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  1. Bloody hell coxy! Were they expecting a bit of bother in your club? London Pride served in plastic /paper glasses!
  2. It's only mid November here in the UK and the temperature is starting to dip towards zero degrees most nights. Absolutely fckin hate it as I get older as the cold seems to get into my bones and no matter how much I turn up the heating system I still feel cold on the inside. No doubt if snow arrives the country will come to a standstill schools closed etc etc. But hey! We have Christmas to look forward to, do we not? If there anytime of year I want out of the UK it is Christmas. Bah humbug!
  3. Watching England v New Zealand at baseball!!!!!!!!
  4. With a bit of careful stacking you could get the double bacon etc etc on that Bun. Add a bit of pepper and ketchup.... Bobs your uncle! Paradise on bread!
  5. Getting mullered in an empty stadium during an 11 over game. Sorry! This is not cricket in any shape or form. Well, I would say that as we are getting a hammering wouldn't I 😳😳 It's not even entertainment in my book.
  6. My late father... Lancashire lad through and through was a Gooners fan. Must have been the marble halls within Highbury (no such thing at Ewood Park ot Turd Moor). Sorry to say but The Arsenal are just going through a blip in their history. Just the same as a bigger club.... Gulp!... As Man Utd. Suck it up Jambo, the next few seasons belong up here in the North West... Liverpool and Citeh. Meanwhile, Wenger being touted for the Bayern job. Better the devil you know I think!
  7. Aqualung


    Cheers G. I'm actually staying on the Buda side of the city near the chain Bridge. Apart from the obvious sights, what else did you get up to? Did you try any of the Ruin bars that I've only read about?
  8. Aqualung


    I've booked a couple of plane tickets for me and the TW to visit Budapest in Hungary. Just wondering if any bms here have visited and what they thought of the place. I know Bm barsie has visited and did a report on the old shhhhh board but I can't access that anymore. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks fellas.
  9. That head to head league looks like it needs updating according to the points totals.
  10. More likely an infection... Antibiotics for you and your friend I think. I had blocked ears earlier this year and suffered no pain whatsoever... Just difficult to hear.
  11. Surely they sell them in los and can't be expensive. Quality wise who knows.
  12. Rest of the family's not much better
  13. That annoying Rob in Thailand has recently given an update on Kevs situation. Apparently Kevs cancer has spread and next month he's heading back to the UK to spend time with his family as well as talking to doctors there. Good luck to him.
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