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  1. misteregg

    Le Pub soi Diamond Pattaya

    Rugby is on this Saturday. Really good line up here. Some photos to come.
  2. misteregg

    Who Remembers This Bar?

    Bar next door to mine is being refurbished. They took off some wood paneling and found this underneath. Bruce to the forum.
  3. misteregg

    Are you SAD..?

    I'm a sad bastard. Does that count?
  4. misteregg

    The environment

    Here in Pattaya Thais are quite good at recycling rubbish but large household items and industrial waste just get dumped. I recently changed from single use to reusable (exchange) bottles for water, Coke and soda. All glass bottles are recycled.
  5. misteregg

    You Won’t Believe This Happened

    I left shortly afterwards.
  6. misteregg

    You Won’t Believe This Happened

    I’m not sure. Tommy?
  7. misteregg

    You Won’t Believe This Happened

    Was talk of that but it got “sorted” *cough cough* dusty in here
  8. misteregg

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Lavazza coffee beans 545฿ a bag in Thailand. Three quid in Asda.
  9. I got a call this morning at 4:00am. Woke me up. My mate had been caught drunk driving. DUI. I wasn’t impressed but his friends had deserted him so I turned up at Soi 9 to assist. Long story short, I was too late to stop him going to court but I made sure he would get bail and released. I waited at the back of Pattaya Court House where the entrance to the holding area is and where the prisoners are brought into court. The prison van arrived and Thais started getting out the back, leg chains, handcuffs and chained together. Oh shit I thought, this looks bad. Then the passenger door of the prison van opens and out staggers my friend, free of shackles. I exchange a few words with him and he goes inside. The policeman parks the prison van out the back of the court and then seems to be perplexed. He’s patting down his pockets. He goes into the jail and returns with a wire coat hanger. He’s locked the keys to the prison van inside the van and now he’s desperately trying to open the door with a coat hanger. He tries and tries and so do his colleagues. No luck. It’s actually a top of the range van. High security. The policeman goes inside the jail. About two minutes later the huge metal gate opens and out walks a bald Thai man in prison uniform and leg irons.....carrying the coat hanger and he proceeds-to try. Get a professional on the job.
  10. TBH there’s not much difference between the Apple store and the resellers that are in Central and the like. The iCare “shop” in Central is the most depressing place on Earth. People bringing in their old MacBooks and iPods only to be told they need to be euthanized.
  11. misteregg

    Service Unavailable

    Not on Tapatalk. Only fast loading speeds, Phil
  12. misteregg

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    People are very generous and bring me all sorts like teabags, chocolate and Super Noodles but my number one thing I miss from the UK is UK KFC not the Shit over here and UK style Chinese which is why I miss Wok n Rok so much ....Richard
  13. misteregg

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    How much is HP sauce in the Pound Shop? :)