new/hr-v/overview.html?gclid=CjwKCAjwx_boBRA9EiwA4kIELqgTSjRbLMQ5hrWeP-kLoNtYVeU_waR3re99yEVHG9vfwvYM1DNnlRoCUhQQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds which looked a bit different and a bit more comfortable for a mini road trip then say a pick up or a smaller saloon and as there is only 3 of us it looks ok. Anyway, I digress. The plan is to spend a 2 nights in Pattaya to catch up with a few friends, then head south to Rayong Area stay a night or so somewhere near a decent beach then off to Ko Chang where will be staying at the Chill Resort which looks superb from the online reviews. I came across this resort as I met the Owner and his Son in England 4 years ago and they were a lovely family, coming from an engineering company background but randomly also owned a resort in Ko Chang. Over the last 4 years or so we have spent a bit of time in Ao Nang/Krabi and Hua Hin, both of which we like a lot but this time fancied a change. I wondered if anyone has any tips of Ko Chang and / or experiences to share of the Chill Resort.? If I remember I will continue this thread whilst there and post photos.
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