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  1. That's a great deal. I paid almost a £1000 for 3 persons just Bangkok Bahrain for Sunday 21 April. Flew on a pretty new 787 but entertainment system had about 6 movies on it (2 worth watching) and only a handful of kids games. Not totally impressed with the in flight service but.for the price you are getting I would be well happy.
  2. My wife, Porn, is now settled in the UK. Arrived this morning (22 April) off BA124 from Bahrain. It was touch and go, there were 7 staff standing by but I was advised by a former crew member that I was top of the pile which actually worked out well. I was called first and given 3 seats; the problem only being that 2 seats were in business class and one in economy on the aisle. Despite asking the little one who she wanted to be sitting with on the plane, the answer being me, I decided to be the gentleman and let Porn and Kataleya have the Club class seats with me being on an aisle one row from the back of the 777. I tried to sleep but was difficult but it was an on time decent flight with a good crew. Breezed through immigration, Porn was only asked a few questions and advised to pick her BRP card (British Resident Permit) up within the week. Have checked and the permit is waiting at the local post office. Just needing sleep in bed for a few hours before taking the family shopping. It's a good day
  3. We are presently in Bahrain and about to leave the hotel to go to the airport to try and get on a BA flight to London. I have no idea of our chances as the flight had seats a few days ago but things change quickly at this time of year. If we do get on we will be back in London at 0615 am Monday morning. With the family with me I hope my luck will change.
  4. I phoned Thai and EVA and they were not even selling a seat in business class, I was standby. I phoned Qatar with a view to buying a round-trip ticket with a date in September but conversation got around to me mentioning I was BA staff and she suggested the flights I eventually went for were half empty which for a staff member is a good deal so that is what I did, only cost me a third of what I was going to pay and would get me to Khon Kaen on Friday early evening. Other airlines like BA, Oman etc were mostly full for my return which had to be on Sunday or Monday 21 or 22 April. My chances of standby on any BA flight out of SE Asia or any other interline journey were basically nil. Just the dates were the problem. Anyhow off tomorrow morning booked to London at cost.
  5. I was just in transit from Doha through Phuket to Bangkok so just needed to change some money up for needed beers. My post purely related to the airport in Phuket. Good advice, as you say, would always be to change up minimum required money at airport and then change up at the money changers in town.
  6. Almost back to Khon Kaen, it's taken 3 months plus a nightmare 36 hours but just 90 mins more will see me have a smile on my face.
  7. I really have hit rock bottom, just spent 4 hours sleeping on a bench at Don Mueng departures. Not really being a cheap Charlie but after flying up from Phuket and landing after midnight and with just 5 hours before checking in again for my flight to Khon Kaen I was just too exhausted to walk outside and find a hotel....... I thought also I updated my nightmare trip but possibly didn't submit so I have resubmitted below what I wrote when tearing my hair out in Doha ******************** Nightmare time....... I am presently stuck in Doha after failing to get on the two services of Qatar Airways to Bangkok. Now this baffles me and pisses me off because I only took these flights on the advice of a Qatar reservation agent. Both flights were half empty she said. Well she got that wrong. London Doha was as she said but Doha Bangkok was overbooked with 40 staff standing by. Yours truly didn't stand a chance. I am now hoping to fly at 0820 (Qatar time) to Phuket (6 hours after my original flight). Unfortunately it gets into Phuket at a time I can transit to Bangkok but not to Khon Kaen so no seeing my wife and daughter today. Have a booking to Khon Kaen from Don Mueng at 7 am so will be there to attend a merit making ceremony Saturday before leaving with family back to UK on Sunday. This is not good for my health or peace of mind. The standby nightmare is real. Great when you get on but evil when you don't. I need to sleep. Yours truly Pissed off of Doha. Edit. I checked in for my journey at 1 pm on Thursday. I will arrive into Khon Kaen in about 4 hours, that's almost a 36 hour trip.
  8. Forgot Chelsea were playing yesterday so happy they are in the Europa League semi finals. Things you miss when taking the slow way back home to your family. Oh my Air Asia flight to Bangkok now delayed. Just gets better lol
  9. If changing your money up at Phuket airport don't do it at International arrivals, do it at Domestic arrivals. International arrivals offering fixed rate (today) all banks Baht 39.16 to GBP. Domestic arrivals offering fixed rate of Baht 40.29. Of course better rates probably in the beach resorts but this is just info for if needing to change money at Phuket airport. Plenty of taxi desks also offering transport deals into town so may be worth a short walk if changing money.
  10. At Phuket transiting from Doha to Bangkok and drinking this (need to drink this). Why am I doing this, oh yes I do know but I'm too old for this standby shit. Booked flights from now on.
  11. Prince of Wales pub, Terminal 4 Heathrow......
  12. For you 'pool fans I will be with you tonight, looking forward to the game.
  13. Just deciding what to have for dinner; will it be fish and chips, faggots and peas, steak and kidney pudding with boiled potatoes and veg or even a nice Panang with rice. Easy decision, it will be porridge. Just can't be bothered to cook, microwave porridge with kiwi will do tonight.
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