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  1. About to watch the PDC darts on BBC2.
  2. Back when I was a panel beater we had Patrick Mowers in for a respray.He looked more scruffy than the car. 😄
  3. Same with Ducati, has to be red.
  4. Alex joins brother Marc in the top class next year.
  5. Rangers up to 5th after a 3-2 win at Hull.
  6. Not heard Baby Metal's music, but they do have a big presence on the UK metal scene.
  7. Secrets Hotel room service was great, would sometimes order it before I went back out in the evening. Pizza and chilli hot dogs were really good.
  8. Male, they are similar to the old hair metal bands from the 80's.Was funny when they brought out a throne for the singer to sit on at the end. 😁
  9. Just got back mate. Was a great night with 3 quality bands.
  10. About to meet my mate then head off to Camden.
  11. Anyone else felt the need to take a break from visiting Thailand?. Been 4 1/2 years since my last trip. Just got a bit jaded with the place, and the poor choice of bar fines did not help. Lately though I have been getting the urge back, fancy a trip next year, might try to book it around the MotoGP/WSBK. Have spent between 18 months to 2 years of my life there over the years so it's a place I still care for, even though it's changed a lot.
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