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  1. I did get Tramadol when I was in Thailand but the active ingredient comes in different doses and I think it was quite small compared to what I got on prescription in UK. I could get more boxes but the pharmacy would only give me a couple without prescription.
  2. Fares might be even more competitive if BA decided to resume those flights daily, and from Heathrow. I don't particularly like Gatwick, and I am sure many others from north of London are not too thrilled about a Gatwick departure. Still, it is something that I was really happy to see come to fruition and it now offers a better choice for all of us.
  3. The silver car did stop but he saw the Swiss guy already crossing, the white car just felt he had right of way and probably didn't see the Swiss guy till he hit him. Maybe the silver car wanted to turn right, he was in the correct lane. Its just Thailand and with no traffic lights it really is a lottery as to who has right of way. The Swiss guy just looks like he was 'eyes front' and driving across that intersection whatever. Just a really sad situation which happens many times a day in Thailand due to lack of driving skills, bad luck and lack of awareness.
  4. From the video it is only evident that the white car hit the Swiss man. It appears the Swiss man just drove across the road without looking and the white car assumed right of way. I can only say that, 'this is Thailand', and apportioning blame may be a difficult pursuit by the Swiss man's partner. The white car had probably been driving down that railway road alt the way from the number 7 turn off, and just was assuming he had right of way at every junction unless blocked. The only thing that would have stopped him would be if other traffic in front had come to a halt to allow other traffic across, otherwise they would just carry on driving without slowing down. That is why most of us crossing those sections, do so, with very cautious awareness. I always gave way if seeing traffic bearing down on me Just a very sad situation.
  5. Co Codamol worked great for me although it really got me constipated which is problematic in itself. Acupuncture worked well for me on two occasions.
  6. Can't see that as a problem. Last year I renewed my DL in Hua Hin but the previous one I had issued in Khon Kaen. The driving licence centre will give you a renewal as long as you have a residence certificate for the province you are renewing your licence. They should not be concerned as long as you have all the necessary documentation. Maybe immigration would ask why you are renewing in Korat if you are still registered as living in Pattaya. If you have moved to Korat you should just register your address with immigration as soon as you move in. When you go back to immigration to get a residence certificate, they will note that you have a visa, but now you are living in Korat and registered, should be OK.
  7. The wife is too dumb to think I could be suspecting anything; after all she believes shouting out the bedroom window about the badly parked van belonging to an unknown plumber, while her husband is away, couldn't possibly make me suspicious.lol
  8. I visited Monte Cassino in 1969 with my father who told me all about the horrific loss of life fighting for that monastery. We were on a family trip from London heading to Sorrento using our own car and stopping off at various sites and cities on the 2 and half day journey. Ironically, earlier this week there was a very interesting documentary about the battle on 'That TV'. The documentary was from 1969 and I realised it was probably made because it was 25 years since the battle. Really interesting as there was much footage of the battle and also interviews with many of those who were there (from both sides). That TV has some excellent documentaries, today's was about the attack on Pearl Harbor on 07 Dec 1941.
  9. If I had seen the owner (Sean) last week I might have said something but seems pretty obvious to me the wife is up to her tricks again. The police have been around previously and I don't really want to pass on info that might be of interest (and upset) to Sean, but damaging and embarrassing for his wife, as I am pretty sure some negative anger might come my way. The guy won't be parking his car outside my house again, I am pretty sure about that.. Something I learnt very early on when in Thailand was, never to dirty on one's own doorstep', that saying applies in deepest Neath as well.
  10. Just had to ask a van driver to move his motor from blocking my off road parking space. A week ago the same van was out there for about an hour blocking my space but as I wasn't going anywhere I let it go, the guy left before I needed to use my car. The van was a plumbers business van, I did think last week that it was odd that a plumber would be in the house as the owner has his own plumbing contract business, just so happens also that his sexy wife was in the house. The owner was not in the house as he leaves to work 7.30 am everyday. Today, I had to go across to the house to ask for the van to move; just before I got there the wife opens an upstairs window and shouts out that it is her plumber parked there (I knew that). I just asked her to get the guy to move his van further down the road. Anyhow, funnily, it took the guy about a minute to come out of the house and move the van, wonder why. Owner has been having problems with his wife who obviously puts it about, he had left the home for a few months due to previous problems, seems she is still up to her tricks again. Really don't care what she does but get your bit on the side to park elsewhere.
  11. She would have taken the glasses off with me, would have made it a better experience for her not being able to see me lol.
  12. I did use a recipe I found on the net, the video is below: It can be a little salty so best to lessen the amount of Soy sauce or just use more light soy sauce than dark, better still, use a reduced salt variety. I did add a little bit more Hoisin sauce than quoted and a little less soy sauce. I used chicken thigh but you can use breast, I also cut my thigh a little smaller than in the video. I did use cornflower and good quality hoisin sauce. Maybe play around a bit to find your perfect combination as my first one was quite salty from the video but still delicious. I used to have this often at a Thai kitchen in front of the Terminal Condo on Soi 88 in Hua Hin; sadly the kitchen closed down and I have never been able to find out where they relocated to or if they stayed in business.
  13. Been white garlic plant picking with Porn, needed a drink after that experience. Old Hooky, lovely. Wife has also ordered a meal and given me her free drink. Same again.
  14. Can't remember that one but back in 87/88 I did visit an upstairs bar in Patpong, actually didn't have an under the table experience, it was more sat between your knees munching in the open but the lights were low. Made for interesting conversations with your mate while sitting in comfortable armchairs. Did use an upstairs bar in Subic town back in the early 90s when the American base was open in Olongapo. It was a blue curtain experience, brilliant times. Thought it was Blue Note bar but that might have been downstairs. Great times
  15. Always liked flying to Philippines on PAL, I always ordered their Asahi when the drinks cart came around.
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