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  1. galenkia

    Sandra Wong....

    Come to daddy.
  2. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    We have a good core group of regular ex posters from Secrets and/or Live among us,so i think the forum will still be busy,even if some choose to go back to other forums. Would rather go for quality over quantity myself,rather than have shit stirrers causing their usual trouble. Shame guys like Striderman and Big John ain't come over from Secrets,they post lots of good pics and info for those who want to know the latest happenings in town.
  3. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    Yes mate,so it can be independent and honest,rather than push its own agenda.For me personally,this is the best Thai related forum i have been a member of. And i hope guys from the other forums stay here and contribute to a great forum we have here.
  4. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    For me a forum is only as good as the people using it,nothing more.Secrets went down hill last year IMO and i called it a day.The bar and hotel have new owners and from what others have said its not like it used to be.I know it means more to you,but for me it don't. Same regarding Live,i like Alex and enjoyed my time in his company,but had enough of the forum.
  5. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    Secrets is Secrets This is Thailand-247. As you say mate,leave that shit over there.I am done with the forum there,don't see why people can't get over the fact it is finished as it used to be. All the sentimentality in the world ain't gonna revive it.
  6. galenkia

    What are you doing right now..?

    Wondering how i managed to not throw my laptop through the window. Tried to log into my internet banking,then it decided to ask me for my customer number for the first time in years.Fooked if i can remember it as i had clicked 'remember my number'.Just needed to enter a passcode number.So had to spend over half an hour going through the process trying to prove i am me.Took a breather to calm down for a couple of minutes only to get a message 'Session timed out'. Eventually got in having to use 'memorable data' that means nothing to me as it would not accept the memorable stuff i wanted to use.So had to write it all down as i won't remember it.🙄 That's proper secure. Next time anyone tells me that modern technology is making our lives easier and less stressful is gonna get a fooking right hander!!.
  7. galenkia

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    I did have some mushy frogs legs in the fridge but am saving them for tomorrow.😀
  8. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    How long was it before he called him parasitic filth?.😀
  9. galenkia

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Lunch today.😀 Mini Hawaiian pizza with chips topped with shallots,salt,pepper and Peri Peri hot sauce.
  10. galenkia

    personal messages

    He's a nice fella in real life as well.
  11. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    I'll get Ben to write you a cheque.😀
  12. galenkia

    Should have gone to ...

    Looks like he should have gone to Specsavers.😀
  13. galenkia

    Should have gone to ...

    Only a billionaire can afford to go to Jupiter.
  14. galenkia

    Secrets forum

    Same people who are handling Brexit.
  15. galenkia


    I like a biter.