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  1. sorry this was bait click to its worst by the thaiger, I am a fan of their owner, nothing new, just the same that everyone has heard for over a month
  2. i would agree, yesterday was the heaviest yet. the problem is tho that they lay drainage pipes and charge for it, which simply come out somewhere between the suk and BR, ( ie the drains on third. I am not sure of the answer to the problem but ... there is a soi that runs parallel on the city side, from Big C thru to Nua. that was awash as all the sois between became rivers. the LAKES were massive, the last storm I saw as big as this was prob 8-9 yrs ago when the city took a real pasting. there isnt a fix for these storms for sure.. but felt sorry for the shops and houses.
  3. you obviously havent seen his stable. nags comes to mind 555
  4. I get ripped off, sorry pay for insurance thru Terry's mrs. its first class and she does a great job of support. not cheap tho. am wondering. at the beginning, jan i think, we bought extra covid insurance, it was cheap as chips. 1 year about 1K baht. they stopped because they were afraid everyone would catch it, but wonder now if there is an auto right to renew it.
  5. Egg, you were in the news today mate.. as a bit of a promo, hope it helps
  6. WAIT.. so Mint drive the mites and bugs away?? pls confirm as I have shedloads fo that. plus I am well pissed off seeing your toms lookin so good :)
  7. this was the suk at 1PM. 30 mins before it was dry. so much for the expensive drainage
  8. despite my failure here I can warn you, as a farm kid in early life, that chicken shit is the worst. its high in ammonia but worse, it stinks like fuck and every time it rains it will stink again, cow or pig is a safer way to go, but for me it will be from a packet as I have neither .
  9. whole area got fuckin aphids and tomaotes got white veins in leaves which is some kind of leaf mite. i spratyed with washing liquid and water, they all died anyway, now on second batch different earth
  10. for 11 years I have been doing all the houses here in magnolia, looked good and is better than white at not showing the dirt. a year ago did my gaff in blue, now totally addicted to it, a light grey blue. now doing the EMPTY rentals in same and the change is amazing. done the offices too. its a cool blue, not a warm or dark one. hard to show in a pic so what colour do you choose for your home?
  11. tommy dee


    i have seen the garbage floats out at sea, a huge mass of crap that bonds together liek an island. when the storms come and the tides are wrong,l it all dumps on the beach. fuckin mess
  12. perhaps i can hire her as a consultant. so far to date everything i have platned to eat, has died, except the herbs. now covered the lot with that green see thru mesh to proptect them from the sun as a last ditch attempt., as a self confessed loser in the green finger stakes, i am waiting to see if it makes any difference. with envy.. tommy 😉
  13. i wont enter into a debate here with you, i sent you a clear PM. i dont know you hence cant dislike you but if you cant show that you can post in a way that is condusive to the forum, and continue to find anyone to pick on, then this board isnt for you. I wrote that nicely in a PM which you read. Until you manage yo do that then yes, you are on Level 1. as is anyone after a months holiday. I can send you a list of alternative chat boards by PM if it helps. Kinds regards Tommy... ps, the bowing has always been an option, not a requirement :)
  14. doubt dodgy. i went to the official opening by the owner years back. he built it as a show fo what thailand could do. the contents alone are not replaceable and was a lifetimnes collection. also the building that burned wasnt one of those that was to be demolished. those are along the seafront. this place was amazing, gardens and buildings with a versailles influence. and the contents would keep you in awe if you like that sort of thing.
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