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  1. Last night in Le Pub. Me and Blue Streak watching the Spurs v West Ham game. Score 3-2 Blue Streak is just about to leave, when......
  2. c**t never told me. I got a new job the next day. I hear he’s dead now. RIP
  3. Nice seeing you BS. Let’s be honest, last night was extremely quiet. Felt sorry for the girls. Thanks to all who came. Tonight’s another night.
  4. But I love the work I do. My own boss. I ain’t going nowhere.
  5. Got this coming up on Saturday early evening 6:30 PM start. Don’t forget we have fully Air Con inside the bar and we just re-covered the pool table.
  6. Thank you for all the comments on the video and for all those that have subscribed thank you again.
  7. I was literally there for three days and got fired.
  8. I actually got a special phone but the club and it vibrated and I got guys to ring the number.
  9. Yeah I remember those guys they’re still here in Pattaya and do the same thing every now and then in Windmill
  10. Some people still manage to mess it up. :)
  11. Hi mate. Genuinely don’t remember that but it sounds like something I would’ve done.
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