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  1. even rural hosptails have private rooms, i rented one for someone in nakhorn nowhere for 500 baht a day, ac and tv. here its about 1K from memory. the nat ins program here is vastly improved. several staff have had treatement and ops on it, all good
  2. the national health for those paying taxes here .. covers pattaya city hosptial. thats brand new and excellent, plus most of the quacks are really from places like BPH. rooms are cheap, under 1k for private. things are on the up for thais and those working here. but i admit i still have private ins too.
  3. perhaps pushed too far back as its obviously built in. a fridge or freezer needs room at the back to ciculate air. also in hot season unless in in an ac envirnment, may will pack u if they overheat. simply the fridge transfers the heat IN the fridge to the coil an the back, unless air can get around it it cant cool. in our restaurant in the UK we put a fan blowing down the back of the line freezer as when we were bust it would cut out otherwise.
  4. favourite trick is, if they see a maybe half thai, is to go and talk to them in thai. your daughter i am sure speaks thai. gocha. better tohave the forms signed. a while ago one chaps wife had to race to the airport to sign off on her kids going alone with daddy.. they nearly missed the flight
  5. got some really shitty emails and msgs about this telling me i was wrong. now everyone is back tracking. but they cant change the law without due process. having said that, a quick visit to your local immig. and they will tell you how they are interpreting it all.. and its different per parish from what i can see
  6. the rent is high, the location difficult to market but the hotel has potential and alone could cover most of the costs.. in the high season. someone needs to budget carefully for the 6 months of low trade, or is it 8. for me the hotel would be a no as it has no lift and no parking but for many partying in WS its ideal. as to the bar.. well .. who knows
  7. if they are home owners then it should be relatively easy.. same process as someone taking their gf over for a visit. same app and procedure. worth a try. you make it easy as you have a home there, so a place for them to stay. key issue is always to show that they have a reason to go back home and not overstay.. thats the main reason for rejection, as u will know
  8. to be honest its probably the most gritty series i have ever watched. i have to mentally trnaslate much of what they say but it appears that its a series based on a complete subculture, embracing guns and knives along with the usual powders etc. Weird as it portrays the split personailities, so far, of those who love their familes, but dont think twice about removing their enemies from the mortal coil I cant find the first 2 series, so was straight into the one on netflix. explains why the first episode was hard to follow, but after that its been easy to follow. except I cant tell the differenc e between 2 of the characters, and mix them up all the time If this is London, then I am happy to be living here
  9. a real eye opener this one... top boy, on net flix.. not pleasant but eye opening..
  10. both figures way off,someones guess work.. for the real figures., contact the vendors, its their business :)
  11. watched every episoe back to back, good but very repetitive, something u only notice when watching a whole series in a day. very well made tho
  12. ex wife was a yank, and we had lived in NY.. back in UK came home from shopping nd caught the first one on the news, stunned we watched as the second one hit. we honestly believed ww3 had just begun before our eyes
  13. tommy dee


    katmandu and anyone else. we made it clear politics are for the politics threads only. ray was decent enough to comply, we expect same from all otherwise as on other boards, every thread will be f'd with anti pro whomever. which is pants for everyone else thanks
  14. thats the norm, its easier than trying to negotiate to be fair. i have brought 3 household here , same rate as that
  15. s 12 is ok, its the other side from the action and quiet. enjoy
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