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  1. I'm here too and Bow's is just too handy for a few beers when I don't fancy going far. My mate often gets Spike to do that chicken massaman to take up to his room and loves it.
  2. A couple of countries threatened that but seem to have backed off now. Shame really.
  3. KWA

    Car Porn

    A lot of years ago the company I worked for were suppliers to Ferrari. One of my colleagues was getting a factory tour and he spied a yellow car in amongst all the red ones. The tour guide refused to even acknowledge it as a Ferrari 'cos it wasn't the right colour.
  4. Just arrived for the 5th time this year and another still to come. Gladder to take a break from the UK than I am to take a break from Thailand.
  5. I thought you could only do it once, but sounds like that's not the case.
  6. Didn't know you ate in Bow's. We might have passed each other as I was there for a while last night.
  7. Kitchen too? Not so good for hotel guests if so.
  8. Sitting in contract lounge in Edinburgh airport waiting on my flight. Food not as classy as Emirates Lounge in Glasgow, but still tasty.
  9. If I'm reading the same thread elsewhere as kicked off this one, it has been closed down with a mod commenting along the lines of the video and Line messages have been misinterpreted.
  10. That's not going so well now. https://southeastasiaglobe.com/sihanoukvilles-long-road-to-redemption/
  11. Inbound pretty much on time today after yesterday's delay so looking good for wheels up this afternoon.
  12. The change has actually turned out well. I've been talking to Qatar about getting (free) Gold Membership of their frequent flyer club in preparation for flying with them at Christmas. Well it actually came through this afternoon after a further little nudge from me, so no waiting in queues tomorrow and free lounge access. Not bad for what I think will be my first ever flight with them.
  13. You'll be there before me. I got up this morning to find out the inbound flight coming to get me was running two and a half hours late. I would have missed my connection so got on the phone (once they opened at 9:00am) and changed everything to the same time tomorrow. Not a good start.
  14. KWA

    Bike porn

    Was there something improper with the one in post #46? 😉
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