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  1. Got a diesel - will change it next year either to full on petrol or a Hybrid and I’m quite liking the new Toyota RAV4 which is a bit of an older mans car but then I guess I’m moving into that bracket anyway ...lol
  2. Went to The Ivy this evening to take advantage of the £10 a head discount - we all had steak but didn’t get photos but did of the desserts which were very yummy
  3. Little Chef LoL. brings back some memories, do they still exist ?
  4. Good thread this just looked on a TransferWise and you can get 40.90 which is great . £7 fee
  5. Like this one may try it the weekend as I normally get a nice fresh baked wholemeal loaf from a ‘proper’ bakers which always toasts well or makes nice sandwiches- I can’t stand, but sometimes eat, standard slices loaf rubbish
  6. I have to say that looks fantastic 👍
  7. I’ve got a mate who’s a Swansea boy, but lives in Bristol, has a healthy portfolio in both , there if you need a contact I could probably get some agents details that he recommends ?
  8. Looked at seeing Fleetwood Mac last year but didn’t - great banks a sad loss
  9. AJSP

    Feeling "Peaky"

    Like it 👍
  10. Lived in Hounslow and then Windlesham the. Had my first kebab in Whitton 😎
  11. I think they say places like Grimsby / Cleethotorpes is the place to have good F & C plus it’s cheap as chips 😎 / further north, the scots, so say provide a decent effort and again, not expensive. Down here we pay top money for average fodder
  12. Gosh that takes me back to 1989/1990 in Richmond - Joe Beaulais nightclub 😂
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