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  1. Yep, plenty of form in the too good to be true sphere. Used to be loads of info on the Andrew Drummond site, that has "disappeared" from their.
  2. From their Facebook site,- I'm a firm believer that is something looks too good be true it is!!! Find enough suckers to stump up 15k upfront, then bye-bye " How can you afford to do this? Our calculations are made from figures derived from several other businesses with in our group, we are tying up with many other businesses and by using the “barter system” where by we are “trading” goods and services to leverage what we have and keep the costs low. The obvious saturated realestate market is also a defining factor in making this possible as we are managing to acquire rental properties at well below market value. Soon to be launching “all inclusive holidays” to India and China this enables us to operate on a mass scale, obviously the higher the volume the cheaper cost per head generally. From local business owners asking if it’s possible to take part- Yes and you will be contacted by our team after Songkran with what we feel is a very fair offer and we hope to find as many participating business as possible to make the product as good as we can. We will be in touch with further details in the coming weeks. Regards Love Pattaya Thailand"
  3. Lemondropkid


    Tiger looking like he could go another 18 holes😀
  4. Lemondropkid


    All over for Molinari🙁
  5. Sorry my misread- I saw the headline about Stickman and thought you were talking about his article sending out the wrong message,(which it didn't) rather than one single punters view. It that was your point, I wouldn't see the customer base of What's Up being representative of the average Pattaya punter. Place has been charging eye-watering amounts for as long as I remember and still been rammed.
  6. Agree but you do get the odd Irishman (some very odd..)in Patts, plus Mods, Rockers & Arabs- yet to spot a Rasta though 😀
  7. Good work Krapow, cracking track 😍
  8. Spot on. I've 3 Indians in N London, near me just regular places, part Indian club/lounge & sports bar. Nothing fancy, proper authentic food, mainly Indian clientele. They produce food, light years ahead of anything I've seen in Patts, plenty of other great food available in Patts
  9. Like the music but as a bar not for me, just too fake- I know Pattaya's hardly mirrors reality but Trenchtown? Ok on Electric Avenue but definitely not for me in Patts.
  10. You're quoting very selectively from his article, he lists 6 emails including the above, 4 readers responses that 180 baht is a rip-off, one replying it depends on the venue you and entertainment (I'd personally agree here) and the one dissenter, that you've quoted.
  11. Lemondropkid


    Done Molinari at 23.0, laid a little off a 2.9 this morning- looking forward to watching the final round.I hope Molinari will do it but my head says Tiger @ 4.9 is the value call.
  12. Excellent link Namps, commentary is spot on concerning most of the bars that I'd visited and the city. Street 104 was a dead loss, and he's spot on with Candy Bar, that's pretty grim. As the article points out, stacks off decent places and a place evolving fast. Good to see someone giving honest reviews.
  13. Lemondropkid


    Off to a flyer- remind me please, who was the French female tennis player you said was a rising star?
  14. Lemondropkid


    Really looking forward to watching the Masters today- relatively new to golf, lots of small interests to spice it up a little😁 Molinari 23.0 , Watson 36.0 , De Chambeau 36.0 (In Egg We Trust), Grace 126.0 , Wallace 176.0, Mitchell 226.0 Last 3 are huge prices, all backed to win and place. Looked at the price history for the last 10 years of this event, this morning, only 2 of the last 10 years have not seen a golfer priced at 3 figures hit the frame( winners at 100.0, 140 & 150.0). 2015 when Spieth won 15.0(still places at 70.0, 90.0 and 70.0 again). Other exception 2010 Mickelson at 14.0 ( one 80.0) place. Of course, this year could be different...but bookies must love this tournament💰💰 Only wish I knew something about golf to pick out the massive priced good things 🙁
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