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  1. galenkia

    The Ashes

    Only need to remember Phil Hughes to be reminded of the possible consequences of being hit on the neck area.
  2. Latest song from Angels & Airwaves.Love this band.
  3. Ali:A Life by Johnathon Eig.
  4. galenkia


    3 miles from work for me,but long enough for me to get fucking soaked when its pissing down.
  5. galenkia

    The Ashes

    Shame the weather has ruined what looks like it would of been an interesting match. Not seen any highlights yet of today's play so can't comment on Smith. Tomorrow's forecast looks iffy in the afternoon,but sunday looks okay.Never know,might be able to get a result if the bowlers continue their good form for both sides.
  6. Note sure why a Dane is so concerned about a country you were not born in.
  7. They have released a few EP's and have a debut album coming out later this year.They are releasing songs from it every 2 weeks on Youtube leading up to its release.This is my favourite so far.Saw them live in Camden in London last year.Great live band.
  8. galenkia

    The Ashes

    Moeen Ali disguised as Aleem Dar.😀
  9. Chicago Town pepperoni subs with added mustard. Only £1 in Sainsburys.👍
  10. Brand new from the brilliant Sleep Token. Reckon @Lirchenfeld will like this one.
  11. galenkia

    The Ashes

    Any one up for a rain dance?.
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