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  1. annoying yes, a trial for sure and a fail. they were trting to keep the suk clear. if u think that a pain, wait until you here the next plan. will be out later today but it will certainly be different. FWIW i dont blame them any more for the "watch the farang" thing, as they include chinks and koreans and nips in the whole bag with us. most of the cases came via non thais, fact. and they are scared, as any admin would be, of ending up like a lot of western countries. my theory, anyone who doesnt like it, f off home.. where I am sure the bag count is 100 times that of here, sadly. I know the people making the decisions, and I talked to them again today. they were in meetings till very late last night to try and fathom out a good alternative
  2. todays ringfencing of the city turned into a fiasco that will without doubt see repercussions. most ignored the news, thousands queued until they had to open the roads. that isnt goin to go down well here..
  3. this combined with the abject failure of most to observe the new east west divide is going to see some repercussions for sure.. not a good day for pattaya today
  4. f me the warning has been everywhere. each car stopped occupants all out and checked. i cant believe so many people thougght they werent affected. myst be crazy. i am getting calls of 2-3 hr queues. it will last for sure. this has been on the cards for a while and was well planned. this morning nothing and at 2, all side roads onto the railway blocked, and checks in place. i did Easst germany before the weall came down.. reminds me of that
  5. blkovked off now i think u will find, all diverted onto the railway road.
  6. truth is that it wouldnt make a dent mate, sadly. and the new pipes that were being laid to bring water in.. well work on them has stopped this past week. i reckon the workers all f'd off. fire brigade been delivering free water to some sois and supplies from the reisies are just gone. Hua Yai has a bit but maprachan is to all intents and purposes.. done
  7. phil, i am not sure if you covered them or any of them on the books with social security. if so they can get 7500 a month off the social. even if "self employed" they can get 5K.
  8. our news has been calling it the elephant in the room for over a month now. the little ponds we saw int he fab pics posted here.. are gone. our studio and the southern end of the dark side has had no water for over a week. and the hot season.. has 2 months more to go
  9. picss of the resort on fire this week on the lakeside ande only one of the lake which thought would show the lack of real depth.. dont compare to your shots I am afraid .. just on me phone
  10. no it was the big c that got him. he spent his money here and a collection too on treatment, then went home as far as I know. treated in UK but it was very advanced. in throat to start with
  11. RIP Kev, Lanza he did go back to the UK i think, before that he was here having treatment. been sick for several years sadly. We met him several times when he was doin his blogs.. allo people . he did it for fun, which was the best reason.
  12. i tooka few the other day to show how far its gone now, but yours are much better thx. truth is that the city i think has now been zoned with some areas every day getting some water. fire trucks are out at homesa giving water too. our studio, no water 5 days. the lake is done.i sqaw where you took the pic of the pumps and the new barrier to try and build another pond but the depth is same both sides and nothing really there to pump any more. a lot of it is filthy and down to the bare depths which arent really supposed to be used yesterday a fire on the lakeside took out two motel bungalows and nearly the loft pub. when the fire trucks, finally turned up, they ran out of water. now there are hydrants all round the lake and one right by the pub. no one tried to use it so obviously dry.
  13. thats the game plan, and the minor routes will be blocked too i think
  14. the old nursery rhyme old mother hubbard, going tothe cupboard, but its bare.. comes to mind
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