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  1. Best to let sleeping dogs lie roo. Gilmour v Waters is an old arguement now and I don't really know if the truth will ever emerge. I just continue to enjoy the music. IMHO. Both are hard headed but equally talented.
  2. On a serious note I've never eaten so much fruit in my life. Mainly bananas and oranges. I drink 2 litres of water most days and I try to get some salad down me. On the downside, my main meal, is usually comfort food so not too healthy and I'm having a few beers every night. This plus a rizla and golden Virginia apperatiffe. Need to start using the exercise bike I bought a month ago. Looking at it seems hard work right now!
  3. For millions of ordinary Brits this Cummings shit must have been so mind numbingly boring. Surely the BBC has got to up their game regarding the covid situation. The last 2 days, the BBC should be embarrassed. I'm thinking of subscribing to the Beano and Dandy again 🙄
  4. Quite frankly I think the media coverage re Cummings over the last 48 hours has been nothing short of a feckin joke. OK, we all know he's dropped a massive bollock... Who bloody cares as hundreds of thousands of other brits have done exactly the same. Jesus, Robert Peston, Laura khunsberg et Al are acting like the Gestapo. It's fuckin boring and deflecting from the bigger issue. 48 hours of Cummings....... I wish 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
  5. Well, I guess I'm lucky as my Thai mother in law is on a different planet. I could only compare her to my own mum. Never once asked 1 satang from me. And I've never been so humbled in my life looking at the hard work she did (aswell as other older relatives), preparing for me and the TW wedding last year in May. Bloody unbelievable. I can't see that changing in the future... She's cashed up herself and to me she would be embarrassed to ask me and the TW for money. Of course the TW does her family duty and sends mum some baht every month. Nowt wrong with that in my book.
  6. All of the above for me. Totally lacking motivation to do anything other than keep the house and myself clean.
  7. Thanks for your post Mr. Smooth and I appreciate your comments. There is no disrespect either so don't worry about that. I could do what you suggest, to a point but right now the most upsetting thing to me is that 3 weeks on from my mums passing I've only had a couple of visitors. I fully understand why BTW. Everybody is scared shitless and even I have broken the rules by visiting my daughter and my grandchildren. Just a change in scenery benefitted me. I'm not about to travel within the UK alone because its not permissible. I'll just have to stick it out here at home. Tbh, I've lost my father, younger brother and now my mum in the space of 8 short years and this last couple of months have been the most upsetting in my life. More so because of this C19 lock down. Hopefully I will come out of all this a stronger person...... But I'll have to contend with all the sentimental stuff in between. Right now the only people I really want to be with is my TW in Sweden. Thanks for your really nice post.
  8. I hope our government realise that there are probably thousands like me who don't really care about a holiday abroad. We have families away from the UK and I for one would rather be with them even if it meant me stuck in quarentine for a month or so. It would be a lot better than being holed up alone in the UK. As some of you know, I lost my old mum 3 weeks ago. I'm going feckin bonkers sat in the house all day by myself. Once the legal suff is sorted I'm on the first flight to Denmark or Sweden when flights become Available.
  9. Come on fyg..... I'm a pom and my wife is there working and I'm more scared for her than she is for herself. I haven't seen her since February and as soon as I'm able to get to Sweden I'm having her finishing work and taking a break from what I see as "it's just a matter of time until she or grown up kids catch this c19 thing" I really don't know how to understand the swedes approach but life seems to go on there regardless. Right or wrong, as a pom I'm not looking who's at the top of the death toll right now.... As long as my wife's family and her and my friends there are OK I don't really care.
  10. Aqualung


    Hi Nohero Whilst stillearly and TS have mentioned lawyers (nothing wrong with that BTW), you ask if you should just leave or talk with her. To my way of thinking do the decent thing and sit down and tell her your feelings. Don't just bugger off. She married you for a reason. She at least deserves an explanation from you as to how you feel.
  11. Lovely photo there Britboy that's a rather special memory and your parents look great. Regarding the legal side of things.... I've bitten the bullet and I've allowed my family lawyer to sort things out from my side regarding probate and the arrangement regarding the will my mother left. It may mean me paying around £1000 for that but at least I know it will be done right. Well, I hope so anyway. What pisses me off is family.... At the outset I told them I would deal this situation in my own way which meant slowly and considering the covid situation, and that everything has had to be done over the phone, they should bare with me and not interfere. Well, the inevitable happened and a lot of confusion ensued. You can pick your friends but not your family.... Bloody hard work they are. Family that is... Not friends.
  12. That fck should be hung drawn and quartered. His behaviour belongs in chav land. And his assets should be used for paying for that poor woman's funeral. What a shitty world.
  13. Thailand for some reason seems to have gotten off lightly regarding the covid situation. If I thought for one moment the figures re deaths and infections were true I would be there as soon as affordable flights were available. Unfortunately.. I have my doubts and will sit this situation out and see what pans out.
  14. I commend you on your last post britboy. That must have taken some strength emotionally to write what you did and sadly I didn't have the same as you when my 79 year old mum passed on April 30th. Your story is very similar to mine and even 10 days after my mother's death I'm still gutted. Trying to arrange what will be a very strange funeral, trying to sort her estate and all the assorted things that go with a mums death has affected my health a lot. Not least by not being able to have my wife and daughter here with me. Bloody strange times these are. On a side note gents.... If you have to go through what britboy and I did please make sure you get the best care for your parents as you can. I can assure you, having to undress, dress and keep an elderly dieing parent clean and comfy is no walk in the park. Get the best help you can and stay away from fly by night care agencies as there are many of them. Professionalism at end of life is a must and in that case I was lucky. Thanks again for your post britboy you've got bigger balls than me. Brilliant post. Onwards and upwards mate.
  15. I'd like to know what package some of you chaps are paying for re Netflix. I signed up a couple of weeks ago through Virgin Media at £6 per month and tbh I think it's a poor show. My Thai son in law over in Sweden pays bugger all but seems to have far more choice of movies than I do! Is it worth paying more? Maybe there are more up to date movies but when I use the search function I can't even get movies that are years old never mind the ones from not that long ago. I'm going to bin the thing I think unless someone can convince me otherwise.
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