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  1. Exactly throwing it away ....
  2. Seeing as it’s privately owned they are only throwing money away , not making any ...
  3. It’s merely taking a break .......until the holes reappear..
  4. Last time I was up around the Darkside was around 2007 when my mate had a house up there .......it was nothing to shout about ...
  5. Diving walking photography grocery shopping meet up with friends for coffee go for a beer or two little trips to soi 6 swim in the pool golfing when I get my clubs over
  6. I would love to do it all again but that does not mean that I would change anything ...
  7. Some ladyboys cock dislodged them .........
  8. They are shit ..I flew from Johannesburg to Cairo with them no booze ...however this was back in 1998 and it was the old airport which was a shithole ...things could have changed since then ..
  9. You certainly learn from your mistakes well most intelligent people do but there’s always an exemption from the norm , and to use another phrase what does not kill you makes you stronger ...
  10. Good climate, relatively low cost of living ..good diving ...pleanty of available young hot pussy pretty good health care , pleanty of western culture what more does a man want in life ....
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