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  1. I braved a fire breathing.... But it works!!
  2. Individualised passports? Chose your own slogan?? Lol!
  3. Now, I always hesitate to post pics of ladies I find cute, because others will always come and disagree, usually with a comment like they wouldn't touch her with my dick for anymore than 200b if they found her on Bush mountain where they think she belongs. Any such comments and the pics will be deleted and I'll return to my self imposed not posting pics of ladies rule... The cute lady in the coffee shed at the end of soi 15... Who's coffee is great, and who doesn't wear a bra... Ps. The shorts are usually that short as well....!
  4. I wish I was brave enough to take one.... Maybe I'll try on full zoom later.... just for you!
  5. The crane appeared inactive on soi 15 today. The workers appeared a bit confused by the concrete pillars that were finding underneath the ironworks they had put in some weeks ago...
  6. New 7-11 on buckhou Coffee shop on soi 15, now has sign up -see reflection. Cute lady with no bra from coffee shed at corner of 15 and buckhou says the are opening on Feb 14th..."walentine day".
  7. I would have called it the coffee and cap glasses club, except I cant do stikethrough words on my phone!
  8. The bastard...! I am writing you this email to seek your cooperation and partnership in a business that would benefit us immensely. I would like to name you as the beneficiary to my late client's fund who died along with his next-of-kin during a summer vacation in the Middle East. I shall offer you 50 percent of the fund, and you will be in custody of my intended investment in your country with my share. Do reply for details. Regards Arthur Alan I do hope my 50% isn't 50% of your 50%, @KWA....
  9. Let me let you into a little secret. I can trust you not to tell anyone, can't I...? I have a couple of places i go to to see if there's been any development. Both are on the middle floor. At the back, where there was a Japanese tour bus restaurant, if you peer in through part of the boarded up windows, you see this on the floor... Yes, that is two unopened tins of baked beans, some water, a glass bottle, something in a white tube, and what looks like a large padlock. They've been there, unmoved since this development was first mentioned. No fresh footprints either. My other tell tale is at the front, near where the starbucks upstairs lounge was. This section has wooden hoardings, and a wooden door... The wooden door is held shut with a cable tie. If you push the door and peer in you can see two bamboo ladders, unmoved from before Christmas... None have been moved.... I fear the work behind the hoardings might be taking longer than planned...
  10. If you do, beware they are often very busy mid to late afternoon and you may have to wait.... Ask for May, or Mook, apparently! If you do, the coffee "hut" on the soi 15/buckhou junction does very good coffee (great for those nice clean teeth) served by an attractive lady with large breasts who never wears a bra. Her "hut" is always busy.... not sure why....!
  11. I've had that wax thing done.... not sure if it works of if it's a gimmick... but the girls in there swear by it!
  12. Just asked a "friend", and there are people at Nemo's Nemo's soi buckhou that do it. Most things there are 150-200b.... no idea of quality as my feet as beautifully smooth...
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