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  1. Been threatening to do this all summer...
  2. Painter

    The Ashes

    I believe the warm ups are finished.... and the cats are running for cover!
  3. Painter

    The Ashes

    She's breathing deeper, and doing those warm up exercises now Smith's gone!
  4. Painter

    The Ashes

    Nah! 😁😁
  5. Painter

    The Ashes

    Mind you, we weren't much better!
  6. Painter

    The Ashes

    Aussie's highest open stand of the series ends. 😁
  7. Painter

    The Ashes

    Bloody ultra-edge!!! 😁😁😁 For our aussie members.... I'm having a giraffe...!
  8. Painter

    The Ashes

    You're mad.... but I can see your logic....
  9. Painter

    The Ashes

    Hope you're wrong, namps. I'd like another 50 or 60, and to bat for another session, but.... Oh, hang on.... Leach is still there!
  10. Painter

    The Ashes

    Is 69 ok? 😁 Now... predictions for end of play score....? Lol!!
  11. Painter

    The Ashes

    Dont you just love Ultra-edge? 😁
  12. No. I provided 6 months bank statements, some of which were below the required amount, some above. Presumably they took an average. No evidence of employment/retirement/self employed stuff. Accommodation was an agoda booking for the first week only (note to self... must cancel that now!). I was fully expecting to get a SETV issued, but instead got what I applied for!
  13. Painter

    The Ashes

    It was all so promising .....
  14. Follow up.... I hit the apply button on Friday afternoon. Posted passport to them on Saturday, to arrive by Monday lunchtime. Passport was returned home, with a new Visa in it, on Wednesday. Incidentally, despite not meeting the published online financial requirements, or having a hotel booked for the entire stay, or having an outward bound ticket within the 60 days, I applied for, and got, a multi entry tourist Visa...
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