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  1. Used a Belkin one before ( approx £20) as our walks are 18” thick so necessary. Worked ok but last Year switched to BT as our Broadband provider and they provide a Smart Hub aka a booster disc, which shoots a decent signal everywhere and allows wireless connectivity to TV’s / Computer / laptop / phones etc. V. Impressed
  2. Good haul which forest were they foraged from ?
  3. I think you’ve done ok. Nice looking good and plate I must add
  4. That’s sad. He died an old man and most likely not because of Covid. I do think the reports need to be a bit more balanced on this subject - it just fuels the hysteria on what is a problem/illness which affects / kills the elderly and ill people mostly. Most other folk who get infected survive
  5. Hoping that the egg having been laid low is now recovering. We are not spring chickens anymore
  6. Yes. Agreed. It’s Wednesday before I send it into the recycling
  7. Good spot. 🤣🤣I read The Mail , Times and unbelivably, The Guardian on occasion - strange
  8. Same old same old today but this time at home
  9. 😂 Roll on next week for you then and only £3 in the cafe as well !
  10. Been regressing 40 years and having soft boiled eggs with soldiers for lunch this week. Tasty and quick. Lovely with a bit of salt n pepper
  11. Popped it on Sunday, first time for must be 5 months so pretty surprised. just put it back on today ( Wednesday) to warm through and dry my sons PE Kit, but pretty sure it’s now a daily thing .... EDF will do ok 🤣
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