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  1. It was, I believe, a ladyboy place. Opened less than a year ago, modified to enclose it , closed a couple of weeks ago, now changing again... Not sure who the vehicle belonged to...
  2. Some event happening at royal garden. Wondering if it was my type of exercise...?
  3. Love the UK summers, dislike the dark, damp, cold and miserable winters. For the last few years I've been spending those disliked months in Thailand, and hope to keep doing so for the next few...
  4. 4 minutes. From hitting the send button, logging on to my UK bank, agreeing the terms, to the money arriving in Kasikorn a/c 4 minutes!
  5. Guess who had the kids meal.... ...and half of her burger....
  6. Speedboat for Painter. Booked for 1300 Arrived 1357.
  7. Waiting for my 13.00 speedboat. Its thai time!
  8. Singapore sling for me.... she's not sure what she's drinking as "I just point to one on menu".... Nice quiet bar with bohemian rapsody playing quietly in the background.......
  9. Strange experience.... but it's actually very good!
  10. Coffee and cap club on tour, with an infiltrator... It's a lot warmer here than where the other founding members currently are...!! 🙂
  11. Chinese/indian/Russians get everywhere!
  12. Yet another light snack.... She will be putting on weight in proportion to my depleting bank balance...
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