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  1. Lemondropkid


    Trying to attract new NFL fans on this forum, could lead to Evangelism. TFing everywhere. Worse than all the Association Football talk on here.
  2. Lemondropkid


    The Jets offense was awful last night, gave up watching the game part way through the 3rd quarter. I struggle to understand Bell- given the finite career of sportsmen, why would sit out an entire season to head to the Jets? I know money is the answer but surely he could have gone almost anywhere, like Brown?
  3. Lemondropkid


    Pretty clear to be me. It needs an understanding of the past/current NFL to grasp it, but that doesn't feel like an unreasonable expectation for this thread.
  4. Lemondropkid


    Only single punt so far is Packers (home) -3 👍
  5. Lemondropkid


    Found a fun punt called the Sunday shootout. For the 13 Sunday games you can either back home v away, aggregate scores of all 13 games produces the winner Have gone away -3.5 Cheap interest in all 13 games, flip on the red zone coverage and keep score😁
  6. Cheers 🤪 We are 1/7 to win this, so you really have to conjure up ways to lose. Archer breaking a finger fending off a 90 mph bouncer would be one. Am worried too about that fancy watch of his.
  7. I'd declare- call my mad but there will be some really hostile bowling tomorrow morning. Why risk Leach, Archer or Broad getting injured by a fast ball that they're not good enough to avoid. 382 should be enough....🤞🤞
  8. Two questions: 1) How can you tell? 2) How many of the 3 have been played by Krapow and/or Galenkia 😁
  9. Not had a proper look. Has to be one of the poorest runnings ever- only 8 runners in a classic?? Maybe the missing are being lined up for the Melbourne Cup 🤔🤔 ㊙️
  10. Reports this morning he was batting with man flu- said he was loaded up on cold & flu remedies. Not writing him off yet😁
  11. Smith out lbw for 80 he's gone at the game 😀
  12. Interesting but they are scratching around looking for justifications. Surrey are third from bottom in the county championship, was it the pitch on day 2/3 or just the better team (not Surrey 😁) were batting. In commentary yesterday Sky reported it was the longest length of time the Aussie management team had spent looking at the wicket and also the largest group chipping in an opinion. Hardly sounds they had a clear plan.
  13. Well seems to be a disagreement between the bookies and the cricketing media as to who won the first day (the former tend to be correct far more often than the latter) David Lloyd on Sky reckoned the par score should have been 450, which Michael Holding found hysterical, he voted for 350. The BBC headline announced Australia on top. England finished the day on 271-8, yet against the media's view, the bookies have England as the favourites now at slight odds on of 10/11, Aussies 11/8 and the unlikely draw at 8s. So England not in such a bad position if you ignore the cricket "experts".
  14. Seems a strange decision from the Aussies, winning the toss and bowling- very odd.
  15. Glorious sunny morning in London, with the prospect of much of the same throughout the whole weekend. Only 5 draws in 28 matches on this ground since 1990 (stat borrowed from the Racing Post 😁), with the weather today/this weekend will be a result. Can only see a win for Australia myself sadly. Strange mix of circumstances, very brittle England batting line-up, and Smith, out of this world. Hope Curran does well, very decent young player.
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