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  1. https://www.thaistartup.com/references/severance-pay-rules.php
  2. I assume most of the staff have moved on by now ...?
  3. Big contrast , those scrambled eggs look anemic... 😉
  4. Cracking goal from the Athletico sub 👍
  5. Found this https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/9727577/la-liga-uk-tv-rights-itv/
  6. La Liga is free on ITV4 , Barca vs Athletico , not sure if they have the rights for the whole season ...
  7. Because it's disturbing to see regular news reports of innocents murdered ... and all that is done about it is "thought and prayers" are offered
  8. Stillearly


    I worked with a guy that used to commute to the City from Norwich ... he would go to bed almost as soon as he arrived home ..
  9. Stillearly


    At least it will be more transparent, you won't need to depend on the commentary team to tell you who is where , you can just look at the leaderboard .. think it will be good
  10. Stillearly


    Really tight at the top at the BMW in Medinah 👍
  11. I had a terrible meal there back in March ( after the sale had gone through ) two out of the three orders were bad , ,my Western food ( 1/2 Chicken ) was dry and over cooked and the Thai food ( green curry ) was horrible , TG has one spoon of it .... don't know if it's improved now the ownership has reverted to Retox .. but I won't be returning
  12. Stillearly

    The Ashes

    Weather looking better for tomorrow, but dodgy for the weekend...
  13. Just googled it , you had three replays that year Middlesborough, Blackpool and the Final , some cup run 👍
  14. Joking aside , one of my favourite memories of the FA Cup was the United vs Crystal Palace Wednesday night replay 🙂
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