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  1. Picked up this from a charity shop, the author someone stood out- thought I'd seen him recommended on here- what's a year between friends.. Only just starting on it but great read so far👍
  2. Yep the anti Jewish thing has been going back centuries. Remember being forced to read the Merchant of Venice at school as a 15 year old- how could that be possible relevant to modern life? Seeing the Rothschild shit rolled out again is just plain depressing. As Comrade Marx said "History repeats itself the first time as tragedy then as farce"
  3. Damn you were playing a cool hand. 30 weeks sat coolly waiting with a first XI at least one of which had left the country, several injured and no hint of a substitution. Trying to lure us in with an outrageous rope a dope tactic🤯
  4. My point was about no single race, just how Jew hating seems to have become the the acceptable form of bigotry- well until several days later peoples twitter accounts get shut down.
  5. Reading about anti Semitic abuse on the BBC My Dad as an Northern Irish Catholic volunteered to fight against this shit, joined the British Army and saw active service in WWII. Have to have hand this to a BBC journalist calling out all this vile nonsense that somehow seems to have become the acceptable form of bigotry https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-53560502
  6. Would be a good call, too risky chucking another £280 away in the hope it's on.
  7. Another poor decision alongside this week's cracker of deciding against playing De Bruyne as captain- thank God it's over.
  8. Very nice but would trust the blonde shifty Aussie guy 0%. Nice laid back place Hua Hin but I'd go for renting myself.
  9. Lager🤯I'm outraged, I haven't been so shocked by anything as much post lockdown apart from WHU turning into a top 6 team. Its brilliant to be out again, got to take all the regs on the chin if you can get an ale and its keeping pubs alive Confusing and alien for all the old paddies, but compared to only allowed out once a day, I'm loving this
  10. Brilliant read so far recommend by @coxyhog
  11. Feared someone would exploit that nice man and his "eat out to help out" scheme
  12. And there's you reaping all the benefits of this field work- devious yet brilliant plan😉
  13. Ordered the fish Finger sandwich and this came out🤯 Wolved it down before any questions asked 😆 really great
  14. Hophead on draft, beautiful 😍
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