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  1. KWA

    Thai airways

    How much did ebookers take?
  2. Topping up the fridge in case the drink ban comes to Pattaya.
  3. OK, the planners. I though the police would have had input, but you're probably right and some nameless beaurocrat decided without any thought to the logistics.
  4. Some of these won't go to the beach, park etc but will instead crouch over their computer and post shit on the internet. Just log on here and open this thread if you don't believe me.
  5. KWA

    Free mobile data

    This is up and working now (10th) on 12Call at least, and the deal lasts a month. I updated my registered ID to my new passport a few days ago so will try it next week when my package expires. Please let us know if anyone else gets it with an overseas passport, hooky Thai ID number or anything else.
  6. I think any repercussions should be aimed at the police for poor planning/execution. I bet everyone thought they had a legitimate reason for travelling.
  7. For a bit of speculation, how long do you think the following changes will last in Pattaya/Thailand: 10:00pm to 4:00am curfew. Pattaya embargo starting at 2:00pm today. Reduced opening hours for shops. Hotels closed. Restaurants only doing take aways. Bars and agogos closed.
  8. Interesting comments from a Home Office advisor yesterday as he encouraged passport office employees to return to work: If he's correct, then a lot more people could be at work and for those that can't, it might not be as long as you think.
  9. Could he speak English? Yes. Not the same guy then.
  10. Agreed - I flew at a similar time, but was fully aware that it likely meant spending several months here with very little option to return. The writing was certainly on the wall, but I admire their response. £100,000 divided by 103 is £971 minimum each. They could easily have cut what they paid in half if they filled the plane, which with a bit of Embassy support it sounds like they could have done. The story seems to be corroborated now so does that change your view? Given the story is indeed accurate, I personally think the guy has been stupid to start with but has excelled himself in the follow up. The British Embassy, unsurprisingly, haven't realised that their standard operating procedures should have been consigned to the dustbin given the current situation.
  11. First flight: No idea. Last Flight: Dubai to Bangkok. 18/3/20 Shortest Flight: Edinburgh to Glasgow. Holiday charter that went on to Spain somewhere. Longest Flight: Sydney to Dubai. Favourite Airport: Glasgow. Solely for the Emirates Lounge. Least favourite: Tunisia somewhere. Just a frame with a canvas roof. Not even a baggage conveyor.
  12. Extension officially opened with a visit from Concorde.
  13. You can see Bournemouth and a few others in these pics from a few days ago. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-52089046
  14. If it's a low interest loan and you can make more using the money elsewhere then no reason to pay it off except to feel good.
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