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  1. Golfingboy


    What an ugly finish to this game. Garrett is a star player and #1 overall pick. Game is over in 10 seconds, and he rips off the QB’s helmet and hits him with it? Savage and stupid, there are no words to describe it
  2. Golfingboy


    I grew up in Montreal, so I was happy when Washington won the World Series as the Expos franchise moved there in 2004. Goff’s father Jerry was a catcher for them in the 90’s. Thought the name sounded familiar
  3. Have heard there is very high class booty at these spots. But still, you have to laugh when you hear a youngster bragging about the “freebie“ he scores at a place like this. Then you find out he didn’t pay for loving, but had dropped 15k on his visit the night before. But 20K for a year, to look at some of the hottest girls in town, with many bottles of spirits thrown in, is a bloody bargain compared to “bottle service” back home and looking at stuck up, overweight birds. I remember being in Scottsdale in 2008 and Smirnoff at a better nightclub was $220 USD + tips. Smirnoff, a dozen years ago. SMH, I wasted lots of cash before the crash of ‘08
  4. I’m just trying to stay positive....might have to fly to Montreal this week. Dad was too tough to not call an ambulance for 2 whole days, turned out he had 2 litres of blood and fluid in his chest cavity. He’s drugged up good to let sleep and recover but he’s still in ICU. Man I wasn’t ready for this but so goes life, eh?
  5. Damn don’t show Mr. Luton that. Come to think don’t show me, either......looks delicious
  6. I’m not even posting pics of my chicken course. Just wanted to say that Paulie’s method for the garlic in Goodfellas is no joke, slices it thin and clean off
  7. Where’s Gabor?????
  8. Thanks for the report Doug, as I have not been back in 8 years I always appreciate this kind of info. The setting and promotions kind of remind me of the Sunset bar @ Dusit Baraquda, well besides the rooftop
  9. Didn’t look like a haymaker to me, I think the fall did him in. Whatever, the wife wanting justice is dreaming, in a country where drug traffickers do more time than murderers. Unfortunately this kind of thing will keep happening a few times a year, you mix boozed up tourists and doormen who don’t really like foreigners, a little misunderstanding over payment, and boom, a man is dead. Just happy it never happened to me, when I started coming over I really overdid it and misbehaved many a night
  10. Thanks, I get excited when I see YouTube videos about Gene & Jude and the beef dip sandwich. If I lived in ChiTown I’d have already had my heart attack
  11. Curry chicken with celery and jasmine rice
  12. “Buyers should expect a full return on their investment within 2 years”. That’s optimism defined IMO
  13. John Witherspoon, who played Ice Cube’s father in the Friday franchise, gone at 77. Very funny man, saw him in Boomerang with Eddie Murphy giving him advice ”Don’t be pussy whipped.....whip dat pussy!”
  14. That sick bugger who inspired the film Wolf Creek, Ivan Milat, died in jail at 74. That movie convinced me to never do a road trip in rural Australia
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