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  1. His body has been taken to Bangkok for autopsy which is normal for accidents to a foreigner. His body is expected to be released in 4-5 days and then returned to Ko Chang for memorial or whatever his family wishes. Phil
  2. You could be right but I don’t know a single one that is and I’ve worked a few.
  3. Champions League? 2:00am
  4. Have invested in a new tv system in the bar that can show better quality, buffer free sports that I can’t buy in Thailand, like Championship football, all cricket, ice hockey, anything really. It can show virtually any channel in any country. We still have all the football in 4K, f1 in crisp FHD and golf as well. But the cricket World Cup and The Ashes will be looking great this summer. Let me know if you want to watch whatever channel you want in the bar.
  5. “My Sharon’s” The Knack on the playlist.
  6. Things are down this year but it’s not suicidal yet. Put the hours in and care for your customers and it will pay off , eventually.
  7. A friend who went said you could see the bay by boat but not sail into it or land.
  8. Loved the Ziff. Was working in China when we spoke last in Secrets.
  9. Scott used to come into Le Pub a lot, but not seen him recently. He was always with a girl of late and not a ladyboy.
  10. I used to live literally on the flight path into the runway at Birmingham airport, but always used to fly from Heathrow as it was always cheaper.
  11. misteregg


    Was thinking back to 2009 PGA. At the halfway stage Y. E. Yang was 6 shots behind Tiger. He won by three shots.
  12. Very busy last night. FA Cup final tonight and round three of PGA. Cold beers and full crew of ladies
  13. misteregg


    If he loses now it will be the choke of the century.
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