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  1. Down into double figures 97 😒
  2. Right now I,m looking in disbelief at the shit exchange rate
  3. simon

    The Ashes

    I think we need rain for a draw otherwise we're looking at defeat. A big task ahead.
  4. Your photos are fantastic quality, it has to be said.
  5. 102 😑 seems light years away
  6. Not been in this bar before cos stay up soi bukhao end, been going to Thailand to long to bother with walking street anymore. However there are 4 of us over in November so will be giving this bar a visit. 113 days to go. See you then 😀
  7. moan like all the other wankers do on here
  8. Trying to decide if I,m going to bother going to Patts in November. Shit ex rate, bars closing. Is it worth bothering with I ask myself.
  9. They'll go fucking hungry then.
  10. OMG Just counted & its still 152 days 😒
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