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  1. Some of us will remember the old Pattaya Bay Resort, especially in the early days.... Closed sometime ?2016, for refurbishment, it is, I understand, reopening on 10th April, as Oakwood Hotel, or Oakwood resort, or Oakwood something! No pics allowed of inside yet, but I'll try later in the week
  2. Note's, next to So's, behind the avenue. Will return, but not for that dish...
  3. More casualties at some time over the past week... Two stalls gone. Replaced by one new one in a different area, that was fairly inedible..
  4. Third time since Xmas they've dug up this bit of road outside the new condos on soi 15
  5. Guess this is as good a place to post this as any.... External decorating, Thai style
  6. Good news... Tt booth by 18coins is open again. No pic, as cute smiley girl was besieged by customers. Will try again later...
  7. Soon number 20. Wonder what this month's twist will be...??
  8. Twas a good 247/secrets/live/addicts crowd....
  9. He was actually relatively sober at the time...! Then there was the time when a customer (no, not namps!) brought in two "well enhanced" ladyboys, who proceeded to use their enhancements to thump the button.... Bloody red button!
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