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  1. just saw this and was laughing. yesterday went to central in Phuket. wanted some stuff and saw a wallet. mine was falling to bits. nice one and 30% off (yeah I know) so chose it and went to pay. you have member card? no.. Ok I give you then u get extra 10%. so went thru the rigmarole. then she gave me the final price. which was more than if i took the advertised 30% off. ffs. quite a stormy woman when I told her i didnt want the card . but got for the proper price Had home pro, Big C and fascino for years, they are all worth having and foodland has one online too now
  2. its almost a franchise, same as all the ones in the UK.
  3. cheap tools are always crap mate. i had knuckles like a losing rize fighter when i as young before learningthat lesson.. thse little babies have saved me a fortune on numerous jobs over the years.. probably 20 plus yrs old now too
  4. i make the same mistake. at work the untis are all in a sealed ac room, no dust so i always forget the one at home. even the vents are clogged wit dust. thanks for the reminder. will be using the mini vacuum later
  5. dave, your posts are ully A1 mate but you got genuine opinions not kiss arse replies. i thought i was interesting to start with but its the same clicbait style post that sky new uses.. designed to get you, then get you off course into the ads, sorry mate. as to the content, on its own it was readable. dont take offence, the gate will be useless without it :)
  6. was half into that, got to the bad air in the cabin then a shit load of stupid ads. but interesting cheers
  7. from now until prob end feb, the thai "winter" is amazing. cool nights, medium days not muggy either. its the best time to be here. by may i am running from ac to ac, but this time of the year is heaven
  8. i guess thailand is my home country now. and the evenings are amazing now, i actually sleep outside on the porch inside screens and its perfect. ( my choice).. Feb mymother will be 90 and I will fly yo my mother country, not lookin forward to that. above all else, she set the thermostat at 15 and thinks thats hot. may need animal skins and alcohol to keep warm
  9. I WEAR READING GLASSES. but to be honest i buy 12 pairs at a time online for 50 baht a pair. and being cheap , when they break i keep the remnants and every now and then make a few pairs from the leftovers. the mini screwdrivers can be bought anywhere and i dont use a glasses box, so they sit in my pocket. In the UK I paid good money for glasses, here its pointless. and the lenses in the cheap glasses are absolutley fine
  10. i went to a rayban shop in a mall. chap replaced the missing screws and tightened up, and i had to persuade hi to take 200 baht for a beer. very pleasant and helpful
  11. a few years ago we went to a bbq out onthelake, as in the middle. people could walk across it too. the other pattaya ressies are the same too. bear in mind that mapbrachan is fed from river thru 100 kms of pipe, but those rivers are more or less dry too. there will for sure be a drought next dry season, no chance of anything else. living close by our water comes from bore holes but that doesnt make it so much better as the water table is already low
  12. 1989, whizzing along the german autobahn in a nice porsche, stereo full on and windows down at 5am. bird comes in the car, . but she blamed my finger.. and then proceeded to apply similar to me.
  13. the rules apply to visas applied for outside thailand not within, I think you will find. so you should be fine
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