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  1. That’s very sad. Found his vlogs entertaining. Met him once at his Wednesday Hideaway meeting and he was quite funny. he introduced himself to me then said “do you want some food at the back there, it’s free”. I said No, to which he replied “ don’t blame you mate it’s shit, I’m waiting for the lady to come round who sells the sausage rolls”. Certainly a character RIP.
  2. Jacket potato cheese n beans plus yoghurt with apple and banana
  3. Roast chicken, spuds, mashed carrot and swede with bread sauce and gravy. Stuffed now.
  4. Very sad. Have great memories of going there and also working there as a teen
  5. good documentary and what a talent. Wasted due to alcohol addiction.
  6. For football fans or anyone with an interest in the great man In this documentary
  7. AJSP

    EVA fare refund

    Although that’s a bugger, id take comfort in that knowing that 1. They’ve agreed a refund ( if they have) and 2. It’s on its way, albeit slowly. im looking at rather than a refund for our July trip to rebook for December but that said who knows if travel then will be possible or indeed advisable. f***d either way for now
  8. AJSP

    EVA fare refund

    Hope you’ll be ok. As suggested it’s probably sheer volume of applications for changes/ refunds. I’ve more confident in EVA than airlines like EasyJet
  9. I think our dishes as described are referred to ‘on the continent’ as risotto 😂😂
  10. A leftover combo from yesterday’s lamb. roast lamb in gravy with rice - looks mush but tasted Lovely. Oh, and added mint sauce with black pepper
  11. Many happy returns 🎉
  12. One of the many circulating on Whstsapp IMG_0899.MP4
  13. AJSP

    Wot u gonna do?

    Excellent link, thank you. maybe it’s time to learn a language ...🙏
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