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  1. Sssh don't tell everyone... 😉
  2. Leagues still updating.. 😞
  3. I don't think so , you need a minimum of 10 years I believe and have to pay in for 35 to receive the full pension just seen KWA has already replied
  4. Just finished S2 , really enjoyed it , the soundtrack is great as well , some of the choices made me smile 👍 if you have Amazon check out The Boys - same genre , even darker
  5. Do you still have to pay into the US system even though you are living o'seas ?
  6. Missed that game , just seen it
  7. I do similar at home , my paving stones start going green over winter ... I just put some toilet beach in a watering can with water and sprinkle over the area , it's good as new the next day
  8. Actual footage of @galenkia earlier 🙂
  9. Bought a spiralizer and made courgetti , sautéed it with garlic
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