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  1. Stillearly


    He was 8-1 up .... 5555 😉
  2. Stillearly


    Binghams at it as well ... 555
  3. Stillearly


    C'mon Dott 😉
  4. Stillearly


    Eurosport HD 410 on Sky
  5. There were sockets but inaccessible... they had put them inside a cupboard.....so he disconnected those and put in a double socket under the unit ...now it's done all okay 🙂 WiFi speakers , can access your music library as well as any you subscribe to like Spotify , but it won't recognise the new router ... tried resetting and following all the instructions, but nothing works ... hopefully a bit of human help will get it sorted
  6. Watching the Brighton game on tv in my new gaff , my first night here , had the plumber and electrician round today sorting out "snags" , the hot and cold were the wrong way round on the shower mixer and it was either hot or cold , nothing in between.... they forgot to plug in the fridge and freezer ... there were no sockets left under the units .... but all sorted now 555 apart from I can't get my Sonos to work on this new network, will try the help desk tomorrow 🙂
  7. Did you get her to open wide and say Ahh 😉
  8. Stillearly


    Saw the last couple of frames in the O'Sullivan game , bit of a shock , but well played to Cahill - hope the Thai player can come through would love to see Williams win it again , especially after the poster they used to advertise this years event... spot the current world champion ..
  9. I never went there , I dont think I had heard of it until it was demolished .... I used to enjoy Buckskin Joe Village ( originally called Tabaco Road and later Soi Zero ) http://www.bangkokeyes.com/maptoba.html
  10. Ukraine election: Comedian Zelensky wins presidency by landslide https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-48007487
  11. Stillearly


    Got a raging hangover, got home at 10:30 this morning, now back in bed , have a couple of Ginsters Pasty's in the fridge , that will do for me - salad wouldn't cut it today
  12. I hate football .... 😞
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