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  1. Interesting.... https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/15/england-ben-stokes-mistake-umpire-cricket-world-cup-final-six-runs-new-zealand
  2. I fear it's your memory!.... from my days of scoring matches as a teenager the run where they were run out didn't count... i.e., if they were attempting a second run, the first completed run counted, the failed run didn't... ....but my memory could be screwed too..!!
  3. Lol! Phil drinking top shelf tequila...???
  4. Agree. I know the overthrows was unintentional and within the laws, but they will feel very hard done by....
  5. I'll sleep well tonight.... and I've done nothing but chew my nails all day...
  6. Painter


    Not having the luxury of multiple screens, I'm flicking from the tennis to the cricket and back.... Need new batteries in my remote...
  7. Catching hasn't been bad, either...!!
  8. I say.... 3 down.... Must say, nz bowlers have been fab...
  9. 242 to win. Sounds easy....
  10. Think I agree with ya! If Roy, bairstow et al fire it could be over by tea! Or...
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