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  1. i always thou8ght they were good vehicles too, nice looking.. and yours is in good nick, just keep it and run it till it dies.
  2. thai atms accept 6 digits for the past year at least, mine is a 6 digit, hope that helps
  3. value of chevrolet, used and new here just went to nada as of this announcement. dealers will be scrambling for a new franchise and trust me the cchevys now are worth a pint and two pies
  4. obviously not as i mis read it :) but nevertheless, a good post
  5. plenty of atm, all work with our cards. i didnt read the link
  6. most,e xcept the rogue, truck fill up from filling stations that pump up to tanks from the water table below ground. the old trick of taking from ponds and streams is pretty much histroy except for the old conners that i guess are still around. i had 8 huge tanks last week for the pool refill, crystal clear
  7. our studios have water on for a few hours a day i think at night. we arrive and fill the dustbins in the toilets quickly as by mid day now ater at all. i have one tank ont he roof, 2K litre i think, but it never gets full.
  8. great pics as always. the turckas rent just making a channel, they are selling the sand to builders :) fwiw the water table here, i live same area, is on the drop too.
  9. correct. they listed him as a Corp. but within an hour it went to S Mjr. thats how its been left since then too. SM is a warrant officer. ( NCO)
  10. if in 3 months time they all suddenly get well again, and we have a med to prevent it, which i dont believe, then the travel would start. by then the year is a write off at a loss even if hotels and amusement venues are busy after that.. they should be mrketing to the west for sure.. the forgotten tourist, but that too taskes time for the cogs to grinf. the city , sorry the country, iis in a dire state right now for the year. phuke i is dead. pattaya has more fo a chance because of the weekend BKK ians fleeing to get away and we are close. the drought hasnt hit the city yet which is good but the hot season has already started, early this year. lets hope we get heavy monsoons , the chinsk all get better and 2021 is a better year.. else there is going to be caranage business wise
  11. main hotels are mpty. the weekend sees a few from bkk but on the whole they are empty. many cutting staff, all cutting budget and the prefiction is 3 months. reality is it will take a yea r to recover. the 4 stars are running on fumes. suppliers seeing cuts too and stored down on foot traffick. nows a good time to visit
  12. i was wondering about that. as an ex car dealer, I can see car values plummeting. in the Uk most seem to buy on a lease type deal, thats cheap because its based on a residual value, "guess"timated by a book. if they residual values are set lower, the payments will rise and no one will buy
  13. he has alrerady said he will take 12.5 same as retox, otherwise sitting firm.. good for him
  14. am rebuilding swimming pool so dont wish for a ban for a week please, NIMBY :) then after that.. fine by me
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