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  1. now i know who u r on about. always out and about back in the day was Kev. made any munter look hansum. I heard he ended up penniless and borrowing which was sad. his little shitty bar always seemed to have customers.. and girls
  2. amazing pics. i wnet years ago and was totally under whelmed. but then went at night and it was completely different. i can see its a photographers dream..
  3. a great idea, but by then he had decided seriously to reitre and had done with no desire to go back to the 2 gallon a night pineapple juice consumption . what would work is a mini Larry, slightly younger .. same skills, less affection for rats 5555
  4. wind it in lads, we leave the personal attacks to the like of Mad Joe on dead, not here. thanks
  5. i think a lot of us have tried to separate the new shh from the old shh for numerous reasons, whilst, as u say, some still see it as ben's golden goose, and we all know what happened to the goose. the tales of yor are legendary, if almost unbelievable but true, but that was the past. it was down to the new team to register with the public that this wasnt a new chapter, but a new book.. as said, this chap steve seems to have tried, perhaps in a deal he didnt understand, and now you have stated ( not I) tht he is ill, so we can comment on that, i wish him a speedy recovery. but the fact remains, sadly, that despite his investment, the pr and marketing has been seriously dire. even "Jambo ate my hamster" would have got some foot traffic. sadder is that in spite of the past.. someone will pickup the ball at that building and, in under a year, changes in the area will see it thrive.. but if they have any brains, as said, it will be a clean sheet, new company and newstart. i hope that can be this chap who has, at least, tried his best
  6. Danny, i agree with a little you write re hoping it gets resolved and staff taken care of. however secrets has had a good run here, promo for the hotel and the bar when it opened. from what i hear Paul has done his level best in most areas but there was nothing done to promote the bar when it opened, not an ounce of marketing. as in zip, and the recent closed for spring cleaning took patrons and ex patrons for fools, which they arent. i hope it does get sorted and re opened and staff and suppliers all happy, but please dont blame the public for questioning BS in some cases,
  7. its not been a good year for the roses here. and we can only expect similar for a while. those who have been prudent, or have other incomes will survive. but for many it will be curtains. one minute a place is up for 5mill,next minute the inventory is on sale somewhere for a pittance. good time to buy furniture and equipment and then wait a while.. for bukau central to take on a new look
  8. hope they have another inerested party as just heard that the person who was interested decided to spend elsewhere.. but that may be a rumour.
  9. perhaps, but then you would have to be of the mindest to blame the builders of a thatched cottage for the current owner choosing to tile it
  10. to be fair, Ben has zip to do with this thread really, as he has been out of the place for a while. what ever its future, its got new owners and, maybe.. new new owners. neither of which are in business with ben. he didnt fill it with scooters or relaunch it a few weeks back without any PR, then wonder wy nothing happened, and he didnt close it. some of his choices before may have affected the current situation but, finanaces aside, he is irrelevant
  11. it its day, ( circa larry the rat et al) the food was excellent. later i found myself avoiding it. the breakfast was brill
  12. thats ranking up with the "whens it due" comment to someone, only to find out she isnt pregnant ... just fat 555555
  13. no you wont like this Danny, but its always been that thebank account cant be a joint account. i am sure its worked in the past but it has aways been the regulation that you have to be sole account holder. bell me if you are having diffs, many ways around this old chesnut
  14. word down at the riverside where the women do the laundry is that secrets has yet another new owner? and that the mods will be gone soon. but as said, its only gossip.
  15. they were using it last year as u came thru customs. i had an odd shaped package and they scanned it.. not in general each passenger use then, but saved them openinn peoples bags. so are us saying every passenger now gets scanned or just the ones they pick? because if so, it was that way for a year
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