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  1. When I came home, I had a pre booked tesco delivery. They delivered 3 boxes of cans of tonic to go with the gin I had at home. Every morning I look at them and think a g+t would be nice, and promising myself one that evening. Every evening i forget about it.... Does that make me a forgetful alcoholic?
  2. I had a haircut the day before they closed the salons in pattaya. I'm hoping it'll last for a few months.... although it starts looking scruffy (who cares!) after a while. I might invest in a set of clippers if it gets too bad and risk doing it myself. Then I will be scruffy!!
  3. A farang I know with a business in the area (ex hotelier) says it is going to be another high end hotel, 8 floors. This was confirmed by the cute coffee lady who rarely wears a bra....
  4. Delivered 4 loads of shopping earlier. Walk up the path, ring the bell, put the shopping down, and scarper before old Ethel at no 84 tries to engage in a conversation across the door step. Try to have a quick chat at 10 meters, but as shes deaf.... Very difficult if I'm the only other adult she sees in the day... Just cut the grass. Does that count as my 1 hours exercise, or can I go for a walk?
  5. Having been home for 2 weeks, with no symptoms, I tried to sign up for the NHS volunteers site, but they have suspended recruitment temporarily. Instead, I've offered my services to several local shops. First delivery is this afternoon. Two booked in for tomorrow.
  6. First flight: Southampton to guernsey Last Flight: Dubai to gatwick Shortest Flight: either Southampton to Guernsey, or Manchester to lhr Longest Flight : bkk to lhr Favourite Airport atutaki, cook islands. Or rarotonga, cook islands. Least favourite Airport. Mumbai, or Los Angeles
  7. What, no apology? No surprise there. My sister in law is a NHS service physiotherapist. Not a nurse, but a hospital based physio. She works in a cluster of 4 different hospitals, and in the community. The community bit has, obviously, stopped at them moment. Now, each morning she has to ring in by 7am, despite not starting until 9. They tell her which hospital to go to. Does she do her physio's job? No. She does a nurses job, wherever they are short staff. That's not what she signed up for, but it's what she, and many others, are doing.
  8. Just done my daily walk, about 3 miles. Saw precisely 2 people and 3 dogs. The humans practiced social distancing. The dogs? Hmm....
  9. Thought it was very well done. As a non horse racer I enjoyed it. Wonder what's next? Virtual Ashes, anyone?!
  10. And he had further to travel than I did, when I got through a similar number.... The intention was to freeze them....
  11. Harry's bakery started probably a year ago at a single shop a couple of hundred yards north of there. They moved to the current place 6 months or so ago. Their food is great, especially after 5pm when everything is heavily reduced, or the next day when you can pick up stuff even cheaper! I regularly bought croissant at 8pm for the next morning's breakfast. Another BM was known to buy 10 pastries on his visit to the market, and consume the lot before reaching home.... mentioning no names.... @Yesitisdakid
  12. She had a wild streak, that one. A cricket box was essential attire the bar....
  13. The map on cafe du beach's Facebook page shows it is way north of here... not this one.
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