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  1. G... you can't have it both ways mate. Whilst I agree it's entertaining to watch every delivery being twatted out of the ground providing your the batting side... Its to my mind not cricket in the greatest sense of the game. You alluded to that in a previous post regarding test cricket. To my mind Williamson was the best captain during the whole tournament by a country Mile and only a couple of unprecedented incidents denied a hard working, and yes boring New Zealand side winning today. We got lucky on a difficult batting track but let's give a lot of credit to the Kiwis as they are a far better one day side than most. Bring on the Aussies, a poor New Zealand!!!!!! Sorry Grayray. X
  2. Big pressure for young Archer. Time for a brew!
  3. Unbelievable... Super over coming up. Can't stand this tbh
  4. It's not something I would do myself mate , but I think you did well there considering what some folks are asking for tickets . lets just hope for an uninterrupted game weather wise and a great days cricket . Oh ! ,and an England win of course. Hope you enjoy your day there .im sure you will.
  5. Well I hope you haven't paid the prices that sky sports were reporting on . IIRC the average was over £2000 with one greedy git asking for £16,000
  6. Regarding Kev in Thailand . His latest video uploaded 11 th July . Hope he gets a buyer for his house in Spain .
  7. What was so special about secrets anyway? Its dying a death like so many good English pubs did years ago. My local, built and patronised since 1674 is dying a death also but whilst sad I'm not going to get to upset about it.
  8. Aqualung


    This posh sport takes up the whole of BBC 1 and 2 during the 2 weeks its on. Load of crap IMHO. Would be interested to know how Wimbledon is used for the other 50 weeks of the year. I'll bet Galenkia v Nampla on centre court wouldn't be given the time of day even if they offered a grand for 1 hour. How much does a punnet of strawberries cost there? Posers the lot of em!
  9. 40 minutes with a very pleasant and chatty milf ! Wants me to spend 35 hours per week looking for work . Got to go back next Wednesday for my first signing on . Oh ! And have a full weeks diary of what ive done to try and find a job. I can forsee myself fooking of to Sweden again soon for a rest !
  10. Good stuff ,looking forward to more. Are you travelling alone as I could not see myself adventuring there by myself . hope you enjoy your time there .
  11. The USA are odds on favourites to beat Holland but don't count your chickens before they have hatched . Having said that ,I hope the American girls win so I can say that England were beaten by the best team in the competition . Im not sure I'll be watching the final Mike. It depends on wether your prepared to send us a video on here of your lovely wife doing her excercises in front of your TV. Only kidding mate . Good luck in the final .
  12. Big day tomorrow morning lol . Interview with a female job coach at 11am. Should be interesting to see what she says to me.
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