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  1. That’s the question huh?Should be a great game, and I wouldn’t be surprised if 70+ points are scored. KC has so many weapons though, and Mahomes not only uses them, but mixes in so many trick plays....reverses, shovel passes, etc. But nothing is guaranteed, seen many mistakes made in these playoffs. A muffed punt, a pick 6, fumble, injury......can all change the momentum in a second. KC 38-21 🙏
  2. Bought some BBQ wings this morning for NFL Sunday, and almost forgot to eat them. Oh well, better late than never
  3. Golfingboy


    Chiefs-Bucs it is. Very rare to see a team play at home in the big game, as the venue is chosen years ahead, usually somewhere warm too. As much as I detest Brady, 10 SuperBowls, going for win #7......amazing. For a guy who was not originally a starter in high school, college, or the pros
  4. Golfingboy


    Yup, with 2 minutes left, they were assuring themselves of no tie, lose or win in regulation. Unfortunately they should have gone for it and had a sure shot at a tie. The dropped 2 point conversion was big too. Lot of dropped passes in both games actually....they gotta squeeze it!
  5. Golfingboy


    Cool.....like I said growing with a Dad that loved Joe Namath, I had no choice but to love the Jets, and I hated Bills, Pats, Dolphins. But 30 years later, for some reason I like this new Bills team, especially Allen & Diggs Should be an awesome game, and now Mahomes has to worry about his skull AND turf toe Oh.....Packers on the move
  6. Golfingboy


    @jcoloradoYou better not be a Brady fan
  7. Golfingboy


    What the hell am I watching here? 6 seconds left in the half, from the 39 yard line, no FG or Hail Mary. Brady just plain beats the defensive back for a TD. Shocking..... Oh well the Pack get the kickoff down by 11
  8. I agree, people forget many other stats he is still at or near the top. I know from playing the game from 5-17 it takes lots of skill to hit a baseball, steroids or not. The guys with borderline HOF credentials who used drugs, I agree they should be kept out and receive very few votes. But love them or hate them, ARod and Barry belong there 100% IMO, they were that good. And Pete Rose as well, forget about the stuff off the field
  9. Heard about this poor bugger last week.....pretty crazy a forgotten password is the only thing separating him and this fortune https://www.google.ca/amp/s/amp.9news.com.au/article/cb521559-c249-49f8-a020-5b95431d9ba6
  10. This shows almost 100x growth......and that’s not even going back to its beginnings in 2010, when they were a dime apiece!
  11. Whatever it is, it is probably personally my biggest missed investment opportunity. Just before Christmas of 2013, I was driving across Canada to spend some time with the family. I was somewhere about 15 hours west of Montreal, there’s only one town every 50 miles or so. Have the radio on, and there are no FM music stations on. So I’m stuck listening to some AM news, and there were some good documentaries playing. One was of this new radical payment thing........BItcoin. Never gave it a second thought, and I’m sure I would not even have known where to buy some. I was swimming in cash at the ti
  12. RIP to a true legend and gentleman. Truly consistent performer, 755 homers while never having more than 47 in a season, and accomplished all of this way before the steroid era. Poor guy even got death threats when he was about to break Babe Ruth’s record
  13. Same here, although at least I have casually searched recipes in the last year. Just seems like a lot of work and expense compared to buying a frozen one.....I believe a 5 pound tray here is 250 baht or so, stick it in the oven for 90 minutes and done. But I must make one someday soon, as well as a holiday turkey......somehow I feel the lasagna will come first
  14. Golfingboy


    Another thing I find amazing is the racial makeup of his mistresses. Here we are on a Thailand board, pretty much 100% of the members prefer Asian ladies, many are married to Thai girls. Yet here we had Tiger, part Black, part Thai, all the money in the world, and it seems he banged nothing but white girls. And some were not pretty.....like the Perkins waitress....SMH
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