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  1. all very sad. but erring on the side of caution and health is a good thing, albeit not for the bank balance sadly
  2. re the hotel "design" i can only say that there are at least 6 others built over the past few decades with similar wiring and space.
  3. Once a sleepy, entrancing seaside resort in southwest Cambodia, Sihanoukville is sleepy again, bereft of Chinese nationals and tourists who have left following the closure of dozens of casinos in the city. This was a result of a government ban on all online and arcade gambling operations in the kingdom, which came into effect in January. Fears of a coronavirus outbreak virtually completed the exodus, with reports of only 10 to 20 percent of Chinese nationals remaining, and few tourist arrivals from mainland China. Many Asian places are feeling the pain of being too China-dependent in
  4. is that the place that all the chinks pulled out of and left as a ghost city?
  5. one of the issues now is that many have contracts due to renew in jan feb, with the stupid key money. those places will fold, as will many who have thrown the keys in. but the buildings will remain. albeit empty. end result will be that landlords will have to compete for tenants with lower rents, which is good. places like tree town and the like are simply pop ups on land that was vacant. that land initslef will eventually be developed, and those little busnesses are onyl there for pocket money for the owners, tourism and tourists will without change as a result of covid. nothing
  6. stayed in the city last night. the drive in was erie, no traffic on a friday, at all. and most places have shutters down. I think seeing it as opposed to reading about it was a worthwhile event. hotel was super clean, Adelphi, best rooms for a real song. on the balcony listening at 11. not a sound.ty kinda sunk in. Many tell me the thais, bar girls to cleaners, have this time gone home already as they know what is coing this time after last years events. I can beleive that as footfall, and pretty faces were at an absolute minimum
  7. there was no testing in January, mainly as the chinx hadnt admitted to the virus. pal of mine came back from working in china and all his pals were infected including little moi. at the time all the Drs in the city, who actually do talk to one another, were seeing this new virus which they saw as sever Bronchial pneumonia made worse by the smog. my Dr. got it too, probably from me. subsequently he told me very clearly that I had had it. for me, not in the best of health, it took a month to mostly get over it. 3 months ago another Dr. told me clearly we had covid in the LOS but the mi
  8. TRAVEL OUTSIDE OF OUR PROVINCE IS TO BE REGULATED> English translation is as a follows: This is a notification that a permit will be needed to travel In accordance with the requirements issued under Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations, B.E. 2548 (No. 17), to raise the level of the highest control area where strict measures are required. By setting up a concentrated screening point and having documents confirming travel necessity The question that follows is, where is this document going to come from? Today the
  9. alongside covid, there is a flu virus, nasty one. I am just about getting thru it. hot/cold sweat with no actual fever, and the usual shit. saw my Dr. who reminded me I had already had covid in january, and put me on the right track. the worying thing is tha in the back of your mind you think you might have covid. but he reckons the flu is affecting more people than the C.
  10. i wish more programs ran on linux. our network of processors is all linux and never ever crashes. W10 wont let you really switch off updates and quite often reboots or crahses as a result. thats a real pain for me, so much so that I have no a backup i can switch to while it f's around doin its damn updates.
  11. was forced to go to 10 on most of our PCs as software i bought only runs on 10. its not too bad but I preffered the solid 7 approach
  12. excuse spelling, these are my news notes... Monday saw THailands public broadcaster, PBS, a state agency.. publish the following, which we read eaxtly as written.. Thailand’s five coastal provinces of Samut Sakhon, Chon Buri, Rayong, Chanthaburi and Trat have been placed under total lockdown, meaning travel in and out of the provinces is banned, unless it is absolutely necessary. A Deputy Prime Minister said in his Facebook post on Monday that he would like to thank Prime Minister and the CCSA for approving the proposal from the Ministry of Public Health to lock the p
  13. the private hospitals advertise testing for covid with the statement, THIS IS NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO THINK THEY HAVE SYMPTOMS OF COVID. which kind reads like they dont want real cases, and possible infection. hence the replies you get. heads and sand come to mind
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