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  1. Do you know what the girls say about going to that place?
  2. I usually have my main meal of the day in the evening but, yesterday, I'd had a bite to eat in the afternoon, so was looking for just something light in the evening. I was walking through The Avenue and noticed this blackboard from The Robin Hood Tavern, and thought the Lite Bite Special might be what I was looking for. Unfortunately, the menus I was given did not include the food on the blackboard - a point management needs to address. However, the waitress knew what I was talking about, and the order was duly placed. It arrived in a reasonable time, and was delicious. I'd go as far as to say it was the tastiest food I've had in a long while. The prawns were fresh and juicy, and the sauce was soooooo good. I shall be returning!!
  3. Please correct me if I've got this wrong but I believe companies like TW don't actually transfer money. They match people who want to transfer from X to Y currencies with people who want to transfer from Y to X. So I'm guessing that, if your money arrived in your Thai account immediately, it was because TW already had a queue of people wanting to transfer from THB into GBP.
  4. Serious enhancements? More like laughable enhancements! 😀
  5. Flying into Swampy late yesterday afternoon, the pollution was very noticeable.
  6. 0.1354166667 approximately ☺️
  7. This seems to be at odds with the Guardian article that EP posted a link to (https://www.theguardian.com/world/shortcuts/2015/feb/25/brits-abroad-against-law-fight-isis). I quote a small part: " .......... where does this leave people who return from fighting on the other side? Is there a distinction? “I’d say yes, because Isis is a proscribed group in the UK and clearly falls within the definition of a terrorist group. Therefore, if someone goes out there to help them, and engage in weapons training, they could fall under the provisions against aiding a terrorist group,” says Helen Fenwick, a professor of law at Durham University who specialises in counter-terrorism legislation."
  8. Thanks. I don't have the inclination to look up all those items of legislation, but your comment above surprises me. What about the guys who have gone abroad to fight AGAINST the Taliban, Al Qaeda and the like? And I still don't believe the Brits who went to fight in Spain were charged with anything. Or are you talking about armies of a foreign STATE?
  9. Maybe it's because those condos behind are beginning to be occupied, and they needed to cut out the view from them.
  10. I'm going to play devil's advocate! "It's crazy because none of the guys held at Gitmo were innocent." So they were guilty of something. What is that? Fighting in a foreign war isn't a crime - just look how many did in the Spanish civil war.
  11. Yes, I can understand your thinking. But JDM had the money there. I don't understand why he applied using the more bothersome income route when the 800K route was also available.
  12. I don't understand why you did not apply on the basis of 800K in bank. Surely that would have been simpler, and saved you a lot of hassle?
  13. Same for me ..... but in the opposite direction! 😥
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