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  1. Lemondropkid

    What Are Your Top 5 Movies?.

    Casablanca Withnail and I Miller's Crossing Deer Hunter The Warriors
  2. Lemondropkid

    New smoking laws in Thailand

    Not my experience sadly. Really like staying at Diana Oasis, the breakfast area is outdoors, I had to move inside with getting smoke wafting over me from adjoining tables. What's wrong with people that you can't let someone else have their breakfast without your cigarette smoke? One repeat offender sits chain-smoking after he's finished his meal. Some French (German maybe) ladies on a table in front, were looking at the menu then did an about face wondering where on earth the smoke was coming from. He seemed to be blowing as far as he physically could . The ladies looked shocked and disgusted, did not bother to order. Matey just carried on oblivious. Appreciate people are within their rights to smoke but I frequently see zero consideration from a sizeable number of smokers in Patts. Main exception was that gent Al McReady , but the exception rather than the rule.
  3. Lemondropkid

    New smoking laws in Thailand

    Metro Apartments on LK is non-smoking too inside the bar
  4. Lemondropkid

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    49 days for me, flying visit to Patts, Thurs 31 till Feb 4th, before heading to Cambodia.
  5. Lemondropkid

    Bangkok suggestions/ tips

    Lonely mothers? Are you Gabor in disguise?? Beergarden in BKK has been shite for longer than I remember
  6. Lemondropkid

    First night in Thailand

    Aside from the fact I always arrive in the evening, exact replica of all my first nights😁
  7. Lemondropkid

    Bangkok suggestions/ tips

  8. Lemondropkid

    Bangkok suggestions/ tips

    I think Tawadang's an excellent night, arrive early(book a table in advance, if you call up their English is good), best to bring company- group of 4 best, invite a friend and tell them they can bring along a couple of mates
  9. Lemondropkid

    Do you smell? And what of.

    Don't think I've ever read a thread that I've felt more out of my depth on - not used to this level of sophistication on a forum 😍 Normally I'm giving off notes of pre-drink Beer Lao, before I hit the nightlife.
  10. Lemondropkid

    What favourite food did your mum make you as a kid

    Great story- how lucky we are now/have been growing up/living in such benign times. I was around the East End Wednesday, still hits me when you see all the lack of the older buildings, the reason for it.
  11. Lemondropkid

    What favourite food did your mum make you as a kid

    Yes on both😁
  12. Lemondropkid

    What favourite food did your mum make you as a kid

    My Mum make fantastic chips, big fat things done in the chip pan- those were the days of the regular fire brigade adverts of how to put out a chip pan fire. Served up with some Birdseye fish fingers- heaven!!
  13. Was asked several times last week if I wanted to BF (Champagne & Heaven Above). The only one of the bars I've been recently that the OP mentions was Secrets, and no one was at home. Of the others I enjoyed Dollshouse (no drinks pressure), Panda ditto (but thing they were only after Asian customers) and Sapphire (no pressure, little interaction but up to the punter to take the lead, once you do, no problems)
  14. Lemondropkid

    RIP Pete Shelley

    That has shocked me seeing that, R.I.P Pete, one of the great punk bands the Buzzcocks- brilliant live band.
  15. Lemondropkid

    Introduce yourself to the forum

    Welcome Phantom51red, love your rolling TR and pictures from Hua Hin and the surrounds. It's reassuring for a lazy arse like me to know there's so much out there, should I ever get myself in gear😁