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  1. misteregg


    Fell asleep watching it. (Started at 5:00am)
  2. Tennis fans. The new format Davis Cup is live and a Walking St exclusive.
  3. Thanks for everyone who came to the 247 get together. Superb evening. Thanks to Pompui Narak for orgainising and special help from Jambo. Much appreciated.
  4. A few snaps from last night. A huge thank you to everyone who turned out. We raised a glass to absent friends. Great food prepared by Bob Palmer and sponsored by Jambo. Thanks to you mate. Hope I can host another one in the future.
  5. Foods disappearing quickly. Great night so far.
  6. Ordered some food, all girls will be in. Should be a good night. Enjoy it everyone.
  7. I’ve noticed that since I installed my new double glazed doors the dust and dirt in the bar has reduced considerably. That includes fans and all electronic devices.
  8. Haven’t done Christmas presents for family for about 30 years now. I don’t think that pisses the Thais off, however, birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Loy Kratong they expect something. Unfortunately I don’t do those either, which is probably one of the reasons why my relationships are always a disaster. :) I just like every day to be the same.
  9. Red Hot Chillie Peppers “Give It Away”
  10. misteregg


    I saw this live. I was half asleep to be honest and then.......hold on.......he just took his helmet off and wacked him in the head. Amazing.
  11. MMA fans, we have this show on from 4:00pm all night, tomorrow (Saturday) plus f1 from Brazil, Moto GP, Euro qualifiers, college football and NFL. Nice line up too and just had the pool table serviced, so it’s as flat as a Thai girls chest.
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