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  1. Bum guns save UKGuy when he got into a dispute with a packet of dry roasted peanuts after his 24th bottle of beer late one night. A look of pure lust would cross his face when you talked about the joys of Thai plumbing ............
  2. Great wine is Barolo ....... nice bit of pasta or steak with that. My brother just recovering from major cancer op ex-surgeon -- had his first drink in a long while recently. Bottle of Old Speckled Hen. Only problem was he could not taste feck all first bottle so he tried a second .......... so clearly recovering
  3. Yep ....wouldn't hold your breath Groggy for a full refund. Not the Thai way .....
  4. They do love a good crackdown do the old Thais...... Anyway following on from Tom's post ... West Germany or East Germany ? North Korea or South Korea? North Vietnam or South Vietnam? ......... anyone still think Socialism is a good idea apart from the not lamented Abbott and of course Corbyn. ????
  5. I got a 12 month offer of the same flights for one year at no extra cost in mid March. Did not ask for a refund but bought on credit card so .....
  6. Always enjoyed his opening lines: "Allo Kev Thailand here.." Never met him but came across as decent bloke and good natured.... RIP
  7. Modelling on a worst case scenario if we had not acted. Read it quite carefully and predictions are sadly accurate but based on inaction, no social distancing, NHS overwhelmed etc ....... the Imperial College model that started all this had over 200,000 deaths predicted.
  8. Really good post. He says in his original post it cost him £11,000 hence my mistake. I guess this refers to all the cancelled flights etc... Could not agree more about the British Embassy and SOPs ....... the Israeli and German governments for sure and Canadian?? ...... always seem to prioritise the welfare of their citizens and getting them home as quickly as possible.
  9. First flight: Gatwick to Malaga Last Flight: Bucharest - Heathrow Shortest Flight: Flew in a microlite once Pattaya to near Sattahip apart from that Holguin to Havana Longest Flight: London LHR to Phnom Penh Favourite Airport: Toronto or Istanbul great lounges for stop overs Least favourite: Delhi horrible place
  10. Nice picture of Charlie George on top of that and Corona would run a mile .............. no chance the old Covid19 ......
  11. Wow what an article. This quote says it all: “My feeling is that this is a crisis. In London….they are changing the way they are doing things. Our Embassy has carried on with their standard operating procedure – the same manual. They need to tear that manual up and do things differently.' 103 people for a six figure sum it also says so £11,000 minimum each for a one way flight. No wonder Malaysian airlines helped out. Well done Mr Jerry Lee Lewis and boo to madam ambassador. Effing useless public school blah blah rant rant ....... Is anyone surprised by our useless Embassy staff ???
  12. I was supposed to be landing in Cambodia today for 5 nights ........ so hunker down enjoy the oatmeal and ...... hopefully in the next 9 months or so mate stay safe.
  13. At this point usually some know all BM would come on and say you've missed a couple bottom of Soi LK and on Buakaow near ............ ...
  14. Looking forward to the Sunderland series ....but first I'm going to watch a Box Set that nobody here has ever watched ???? Forget Tiger King ..... Something called Breaking Bad ...finally promised my daughter I'd watch it. Up to date moi !!! Trendy or what ???? Recently watched Hot Girls wanted on Netflix ......... more like watching Wet Paint dry. Only good episode was the one about the 18 year old Russian girl filming her friend shagging in America .......she gets in trouble for it.
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