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  1. It will be for some....at least in Yorkshire they have their tea to fall back on.........
  2. I was born in Queen Charlottes, Hammersmith Hospital.....small world
  3. If it is your type of place then go visit, always good to get the updates from people who are in Pattaya..
  4. It's now my manor, used to be a Hounslow boy although born in Fulham.
  5. Well I was reading all the news on the websites this morning and the only news item that concerned me was the link below. If you are in Yorkshire or the Midlands you may want to stock up, the south seems to not be affected. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/britain-faces-beer-drought-after-16519453 The news is in many papers, not just the Mirror.
  6. Thai Monk, think Porn is buying me an orange robe in Uxbridge as I write this.
  7. Just got back from the barbers, I need to go Specsavers as I don't know how I let the hairdresser make me look like a monk. Porn laughed and so did Kataleya, I am not going out now.....
  8. Yes the next visa extension for settlement includes a similar test to the first one, I have total confidence in Porn's English speaking and understanding. In fact I would say hers (and Puangs) level of English is better than some of my friends and definitely some on here. Porn went to a school in Nongkhai that had the King as a financial patron, she stayed till she was 18 but being poor meant that university was out of the question which I find so sad.
  9. As a guy who was married to an Indian i could say both but in Pattaya I think it is likely to be the consumable type of Indian, probably work out cheaper as well....lol
  10. Still get a good Indian though lol
  11. In my wife's village when anybody dies the headsmen goes around the village collecting 500 baht from each household to help pay for the funeral expenses. They know that when the day comes when a member of the family living in the village passes away they won't need to find the money for the funeral.
  12. Brilliant entertainment, have watched both 1st and 2nd series
  13. My reply to Krapow wasn't aimed at you. It was my general feeling about threads where I am not interested in or have nothing to say so I keep well away. As for women and their status chit chat I have not noticed it at Thai festivals as I always stick with my mates and they tend also to have ladies with them that my wife feels comfortable with. After all the guys I go with are showing respect for their partners needs whilst we chat over some cold Changs. Now status chit chat is something I notice more in Thailand. My wife worked out long ago which mates partners were spouting the status bullshit and kept well away from them, they never became part of her social circle. In general meetings with other Thais it is just part of Thai culture and helps further fuel the rich/poor divide. Of course the saddest ones are those who become well off because of their partners yet they seem to forget where they come from. No class, no style and that is so noticeable when in their company. The humble surroundings they come from are never mentioned, I know some who don't even visit their families. Thai festivals, you can love em or leave them, I personally enjoy them, just a touch of Thailand when you live far away. The Oxford festival will not see me visit, not physically up for it but my wife will now go with her friend tomorrow and I hope they have a great time.
  14. Just booked the 'flight deck' spectators area at the Air Wales show in Swansea for Saturday 06 July... Kataleya loves planes (so do I) and it should be a great day. Combining that with a visit to my relatives up the valley in Merthyr Tydfil.
  15. I have to say I know a guy who has overstayed in the Philippines for more than 15 years, one day they will catch up with him and he is in his 70's. Thing is he thinks they will just deport his arse, I tend to believe they will bleed him dry from behind bars first. Just was too lazy to ever go renew his visa.
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