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  1. Concur with this. Too late for tonight but consider this for next time - https://www.thespicery.com/ damn good and easy peasy
  2. RIP - decent film here if you have time to watch
  3. Best ok luck. heard it was lamb tomorrow 🙏
  4. Aye. If it was boxing, the towel would’ve been thrown in. Up the Gunners / Ammers 👍
  5. Is there an ignore function?
  6. AJSP

    Steak & Co

    Just gets better. Nice phots. love a bit of lamb and that looks superb
  7. AJSP

    Steak & Co

    That looks some good Gary. Looks Lovely, cooked to perfection and although more than I’d wish to pay for a meal in Thailand, I’d certainly try this place when nextvin town. Surprised you strayed from chips 😎
  8. May not look great but tasted fab. Roast chicken
  9. A few large G & T’s @ £10 a pop but going down very easily 😎
  10. Just seen this and had no idea he’d left !! we exchanged texts only this morning so what’s the score ?
  11. Just mowed the lawn not huge just around 12m x 12m and a 20 minute workout but all done now for another fortnight
  12. Not sure but I think even 15 years ago they were £10,000 GBP- although it was 74 THB to £1 at today’s rate it’s still a cracking investment and for those on a budget a decent rental figure
  13. Safe journey mate. If your phone beeps with this notification I apologise.... 🙏🙏🤣🤣
  14. AJSP

    Muang Rayong

    Great info looking forward to this thread evolving 👍
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