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  1. Please dont turn this thread t a political one, thanks
  2. Suzi Quatro, still touring, currently in oz and playing to huge crowds. its in their blood and they need it as much as the fans
  3. HEADS UP.. the visa office in BKK is MOVING. mid this month it leaves the "trendy" building for Rama 9. check links on their website
  4. as a result of a long talk decades ago with a pal who is a heating specialist in the UK.. I learned the timing heating is a mistake. so coming on an hour before u get e etc etc. the thing is its cheaper to MAINTAIN a temperature than slog a system to get there from cold, heating first the wals, floor, furniture air and then finally you so as an experiment here, in a decent sized house with modern ac units.. i and two pals elsewhere tried the test for a month in the hot season. my bills went DOWN with ac on 24/7 set at 25. ( one pal went up as his house has crap insulation) In the Uk hositpals are told to heat at 22-23 degrees. so when Mum was really fragile, I set her house to that. Home until this past weekend I had the same there and was comfy, despite coming from here. Here in Thailand, am happy with the cool house and best of all, of course, ac dehumidifies. if you ever check the water output from a single ac unit you will be amazed.. pints and pints per day. that otherwise is in the bedding, wardrobes etc.
  5. WARNING.. personal attacks onthis board will not be tolerated and, sadly, will lead to extended holidays. thanks for understanding
  6. i think you might be disappointed in this forum if you imagine that it is a place to look for sex.
  7. as you may know I am now in the UK, with my mother's funerl this friday and then some time sorting things out. maybe its me, but I feel lik I am in a foreign country. Of course I know my way around, but many roads have changed. but attitudes, people seem to have round shoulders and complain all the time about life. the weather maybe doent help but its tough for positive people to deal with for sure. I am staying in my mother's house,, which seemed to bother some but not me, and have a lot to do as am scanning a ton of photos to share PLUS working on the radio from here, but outside.. daunting. anyone else find the same?
  8. my wife is a language teacher, thai, English and German with qualifications. she is a partner in the IPASA language school, north pattaya. i think one on one is 500 baht an hour. and she does online too.
  9. tried that, then got a massive price from quatar. any way now booked on el cheapo with plenty of curry.. will post the results :)...got a result onthe cr rental. told them it was too dear, they came back 80 quid cheaper
  10. this is one of the reasons I taught my kids, and grand children to take no punishment form others. my memories of school are not good and I still have them, but block them. 5 horrible years . what made it worse was that I was the nly local Kid in our school so when I got off the bus it was a run to escpe the local gang of wannabee hoods. i had nearly forgotten that until now
  11. same for me. was a huge bus eva fan, and BA too. BA doesnt fy here any more, and I have a shed load of avios, and eva prices are silly. flying next week to UK.. one stop.. adding just about 2 hrs to the non stop time.. will report on it later but will be interesting and at 78K baht.. affordable
  12. the dep head was our worst, also he was the sport and physics/checm teacher. a total wanker. took pleasure in treating boys badly and was a snide little fucker, ex pupil of the school so failed everywhere and came back. sadly after the HM reitred this bloke took over the school. by then i was long gone. he ran it into the ground. ALSO I was set to fail maths and phys chem thanks to him. My dad was smart, took me out, put me in a crammer school, 6 hrs a week, in a week or so I was rocking with the best and passed with good grades. that "man" is despised by numerous ex boys who to this day wish to read his obit with glee
  13. we are lucky in as much as on this board, being a mod is an encouragement to sleep. very little to do in the work room. the board and even new members, all settle in in a decent manner. thx. as to gossip,, well social media is awash with crap that is copied and pasted without checking. the new world is here
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