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  1. nampla69


    Ricky who runs Pandora's beside the Rockhouse was the manager there. Lasted a fair while. It was good. Club Electric Blue there now with some of the same mama sans etc
  2. nampla69

    What are you doing right now..?

    Read the White Knight thread it's blooming' horrible .....but some good advice !
  3. nampla69

    What are you doing right now..?

    Still in shock having just read about Mr Egg !!!! Wish I could do more to help but ......
  4. nampla69

    Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

    Tell him to sign up here he'll know most people.
  5. nampla69

    Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

    Victorinox make great gadgets like Swiss Army knives, clippers etc really rate them.
  6. nampla69

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    First ones are on me .......... Guinness and Stella doubles ....... travel safe mate ....fuck the Huns and Rangers !!!!!!!!!
  7. nampla69

    Travel horror stories

    That is priceless young man ........... I genuinely loved reading it ....... fcuk Tprump and all that stuff that post is brilliant. Barack would have loved reading it in his birth place in Hawaii.
  8. nampla69

    Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

    Tell you who is really good BM Barsie .......... he has a luggage online company Cabin Max. I'll dig out the website. Honestly really like the young fella and his Mrs but no other links. What BM Galenkia was saying when I do Europe short haul hand luggage only. Pity he does not post more on here Barsie I've bought 3 bags online from him all excellent quality. BM Barsie to the board please ...if he's not passed out pissed somewhere.
  9. nampla69

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Enjoy ya lucky bastard .......... love ya mate !!!!
  10. nampla69

    13 Year Old dies from Muay Thai KO!

    Outstanding post and well written. Thank you.
  11. nampla69

    Peter Crouch Podcast

    They don't like him in Trinidad ........... oh and Tobago
  12. nampla69

    Peter Crouch Podcast

    Just finished his book as well "How to be a Footballer" ...... he comes across as a lovely fella. No airs and graces, genuinely funny and had a glittering career too.
  13. nampla69

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Prostitutes all the way .....
  14. nampla69

    Who Remembers This Bar?

    Same agree .....