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  1. nampla69

    Thai Cabinet approves price control at hospitals

    Stock Exchange jumped 3.9% says it all more profits for Big Pharma methinks ....
  2. nampla69

    Premium Lane at BKK - Latest Rules

    They are very good used them not long ago. Smooth as silk. ✈️
  3. nampla69

    Premium Lane at BKK - Latest Rules

    Thai don't offer Fast Track Passes to Gold members either if they are in economy. You must be in Business or First. Then get ushered through in Swampy in and out. Was asked for boarding card despite Gold Card in October ....... luckily I had retained it. Always do these days. Hate those queues on arrival ........
  4. nampla69


    Pulls is busy but Allardyce and Moyes always out there and bound to be some bloke called (Marco, Mauro, Pedro, Luna) Silva looking for a new challenge ........ poor Big Bri is gutted. 😓
  5. nampla69

    What Are You Watching On Netflix?.

    Finally started Vietnam ...Ken Burns. Only done 3 episodes so far but as others have said (and thank you) an epic piece of film making. It is simply brilliant ...... nothing more to say.
  6. nampla69

    just heard some bars vanished overnight

    I used to like it here too Dave ...blimey it's all gone hadn't realised that!!.... ..... and Secrets going, Babydolls up for sale ...... time marches on I guess.
  7. nampla69


    He won't end up like Gazza but imagine him in 10 years time .....he's terrible on media makes Gerrard seem interesting and can't see him coaching as he likes a bevvy. Maybe a new sport retired footballers cage fighting .... ?...and it's LIVE !!!
  8. What you doing in Banjulia or wherever .......... OK don't answer me old mate ............... Gambia all fat old Western women looking out for young studs so guess that is why you went ...hansum man .... Rastafari ....blud clat ....
  9. Best story of the year has to be a post of distinction for 2019. Beats my bit of snow post by miles Sawat dee pee mai khun Steelers na la gor chok dee 2019 na khap .............. so who's going to win the Super Bowl ???
  10. Still mate I was there the same day 3rd last plane to take off then they closed the runway ...snowing like a blizzard my taxi could not drive jumped on the tube risked it. Got there and prayed ...... sat for a while then ....that blissful moment of taxi ........ Also few years back before flew out literally the day before the massive UK shutdown when all the old Jihadi liquid scares took off for about 4 days. Lucky or what ......
  11. nampla69

    How do you make roast Potatoes

    Err that's deep fried potatoes not roasted ??? ......... PS Boyds I like Aunt Bessies Yorkshires ....
  12. nampla69

    How do you make roast Potatoes

    Between Horizon Dave, Sherlock, Stargazer and Ivan you have got the perfect recipe. She aftercare billing roughens up the edges, herbs of thyme and rosemary + garlic bulbs, turn them, salt and pepper, loads of butter and gravy heaven on a Sunday. If you want them chisel hard for big King Edwards roasts sprinkle with semolina really crisps but bit like Aunt Bessies when overcooked. Aunt Bessies are really good btw
  13. nampla69

    Do you like going out on NYE?

    100% correct Oscar Wilde ........ ...George Bernard Shaw wrote Pygmalion. Both Paddies so ....... ☘️☘️
  14. nampla69

    Do you like going out on NYE?

    Terry is like that bloody Oscar Wilde play Pygmalion he never seems to look any older. Russ looks like well Russ. Pretty Woman doesn't look a day over 62 years and 9 months with his Detroit Bitches cap on. Who's the rough looking big fella bang in the middle ?? Ex -Special Forces for sure........ or Finchley Combined Cadet Force 1963 😃🍻💕......... Happy New Year chaps looking forward to catching up 2019.....
  15. nampla69

    Break the bulbs

    You daring rebellious man ....... I once played smash the red ones only before they can be repaired. 🍻Who said we have nothing better to do ......💡