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  1. misteregg

    Cobra Gold

    Had some in yesterday. Didn’t mention US military as they don’t like it and aren’t allowed to talk about it, but it was obvious.
  2. The man who invented “cut”, “copy” and “paste” Larry Tesler has died. RIP Chang Fai will be devastated.
  3. Not documents, but buy sub block back home as it’s expensive here. Everything else is about the same price or cheaper.
  4. Here’s this weeks Six Nations matches. All matches real live (no two minute delay) and full HD. See you in the bar.
  5. Most are dead because if you report a fault, rather than trace the faulty cable they just lay a new one. If they had junction boxes for cable it wouldn’t be so bad, but they don’t. They just keep splitting Fibre.
  6. Update: a well known Soi Diamond agogo came to visit me last night asking how I got my sign up, who I was paying etc. I told them that it was on an electric pylon so I wasn’t paying anyone. They said they’re going to do the same but wouldn’t mess with my sign. Let’s see. Told you it would kick up a fuss.
  7. Come to Thailand. Fight is on free to air Thai tv.
  8. We accept PayPal. Tell us before you order.
  9. Cheers John. Nice to see you and the gang.
  10. Angel agogo closed as well. Not sure if it’s been reported.
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