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  1. If you’re hungry, pop in for a Mcdonnas kebab, with your choice of sauce.
  2. Do you mean Kevin from Lucky 17 bar?
  3. misteregg


    Going for McDowell, Rahm and Justin Thomas
  4. He does seem a nice guy. I hear he has a few backers so it may work out. I wish him well.
  5. Not read the whole thread but I always go to soi 5 in a business attire as I’m usually on a business visa. Not sure if it’s appreciated or not. I do the same for the labour office and bank.
  6. misteregg


    Had the same email two days ago.
  7. Genuinely can’t wait for Sunday, Cricket World Cup Final plus the British GP for the petrol heads. Been busy the last few days, cheers to all those who came down.
  8. Stick is invited but I’m not sure he’ll show as he’s in NZ perminatly .
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