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  1. The extension for retirement etc allows you to stay in the country for 1 year until the next extension. The moment you leave you need a re entry permit, this is usually requested at the same time as the extension and is available for multiple exit/re entry or for single reentry. Obviously if you are a regular traveler it would be advantageous to get a multiple reentry permit . It pays for itself after 4 trips as the single re entry is 1000 baht and the multiple re entry is 3800 baht. The advantage of the multiple permit is the fact you only visit immigration once a year rather than each time you are leaving the country. I used to get my multiple reentry permit immediately after I had received my retirement extension.
  2. Used the ATM at PB regularly, worked a treat each time although I did let my bank know I was in Asia (China and Philippines) Double LDs are a bit of a pain if being hit up for them but this trip (late December) I was asked on every occasion if it was OK for a DLD and where I wanted too I said OK. Mostly when entertaining a new lady off the stage or waitress I tended to tell them I would buy them a single LD but maybe later would buy a DLD if they held my attention, usually that meant just buying the SLD before I moved on. My experience is that buying SLD has never been a problem to the girl, a lot of guys seem embarrassed to deny them a DLD though and more fool them. I am aware from some forums that some of the lower Fields bar only have DLD but those bars were mainly the Korean owned bars that I tended to keep away from. The bars from Shooters up towards check point were still offering SLD as well as DLD so I never bought DLD unless I agreed in advance which I did in Insomnia bar on a few occasions as I was comfortable there. We still hold the gold and right now it is not busy in the bars from what I have recently been told. I was thinking of going in April and going via Hong Kong would be my normal route but that together with travel from China and Macau has been restricted so I would need to go a different way. I am sure that many Koreans are not traveling so Angeles may be a good destination for those who can get there.
  3. Manila in it's heyday was brilliant, probably better than anywhere I have been. Mayor Alfredo Lim really did screw it up but I am glad I had the privilege of being a punter back there in the late 80's....
  4. Back in the early 80s I learned to fly at Meacham airfield in Texas. Remember sitting at the holding point at Lovefield Dallas alongside a Southwest Airlines 737, I was in a small Cessna 172 and I got the go before the female pilot in the 737. She gave me a thumbs up, maybe the same lady and she has felt emotionally stressed ever since.
  5. Stayed in the PB for a week over Christmas, always stay there if I can, staff lovely and maids always helpful if needing extras like ironing boards etc. Pool area not much use for me but the adjacent restaurant also serve me up a great chicken curry which always hits the spot. Rooms are fine and the location for getting to the bars is excellent. Great laundry right opposite the entrance as well which will turn around your dirty clothes in 24 hours. Looking forward to the bar report.
  6. Even Krabi is about 2 hours and 160 km trip..........
  7. My concern is how everybody would go about their business when it takes around 35 mins to charge a vehicle for a short ride distance of about 100 miles, a full charge can take about 8 hours. Everybody would have to have a charging point at their home location for this to work as charging around the country whilst traveling would see a complete gridlock surely. I think the overall aim is to take many cars off the street
  8. Just been watching 'The Joker', an entertaining movie although a little disturbing. I can see why Joaquin Phoenix is up for the Oscar.
  9. I also have two or three but always make sure I travel with one when overseas. Easy to forget them though so a good offer.............
  10. It's immediately on the right as you walk through the main Phetkasem road entrance.
  11. The one at Blue Port is also nice....
  12. Looks like the Coffee Club on Nasredamri Road, nice place for a bite.
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