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  1. small issues really but a moped in the UK is 49cc. here half fo the scooters are around 110 and the rest above 125.
  2. as i understand it 7/11 works like this/. 3 types of stores franchise ( 30% of profit to franchisee) 40% same as before but 40% and company owned. franchisee cant touch the cash in the tills and is essentially a worker for 7/11, gets a monthly cheque thats it, but pays overheads. 7/11 watches franchises, if one is doing well, they will open a company stiore very close. they dont care if the franchisee quits.. they get the business. so I am told
  3. tommy dee

    Refused Entry

    land crossing must always have 20K baht in cash with you.. hapnes a lot, they wont let u in
  4. tommy dee


    jealous bastard, i have a standard of living to achieve. foff back to live.. 55555
  5. by 11 the heat is on, and its not for me.. jump into hot truck, wait for the ac to do its job. right now sitting working from home today, doors open into the garden and a fuckin minor bird that wont shut up. Lizzards are out too and bastard the cat has caught another bird. somehow this is tranquility :)
  6. waking before dawn and seeing the sun come up. in thailand that is best part of the day. sunrise is faster here than in europe, and if you can catch it over a lakeside its even better.
  7. without details, to boring, my mother (89) thinks I am 7 yrs old. now she maybe right in some ways.
  8. wow. sadly sounds ike onset of dementia. wishing u all the best. never easy
  9. sick maybe? but hoping things sort themselves out
  10. enuf already ffs.. where's my cut of the profits.. i think you kept it all again last month.. will have to post that elsewhere. ( wasnt going to mention that but now you are going to be around longer it needs sorting) ;). u can transsfer via paypal
  11. phils put the news out now so its cool. i couldnt say much before as thats his gig. but when he called today i was expecting more bad stuff. and instead it was good.
  12. having seen what you have gone thru so far mate, and heard the good/bad/scary and worse.. you brought a damn tear to my eye when we chatted earlier. how the f am i supposed to maintain my callous reputation when u do that :) made up for u
  13. no one knows me here from before, a long time ago and what they used to call me a ball buster. today, got some news about someone that had me welling in tears of happiness for them, then a discussion with my brats about a will I am making. in which we all three took the piss as I explained that the cat gets the lot. a whirlwind day of warmth.. something that 20 yrs ago would have gone right over my head WTF am I posting this here 😉
  14. Geoff for my money, he isnt here all the time but when he is he is so up beat and positive you have to love him. kevin is sick, no insuracne but has the cash, lucky him, a mill plus for treatment. wish him well
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