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  1. Not a fan of winter in the UK, although I do enjoy a bit of Christmas, mainly a few seasonal activities/ events and get togethers plus the food. That said, it’s not sufficient in several years to come to prevent me from escaping the cold to warmer climes. in an ideal world I’d love to live overseas ( Asia/ sunny Europe) from mid October until mid March and the remaining months play it by ear and be flexible with my residence. I do like UK in the summer but would be happy to flit over those 4/5 months in Europe / Asia.
  2. First Class.............making me hungry. Much better looking than the takeaway I had on saturday night
  3. That looks really good for thailand. Good find.
  4. I think it’s a bit tough if someone has paid into the system say for 30 years to be then refused treatment is shocking up against someone whose just landed and gets the full monty and not paid in a penny.
  5. Sunday lunch. Aqua, Bristol. Nice wee bit of crackling too.
  6. AJSP

    Car Porn

    My summer car 2018. Used 4 times, covered 300 miles sold 12 months later 645CI BMW
  7. AJSP

    Car Porn

    Wow this one is £95k £https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201907260476562
  8. Great tournament. Hope they produce a highlights film. japan the stand out team for me.
  9. Any livery with Le Pub on the sleeves ?
  10. AJSP

    Car Porn

    Lovely car really like the interior and huge alloys !
  11. Looked great I see you left a bit though 😎
  12. AJSP

    Car Porn

    Nice cars and great photo 👍
  13. Considering booking thai holidays. We have 3 weeks school holidays in April and 7 weeks in July / August. Wife fancies a week in Portugal so it’s a toss up when to do it. Flights similar price ....hmm
  14. Great photos. My wife always goes there and has it cooked to takeaway.
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