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  1. Lemondropkid


    Suspended indefinitely, end of season as the minimum Remember when Duncan Fergusson got a 3 month sentence, for head-butting another player? There was a certain old school honesty to his on-field violence, none of that here. Took a hard line with burglars too 😀
  2. Lemondropkid


    This is even a huge story in the UK, headline news on the BBC website front page, alongside UK Election news America will be going crazy waking up to this😊
  3. Lemondropkid


    Seems to be ongoing speculation that he's got some sort of degenerative injury and won't be the same player again
  4. OK👍 I've had some great nights out there too
  5. Can't agree with you on BKK being "world class". For a first time visitor I'd agree on it being fantastic for all the big tourist attractions Grand Palace, Wat Pho etc. But a "world class" city- no. Inadequate public transport (the airport rail link is a disgrace), unchecked pollution, rising cost of living and for tourists given the strength of the THB less and less of a bargain. I can pay less or equivalent for meals/drinks in London, get superior food and better service. I've done BKK to death and find the idea of going to KK or UT, and up to Laos far more interesting, and have enjoyed this TR accordingly. Would agree with you on Tawandang on Rama III being great though. Possibly the only nightlife venue I can think of in BKK that hasn't declined markedly in the past 15 years.
  6. In your shoes (snow I'm guessing), I'd be in Asia every winter. I'm very lucky here in North London, very temperate climate, no extremes of hot or cold. Your cold would kill me off but the lack of daylight, would be too much Enjoy Patts
  7. Lemondropkid


    Just the players? Is this the McVay magic wearing off??
  8. First November in about 15 years that I haven't travelled in November/December and can honestly say I'm looking forward to it. Went to the races yesterday was out in the "cold" it was 41 degrees with a bit of wind, for around 5 hours with odd coffee and betting break indoors. Really enjoyed it, had forgotten that feeling at the end of cold day outdoors finding a nice warm pub to sit in 😀 Knocking in 5 winners may though have clouded my judgement on how pleasant winter in the UK is 🤔
  9. Many thanks for the report, fascinating and very informative for me as someone who hasn't been to either KK or UT but has spent way too much time in Patts😀 Quite an amazing conclusion you came to in 4 days in UT, given you were not that impressed on day 1. Cheers 👍
  10. -10C, holy crap. I'd be running for the airport too😀
  11. Have never been to one-reading your post they sound more like semi-private clubs, where you have to join up? Very different then from Pattaya's Gentlemens Clubs
  12. Definitely a scam, they snail mailed me when I forgot about the licence last month. Unless you've be dodging it for years and they've out-sourced collection
  13. Feel very sorry him, but listened to one of his vlogs where he put forward specious reasoning as to why he had to seek treatment in Thailand and could not go to the UK. Even his supporters in the comments section whilst wishing him all the best, where politely telling him he was wrong. That said hope he pulls through
  14. A bit murky😲. Just incase it was your photo 😉 looked up the latest data https://www.airvisual.com/thailand/chon-buri/pattaya 131 is appalling, be careful out there.
  15. Lemondropkid


    Texans in town Sunday, albeit sadly the Texan below won't be playing
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