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  1. All the best mate,hope it goes well. Bet it will be a bit parky there in the winter.😀
  2. galenkia


    Ronnie has always been erratic.Not the most mentally stable snooker player,has admitted having depression before.And in snooker you need to be pretty focused.Has conceded games with a few frames to go,has needed the black for a 147 but decided to sit back down in his chair.Never really know which Ronnie you are going to get on the day. Shame,as he is a stunning player to watch when he's on his game.
  3. Pat Boone's version of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman'.😀
  4. Watching snooker. Ronnie 8-6 down to young amatuer debutant James Cahill,nephew of Stephen Hendry.
  5. galenkia


    Or a dressing of some type. Quite partial to the thousand island one.
  6. Totally agree. But i noticed a vast difference on my last few trips with girl's attitudes. The bar girl scene has changed a lot,and not for the better in my personal opinion.Smartphones and internet sites have a lot of blame for this.
  7. And how many of those young eco warriors will get picked up by mater or pater in their Jag or Merc?.
  8. Considering they have been camped out a week they must have generated a fair amount of rubbish.And i doubt they have been down the local recycling centre.And in this heat they must stink to high heaven.
  9. galenkia


    Listening something to see out Easter. Brilliant song.
  10. Middle class fuckwits with too much time on their hands. Probably the same lot who protest against the capitalism that gave them their nice 6 bed house and private school education.
  11. So what do you make of these mostly middle class left wing scumbags that have occupied London for the last week?. Today a load of them had a lie in protest at the Natural History museum. While i understand their message about us destroying the planet,i don't get how they think they will get support by disrupting buisness's,causing havoc for those trying to get to work etc.. Seems the ringleaders are mostly young ex public school types.And some 16 year old Swedish schoolgirl!!. And of course the luvvies showed up.Emma Thompson flew 6000 miles,no doubt first class,to tell us how we are making too much pollution,the fucking hypocrite.
  12. Was 200b barfine and 500bt LT from beer bars when i started going.And there were many a girl who was a stunner in them. Now prices have pretty much trebled,but my wages sure ain't.In fact i was earning slightly more then than i do now.
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