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  1. Pattaya today 35 degrees, up north west its 39 and the hot seaso is just starting. get out your hats lads
  2. french architecture at its best..
  3. yes but your porn site op is different 🙂
  4. hope u didnt pay extra for that balcony view, and that wan and her new friend didnt pull the curtains closed so you had entertainment 🙂
  5. you have to physically go. no one lese can do for you you could pay someone to hold your hand, but its pointless. make an appointment. go to immigration, pay 100 baht ish and get a letter saying where you live, you dont need the housebook, and bobs your uncle two copies of everything, 1 for bike 1 for car
  6. thank you for the tour C. brilliant I have to notice that the Yanks felt obliged to post on their diving helmets which was was front, which I found amusing
  7. most not all fo the burning is coming from cambo and Laos. Wifes region this morning showed in the Purple, way above red so dangerous, and that is to the west and below CM.
  8. can you tell us more about this, cost and what it includes. do you need to gly business to qualify? please
  9. Taken Sunday not far from the shore in Jomtien.. vile
  10. today we hit 170. the problem now is that it isnt clearing during the day, just rising slightly. so the smog is there when the air cools and comes right back down but thicker. Sunday was awful, but today worse.
  11. same issues. so open in incognito windoww. copy and paste user and pw from the windows pwd saver and it works done it a lot this week, no issues
  12. I earn from yt, daily with the news.. and have always paid income tax on the money they pay., so see this as fair for sure. the WP issue will be interesting but a lot of the YT vlog guys dont make a red cent. despite their work, if they dont hit the numbers they do it for free
  13. of course no one mentions where the smog goes when it rains. your swimming pool, car, thw roof of your home, which if you look has changed from whatever to almost black over the years, and of course plant life annually I pressure wash the large driveway here, its a ritual really. and the filth that is washed off is vile. as someone with poor breathing anyway, the smog affects me greatly and annoys me intensely. of course I know to blame the cmabodian farmers.. as I am PC correct 🙂 🙂
  14. that letter signed off by your embassy then has to go off to the ministry for them to approve itoo, after you have paid for a legal translation of it, and your passport. ministry then sends it back and you are good to go
  15. the main source of the sum line here is the smog. hence it is black. when i do daily swim, not now too cold,m I walk arond with a kitchen scrubber and do the line daily
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