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  1. Ireland, England, Wales and now France again are all great teams and been World Cup finalists. England should have won the last World Cup far better team than SA but failed to show up for the final and bottled it.
  2. Walking around old town Bucharest. It's amazing will post pics later ......
  3. Wonderful pics. One of my favourite places on earth. Spent a long time there in 1981 on the Californian side North of the lake. Remember those casinos well you had to cross the border to get to them if memory serves. No Hard Rock or Harveys or that ski lift back then. Pictures of the lake brought it all back. Used to be baking hot daytime freezing at night was idyllic. OK I was with a Californian blonde girl who was insatiable and I was young .......... lake still looks the same. Thank you so much for posting !!
  4. The wiring to the right looks 100% safe and compliant with all Thai Health and Safety Laws.
  5. Saw this recommended on Saturday Kitchen. I like that programme. £15 worth £60. M&S found a bottle Sunday opened it tonight its gorgeous for red win lovers. Excuse for £15 my daughters first birthday today in LOS.
  6. Met Lenny MacLean few times in Hoxton just before he died. Friendly man. Went to a funeral with him once as well. Anyway I've watched Hot Girls Wanted about the porn industry. Sound great but it is crap. Spare yourself it is truly awful .......
  7. Lots of children dead. My son lost a classmate ........ been hearing some really sad stories last couple of days. Time moves on so quickly ........... Terminal 21 still closed Mrs tells me. I'm sure Pumpuy will be alright he's like me not a shopping mall kind of guy and lives about 20 minutes away. Check in Pumps Saints are looking safe .....
  8. My oldest son hangs out in there every weekend with his classmates. School is just around the corner. Knew my Mrs was collecting a phone from there yesterday morning. Had a really horrible few hours yesterday evening trying to call and nobody answering but eventually got through. Everyone fast asleep in bed didn't hear me call. !!!! Wrote before how much I can't stand the place ...... shooter is dead now and 26 lives gone with him. Tragic how life can change in a second R.I.P the innocent.
  9. He joined the Mormons in Utah as a cover he was bad Bubba ........
  10. Post of distinction please.
  11. Needs a Pretty Bitch meeter and greeter ................ fcuk you ....... watching Ted Bundy tapes on Netfllix dreaming about you honey.
  12. he lived near me for a long time. BM Jambo will remember The Flask. He was regular in there and as TD says a lovely bloke. Always smiling.....
  13. Yep all them Chinese tour groups with flags will be taking a quick 600 meter stroll down that Soi ......... maybe not at this moment in time !!!! Anyway glad the erection is still up. Well done Le Pub. Watched Busted in Bangkok last night Channel 5 mostly filmed at the bottom of your Soi. Lord you wouldn't want some of them yobs strolling in ...
  14. Steve McMahon used to pop in to Secrets as well. Ex-Liverpool legend and true Scouser.
  15. Post of distinction. First time I ever went to Thailand 2003 middle of Sars scare ........... as Steels says this too shall pass. What is wrong with people nowadays ??? Social media I guess ...... pathetic ....
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