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  1. https://thailand-247.com/index.php?/topic/2793-anniversary-of-the-battle-of-trafalgar/
  2. The insurance required to re-enter the country is available for those up to 99 years of age and the cost does not increase with age. It's no good for general health/medical/travel insurance, but it gets you in the country if that is your aim.
  3. Simple grub, a poor photo and a beans touching egg faux pas, but it went down a treat.
  4. An update to the bus situation as I've been back in Chiang Rai the last few days, but the Greenbus now leaves from Bus Terminal 1 in the centre and the booking office there is open. They moved back on 6th October.
  5. New (to me anyway) delivery service in Pattaya called "HungryNow" delivered this. I think he tasted a bit on the way.
  6. Packing. Overnight bus to Chiang Rai tonight for a few days then wend the way back south over another few.
  7. It's unpredictable as I'd walked up Buakhao from Tukcom at around 3:30pm yesterday and nearly every bar in the first few hundred yards had at least a couple of customers, some more.
  8. I hope nobody quotes that. My scroll wheel is red hot.
  9. No, the first stoppage was in July (as mentioned in the article) this is another one that the Village Idiot dug up which hasn't halted the trials as he claimed except for those in the USA, which is the bit that seems unusual to me.
  10. I think you may be referring to the first hold up when they re-started shortly afterwards blaming previously undiagnosed MS in the volunteer. This is another stoppage but one where everyone else has allowed a re-start except the USA. A bit unusual to me.
  11. Won't that screw you up next year when they want to verify the balance never went below 400,000 THB?
  12. It makes a 6 to 8 hour vehicle journey a 1 or 2 hour vehicle journey. Combine it with the "land bridge" to the Andaman Sea and you take two weeks off the shipping time from the Eastern corridor to The West, avoiding Malacca Straits and a trip round Singapore. Multiply that with the exports from the factories here and see if there is an economic benefit.
  13. Almost on topic as this pic was taken was taken in Vientiane, Laos last year, but your hammers reminded me of this made of plates, cups etc. This is a close up of one corner, the whole thing was much bigger.
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