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  1. misteregg

    How Paranoid Are You?

    I would certainly say that working in or owning a bar over here makes you extremely paranoid, probably due to the fact that the Thais never tell the truth, even to themselves. I think a little paranoia is actually good for you.
  2. misteregg

    Le Pub

    Tommy and all, thanks for the kind words. Glad you like the bar and I’ll continue to be in my appointed seat at 4pm every night until they carry me away. Phil
  3. misteregg

    Le Pub

    555 I had a call from the Mrs and if I don’t answer the phone in five rings she stabs me.
  4. misteregg


    Got a Pacsafe bag which is slash proof and I can lock. Very handy for going to the bank for change and putting keys etc. Feel safe with it on a motor in Pattaya as, although I’ve never been robbed, it will deter slashers at traffic lights. Practical and not at all gay, rather like me!
  5. Sometimes the haves are the ones sleeping in a doorway and the have nots are in the big houses. Happiness.
  6. misteregg

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

  7. misteregg

    share your pattaya secrets.

    The beach at the bottom of Pratumnak soi 4. Hidden away and quiet after the high season. Very few touts and sellers.
  8. misteregg

    Newbee here

    Welcome to the forum, Milo
  9. misteregg

    Chayapoon update

    Have barfined from Orange bar and another one along there. I get spotted all the time on Soi 6 and it annoys me a little so prefer the relative solitude of Chiyapoon. I like Chow Soy as well but I suppose that’s a restaurant.
  10. misteregg

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

  11. misteregg


    I’m going to the Masters in April (to spectate)
  12. misteregg


    Johnny Red should have a Diagio seal on it. BTW ฿720 for a litre is about wholesale price. Shit for duty free.
  13. misteregg

    What's your main reason for

    Used to like the trip reports on Secrets and Addicts when I was a tourist.