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  1. Painter

    Cheap luggage or expensive luggage?

    I bought a case from a shop on 2nd road about 8 years ago for about 800b. It's survived well over 20 trips, and, apart from the plastic handle for using the wheels splitting, it's still going strong.
  2. Painter

    Who Remembers This Bar?

    Opposite babydolls? Wrong soi I fear! Only frequented shooters a few times, but almost lived in its previous incarnation called Lennies.
  3. Painter

    What are you doing right now..?

    Been watching it on modbro, and trying to explain the game to a Thai girl. Her verdict? "Stoopid farang game"!
  4. Painter

    Are you SAD..?

    An ex colleague of mine suffered from it big time. She used to have a lamp she put on her desk that supposedly helped the condition. However, she was a moody cow at the best of times and we could see no difference!
  5. Painter

    What are you doing right now..?

    Wondering why the internet keeps freezing with the tablet resting on my stomach, but if I put the tablet on the glass coffee table it works fine.... No need to reply about the size of stomach absorbing the Wi-Fi signal, thankyou ....
  6. Just appeared on a news feed.... http://www.nationmultimedia.com/detail/breakingnews/30358460 Civil lawsuits lodged for refunds, compensation over troubled Waterfront project in Pattaya Breaking NewsNovember 13, 2018 17:30 By Theerawat Thongma, Dethawee Theewarangkool The Nation 3,706 Viewed The owner of the Waterfront luxury condominium project in Chon Buri’s Bang Lamung district is being hit with two civil lawsuits lodged with Pattaya Provincial Court for a combined Bt100 million in refunds and compensation, a lawyer representing 20 buyers of the condo units said on Tuesday. The buyers are represented in these cases by Chalermwat Wimuktayon, the founder of Magna Carta Law Office. Besides the two suits, which are based on consumer-protection law, another group of damaged persons have consulted about suing state agencies that had the duty to supervise and check on the project but allegedly made a mistake that resulted in damages to consumers, said Panthawat Pimsakul, another Magna Carta lawyer. Two state agencies have been identified as the possible guilty parties in this regard, he said, adding that this third lawsuit would be submitted to a court by December. Chalermwat and Panthawat are acting on behalf of 20 buyers who were affected because the project owner was unable to hand over or transfer to them the rights over condominium units as per the contracts they had signed. The project remains in the under-construction stage because Pattaya City halted its construction pending probes into alleged violation of the Building Control Act, after it was initially found that the project design was different from the one the authority had approved – and there was also an accusation of public-land encroachment. The Waterfront luxury condo project had passed the required environment impact assessment and received a green light from Pattaya City to commence construction in September 2008. However, local activists in 2014 raised a question over the legitimacy of its construction licence and launched a protest against the 53-storey project near Bali Hai Pier, which allegedly blocks the ocean view from the famous Phra Tamnak Hill
  7. One day last week, a BM and I went for a late morning stroll along the beach, me snapping as I went.
  8. Painter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    It the price here that is off putting. I just bought a bottle of Robinsons squash. About a quid in the UK. 150b here. It's going to be drunk sparingly, and very weak....
  9. Painter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Just bought a cafe tiere, or French press, in Mr DIY. The filter isn't the tightest of fit and so some of the smaller grounds escape, but at 89b it'll do for a month or two!
  10. Painter

    What are you doing right now..?

    Just about to go and meet Soi7 for some food on soi buckhou.
  11. Painter

    Hotel, Condo or Guesthouse?

    Floor plans are here. The furniture indicated is not rally to scale...! https://www.sansiri.com/condominium/thebase_central_pattaya/en/room-plan.aspx
  12. Painter

    Hotel, Condo or Guesthouse?

    As I said initially, as a studio the space would have worked, just. As 4 separate rooms (bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room) with doors and walls, everything was too small.
  13. Painter

    Hotel, Condo or Guesthouse?

    Looked at a few of the base condos in the past. At about 30 sq m they are tiny, and, imo, would have been better if they'd been left as studios instead of dividing them up into 1 bedrooms. No windows in the sitting room, balcony off of kitchen, and only space on that for 1 chair. Location is ideal though. Stayed in a hotel last week when I arrived, looked at about 20 condos in different blocks over the next two days, and moved into one of day 4. But I am staying several months.
  14. Painter

    Do you take food from home to Thailand?

    Wish I'd found space in my already overstretched suitcase last week for a large block of cheddar...