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  1. Just thinking about why I was not smarter with my cash in my youth, and already retired to some tropical island. Instead, I’m staring at this 9 days before Halloween Life just ain’t fair.......
  2. Getting going on some fish tonight, haven’t decided if the carbs will be rice or pasta yet
  3. Golfingboy


    Found an article about my post above, turns out a very young Adam Scott was there in Vegas as well
  4. Golfingboy


    Just watching a show on Golf Channel, talking about Tiger revamping his swing in 1998-2000. I never saw this part before though.....The week before the 2000 US Open, he went to Vegas to see Butch Harmon at home. Butch went out with him to play, Tiger shot 64.....in 35mph winds! So this being Las Vegas, Butch, surely knowing Tiger couldn’t be touched in his present form, placed some bets on him, along with a few “trusted friends” Butch stated “ well, let’s just say it was a profitable week” No rules against this, it’s not the stock market, and he still had to beat 155 other profes
  5. That is a fine looking piece of meat there......f—k me the vegans don’t know what they’re missing
  6. Nice little square frozen pizza for Monday Night Football
  7. Wayyyyyy before my first visit.....or my birth for that matter. TFP
  8. Watching Brady and the Bucs dismantle Green Bay.......bloody sickening
  9. Taken by me at one of my local supermarkets......I guess it’s not cheaper to buy in bulk these days
  10. I learned the Sikhs/Pakistanis go where the $ is......good friend of mine from Calgary bought a franchise in Laval with his brothers. About 5 years ago, he invited me for a steak, between lunch/dinner rush. It was like 80 km, my folks live on South Shore.....anyway met his bros, and while they don’t speak a lick of French, that’s what he said...follow the money. I love those people, from taxi met many of them. But I honestly have an issue with their dominance of the trucking industry. There is no way they are following all the regulations, and with one race controlling 2/3 of all dri
  11. Yeah, probably why we have so few Thais in Canada....I’ve read less than 10,000. I always joke that there are more Viets in one suburb of Montreal or Calgary than Thais in all of Canada. But the Thais that do come here, I swear more than half I’ve met have their own restaurant
  12. Very nice, I’ve been unlucky enough to see the real variety 7 months a year my whole life
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