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  1. A guy who cuts his bread on the diagonal should not be slagging off anyones else's nosh.
  2. I think the three weeks he refers to is the end of the month when the airport "closure" finishes and tourists may return (and hence pay barfines). I have no idea of the likelihood of that date changing again.
  3. There are plenty other countries on the list where that reason could also apply, but they still made it onto the list. For example, why would Vietnam be on it when they have stricter control on Brits allowed in there?
  4. Several insurers now covering Corona Virus on their policies without massive price hikes. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/insurance/cheap-travel-insurance/#annual
  5. Several non reciprocal countries in there so wonder why not Thailand. Perhaps they don't believe the data?
  6. You just made me realise I used to get that with the old app but not now with the new one. Did you have to do anything to enable it?
  7. One floor up now behind Maxx Central.
  8. A mate took this pic yesterday but we didn't know where it was at the time. Now we know I'd say for sure it's dodgy, as they'd recently been ordered to demolish parts of it for land encroachment.
  9. I would reckon about 50% open on Buakhao, and that was around 1:00pm so still a few later openers to show. Crazy 80s, Fubar 2 and the others in that small strip all open but up past the S bend there's a row of another 5 on the other side of the road all closed. Similar down towards the Tuesday/Friday market end. Marquee open, Piss Stop open, Trench Town open, Sports Town (name?) open. Katesiree House closed which surprised me.
  10. Didn't take long to get back to usual.
  11. A mate was half an hour or so after me on Buakhao and said the shutters into Scooters Bar were part way up, so that looks promising too.
  12. I walked the length of Buakhao earlier this morning so too early to see much difference in the bars since yesterday's posts, but the tape across the entry to The Beer Hubb is gone and the chairs and tables at Piss Stop look to have been moved around. A noticeable increase in girls on the streets both yesterday and today - mostly new arrivals I think.
  13. He does have a point though that "your copy and paste shite" is often a lot of crap which doesn't contribute to the discussion, and has much in common with the stirrer of shit who had the initials CF.
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