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  1. You forgot 'Ride like you stole it'. 👍
  2. While googling something I have just discovered that there is a disease called Kawasaki disease. 😀 It's not an addiction to Japanese motorcycles sadly but a cardiac condition of the hearts arteries.
  3. Been a fan of this Icelandic band for 20 years. Some of their music is just amazing.
  4. Sir fry rainbow vegetables, egg noodles, salami and Thai green curry sauce.
  5. If you are a 'risk' then you should be responsible for your own health, not risk the majority of the country's population suffering instead by locking down. Job losses, illnesses not being treated or diagnosed, mental suffering of those worried about losing their business etc.. Shield the vulnerable and let a sense of normal life return before we are on our knees as a country.
  6. Bringing back the Busa next year.
  7. And the rich get richer.............. Final nail in football's coffin.
  8. Time to stop obsessing about Covid.
  9. Bike of the thread so far.
  10. New music from AC/DC for @Pumpuynarak Brian's definitely singing 'I shot the dog'. 😀
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