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  1. Exactly how are you going to "shield the vulnerable"? For example, suppose you have a family in which mother is obese, or one of the kids has diabetes?
  2. So you think anyone who is in a vulnerable group (e.g. old, overweight, diabetic, etc.) should self isolate? Apparently, that is about 30% of the country, and will include essential workers. Adults living in a free country are not incarcerated!
  3. When it is possible to identify "the old and those with "underlying" health issues", and then separate them from everyone else.
  4. An impressive driver: he didn't look at his cellphone once. 🙂
  5. Has the recent rain tested the drainage system? If so, did the system do any better than it did a couple of weeks ago?
  6. Some/many of us who have been wishing we were there might be having a change of mind shortly.
  7. The article linked (https://eu.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2020/09/09/covid-vaccine-astrazeneca-trial-hold-what-does-mean/5757590002/) says: The hold AstraZeneca placed Tuesday on its COVID-19 vaccine trials is the first major setback in pursuit of a vaccine against a disease that has now killed 190,000 in the U.S. and nearly 900,000 worldwide. One volunteer in a trial in the United Kingdom apparently developed a serious neurological problem after receiving the vaccine, though not much has been made publicly available about what happened. and is dated 9 September. That seems
  8. That story is several weeks old. The trials were re-started after about a week.
  9. King of the road! 🙂 Sounds like a great adventure.
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