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  1. All tough guys in a mob but 99% wouldn't do shit without the back up.
  2. Halfway through this. Read all his books so knew it would be excellent.
  3. Back in the days before I bought my Kindle I would be down the charity shop once a month with a bag full of books Still buy the occasional used paperback off Amazon if there is no Kindle Version.
  4. Went out for 45 minute blast on the bike,then about the same sitting in the park by my house. Stopped in the petrol station for a Magnum ice-cream, first one of the year. 😀
  5. A lot of Thai food does not look visually appealing, but that looks really good.
  6. Book 21 in the Ben Hope series.
  7. Longest wait I have had so far was today with 5 people in front of me and about a 5 minute wait at M&S. Waitrose next door has long queues. Do miss Waitrose sushi counter though.
  8. Colombian neighbours dropping off 'wraps' eh?. 🤔
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