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    I think a nasty few spoil it for the real die hard fans of the game. I started cheering for the Euros in mid 2000’s. There is no excuse for screaming during a player’s swing, or saying things like “suck a dick”. Totally uncalled for, but sadly, even with huge ticket prices, many idiots still get in and get pissed and say these things. Loved the Americans‘ comeback in 1999, but upon reflection, there is no way they should have stormed the green and into Ollie’s putting line
  2. It helps when you don’t drink 8 quarts of Leo beforehand......
  3. Holy cow, now I know why filet mignon can cost $30/pound. Best meat I’ve had in my life, wagyu or Kobe cannot be tastier than this
  4. Cousin and I about to indulge in one of Montreal’s best spots, bang for your $, IMO. Bring your wine also.....sometimes life is good
  5. Holy cow, looks like some spicy heat there Code
  6. I’m no expert, but are those touching each other?
  7. Another awesome breakfast from Mom. I don’t know what I’m going to do next week 😥
  8. Chappelle is great. The Rick James stuff back in the day(RIP to Rick and Charlie Murphy) still has me in stitches
  9. Seems like so many more of them were great in generations past. Now today, it seems like it’s nightclubs, IPhone, and Instagram first, then “oh, yeah, I guess if I have time, I’ll take my kid for ice cream and buy a T shirt and I’m a great mother”. Makes me sick. Sister is like that, and people have finally noticed across the family. People always told me not to flip out on people, but my sister is one of those I have yelled at on many occasions, but then she wouldn’t talk to me for 5 years. Owing me money, then you find out she’s spending on new XBOX and never cooks, always eating out. Now it’s starting to bug me again, but not my problem. Girl spends at least $2k a month on eating out and a new VW, but I’d be shocked if she has a penny in our equivalent of a 401K, at 50 years old. Let’s just say if I was jailed in BKK and bail was needed ASAP, she wouldn’t be the one I contacted.
  10. Oops....I guess I have to upgrade my plan. Visited Dad a few days, and looks like the old man is hooked because I tried to sit down at Mum’s and was given the message “too many people watching”. Happy him and the new wife found something that entertains them, as they are both very ill
  11. Nick Cordero, Canadian Broadway actor, has succumbed to Covid at 41. Poor guy fought hard, had a leg amputated, and still hung on 3 months or so. Life ain’t fair
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