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  1. BBC4 10pm. Will try and stay awake for that
  2. galenkia


    Another great finish yesterday and England win 2-1.😊 Sri Lanka next up.
  3. I feel dead from the waist down these days 😀 Think I have forgotten what sex is like lol.
  4. Thats a wolf in wolves clothing 😀 ZX-6R 636cc and about 125hp.
  5. CPS as well, as her boyfriend wanted the charges dropped but they refused. Some prick prosecutor after his 15 minutes.
  6. Lasted only 9 months at Cardiff finishing bottom of the PL before getting sacked.
  7. A man with a stutter was spared jail today after a judge ruled it was unlikely he would finish his sentence.
  8. Limited to 500 units at £85,000 a pop. Near as a World Superbike as you can get out the showroom.
  9. Watch new sales go through the roof the last few years before the ban.
  10. Safe journey mate and hope you had a blinding trip
  11. Snowflake society. Never heard of so many people needing counselling like you do these days. Bunch of fucking wimps.
  12. This is just brilliant 😀
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