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  1. I'm not an anti-vaxxer but, if a vaccine comes along which is only 50% effective, I'm not too sure I will take it. It seems likely that such a vaccine will not have been tested to the extent vaccines usually are, and it might be a vax which has been developed along unconventional lines.
  2. ▲▲▲ I assume that you are not running GGH for philanthropic purposes, so how are you making a return on this, please? You say that the app is free, so is there advertising, or are you selling our data, or what?
  3. Sorry - I don't think that I do have pictures, certainly none to hand. The tiles on my bathroom floor tented, so all had to be taken up and new ones laid. It was not easy as the tilers had to work around a toilet and a built-in-place shower cubicle, and deal with a vanity unit. I took the opportunity, whilst having workmen there, to have the top of the vanity unit replaced by a granite one, and a new, large wall mirror put in to replace an older, smaller one. Neither of those jobs was straightforward either because a hole for the pipe to come through the granite had to be drilled in exactly the right place, and the mirror was fixed to the wall with adhesive and had to be broken off. Steve has subsequently done a few smaller jobs for me, like servicing the AC.
  4. I needed work done on my condo in 2016, and asked for recommendations on the Secrets board. A few people mentioned Steve, and I appointed him. It was a good decision. Steve is a 100% straightforward guy to deal with, and the quality of the (not so straightforward) work was excellent.
  5. Your comment was in a different thread, but I didn't want to take that off-course so quoted it here. I tend to agree with your comments. I think countries like Thailand and NZ are going to have to come to terms with having the virus and keeping it contained, rather than having zero cases. It will take the governments and peoples a while to accept that though. It seems the Thai government might be showing some cracks - https://www.bangkokpost.com/business/1963307/safe-and-sealed-plan-brings-hope-for-inbound-tourism - although these proposals won't help Europeans and Americans. I guess they are trying to find a way of letting certain Chinese and Korean groups back into the country.
  6. ^^^ That will keep @john luke occupied for a while. 🙂
  7. Is anyone else hearing rather different mood music about Covid-19? It's fairly quiet music at the moment, but getting louder. The vibes that I am picking up from the UK and US governments, and the WHO, are saying Covid-19 is here and not going away; we have to learn to live with it. Eliminating it, like New Zealand and Thailand, is not an option. The lockdown bought us time to slow down the advance of the pandemic, learn more about the virus, develop some better treatments, and make some progress in developing a vaccine. But from now on, each person will be responsible for his/her own safety. Probably a way of calculating a person's level of risk will be issued, taking into account age, obesity, underlying health conditions, etc. Governments will continue to assist general safety by banning events with crowds, mandating the wearing of masks in particular environments, and ordering more severe restrictions in any areas that show signs of a rapid increase in infection, but they won't do much more than that.
  8. Hardly anyone knows/understands the existing rules. They are being ignored. I suspect the same will apply to any NEW rules.
  9. When you upload a picture file to Facebook, doesn't FB reduce the file size?
  10. Thanks, but I'm still of the opinion that the chart that Real Clear Politics has put together is pretty useless!
  11. Thanks, but the chart at the site Lazarus quoted (https://www.realclearpolitics.com/coronavirus/) is considerably different. At the moment, it is showing this, which is obviously rubbish:
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