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  1. Large chicken satay with rice and salad £8/ 320 baht, Leather Lane Market, East London. Very expensive, but top quality, damn good
  2. Is that the same one from the Secrets thread picture thread? She's outlasted most of the bars in Pats.
  3. British Library is a treasure. Regardless of whether books are not to our individuals tastes keeping them and making them available marks as down as civilised society.
  4. Damn and I thought everyone did😲 For me the thought of burning a book is a really shocking thing. I read loads of the Flashman novels as a late teen. Picked one up about 3 years ago to re-read, found it crass and mildly racist. Guess I'd grown up. Gave it and a few others to charity shop. Have no objection to anyone else enjoying, just wasn't my taste anymore. These books should be preserved as they document society at a point a time, whether I agree with it or not, right now is irrelevant
  5. They seem to banning rather burning?? Burning would put Georgetown Uni alongside Adolf. Whether the books should be banned is a different debate. Have these books really been burned or is this clickbait.
  6. Band aren't the best. Bad enough sitting through a couple of beers worth- staying opposite must a form of water torture.
  7. A great beer👍 Powerful stuff that Lao Dark, not like the Abbott pish you drink😉
  8. Don't think the O&G industry has the same leverage in the UK- take the UK government banning fracking (well pausing anyway)
  9. Lemondropkid


    Hard life for these NFL owners😀 Do the Jags tend to have salary cap space? I'm a long way from understanding the economics of the NFL. Sounds like a great system theoretically, to even things out but the Jags seem to disprove it by sucking every year!! Guess coaching and recruitment wins out. For what it's worth off-topic, Craven Cottage (Fulham) is a beautiful old ground, very historic (bits of the ground go back to 1905). If the game's a stinker you can glance at the rowing crews going down the Thames😁 if you are in behind the goal in the away end. The Oxford v's Cambridge annual university boat course passes the ground.
  10. Time to buy shares in the manufacturers 😀 Guess one certainty is the government will keep ramping up the petrol fuel duty, probably punitively on the remaining second-hand cars.
  11. That's a brilliant point, circa £28 billion hole to fill
  12. Lemondropkid


    Just reading that the Jacksonville Jaguars will be playing back to back home games at Wembley this year. Understandably their fans are furious https://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2020/2/5/21123210/jacksonville-jaguars-london-international-series-nfl-home-games Jags have a shocking record listed in the link 38-90 and only 1 season above .500. I attended the Wembley game last year versus the Texans, and the Jags were awful losing 26-3. There were stacks of tickets available via StubHub, if they are as poor next year, Khan may be overestimating the attraction of the Jags to a London crowd
  13. I think the best we can do at present are guesstimates. Scottish Power came up with this "Scottish Power estimates that in order to achieve this, the UK needs to have 25 million charging points for electric vehicles - the equivalent of installing 4,000 a day - and 23 million electric heat pumps to replace domestic gas boilers.And all at a cost of nearly £300bn" Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-50261278 4,000 a day I doubt that is physically possible Cost of £300 billion, bear in mind we don't know if the whole HS2 project will go through- the Government's finger in the air is coming up with £100 billion. As we are arguing over whether we have 100 for the trains, where does 300 come from for the charging points. This of course doesn't speak to the where the additional electricity will come from and how it will be generated. I've no problem with this as an aspirational target but given the financial and logistic challenges it won't happen😀
  14. R.I.P Gold Cup winning trainer of Cool Dawn. Will be known little outside of the horse racing world but a remarkable man, as this obit shows (source Racing Post): Robert Alner, who trained 1998 Cheltenham Gold Cup winner Cool Dawn, died in hospital on Monday night at the age of 76. After a successful spell as an amateur jockey, Alner took out his training licence in 1993 and enjoyed a number of big-race winners including 2005 Betfair Chase winner Kingscliff and The Listener, who represented his Dorset yard in the 2008 Irish Hennessy. He was paralysed in a car accident in 2007 and the following year he and his wife Sally became the first couple to be granted a joint training licence in Britain, which they gave up in 2010. Alner is survived by Sally and their two daughters Jennifer and Louise, who is married to trainer Robert Walford. Walford said: "One of our owners, John Millar, is a doctor and he said it was 250-1 for Robert to last five years after his accident and evens for him to last two years, so for Robert to live for 12 years after it just shows what an amazing man he was. "He’s been a boss, father-in-law and inspiration to me. He was a brilliant, top-class trainer who did so well with horses that were not expensive. He was tough and had plenty of courage. "It’s a day of mixed emotions as it’s very sad but Robert had not been particularly well in the last week and had a bad day yesterday.” Alner provided Andrew Thornton with some of his best days in the saddle, including aboard Cool Dawn and Miko De Beauchene in the 2007 Welsh Grand National shortly after his accident. He told Sky Sports Racing: "It's really sad news as we were very close and he meant an awful lot to me. He was in intensive care for 101 days after his accident and people don’t do that but Robert kept battling. "Miko De Beauchene was the most emotional winner of my career as it came six weeks after Robert had his accident. I went down to see him in hospital afterwards and it was hard to communicate with him, but to relive the success for a couple of hours meant so much. "He was paralysed from the neck down but wouldn’t miss a race and he followed my career throughout. He’s going to be sorely missed.”
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