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  1. Walked through the empty bar week ago just basically the same but closed and nothing has changed. PS Lemondrops Ivan the Terrible is a "Charming Man" a la Morrissey. But he hasn't got a stitch to ....you know the rest.
  2. Peter Fonda just died aged 79 smiling and laughing apparently. One of the best ever opening sequences to a movie Easy Rider with Steppenwolf 'Born to be Wild' Peter Fonda / Dennis Hopper etc ...
  3. nampla69


    20 minutes drive its great. Used to commute 90 minutes each way when I was younger not now ...
  4. Inspired by Binlids culinary exploits (look great mate) thought i'd buy some bacon to go with my eggs ......... still looking as I ran into these two in the market
  5. My "friend" who knows about these things says it is OK ......Steels have you ever met a Thai woman who says Thai food is great if they have not made it themselves.??? Baw saep (not tasty in Lao) as they always grumble mai phet / phet maak / etc etc Mostly its good but avoid Sunday carvery unless you like eating shoe leather / buffalo and warthogs ass. Breakfast are good and they now serve Guinness too ....
  6. Used to be a fantastic vegetarian one in Bangkok lower Sukhumvit. Near Soi 5 ..... all sorts of signs and commendations up ..... Thailand's oldest veggie restaurant ..... Bangkok's first Indian ...... I loved the food Mahatma Gandhi / Sunil Gavaskar / Ravi Shankar etc Went back last year its been demolished .......
  7. Sad lovey old building. Remembering reading Cameron and co pocketed the money (sorry paid it to the Treasury during the era of austerity). Just what Bangkok needs another Mall ........ what do I know ??? How do all these Malls survive .....loathe most of them to be honest.
  8. Nice rare filet de boeuf, bottle of good claret, pumpkin seed cake for dessert and a massive testosterone injection in your arse .... you'll be a horny old goat again in no time. 🍷
  9. Thing I most remember is the massive lizards roaming around there. Huge great things ....
  10. What is the Hun ??? Close mate of mine jus asked me said I would check for him .........
  11. Pellegrini's younger brother contemplating how do we get a win ??? ........... mind you that is so near my own seat ......... will check out ....... well done Krapow btw Sterling work ........ you know what I mean ....
  12. I travelled all over there in 1979 with an American mate half the time from Lake Tahoe. One of the most beautiful places on earth and Ladakh had literally just opened up. One of the first Westerners in there Buddhist region like Tibet. Also hiked up to the Amaranth caves. This was just before one of the greatest pieces of shite that has ever crawled the earth returned to Iran ...... the Ayatollah Khomeini and stirred up now what is 40 years of pure hatred for Muslims towards the West and now exactly the same from our side. When I was there nothing but kindness and welcoming Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists ......... it was simply wonderful back then and Srinagar Lake and the houseboats kingfishers everywhere and lotus flowers. Little did I know what that scumbag Khomeini would unleash and he was a Shiite. Peace
  13. 24,000 Baht divided by current rate on the street of 36 Baht to the £ ... works out at £666.66 ....... per month or the devil's number. Useless fact I know ....my coat is ready ....
  14. Aw mate ....wish you well Phil....... know you will keep battling. Love to you and the family 🙏
  15. The old rupee gets a bit grubby after a while and large notes not easy to come by anymore ........ so a nice rinse and dry tumble while having an onion bhaji, two poppadoms and king prawn bhuna .... ...out they pop all lovely and clean in another denomination. A miracle of modern science .......
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