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  1. Brilliant coxy. Living proof.
  2. My next post in this thread will include the words "thrown, pram and jelliebabies" Like Lemondrop I've been very naive, not read the rules and if the guy I'm head to head with this week beats me I have only myself to blame. Fkin Vardy.... Bugger off back to Fleetwood!
  3. I hope I can reinstate my wolves players from the bench tomorrow. (don't know the rules tbh). Made Mount my vice captain for tonight's game then Frank the wank left him on the bench. Hit my triple captain button on game week 3 by mistake 🙄
  4. Bloody hell Esco... Your too nice. Its the premier league you know, not the Dutch pub pie and pea league!
  5. Cheers Mike. No bull but I did enjoy that tune. Please don't get me wrong... I'm not a Styx hater. Just that, that Babe song was played to death here in the UK. Kind of overkill. Im trying to think of some other bands that that fell by the wayside with me. White Lion, Lonestar and America. One band I did have a soft spot for was Triumph. Canadian if I can recall. Other softer bands I still enjoyed listening to include Boston, Journey, Blue Oyster Cult, REO Speedwagon and occasionally Foriegner. Anyways...please continue to enjoy what pleases you and your lovely lady. That's the most important thing. Kop khun khrap.
  6. Fyg....my wife's orgasm cums😋somewhere between healthy normal and rustling leaves. Am I doing something wrong?
  7. Less than 20 km I'll bet. Travelling with thais in a car or minivan is a nightmare IMHO.
  8. Exactly... I got rid of Kane because of his injury and replaced him with Vardy. Bloody typical.
  9. Great pics and narrative yet again Mike.kudos to you for that. Now,as a guy brought up on all sorts of different music and settling for heavy metal... Here we have Styx.... The only thing I enjoyed was a 12 inch single they brought out here in the UK... Renegade and a track called "Lights or Lights out". Not sure which but it was heavy and I loved it. Then they do this "Babe" thing.... Technicolour yawn stuff... Ended my interest. But you can't keep a good band down mate. They are good at what they are good at. Tfp Mike
  10. Having more beers than I should. The teerak has decided sleeping on her back is best but for me sleeping with a Honda or Kawasaki motorcy is doing my head in! Jesus she can snore... Last time I pinched her nose I got a forearm smash across my face. Hence a beer or two more than I need to dull the pain.
  11. Maybe making a last will in testament will go a long way into satisfying his wishes.
  12. Great thread TS but I'm loathed to get involved right now. 9 months since finishing work and the main purpose of that was to spend more time with the TW based in Sweden. I've considered hi jacking Codes thread re the drug addiction of an acquaintance of his and have been encouraged to do so by the occasional bm... But I think it's asking to much of me or the bms to get involved. Even though I have no choice. Let's just say taking care of a mother who has bowel cancer along with a long term drug addict who don't give a shit for anyone unless it's herself doesn't bode well for a year off work by myself. And being made guilty for being away from my wife for a couple of weeks is taking its toll. Let's just say my part time retirement, a sojourn, hasn't turned out as I expected.
  13. Just wish they were Burnley supporters tbh. Sean Dyche to any other club?
  14. Being a big fan of rock music back then I kind of gave this kind of music a wide berth. Especially Oasis. But the Verve to me were a different class and that album was well worth a listen IMHO. Opened my mind just a bit more than I'd like to admit. Got onto the Smiths aswell... Bloody ell I'm a late learner.
  15. That was good until the chap up to his neck in gravy caught laringitis lol. Kind of reminded me of Testaments "return to serenity".
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