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  1. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    As Dubai is not a mandatory stop for me I doubt I will be using Emirates again and too be honest they were not offering the same service as they first did when I used them many times in early 90's. Now I am only judging economy and was not impressed with my Bangkok Dubai leg. Despite having a great seat with no one in the row I thought the service was poor, they even forgot to give me the snacks expected (on menu) before landing in Dubai, I had to ask for them. I also thought the crew looked uninterested, even yawning in front of me quite a few times when serving and seated which I found quite unprofessional. Only 1 crew member smiled (SE Asian lady) the whole trip, just looked like the crew were going through the motions, not a happy bunch. Also thought food was bland and lacking in quality and quantity. Dubai London was better even though flight was packed. I also didn't like Dubai, thought it was like Liverpool Street station in the rush hour, Connections was jam packed and took me 25 minutes to go through security to my onward service. Luckily today the gates were near each other but when I flew Heathrow to Dubai my connecting flight to Bangkok needed a bus service which seemed to go forever around the airport, I thought I would not make my connection. No I don't like Dubai airport. Probably different for those in business but I am only interested in my economy trip and it wasn't a good experience. I am glad I am traveling EVA on the 18th Jan to Bangkok.
  2. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Funnily enough for me the BKK DXB leg was not full but the DXB Heathrow leg was really full. I did have a passenger next to me but for once I had a lovely young blonde who was quite chatty, I really didn't mind the chat.
  3. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Got a seat booked by the window for that leg, hope no one next to me but I will survive.......
  4. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    In 41H, doors closed, row to myself. Maybe Emirates not so bad after all. Flying EVA in Jan though.
  5. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Porn gets id and passport this week in married name then I can organise filling in of the pages and pages of on line application. Hopefully get her an appointment around 21/22 Jan then sit back and wait, hopefully for not much more than 4 -6 weeks. Kataleya very quiet yesterday and when even going to reception or 7/11 she insisted coming with me, she kept thinking I was leaving. Today reality for her/me not a good experience but as you say 'not for much longer'
  6. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just said goodbye to wee one and Porn as in van to airport. Hate that, does my head in especially seeing Kataleya cry shouting out daddy.
  7. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Same same, you and your good lady were excellent company. Really were a great tour guide and introduced us to some wonderful people. Would be happy to see Nut again, lovely character. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Just for your info I am no longer grumpy with Emirates. After arriving at Swampy took a trip upstairs to Emirates, spoke with a 'lovely' young man who was all about customer service. Let him know I was BA staff but booked with Emirates full fare as got married last week and didn't want to standby. Obviously felt a kindred spirit with me and booked me emergency exit aisle seat free of charge. Result.
  8. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    I agree, it has a great vibe to it, almost European at times. Chaweng has some really cool bars and clubs but other than one local expat out of his skull I didn't see any tourists ruining an evening's enjoyment. I was surprised the scale of what was on offer but it still didn't detract from the beauty of the place. Some of the villas perched high up on the hills looked fantastic and the views must be spectacular Loved the fact that most resorts are low storey style in keeping with a tropical paradise. The beaches were lovely and views from such places as Fisherman's Village out to the bays and across to other islands were so awesome. The weather was crap and still loved it, if it was clear and sunny it would have been brilliant. Had some excellent food, met some great people through Mike (Esco) which just added to our overall enjoyment. I will return
  9. Horizondave

    What are you doing right now..?

    Well had a great time in Koh Samui but now at Samui Airport awaiting our flight to Bangkok. What a great place to spent your holidays and what a lovely airport. I will be back Airport pics
  10. Horizondave

    Turkey, yes or no?

    Are the American turkeys still banned in Thailand. Used to love cooking a 5-6 kilo one. Had Capon last Christmas as I didn't want a thin looking Thai turkey. Great substitute.
  11. Horizondave

    Bah humbug thread

    I am blue as I normally use airline concessions so very rarely pay full fare. Paid EVA Air cheap Charlie fare and selected seats for free already, doubt I will travel Emirates again.
  12. Horizondave

    Bah humbug thread

    I am a member and booked through their website but all standard seats at that time were £20 or £25. I paid extra for seats on 2 sectors. Possibly my flight deal was cheap but I also have booked EVA through Travel Trolley and have already selected seats for free 5 weeks prior to departure and the flight non stop was cheaper than Emirates.
  13. Horizondave

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Cheers.. I will pop and see them on arrival of my Bangkok Airways flight tomorrow. Failing any good result there I will go to the Emirates desk early on Sunday. I have not checked in on line yet for their allocated seat.
  14. Horizondave

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Our food at Romantic Bamboo.... Seafood fried rice, Steamed snapper fillet in soy sauce and home made pesto gnocchi. Lovely food
  15. Horizondave

    Bah humbug thread

    Grumpy at Emirates giving me a middle seat ahead of airport check in (no online availability of aisle/window). Added note on 'wheels up' thread about my annoyance and chat with Emirates.