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  1. Horizondave

    Funny pics

    Taken today......
  2. Horizondave

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    No I didn't pay and flight was busy but not full. I think it depends on who you speak with, most check in staff have the ability to make exceptions. Thailand play more by the rules, don't have initiative in their vocabulary on most occasions.
  3. Horizondave

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    At baggage drop, lady was very obliging ...
  4. Horizondave

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    2 dishes that my babe makes for me on a regular basis.....lush
  5. Horizondave

    My Son just sent me this......

    She is obviously very talented and kudos to her but I wish she would stop smiling, bloody annoying.
  6. Horizondave

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    Emirates were also charging around £20 to £25 for a standard seat if booked prior to 48 hours before departure when I flew them in December 2018. I won't be going Emirates again, I was not impressed. .
  7. Horizondave

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    Charge for emergency exit on EVA in economy was £108 last time I flew 2 weeks ago. I declined the charge online but asked on check in and got a seat.
  8. Horizondave

    Obit Thread

    Bruno Ganz dies aged 77. Many won't know the name but will certainly recognise him from the many parodies of his portrayal of Hitler in the film Downfall: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-47264709
  9. Horizondave

    Past sporting event you would have liked seen live

    The 1970 Chelsea v Leeds FA Cup final replay. Went to the Wembley Final which ended 2 v 2 so had to settle for a ringside seat watching my TV for the mid week replay (almost 3 weeks later). Wish I had been there to see Webby heading in that goal to win it but was attending school at the time during the week.
  10. Horizondave

    Where do you buy your clothes ?

    H and M mostly for shirts and chinos, occasionally Primark for pants, socks and jeans. The jeans mainly at Primark as I find they are the only ones I like even though I try on many at other more pricier stores. I have used Debenhams for jackets.
  11. Horizondave

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Not my Morrisons, it is quite small with no cafe but should have the ingredients as I like to grill a lot of my brekky items and I prefer to cook at home. We have a massive Tesco nearby that has a cafe and restaurant but Morrisons is nearer and I can't be bothered to do a 10 minute walk when a 5 minute one will do. Aldi is 3 minutes so for booze I am sorted but as you may know with work I find it difficult to drink more than 1 or two beers at weekends.
  12. Horizondave

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Other than mushy tomato on the bread that looks good; makes me want to pop down to Morrisons and fill my basket with breakfast items. My Weetabix doesn't really compete...
  13. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Expected to work last night but got night off and happy for that as really tired early evening Saturday after a few drinks with my brother. Just woken up now and realise I need to get to the shops to buy milk for my tea, bloody forgot on my way home yesterday. Will spend day watching movies and the footie and basically have a relaxing day. No booze though as working tonight. Also got a cold but feel good otherwise.
  14. Horizondave

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Could be anytime, waiting for the visa decision and then it will be days away for a flight to bring the family to the UK....by plane, not dinghy
  15. Horizondave

    Thailand-247 and the members.

    I like it....good job