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  1. anyone feeling generous. its pattaya103@hotmail.com for PP but this is not a begging message 🙂
  2. I fixed it. our subsription had expired today. so duly paid. for what its worth the fees for this site are not horrendous, as you may read elsewhere. our annual costs for site, invision and hosting appear to be around 24K baht a year.. that may raise some eyebrows anyone feeling helpful, let me know. I have paid the lot today and have an empty payp0al, but if no one does, thats fine too. I promised him we would somehow keep it going Its my fault. Phil wanted me to transfer it all over to me and I refused as was still with us and its against my way. end result, a bit of a clusterfuck today but I think sorted. also we owe thanks to Phil, Plaka, who talked me thru this and is likely to join as admin to take care of this stuff that i dont understand 🙂 Tommy
  3. its bollox but I will pass on and try to get sorted. i can guess who reported it
  4. thats not as easy as it might look, invision is sending us the IPs as its not part of the back end. only way I can tellis if someone reports that they have had it happen, then I can check the IPs used to try and access their account board names arent a problem, but will leave till weekend then list as we delete them cheers
  6. you could see it that way or, realistically, its the removel of some 20 odd new accounts, many not confirmed by emails so suspicious anyway. this was done so anyone who is a genuine newbie could let us know and remain unaffected 🙂
  7. thats cool and wqe welcoem you. we do have an issue tho as a handful of old haks that have been exited from here have of course signed up under new user names which kind a shows how good it is here, and also how desperate they are ANYWAY, for you guys, genuine newbies here. Please post, even in the welcome section, just let us know who you are and a bit about yourself. as dormant accounts will be closed in a week or so to make management here easier mits to the keyboards. even if its " Hi I am **** I have/ have not been in thailand for xx days" we'd love to know who you are thanks in advance Admin
  8. so to eleaborate a little, the ferry is a few baht, you arrive and rent a bike. there is a cave witha buddhist background worth a a peep, and then the roard runs around the island. on the far side are ace beaches very quiet. and you can grab food there too. nice for a day out , you wont be disappointed. IMHO way above ko larn as never made it with the chinx, mainly thai visitors even before covid
  9. behind robinsons, the road leads to the harbour, take the ferry to ko si chang. its a lovely unspoilt island
  10. seems that todays latest dross is that Vitamin D helps prevent it .. so I am allright as have been having that as an injection for 6 yrs. only thing is I got covid end December. so its back to the bleach and tonic water
  11. please take pics and share of your trip. sounds brill and different as I, for one, have never been on a long distance bus here. I was thinking and one day will, take the nigth train up and plane back just for fun tho
  12. this weekend we will be local, as i only plan an away weekend once a month. chinese museum out near buddha mountain or a CAFE on the dark side which is in the middle of an elephant centre and has monkeys too. both free entry and at the seoncd I am told the food and drink is cheap and good.
  13. less and less tattoos Egg, are u saving on ink? look much nicer to be honest
  14. nice crutchless underwear for sure, but not for this thread, thanks
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