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  1. PLEASE GOD.. I AM SO CLOSE TO CLOSING THS THREAD BEFORE LARRY SEES IT.. TO HIM.. ITS PORN we have a cat called bastard. i hate cats but bastard thinks she is a dog. no rats last
  2. chelmsford by any chance for the small fakers? i know a girl who promotes them there
  3. ramadan, so they were just crawling out of their rooms after dark for some grub probably. the suk area was v quiet last few days as most, i am told, dont go out at all. only westerners and asians left on the street
  4. shouldnt laugh but in one of those pics there is a bar thats obvious done and dusted, single chrome pole in the middle.. and someone has nicked the neone striplight bulbs.. now theres a 200 baht savings :) yeah its a pretty desparate area. was supposed to be the last chance saloon for boozers without budget I think.. or those waiting for their giros to clear
  5. 2nd visit last night, now everythwere was due to stop selling booze at midnight. thermea was rammed. probably 250 girls, so many that they were sitting out the back and front of the place too. 80% asian men, but westerners made very welocme indeed :) drinks.. JD sprite 130.. coke 100 for the girls
  6. meeting today in BKK, so for the good of the board I cam a day early and had the first night here in BKK for 6 months. the sukhumvit area is far from vibrant. in fact its pretty depressing. Nana was empty, i didnt go in as it all smells of piss, but only the centre open beer area look any way busy. soi 7 beer garden, was depressing with a grab a granny night obviously running on a thursday. so on to thermea As I had hoped, it was i full swing. probably 200 FL working last night. 20% western men and rest nip/korean. the girls are friendly. they all seem to ask 2500 st. i took more interest this time, for the board purposes only.. yes, about 6-7 ladyboy types, half of which were more male than female. the girls tho, seriously some top totty in there. rather take a taxi, 1600 baht, i drove to the airport , parked and took a cab. I dont think I will have saved a penny by the time i pay for diesel and parking but hey ho. i need to move around the city and hate driving here. lots of building in old haunt areas, most of S7 is fenced off and demolished. went down S5 and the side sois, really quiet. One girl explained that its ramadan, otherwise they would have some trade... who knows on a positive side, no tour busses, no chinks Out :)
  7. chang has been banned. lanza is out in force lads, dont mess with the man that glows in the dark.. he had his warnings.. but i am sure he is living in a better place now :)
  8. will b carrying out a survey tomorrow to check
  9. 400K will get you public hospital treatement for most things incl a private room. it isnt enuf for the hiso places like BHP and PIH for muchother than a small problem . but at least someone will have cover to get treatement
  10. we have to. heres the reason, its based totally on a statement from the health ministry. if idont, i will be accused of white washing, if I do, i get your comment. things change here.. andthere will be amendments but these thigns ALWAYS end up as being law ( tm30/800K/driver licence change). far from scare mongering.. its a heads up cheers
  11. public hosptials have private rooms, 600 baht a night, full ac and tv..
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