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  1. Go with who , there Ain,t no tourists & certainly not enough expats to keep those girls busy. DESPERATE TIMES AHEAD.
  2. Will go on tomorrow. October has arrived. Same as above stuff being cold.
  3. I remember the days of being out in soi 7 or 8 with so much foot traffic you would,nt know if you were stood on the road or the path & you certainly could,nt ride up or down either on a motorcycle.
  4. Well good luck to them if they,ve got a new 3 yr lease. I wish them all the best as I have always enjoyed my visits there.
  5. Still not making any money though as the the mark up is simply not enough.
  6. That is just what uk government want, everyone losing track of what they spend , living on the bread line so the government have everyone on a bit of string. I will use cash for as long as possible.
  7. Well you have to hand it to them there all tryers which is more than can be said for some of the lazy bastards in the U.K
  8. These were a mega band in there day, seen them 5 times. Amazing guitarists.
  9. Any bar for sale at the moment is worth nothing as no-one knows when tourism will return, until that time every bar owner will have to dig deep into their pockets to stay afloat . Gonna be impossible for some & unfortunately many will close. Even when tourism does return I wonder how many will return straight away. Will take years to recover to what it was if ever but I keep my fingers crossed good times will return SOON.🤞
  10. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM, What did he expect to happen.
  11. Draft beer all tastes the same in LOS. HORRIBLE.
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