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  1. This is a special lifestream we will be doing today for our Australian customers. I hope you can join us, see how the girls are doing and enjoy the entertainment.
  2. Hi to everybody once again. What a shitty start to the year. As you know the bar is closed and not likely to open in the next few weeks. I feel really bad for the people that have made the effort to try and get over here and on the quarantine and now they have nothing to show for it. Although I know the weather is better over here than back home It’s not really what you came for. I have five girls staying in the bar and I’ll try my best to look after them. I’m also doing some stuff online to try and keep the interest level there. Wishing you all the best from Pattaya, please stay safe and k
  3. Went down there last night and it looked fun. The birds all getting fed and watered. Will take my kids to see them today.
  4. Never ever found her that attractive, Mia Khalifa, not Adam.
  5. Don’t miss tonight’s YouTube livestream, with special guest, Adam from Cherry Bar, aka Hammer. It’s live tonight at 2:15am Thai time, 7:15pm UK time, 2:15pm Eastern Standard Time. Search for LePubPattaya on YouTube and join in.
  6. Hope all is well with you all. The bar has been very quiet lately, one busy night over the weekend. Still got a great line up, some lovely girls, great pool, aircon and keen prices. Always happy to see customers old and new. Have a great week everyone. Phil
  7. I have had three Internet providers at the bar. By far True had the best backup and service. The “engineers” that 3BB and AIS send usually look about 12.
  8. Hops Bar opposite Le Pub will open again this week, as the landlord has told the owner if he doesn’t open soon he will loose it.
  9. It’s no shame to go under this year. I never went in either bar but both hyped to the limit. Sad to see.
  10. This starts at 1:00am. Ring all about 4:30am. Late night. My opinion ( not a boxing expert) , Joshua looks good but weak chin and vulnerable.
  11. If anyone is up for the Joshua FITE this weekend we have it live from 4:30 AM.
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