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  1. Diet not going well - me and the boy tonight. He wanted a giant Yorkshire with his i plumped for the creamed cabbage. Mash and sausages complete the meal.
  2. AJSP

    The Ashes

    Somerset, my Team............grew up in the Botham, Richard, Garner era
  3. Looks delicious and first photo is very mouthwatering
  4. Looks very nice especially for Thailand
  5. Nice photos Gaz. Happy Birthday
  6. Close but I think more like 54thb to £1 in 2008. Still a lot more than nowc
  7. All looked good ( especially the lamb and creme brûlée), and decent value for money.
  8. Yes, just along from the Avenue Soi. Can’t beat the original one
  9. First one for 8 days ! - with ice of course Clue to which bar I s there
  10. Looks good but too much of a sugar hit in one go first thing for me. Bread looks great
  11. Got to get myself one of these sometime. Been threatening to pop up and see my mate in Falkirk ( Carronshore) this autumn so will try one then 👍
  12. Great photos. Do like a car show like that and the girls do make for some good eye candy. couldn't help notice the pic of your guns 💪🏻 Out - v. Impressive
  13. Remember the Robin Hood in jomtien was oknand he was a good host ( forget name -? Dave ) and good pizzas for a while when he had some American chap cooking
  14. Drinking large bottles of Leo with ice for 70 THB - cheap Charlie heaven 👍🤣
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