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  1. Original or alcohol free?
  2. Been closed for some time now. Girls and staff moved to Diamond agogo. Chinese have bought it and remodelling.
  3. Thanks Mr S . It was a pleasure.
  4. It’s an Internet only package but you can put it on tv via Chromecast or computer. You can run as many instances as you like so can watch four games at once (what I do in the bar)
  5. Anna Kournikova, one of the most attractive women I have ever met. Git her autograph displayed in the bar. Stunning.
  6. Looks like someone forgot to press a button somewhere. Still don’t know why you didn’t go for the season pass on TrueID
  7. I’ll get the shots tray out for everyone too. Self service.
  8. “Enter Sandman” Metallica - on the playlist
  9. This weekend featured games Saturday 11:45 am Australia v Fiji 4:45pm New Zealand v South Africa Sunday 2:45pm Ireland v Scotland 5:15pm England v Tonga UHD picture with full commentary Air conditioned comfort 75 inch tv
  10. misteregg


    All the Super Bowls I have hosted have always been ok but I’m not American and know little of the sport so it lacks a genuine touch. Always depends on the time zone and start time. If it’s too late folks only drink coffee and OJ and no lady drinks as they’ve all gone home. I know Larry has a bumper Super Bowl one year.
  11. Looks like they made a mistake and rectified it pretty quickly. True have always been good customer service in my opinion. Greasy spoon- Champions League and Europa League are free on Facebook and YouTube Dazn channels this year.
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