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  1. +2 odds on favourite. Wonder if he popped in last night for the second half of Chelsea v Everton ?? ....... Chelsea fan so ...?
  2. Number 20 yodels and sings some great Mor Lam Isaan type folk songs ...... think that was what she was sighing, moaning and groaning about ??? ... Buriram's finest.
  3. + 2 can't listen to Kev for more than about 7 seconds ...........
  4. Think how the fcuk did I end up with this 93 year old deaf Aussie old bastard ............. I must have been very very drunk ...... Up the Hammers Ray .....
  5. Go and shag one of your Abbo bar girls you randy old goat
  6. Agree ............... fucking Lazarus what a bastard he was ...... can we get Warren Gatland as our next coach ??? Mind you I'm getting strangely aroused by watching the women's rugby just now .... England just scored 2 minutes 10 seconds in ... some big girls in there blimey !! 7-0
  7. They also toast up lovely. New Vietnamese just opened round the corner from my work they do a spicy mackerel Banh Mi can't wait to try it. Wonder why the Cambodians don't do a version as it was an old fFrench colony.
  8. + 3 never seen Game of Thrones ...quite liked the YouTube clip of the naked woman doing the walk of shame and have the boxset of Breaking Bad in Thailand but no mate never seen either like the young man from Bristol above. Not a binge watcher ....
  9. nampla69

    Refused Entry

    There are one or two ATMs airside ........ not sure if they give you a chance to use them however ? ...I would imagine they do but not sure ...... + because the £ is so shite these days some ATMs won't let you take out 20K in one hit so costly mistake.
  10. See you in Scooters @ Secrets me old mucker ....... doesn't quite have the same ring to it does it ?? Maybe Phil's Le Pub would be a better shout. Went into Scooters in Soi 6 a few weeks back and it had all the atmosphere of Stavros's Full English Breakfast Cafe opposite the Archway Tavern.
  11. Got some t-shirts as well ...... plus an old 100 baht meal voucher ...
  12. Gold with Thai for the past 8 years or so. Its Star Alliance so great for upgrades Air Canada upgraded me twice already. Thai let you book Business cheaply even been upgraded to First twice. Getting tighter not had a free upgrade for a while ..........
  13. OK ...time to confess after all these years. I've got some beer mats, a copy of the old menu and a half pint beer mug all with the Secrets logo.
  14. You pay for a Sugar Daddy blimey ?? ........ am I fully getting the OP thread ??
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