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  1. Few photos of the girls working in the bar. Biw, at the bottom, has returned. Also Ploy is returned my on 23rd March or so.
  2. Don’t watch tv only listen to podcasts and I like to listen weekly if I can.
  3. Very little and the food carts/ parked motorbikes around that soi now make it a lot less inviting.
  4. INXs “Suicide Blonde” on the playlist
  5. They took the railings down outside so I guess they’re going to have a bar/seating area outside where the girls will call customers.
  6. This forum is the first one I click on now.
  7. Update on the Nice agogo, just seen a doorman on a motorbike speeding away from the bar holding a 65 inch tv. It could just be that it need repairing, but it’s only 10 days old.......
  8. Didn’t mean to call you Fony either, Tony ... :)
  9. Yes Fony but I was talking about mains gas
  10. I’m always asked to do more videos but I don’t ever see it as an income stream, just as a laugh.
  11. Blur “Parklife” on the playlist.
  12. Back in the day the girls at the Atlantic Bar always had a reputation, rightly or wrongly, as being a bit picky and up their own arse. Should try some other beer bars, mate.
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