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  1. And 2 hours later that’s what’s left......all respect to the brothers in AA. What is the definition of an alcoholic? Who knows? But this 320 pound, 1/4 Lithuanian,1/4 Ukrainian, 50% Quebecer can go teetotal a while.......then not stop TIL he’s made a fool of himself Much respect to Galenkia......sure he can take triple what I can but he’s been sober how long? Luv u Gal
  2. Chicken breast with a little Thai curry paste, nice low carb meal before bed
  3. Appleton....first drink in months. Maybe I finally grew up in my 40’s
  4. I do both, Papa John’s and Pizza Hut always have good deals. I find I can pay double or more at a good Italian or Greek place for the same size, but the amount of toppings and quality justify it. A mate years back told me “ before you judge how expensive a pie is, put your hand underneath and see what it weighs compared to a cheap one” . Some joints are plain overpriced, I used to run a delivery service and remember in 2003 delivering a single specialty 12” and it was $31 CAD. Back then your £ was 2.5, so maybe £12-13 doesn’t seem so bad, but that’s 16 years ago! But if you don’t eat pizza often, life is too short, spoil yourself. With Google you have so much info, menus, customer reviews....less excuses to choose a bad spot vs a decade ago
  5. That’s some decent pie. Family business or franchise joint???
  6. It’s everything I expected....internal temp was 140F, perfect. Next time I might let it sit longer before cooking, I read you retain more weight that way
  7. Anxious for this baby to be ready, my first prime rib roast cook. Tough enough to find at most supermarkets here, let alone at 160 baht a pound. Early in the week I balked at getting one, they were all 8+ pounds and I live alone. After a special coupon this 5.5 lb piece cost 350 baht, I can’t get an 8 ounce cut at a pub for that cheap anymore.
  8. Golfingboy


    OK it’s kind of like I thought, referee has discretion. I have seen matches where there are 2-3 close calls, and then the player comes a little closer and a miss is not called. Really cruel snooker can be Anyway.....sorry to TF, back to the real football
  9. Golfingboy


    The kissing disease, mononucleosis
  10. Damn I hate posting this. Hannah Witheridge, who was viciously murdered along with her friend on Koh Tao, her sister Laura passed after a quick illness. Almost 5 years to the day after her sister That poor family, I can’t even imagine.....RIP
  11. Ok I need all you experienced handymen to share your knowledge on appliances. Condo I bought new 3 years ago contained your basic stainless steel ~ 20 cubic foot Frigidaire with freezer up top. No issues until last week. Besides the regular periodic hum we are used to hearing, every couple of hours I’d hear a series of 10-20 clicks. Soon I ran over in time to hear it was coming from the top(freezer). After using Google, it could be several things. Most probable is a faulty compressor relay or dirty condenser coils. Well long story short, I pulled it out of its slot in my cabinets. Never unplugged it, but cleaned out the freezer portion. I had a 4 kg box of chicken that I separated. Now a few hours later, have never heard the clicking noise again, and freezer and fridge are still cooling properly. While I’m happy all is in working order now, I didn’t do any real work. Could the electric cord have been crammed too tight to the wall behind? Was the whole box of chicken making the freezer work too hard? Should I be worried my compressor might go soon? Any thoughts are much appreciated gentlemen
  12. Golfingboy


    And buy a condo in BKK or Pattaya????
  13. Golfingboy


    Jesse Palmer was on SportsCentre and said bluntly Big Ben, as we knew him, is done career wise. He can get the surgery and heal up, but his arm will never be as potent. Turning 38 in March, I wish him the best but no shame in hanging it up with the career he’s had. I was shocked by Luck’s retirement. But more players are very spooked by the whole CTE thing, and who can blame them? Over 100 brains have been dissected from ex NFLers, and 99% had signs of the disease. Pretty conclusive to me. Calvin Johnson was another guy who could have put up crazy stats for years to come, but stepped away at age 30. It can’t be easy turning down an extra $50, 60, maybe $100 million+ just to help make sure you have all your marbles into your 60’s and on. Either way, there are no guarantees
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