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  1. Stillearly


    Think it's about the coverage they are allowed to show ... when they go back to the studio or do other stuff , it's usually because of the access they currently have , sometimes coverage can be split between a couple of US broadcasters
  2. Stillearly


    Still hoping Scott and Schauffele came come back .. at least into the top 10 anyway 😉
  3. they are , but just one of the many varieties of white bean
  4. Haricots beans I think , same as baked beans
  5. Haven't been to Uxbridge for years , my Grandparents lived in Hillingdon and my Dad grew up there 🙂
  6. Downloaded an Othello app , haven't played since I was a kid , computer beat me ( on easy mode ) the first ten times ... think I've got the hang of it now , just won three in a row ... increasing the difficulty now .. 🙂
  7. Stillearly


    So many that could come through ... wouldn't discount any of the guys at -2 and better
  8. Flights to Thailand are cheaper now than when I first started visiting in the 90's ... I don't see how much cheaper they could really be ..
  9. Outside of U.K. school holidays , direct flights to Bangkok can be had for around £470 ( Thai ) and one stop for £410 ( Emirates) .... how cheap do you want them ?
  10. It's brilliant, just finished series 2 👍
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