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  1. Blimey.... just been overtaken.... But then he fell in !
  2. Last week's aborted trip....rescheduled!
  3. And if we DON'T confirm our email address? What access issues? Will we just be unable to access it, or....?
  4. Yes, but do you get the yellow box telling you to log on using tapatalk? Then the email thanking me for registering with tapatalk (have I?). The implied threat that if I dont use 5apatalk I might have future issues? I'm confused.... yeah, I know, easily done.... Let's hope it all becomes clear in the morning!
  5. What happens if I dont want to use tapatalk? Not there, not here, not anywhere. Call me old fashioned, but I want to use it using a browser as i always have....
  6. So you could say it's been slow...!! I wonder why? 🤔
  7. Bugger. Was going for a beer but it's started raining.... Mission aborted.
  8. Thinking wtf. .. Crap photo as usual...taken at speed from car...
  9. I am delighted to announce that tonight's gin and tonics were equally as strong as last night's... I fear I might have a little headache in the morning. For once I am thankful for auto correct making my post readable.
  10. Siesta time in espanyol. Slightly early today, as as a (relatively) non-drinker, I was force fed some local gin and tonics last night.... and there was far too much gin in them for my liking... Might have to have couple more tonight.... just for quality control, you understand....
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