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  1. Full Brynner ... Been using a razor for last few years and before that had a pair of Phillips clippers with a rotating head , made cutting my own hair very easy
  2. I remember when I first had a flat with a mate of mine ( before mobiles ) ... there was a bit of a party one night after the clubs shut ... there was a girl using our phone , I assumed to call a taxi , half an hour later she was still on it ...asked what was going on , she was talking to her Mum ..in Australia ..it was the best time to talk apparently...
  3. Jersey Royals with Jersey Butter Lobster
  4. Only the Europeans were allowed through immigration the first night , anyone else , including the EVA crew , had to sleep in the airport ... also we could only take our hand luggage ... I had no jacket or any other clothes .. it wasn't fun .. 🙂
  5. No ... but just as I was about to land at Heathrow flying from Thailand , the airport shut ( because of snow ) ... had to divert to Bonn in Germany .... eventually Heathrow reopened and I arrived three days later ....
  6. Surprised the Daily Mail haven't found a way to blame Meghan for all of this yet ....
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