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  1. I can see a lie in tomorrow ? is your ‘friend’ ( from last night ) able to cuddle you as she looked like she was a bit of fun 😎
  2. Twas in August 2018. Granted, end of season and rainy season, but my other issue is , 1 hour wait before boarding, 3 hour crossing (should be 2) plus trek to taxi to get into Patts. All-in-all, and door ro door it was 5 and a bit hours so I could have drove in 4 , albeit a tad more stressful but suffice to say I wouldn’t do again in rainy seasons but I MAY try in another
  3. The very opposite to my experience. If only I had your trip my love 💗
  4. I agree with that statement- Insurance is a must
  5. If I’m honest , i’d Rather drive than use this service. My ( 1) experience wasn’t great so really should try again in order to be more objective but I’d rather get up and leave at 5am- to avoid traffic- from Patts and drive to HH and vice Versa
  6. D’you know what, I can actually visualise Steve, chefs pinny on, pint in hand, cooking a bbq in the pissing rain laughing his head off sorry it’s a weird one
  7. A shower of complete and utter shite. Same as Welsh game Well done the Scots
  8. Hmm, yes he’s a dark horse is Andy - the Newbury Playboy
  9. Great photos but at £1k I’m out but happy to see these exhibits
  10. Understandable - talked her to death 😇
  11. Same. Never watched GOT or BB. I’m a 6 ish hours a week telly man mind you
  12. Excellent news and a great shot in the arm for you and your family. Onwards and upwards. A good news story -love to hear positive outcomes to these situations
  13. Yes spent a few afternoons in their back in the day
  14. Sunny in Thailand was interesting- 😎
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