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  1. You boys!! I’ve lead a sheltered Life 🤣
  2. There are indeed, I just like a bit on the side as well 😎
  3. Oof, Guinness must be rare as rocking horse shite then. At least you found an alternative...........Pie looks ok but missing some veggies maybe ?
  4. Have you tried over the road in The Brick House- food ok and pretty sure they do Guiness
  5. Well, that was worth the watch, very thought provoking for those who have wives from NE Thailand who have moved overseas to join their foreign husbands ( I all into this category) It was depresssing at times but also having some positives and with this social documentaries, it is a record of what goes on in real life, sacrifices we make and things we do in seeking out a better life. The latter part of the documentary dealt with death, heartache, betrayal and ill health with a smattering of positivity with one of the ladies Thai born Sons being accepted into a prestigious Capital City Hotel on a catering apprenticeship. For me, it was a reminder of what my wife has scarified to come to the UK and raises the question of would I have done the same for her?.
  6. Noticed there is an interesting documentary on the telly tonight (UK).Focuses on Denmark. Should be worth a watch Fishing for Love: How to Catch a Thai Bride Storyville A Storyville documentary. In a small fishing community on the west coast of Denmark, over 900 Thai women are married to local fishermen. The trend started 25 years ago when Sommai, a former sex worker from north east Thailand, married Niels. She became a matchmaker for lonely Danish locals and impoverished women from her village in Thailand. At first, these stories seem straightforward: white men from a wealthy country marrying Asian women looking for a way out of poverty, but a different, far more complex and surprising tale unfolds in the film. Over ten years, acclaimed film-maker Janus Metz and film-maker and anthropologist Sine Plambech follow four Thai-Danish couples in an intimate chronicle that explores universal questions of love and romance, while navigating wildly different cultures, and compromises that shift gradually and surprisingly from sacrifice to life choices.
  7. Plus 1 Ditto direct every time for me.
  8. I’m not the romantic one but do make an effort as it’s appreciated if I do make an effort and expected by my Mrs. I’ve bought her a few Ralph Lauren T shirts ( Xmas sale). Will buy a small bunch of flowers on Friday plus going out for a meal in the evening to a sea food restaurant.
  9. Looks excellent and great value as well
  10. The upward trend seems positive to me. Commenting from a GBP point of view
  11. Let’s hope the ref didn’t call a foul shot and had to reposition the white
  12. Good offer but I reckon you should advertise the day before to generate a bit more trade
  13. Two thoughts. hope it was a bird and hope he wasn’t a whirlwind in the sack
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