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  1. Just watching the inauguration of Joe Biden so decided to have my first pint for a week or two. It is 'Old Peculiar' and that is really in honour of the outgoing president and not the new one.
  2. Yes but that is usually in Olive Oil and stymies the smell lol.
  3. Probably cheaper to buy a can of tuna and open it.
  4. Takes me back, I used to go there regularly back in about 2003 - 2007. I stopped going after an incident that really pissed me off. Went on the motorbike and parked in the side street alongside the establishment. I was parked in a designated area that was acceptable for all traffic not just the Hop patrons. After I came out I could not find my bike and thought it had been nicked. Somebody pointed me down the street and there was my bike badly parked against other bikes. The bloody security/doorman had removed the bikes and allowed some cars to park where I had been. The chain I had on
  5. Reading some articles that the Israelis are saying that the majority of those who have had the Pfizer vaccine are not passing on the virus. It appears that the vaccine dosage creates such a high immunity that even if infected with the virus it can not hang around long enough to infect any others due to the immune system working to completely suppress the virus. The vaccine dosage also increases the immune system 100s of times more than the immune system alone.
  6. I would think that those countries may still require a certificate within 72 hours determining that you are not infected close to travel. It also is a bonus that they might believe that you will not be a burden on their health system. Got to start somewhere.
  7. Can't remember where I saw it yesterday but saw an ad offering the jab for 6500 baht in a private hospital group. Knowing how private hospitals cost things I would expect to see prices above 3500 baht etc. If I was in Thailand and well aware I would not be able to to receive the free vaccine then I would pay to have the jab at the first opportunity. I also would pay for my wife to have it as, from Tommy's report, it appears for a Thai to have it you need to be registered where you are living to have the vaccine. I would expect my wife could avail of it back in Khon Kaen where she is li
  8. Reminds me of my daughter commenting yesterday on a form of transport for her homework, she saw a pram and the kid had thrown a doll out of it. I told her luckily she had moved on from prams although occasionally she does throw a tantrum and the doll goes flying. She is learning though that she has to follow rules for her benefit and others.
  9. No doubt keeping an eye on proceedings though, he is on line all the time.......
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