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  1. tommy dee

    Cash - On the way out.

    cash and here GOLD will always be real. most here prefer gold anyway.. for the long term... plus rodents can eat it when its hidden under the bed/house/floor
  2. tommy dee

    Cash - On the way out.

    not in aisa, here u will sign every card transaction. most if not all never ask for pin numbers except at ATM here.
  3. grew up in an hotel so I know I am good at the hotel side and restaurant but shite at the bar. would be a terrible bar owner. and it would be terrible for me.. main reason,. would bore me to death.
  4. tommy dee

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    so you dont think rain washes dirt particles out of the air? check new concrete when it turns black.. and house exteriors.
  5. tommy dee

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    well it works which is why, for decades, bangkokians will never be caught out in any rain. they know it bring the "contam" down with it. i was caught on a riverboat once and thought i was fine.. next day sick as a dog
  6. tommy dee

    Anyone translate from German?

    first tells u about burns day and that its a holiday in scotland=now too in nessies scottish bar in soi bukau- kilts sporrans gordon someone addressing the haggis-
  7. tommy dee

    What are you doing right now..?

    wow Lanza, you get a foot massage too?
  8. tommy dee

    What are you doing right now..?

    nz gets its garbage back then 555555 saf trip mate
  9. tommy dee

    Airline has offered a upgrade

    @Nickrocksaved all thru his holiday to fund his upgrade. cheap trnasport, burger king and fleapit motel.. well at his age there was nothing else for him here.. i think the highlight of his trip, meeting me apart, will be his slippers and free drinks on the way home.. no doubt nicking the headphones and blanket
  10. hahaha.. last story is the giveaway, as i step down a peg from february :) Gold.. I wish, plastic or paper perhaps
  11. tommy dee

    What are you doing right now..?

    does he by any chance do tv repairs too?
  12. tommy dee

    What are you doing right now..?

    writing the news and planning for an easier life as of end of the month. will be good to not get up at 4.30am, as I have for 8 yrs.. but i actually like it at this time.. must be mad
  13. tommy dee

    Hi everyone

    not pete this time.. a spammer flogging stuff.
  14. tommy dee

    Hi everyone

    and ban 55555
  15. tommy dee

    Air Pollution - Pattaya

    the mist in the early morning when its cool is pretty dense. 5-6am. i actually missed a turning ths morning. by mid morning it is almost clear as the places warms up. like JL's photo shows