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  1. I was just inquiring on this online the other day. Liked his vlogs very much, damn the bloody cancer got him quick, as it often does. RIP Kev
  2. First flight Montreal- Fort Lauderdale Last flight Montreal - Calgary Shortest flight Toronto - Montreal Longest flight Chicago - Tokyo 12.5 hours on Japan Airlines Favourite airport Tokyo Narita Least favourite Toronto.....bloody zoo and it is always seems I’m in a rush there, hence I avoid it now
  3. Thanks to all the BM who recommended this, had never heard of it as it came out when I was a year old. Really good flick
  4. Golfingboy


    Hope they’re right and we can salvage something. Never knew until a few years back Augusta is a winter club, and shuts down in May because of the heat
  5. Tom Dempsey, NFL kicker who had no toes on his right foot but still held the record for many years with a 63 yard field goal. Gone at 73, from Covid-19
  6. Christ, watching Ali Velshi this A.M on MSNBC. Just had a chart of # of cases by State, tenth spot was Pennsylvania I think with about 7,000. Scary shit, it’s not just a NY pandemic
  7. My issue, as a loyal Apple guy, are my pics being rotated unnecessarily , usually when I re-size on my IPad. Doesn’t happen so much from IPhone
  8. Too much lawyer stuff, and not enough violence IMO
  9. I’m finishing Season 1 of Better Call Saul. I like it, but I find I’m not binge watching like I have some other shows. I’m assuming it gets better S2 and on
  10. F—k me, an insider trader’s dream setup!
  11. Same thing happened to me a decade ago up in Chiang Mai. Was having an early beer with some other residents at the condo’s cafe, when a small Thai dude stopped a woman on her motorbike, shouting at top of his lungs in middle of the soi.. I saw him raise his hand, but I turned my head a few seconds, and then he walked away, and she was crying her eyes out. I told my mate “at least he didn’t actually hit her”, to which he replied” you must not have watched the whole thing, he just cracked her twice as hard as he could”. Back home there was no doubt some of us would have jumped in, but this is Thailand. It hurts to just watch a woman get smacked in public, but the far and has to mind his own business here. About Jambo’s issue with the neighbours yelling, that would be my biggest fear about signing a year lease on a house, anywhere in the country. Say you have a dozen homes or more in your soi, it only takes one full of drunks and partiers to, in essence, ruin your life. And you can’t “rat them out” without risking problems down the line. That sucks
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