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  1. Went to the bar Monday to hand oit some emergency funds to staff. Saw Bee (bartender), Nee (cleaner), Fah, Pung, Anne, Bee and Mena. Spoke to Aei. All other staff gone home. Gave the bar a polish.
  2. misteregg


    Apparently The Open was the only one with pandemic insurance and so was chosen to be canceled. It’s a sensible move and golf is the first sport to work out some kind of framework to return.
  3. Helping out at some kind of food hand out today. Not sure what I have to do but I’ve been recruited for my Thai speaking skills (which are pretty lame) Not sure what it’s all about. Will let you know later.
  4. They performed at the Hamstead Social Club in Birmingham whilst I was the DJ there. They were a lot, lot funnier and ruder on stage. Agree, the tv show was very tame.
  5. Rather be here than UK.
  6. Man, I just saw the licked me out error.
  7. I think it will continue as before. The main bars on walking straight wall continue to be overpriced for ex-pats and Western tourists alike. But the bars on soi 15 and soi diamond will continue to flourish. With the introduction of the high-speed rail link in about six years time, many more tourists and high-so Bangkokians will be coming to Pattaya for the weekend and this will keep the visitor numbers high in this area. It’s never going to compete with Buakhao or LK for prices, but still the best looking girls will work in the gogos there.
  8. No parking for dining and shopping, mate.
  9. One half of British comedy doible act, Little and Large, Eddie Large, dies after contracting Covid-19
  10. Thanks mate. I’ve got a really good landlord. I think I will get through.
  11. Been living with the ex-Mrs for a while to be near the kids, but she finaly licked me out. Oh well, back to the bar.
  12. I have no idea how to talk to ladies online. They just give one word answers. It’s easier for me if i meet them in person.
  13. Mine? Not so good.
  14. All depends what happens to the exchange rate. There was talk about Thailand having to borrow money for the first time in years so that should weaken the impregnable Baht . I can see easy long haul travel being a thing of the past. Medical insurance and health certificates will be here to stay. With governments not willing to support carbon emitting airlines, I can see ticket prices going up. But prices over here going down, as most bars and gogos wiped out. It will take time but it will come back better. Then, in a few years time, the high speed rail link from BKK will transform Pattaya into more of a beach suburb of Bangkok. It will survive but be very different.
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