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  1. There is helluva lot of it about.
  2. I know the value of the GBP relative to THB is linked to Brexit, but it would be great if Brexit discussions were confined to the Brexit thread. AND, the thread is about the value of the THB, not of the GBP.
  3. Something is happening at the corner of Soi 15 (the one behind The Avenue shopping mall) and Soi Casino, beside the Neta Hotel. There is a plot of waste land there, which was fenced off a couple of years ago. However, the low fencing did not prevent the motorcycle taxi guys continuing to use the land as resting and toilet facilities. However, there is work going on there now. My best guess is that the land is owned by Neta, and Neta is expanding into the ground. It looks like a small garden being constructed, and possibly toilets. Maybe a pool? [Edit: On reflection, I think more likely an outside bar.]
  4. The south end of Beach Road, from Baywalk to Walking street, is a mess at the moment. It appears that the road is being dug up to instal drains. However, if you can read Thai, perhaps you can let us know what these signs say. Work is taking place between Walking Street and Soi 13/3, but the road has been broken up, and access prevented, as far as Baywalk. As a pedestrian, you need to walk on the east side of the road. Just to encourage you, they have taken up some of the boardwalk on the beach side. Traffic is down to one lane from Soi 13/3, so traffic jams are inevitable.
  5. But re-opening as what? Why do they think this time will be different from last time?
  6. 7.40pm at TT on Second Road, Pattaya. Sorry about the reflection - that is 37.30 for the GBP.
  7. I have had problems with the service on several occasions, so have stopped going there. I think they do quite a large delivery trade, so I suspect I have had to wait for them to deal with those orders.
  8. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/britains-historic-bangkok-embassy-bulldozed-to-make-way-for-mall-a4211991.html
  9. Interesting. Thanks, Mr S. I had never heard of Mtwapa before. There is interesting information about it here: https://en.wikivoyage.org/wiki/Mtwapa
  10. Could you give the source of your figures, please. It is not the Wiki link you provide. And how are you taking account of visitors from Malaysia, please? They are usually the second largest group.
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