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    Here's a salad of mine from a while back. Note it doesn't have any of the muck from the OP in it, although I would say beetroot is acceptable.
  2. KWA

    Qatar Airways wifi

    Emirates have two systems, and the one on their B777s is better than the one on their A380s. That might help to explain the difference, although volume of users and what they're doing also contribute. Their live TV is good enough for sports too.
  3. They've been hijacked by big business for advertising nowadays. I'm afraid a flashmob for British Airways or Nivea isn't going to create a "feel good" reaction.
  4. I don't think there is a marriage visa as such, just as there's no retirement visa. What there is, is an extension to your current visa based on marriage (or retirement). Have a look for that and you should find the requirements and be able to make a call on how easy it is, or whether you want to give an agent money to do it for you. Providing you meet the financial rquirements, all he'll do is ask you for the rest of the evidence and some cash and present it for you.
  5. Linked with Emerging Trends Advisors? Didn't they leave Pattaya in a hurry?
  6. All flights now grounded - domestic and international. https://www.bbc.com/news/business-47963536
  7. Was that for a year's rental? Either way, it's being marked up a lot for this promotion.
  8. KWA

    Obit Thread

    Les Reed, who wrote Delilah and It's Not Unusual with Tom Jones, and The Last Waltz with Engelbert. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-47948530
  9. It's been pointed out elsewhere this is about three times the going rate. If all the properties are marked up like that it'll make for a big subsidy of the food and drink.
  10. What surprises me most about this thread is some posters' ages. I'd taken many to be coffin dodgers OAPs and that's not the case.
  11. KWA

    EVA Easter sale

    Or if something goes tits up and you're relying on a travel agent 6,000 miles away who has finished for the night to sort out accommodation and alternative flights for you. You've got to balance the money saved against the possible inconvenience if something goes wrong, and some travel agents will be better than others so there's no right answer.
  12. 15,000 baht is the monthly cost if you take it for a year.
  13. Was there a few months ago and in the Red Parrot most nights - stayed round the corner in The Offshore. The mate I was with is there now avoiding Songkran. We got the bus down as bad weather was forecast but the ferry back up on our way back to Thailand.
  14. Just what I was thinking. Same name, same logo and colouring. I've been past the old one lots of times and if the new has the same volume I won't be in it.
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