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  1. Should have hosted it last year,would not have no games rained off,perfect cricket summer.Hopefully Ashes gets full play. Be a big blow if this gets rained off.
  2. That is just mental. I used to get through £1k+ a week when it was 60+,so hate to think what a trip would cost me now.
  3. Been told i'm a 'very lucky man' by a few Sikh's in Pattaya in the past. Might have to get one of those cards.
  4. I grew up in Hounslow opposite the Heath.Barrack Road,had the army barracks at the bottom of the road. Was born in Hammersmith hospital and my parents moved there about a year later.
  5. A trip back in time to my old skinhead days.
  6. Denying people Carlsberg is doing them a favour.
  7. Might be some girls looking for a bit of extra cash her cheap arse husband won't give her so might be up for it in the bushes.😀
  8. Off to watch tonight's episode of The Looming Tower on BBC iplayer. Top series.👍
  9. Not seen that yet,but its meant to be really good. Hard work keeping up with TV/Netflix with so much good stuff on.
  10. Windies settling down after a shaky start.Two big wickets in Gayle and Hope. Root just taken a wicket and now 144-4. Top bowling by Wood,1 for 6 off 4 overs.
  11. Spicy Szechaun style stir fry with king prawns and Udon noodles.
  12. Hopefully sorted my bike's hot starting problem.Swapped the fuse box,ran it until the fan cut in,then it started on the button.Try it out this weekend.Water pisses in under the seat right where the fuse box is,and if you open it up its corroded the circuit board. Fingers crossed.
  13. Chelsea and Juventus have agreed a deal for Maurizio Sarri to join then.
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