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  1. Actually a lot of them do but certainly there are a few on here who don't and also maybe this thread is not the place for humorous comments.. I know many of my American friends would be dealing with the issue though in a serious and inclusive tone to the views shown by some (outsiders included) but would be still be reacting to those with ridiculous and unworthy comments.
  2. Getting ready to go meet up with Gazza (Binlid) in Reading, got the night there. Weather is not as expected, it actually looks bloody nice .
  3. Better border control is the answer to this, once in the Kingdom the traveling from one province to another should not be hindered by red tape. Those on tourist visas and staying in hotels are immune to this problem, it is those expats who have filed all the necessary evidence (and endured red tape) to allow long term entry to the country that should be allowed free travel without hindrance as they have already established their credentials at the border or in the many immigration offices countrywide.
  4. Barcelona at the bottom of La Liga, that isn't something I have seen before lol
  5. Then you guys need to do something about it, we can only see that change is needed. We don't know how to do it because that is your job within the laws you hold dear. You will continue to get simple views because we can only be observers who are shocked at what we see. You keep telling us it can't be changed then now there is a procedure to change it. Also why get combative as if you are taking it personally; who by the way is pissing on it, we certainly are not, we are just making comment that probably needs constructive reply but we are receiving comment as if you think we are blaming you for the atrocities directly. It is sad that these mass shootings take place and we wish it would stop. If nothing can be done about it then so be it but if there is then that is for you to take up with your own authorities and not slam anybody outside of the US just for having a view. We have our own problems in the UK but we are seeing such disgust within the electorate and the very communities affected themselves that hopefully there will be a reduction in certain crimes that are blighting our lives.
  6. Now there is a bit of info, must have been there when it was Delaney's as I had been going to Pattaya before the Avenue was even built, I even remember the whole of LK Metro etc when it was just open land with a noodle shop set up right bang in the middle. Not sure when the Avenue was built but must have been early 90's as i remember taking my wife to the Vientiane for a meal back then before they knocked it down.
  7. Nice bit of puta in the video, love the song (that's very naughty of me as I think it is a derogatory description of obviously nice ladies)
  8. They have outsourced most of their work, may not make for best customer service (obviously that is up for debate) but probably a boon from a financial perspective.
  9. They just do the normal consular stuff for a fee..........had to get an affirmation of marriage there in December. The stuff they do now can easily be done in a nondescript building.
  10. And I will confirm I mean UK citizens when I say Thai applicants although Thai passport holders will find their passports also going to UK for visas etc.
  11. Yes only been once and it was busy but service was not good, I still prefer the days of Shenanigans but like many things times change, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
  12. As far as I am aware all passports go to the UK now for Thai applicants anyway. They once did go to Hong Kong but believe that stopped. My daughter's new passport issued in 2015 was issued in the UK.
  13. VFS receives the paperwork and passport, they then send to Embassy (sent on to UK I believe), they then receive passport back, pass it on to VFS and send it to applicant or have it available for pick up. I believe all passports get sent to the embassy for onward route to UK as the embassy no longer issues passports except as mentioned below.. The embassy these days has little function except to offer notarial services. They accept applications for emergency documents in case of stolen or lost passports for those needing to travel in the immediate future. https://www.gov.uk/world/organisations/british-embassy-bangkok.
  14. Yes one scary individual in the black dress. As long as he doesn't work in Le Pub or the Rockhouse when I am there at New Year, I should be ok. I had to do a double take in picture 4, thought the passenger was carrying a toilet roll then thought maybe it was some sort of dog but I settled for a handy toilet roll lol
  15. I won't be taking it seriously, probably won't watch it even if it is on TV. For me Liverpool are the real Champions of Europe so why play a Supercup, for what reason other than money and kudos to the winner. .
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