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  1. Especially for you.... Just dont go sending any money, it wont speed it up!
  2. Phone call from my brother yesterday. The school his kids go to had an "incident" yesterday... Kid (not one of his) sent home on Monday showing symptoms. Tested Tuesday. By Thursday kid felt fine, was bored at home, parents were bored of kid at home, but no test result. Kid returned to school. Mid morning, parents received test result. POSITIVE. Kid removed rapidly, and 60 of their year group also sent home to isolate. If kid hadn't returned on Thursday it would have been 15 sent home to isolate.
  3. You know when you put something in a safe place..... I'm trying to find said safe place.... Nothing important, just the kit of screws and nuts and bolts to put a bed together!
  4. Have we just been updated/upgraded/had the latest software version installed?? Format looks different... as in, different fonts... Edit.... beaten by Tommy's post!
  5. Reading this.... and checking the date. Nope, it's not April 1st... https://thepattayanews.com/2020/10/11/thai-government-planning-to-invest-900-billion-baht-on-thai-bridge-mega-project-to-connect-pattaya-area-with-hua-hin/
  6. In the early days, I'd agree with you. Of late, it is my opinion, which of course you are others are welcome to disagree with, that many of those who "conform", despite not enjoying having to do it, just roll our eyes at those who don't. Cheers
  7. Hear hear to both. Have you noticed how those who are accepting and just getting on with what life is throwing at us, are doing just that, and doing it quietly, sensibly and with care and concern for themselves and others? And those who object are the ones who are repeating themselves again and again and again and again and again, to the extent that those who are accepting and caring just switch off to them, and to the places where they continue to rant?
  8. Wot? Conversion work to new gogo complex not complete yet? 🙂
  9. Your wish is my command.... and I'm not in pattaya! Near soi 10, I believe.
  10. I was getting the security message earlier, (2 or 3 hours ago), but seems fixed now.
  11. Heavens Above, the gogo previously on soi diamond, appears to be re-opening on Soi "gentleman's club". No idea of format, opening date, prices.
  12. Us southerners are made of sterner stuff. No heating for us yet.... .....although I did find and put on a pair of full length trousers this morning for the first time since er, a hell of a long time ago!
  13. It's like a bolt that screws into the heat exchange.... the end of the bolt sticks into the water flow. If I remember, I'll take a pic tomorrow. As for how it works.... no idea! I just know it gets eaten away throughout the season and I need to replace it!
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