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  1. 555 she was even pulling the faces to show how strong her drink was ...
  2. Unless you are currently homeschooling your son , not so sure what you are doing would be considered as a lockdown... obviously you are still reducing your risks
  3. CCWC hates the livestreamers and e-beggars , so takes the worst of their streams and makes his own videos highlighting them .. his biggest target is a guy called Tom whose channel ( Barfines and Powerlines ) is sponsored by Nightwish ... CCWC is always getting his channel deleted , but they soon pop up again with a different name
  4. Just been for a 5.6mile walk in the sunshine 😎 and had this waiting for me when I got home ( Amazon Prime day purchase)
  5. The quote is from his chief of staff .. Ah I see what you mean .. it's from an English book , so that's the way it was probably pronounced..
  6. Who will legislate what these businesses can do ... the idea behind it is for the top teams to take more of the revenue than they already take ... Man U , Liverpool and Arsenal are owned by US billionaires they aren't in it for the good of the game
  7. If they form a new super league , grass roots will get zero
  8. Because that's not what the owners of the "top" clubs want , they want to create something where they are guaranteed a return ... there's nothing wrong with the Champions League , but the big clubs aren't guaranteed to be there ... it's all about money Salary caps just mean more money for the owners , it won't help support the game itself if a Super League is formed , that will take away sponsorship and audiences away from the domestic leagues and you will see lots of smaller teams going bust
  9. Bruno has a certain style 🙂
  10. Get in !! never in doubt 🙂
  11. The only thing the owners and backers of a Euro league care about is revenue, which clubs are going to draw the biggest tv/streaming audiences - nothing to do with history/ cups won - also about sponsorship so world wide following... match day receipts come in a poor third
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