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  1. ^ Hope that's as accurate as your pound predictions over the last few months. 🙄
  2. Spoilt bugger. 🙂
  3. KWA


    Was talking to a mate with a much shorter commute recently but 75% of it was in rush hour traffic. His doc said it was being on and off the clutch pedal so much that did his knee in.
  4. Nothing new, but liked the fact that one of the alleged contributors referred to herself as an air hostess. PC westerners would have a fit. It also made me think of when I skied and the manners on the slopes in the USA far outweighed those in Europe so we shouldn't all be so quick in slating others.
  5. KWA


    Forgot about that, shifts always made the driving easier as well as getting a pay bump (and avoiding the boss).
  6. I don't usually open links with no idea what they're about but he Forrest Gump mention intrigued me. The OP would usually give a shortened quote or description, but when they don't I open them in another tab to look at later so don't have the opportunity to do as you suggest before paywalls, adwalls etc take over.
  7. I remember around 12 or so years ago a mate changing from 5.5 to 5 day weeks and being over the moon that there were no more Saturday morning shifts. It doesn't seem to have caught on. This was in electronics manufacturing in Chiang Mai.
  8. KWA


    I found I just got used to it when I was 57 miles twice a day, but when I changed to < 7 miles I realised just how much time I'd got back. I also changed to 3 days a week so the cost saving on petrol and wear and tear on the car fell to next to nothing. Beer spend increased substantially though.
  9. What were you googling for when you found that? Nobody browses the Guardian.
  10. FFS, have both of you got john luke (post 7) on ignore? What's he done wrong. 😉
  11. Just thought after I posted the above, that the Schwab also refunds ATM charges which the UK ones don't, so they're even better off.
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