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  1. Agree he comes across well, never been in his bar either. Even pre-COVID there seemed to be live streams/filming in his bar so not for me. Mr Egg has appeared on a couple of his earlier videos. Of the top 10 a few excellent ones in there, that I frequent regularly when in town- know one of them is favourite of yours too🙂 No 3 The Climax Bar on the corner of LK- awful place in my book though- does that get in there as Martin's pick? Flowers can't be as dim as he came across in the interview. The highlight was where he couldn't calculate how many years he'd been in Pattaya, despit
  2. You are making it sound like the NFL, and your right. But there won't be a salary cap, and like the NFL there won't be promotion of relegation. So Man United with 4 recent seasons without CL football when it was competitive entry, would be guaranteed a place in perpetuity. Brought to you by J P Morgan and FIFA😀 One's a total rotten, corrupt organisation, and the other- oh hang on that's both of them!
  3. Agree, this might come back to bite someone. A photo get posted on here with the idea of sharing it in a small group and is stamped as Thailand247. A rogue member post it elsewhere and any fall out comes back to bite the poster in the "real world", with a label on the source. If an individual wants to protect their own photos, nothing to stop them from copyrighting/adding their own watermark. Why add something that the original poster has chosen not to add?
  4. No- that's what the Champions League is meant for. This isn't sport, it's creating a cartel
  5. Agree- have seen exactly the same at my local school. Boris pick policies on how they look, not if they make sense and he has no interest in whether they work or enforcing them. All the bookmakers (off track betting have been closed), the minutes from SAGE (his scientific advisors ) specifically stated that bookmakers with the measures they had put in place (like pubs), had negligible role in the transmission of COVID And still Mr " We will follow the science" closed them all the same- it's all about the optics. We've got the worst of both worlds. Regulations that will
  6. I prefer your version to the published result😉 Confident I'll bounce back, unlike last year actually watching a few games this season and forming an idea as to what's going on. But then again I could just be deluding myself....
  7. Had that one draft think it was called Brodies Prime up in the Lakes- it is fantastic🙂 Might need to get ordering online
  8. Yep putting it on at 8PM on a Saturday night- that's going to be interesting in pubs. So all the London Man United "fans" sat on the table all from the same household🙂 I think Sky will have to pull the plug on this experiment rapidly
  9. Saw these lots live in the Mean Fiddler in the late 80's ( I think🙂), but of an eye opener. Now they've mellowed out
  10. Saw it as the cinema and felt exactly the same. Would love to watch it again, sure there was a few things I missed on first viewing. About a week after I saw Snowpiercer by the same director, that's worth a watch too. Very different to Parasite, shot with a Western cast but a great movie and gives a little insight into where he's coming from.
  11. Got the same late yesterday, was there on the doormat when I went to put the bins out- sounds a bit suspicious with Ms Beaver in on the plot. And can there really be a Lord Romford🤔 Going to try to sign up online in a bit, any mention of Colonel Mustard and I'm out of there.
  12. I doubt it too. UK for me has the worst of both worlds. Restrictions that will damage business but are being implemented too late and in confusing half-arsed fashion, whilst the virus has already gone out of control . Think the Nightingales that people scoffed at for never been used are about to come into play Depressing as hell
  13. Slightly slow loading the forum this morning in the UK for me, but once loaded, opening up topics is fine.
  14. My first ever crack at lasagne- it's excellent 🙂
  15. Don't think it will stop at the PL. TV season ticket for QPR will happen. It will bring back childhood memories, perhaps of early Doctor Who, hiding behind the sofa, too scared to look at the Television🙃
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