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  1. Sorry to have a bit of fun TS... But we fought most of our battles against enemies that had more than a dozen spears as weapons 🤔🤔
  2. Well, I don't know what to say. You can't miss a penalty (not sure if it was tbh), score an own goal and expect to win at Watford. Ben Foster was your mom by a mile and Pedro and Sarr are quality players. I'm still wondering how we didn't get anything from that game and thought we were the better side for large parts. Anyways coxy, good luck for the rest of the season. I hope both Rovers and the Hornets are up there at seasons end.
  3. I'll be happy with a draw mate. We were unlucky to concede against Forest which would have given us 4 clean sheets in a row but when teams defend in numbers against us we struggle. No plan B so to speak. Good luck... But not too much!
  4. I have my match pass for Rovers trip to Watford. I wonder if coxy will be watching aswell?
  5. Rashford? Good win for Manchester United but I've just seen 2 of the gayest penalties ever taken. One missed only to be re-taken and then scored.
  6. How would bms define "big" when talking about football clubs?
  7. Let them get on with it Gal. f**k them off with the proviso of no return... Ever. Jesus, it's not that long ago Chelsea struggled to get 9000 through the door. And Spurs... Lol. Big club 🤔
  8. Yorkshire beers I enjoy. First and foremost Theakstones "Old Peculiar". Lovely pint. Secondly, John Smiths Tadcaster bitter. I mostly drank this mixed 50/50 with a decent mild beer. A pint of mixed. If I drank it by itself, which I did on purpose on snooker night, it produced the smelliest farts I've ever produced. Honestly, they were wrank and I was always avoided at work the following morning!
  9. "Part of the machine" by Jethro Tull. Amazing musicianship.
  10. Just out of interest Pump, who do you prefer as lead singer, Bon or Brian? Im just thinking that after the release of "Back in Black" ACDC never looked back and quickly became one of the best and biggest live rock bands in the world.
  11. Because your a Dutchman and in the real world of soccerball, that don't count. In reality Esco... You will be OK. Where's Ivan disappeared to?
  12. Best wishes for your father mate. Can't be easy for you both.
  13. As Barsie ( Where's he these days?) would say.... Bizzare set of results. The lack of supporters must have something to do with it surely.
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