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  1. Embarrassed not to get this one. I normally prop up the bar for a few happy hour beers and a pizza early doors. My excuse is I'm rarely looking in that direction😳
  2. Yep, watched last month when I had a Prime sub- really entertaining
  3. You are under-selling yourself, not just a bench boost you've been busy in the transfer market🙂
  4. Correct based on the trial of Sinovac in Brazil: "Last week researchers at the Butantan Institute, which has been conducting the trials in Brazil, announced that the vaccine had a 78% efficacy against "mild-to-severe" Covid-19 cases. But on Tuesday they revealed that calculations for this figure did not include data from a group of "very mild infections" among those who received the vaccine that did not require clinical assistance. With the inclusion of this data, the efficacy rate is now 50.4%, said researchers." Source: https://www.bbc.co.u
  5. I did think when you played the WC that it's win at all costs in the Cup with Bankruat United😀
  6. OK that's interesting but depressing. 😞 Good to get insight from guys on the ground, even if it's not what I want to hear! Going to have to re-plan my imaginary holidays🙂
  7. That's a very interesting article when you read the whole of it. They are using the Chinese Sinovac that hasn't been tested on over-60's in Indonesia. How much influence are the Chinese able to buy through letting them have 125 million doses?
  8. True. Impossible though to say how likely a scenario that is. Unless Government's accept a level of risk, however minimal, the economic cost is easily going to outweigh the risk they'd be trying to mitigate. So being optimistic, taking Thailand's ultra low cases rate, vaccination and testing will hopefully mean we can all get travelling again.
  9. Maybe a vaccination certificate, combined with testing prior to take off and on arrival? Still going to be a pain though.
  10. Watching day 1 of the SL v England Test- series is looking for a great way for England bowlers to boost their stats😀 Wish I was in Galle, beautiful place.
  11. One that's been on my wish list for a while, splashed out on a new paperback version. A little far fetched in the early chapter, but am going with it, fast-paced, entertaining read so far.
  12. I think it's too early to say if you are right or wrong . UK Project Siren is going to monitor vaccinated workers in hospitals for a year or so, that would give a more definitive answer. At present don't feel there is enough evidence, to disprove the idea that the vaccine doesn't stop you from catching the disease and passing it on. Have heard a rumour though that Leo kills COVID stone dead🤔
  13. Was on a video call with a couple of mates last night. Their bosses were trying to encourage them to come back into the office. Separate from this both of them are hearing of several people they know in both offices coming down with COVID. All this stuff about the policing of outdoor exercise is nonsense. Workplaces and public transport are a far, far bigger risk.
  14. I'm taking solace in the fact Team Chips is going into bat with 6 players and no cards played. They'll be weeks with far more points at stake to play them in- says the man languishing in mid-table about to sink further down it🧐
  15. Didn't think it worthwhile playing a chip this week with so few games. Toyed with the idea of making extra subs, but couldn't make my mind up, indecision triumphed- I should be in Government😀
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