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  1. Need to renew my daughter's passport in late January, there was a thread on here before that had info that the new colour passports would be issued from the new year.
  2. Easy but I think the idea is to sample chips with curry sauce for dipping or for added taste, that is an experience I haven't yet tried or have avoided before.
  3. One day I will try curry sauce on pie or chips, never had it on anything but a curry.
  4. In bed with a cold and not getting up for the Rugby. Hoping my laptop comes out of the shop so I can watch the footie later.
  5. Be interesting how many restaurants actually cut chips from bought potatoes as I am not a lover of frozen chips. Used to eat the pie and mash or pie and chips at the Rockhouse and they were freshly cut chips or mash. Better not TF this topic, I will begin to sound like a breakfast club member lol.
  6. I would have scooped the salad off the plate. I love salad but not when there is pie, chips and peas on the same plate.
  7. Got to say yet again why can't this be dealt with off the forum, I see no benefit except in causing issue and speculation when posted on the board. Mod rules actually allow deletion, moving etc in necessary circumstances; if I have a problem with that when a post of mine or topic is compromised then I will ask for explanation (if I really needed it) by messaging the guys who are tasked with moderating this forum and not putting it out on the main forum.
  8. No it's a 247 shitfest and as both members have been members of other forums why would it be a Secrets shitfest....oh lordy lordy.....give me peace.
  9. Have to say this was my first thought; why bring the complaint on to the board when there maybe a very simple reason for it without needing all this speculation within a topic. Just send a pm to the admin/mod team and I am sure they will answer you. No benefit on the main board.
  10. Probably for a lads wekend but when with a baby maybe a tad less enjoyable for such a short time.lol
  11. I think Ben Kingsley's performance is awesome.
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