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  1. Oh shoot, pretty much what I thought...I just didn’t want to assume as I’ve never set foot in that country. Ahhhhh, why didn’t I go in 2009-10 when I spent at least 6 months up in CM? Was on a budget, but I could have fit in 2 weeks there easy. Now, I’m a decade older and 100 pounds fatter, I can’t even get the hansum man discount anymore! Thanks Larry, it looks like for nightlife purposes, AC is the spot. I will still visit the big city when I land, but not for very long
  2. God damn that is a nice collection Larry, TFP. I meet lots of Filipinos here, and the guys are always like “Go, you’ll have lots of fun”. I’m planning on going later this year as a side trip, so probably wouldn’t be straying too far from Manila. To your knowledge, has the Manila scene gone downhill as well?
  3. Was just looking at Google Maps, damn those first 10-15 miles is what can take 2+ hours, depending on where you leave from in Manila. But they have a new Skyway that, apparently, might be open this July. That would cut the travel time down drastically
  4. Nice. I did Nogales when I stayed in Tucson, took me a few minutes to find the lady bars. Had lots of fun, but a couple of ST probably ran me what would have been 10k, and this was 2007! Not something I’d do again TBH, with all the cartel wars. I know the odds are slim of getting hurt, but why take the chance? I even heard that in TJ the cops will rob you themselves. But an all inclusive resort, I have to do that soon. Very good prices and safety is not an issue
  5. Agreed, never liked beans very much. But my grandparents on the French side, they loved them. And every spring, the sugar shacks(cabane a sucre) usually have a buffet before they serve the syrup on the snow. I know beans are still big in that buffet
  6. Another massive blade steak and a few veggies
  7. Awesome, look forward to your TR
  8. Never heard of her, but on Twitter most of the comments under her hashtag are saying the media killed her. Sad...RIP
  9. Beautiful set of pics, TFP. I‘ve got to make it down there on the way to next golf vacation to AZ or Palm Springs. Done Banff many times as I live an hour away, but Lake Tahoe sure does look sweet. I’m just scared if I have to go through that dangerous mountain pass on that reality show....is it by Truckee, I think? I guess winter tires aren’t a bad idea, even if the rest of my vacation it ends up being 20 degrees warmer a few hours south
  10. For those that watched “The Irishman”, Chuckie O’Brien passed at 86. He was Hoffa’s close aide and foster son, and the movie implies he drove him away to be killed. I wonder if the movie worsened his health. If he had nothing to do with Jimmy’s murder, it’s a hell of a thing to be accused of
  11. Jimmy Thunder, NZ heavyweight boxer who once dropped a man in less than 2 seconds, gone at 54. Heard he had big $ problems over the years, was even homeless in Vegas and had visa issues. RIP
  12. Golfingboy


    Should get him a plane ticket to Pattaya
  13. That the spirit. I think I’m going shopping for a new set of irons Friday, even though golf season is months away
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