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  1. Enjoyed watching the video . Excellent stuff .
  2. Might just apply to me but ......travel agents .
  3. Having my first beers for 4 days after suffering from a bad head cold . Only had 4 bottles of Leffe so far and I'm seeing double already . Must be something wrong with the tv !
  4. Just signed up to Amazon for the first time in my life . Bought a good few rock themed t-shirts including one for my swedish mate who's clueless about such things !
  5. I was caught out aswell ....and it really did look like a first person type of shooter game . Bloody awful when I realised what it was was.
  6. Couple of aussies .....Thailand unplugged and Our life Thai. Stephen from Thailand Unplugged seems to be back in Oz leaving his cute wife Meaw back in BKK. He just produces boring live stream vids of late . Brad from Our life Thai seems a nice enough chap . Married to a bkk girl ,they actually work together at the same company . They've done a few good videos.
  7. I'm listening to ........absolutley fck all ! As I can't hear a thing right now. both my ears are blocked up with olive oil ear drops and a load of wax ! Next available appointment with the NHS is 9th April for syringing wtf ! Having to go private at £60 for both ears . Cant taste anything either .
  8. I like Geoff but he's gone off the boil this last year or so . His mate DD something or other was a bit of a goofball ! Recently been watching a few of Edward Sweeny's vids . Quite good if you can stomach the Scouse accent .
  9. Is number 10 on the same side as the goalkeeper ? Either way , he should think about taking up ping pong or something ! I will say the ball hits the post before rebounding to safety .
  10. I don't follow any particular thai vlogger but was saddened to learn that Kev in Thailand has been diagnosed with cancer . Hope he had a speedy recovery . Any BMs follow a particular vlogger ?
  11. I'm hoping my ticket will be honoured aswell . Booked to fly on May 2nd from Copenhagen. Ticket booked in 2018 .
  12. Any updates Dave ? Has your missus been given an online tracking number to allow her to follow the progress of her application ?
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