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  1. Getting ready to go to Phil's for the rugby ....................... had a shag and a cold beer already ....but bacon roll would be nice ..... c'mon England. ...and Ireland of course ......
  2. I'll pass her on to Grayray for his return ......... randy old Aussie goat will shag anything with a pulse these days .......
  3. ya won't be on your own next week .. .. we'll raise a glass of two of red to one and all including Belfast's finest Krapow ..... a nice cranberry juice of course for D .... 🍷🍷
  4. +++ 1 ..... missed you a few months back would have livened up a couple of them bars mentioned .
  5. +1 I love Pho .....pronounced Fer ...... Saw a great recipe recently using oxtail and obviously the whole thing for Pho is the stock. Not as spy but no bad thing and makes you feel great afterwards ......
  6. I'll treat you to a 30 Baht bowl of noodles and pork balls with extra hot chilli sauce next time your over. Might lob in a small mug of Chang too ..... You'll need a bucket after that .....
  7. My Thai Mrs a few years back with lunch. Said she wouldn't mind if I posted it .......
  8. 2 years longer than me so well done mate ......... .....but mine is a year younger so ............... here's to the next 18 Skalli ......
  9. Dave Shanghai is a fabulous city for a short visit. Taxi down to the Bund ...old rebuilt dock area where all the old buildings are left the gateway to China and beautiful. Cross the river to the massive observation tower lift and wonderful views. Back across the river Olde Town Jewish Quarter lovely to walk around and fabulous restaurants. Cab back to airport job done. It's really spectacular down where I have written about and so space age in parts. Great city.
  10. Is that just for the bar fittings -- crappy old scooters, fake spirits and upholstered seating Tom or is it the hotel as well.?? Hope not --- like old Jambo running the bookings etc .....
  11. I love it think its a fantastic place. Lots of Canadians have settled there and seem happy. Has everything .....even 3 crops of rice a year in parts like LOS.
  12. Got a link mate ?? Deffo on the soon to do list. Love my European trips and met some Bulgarians in London...nice people.
  13. DR ...head to Sosua it's great has everything .....
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