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  1. I'm not keen on cooking and I'm not keen on vegetables, but somehow I talked myself into this little lot. I even deboned the chicken myself which was a first. There was potatoes, carrots, onions, baby sweetcorn, mushrooms, garlic, leeks and a tomato in there.
  2. KWA

    Women's World Cup

    In the first game they can't afford not to. These goals could affect where they finish in the group and if they took their foot off the pedal, then (eg) Sweden might go on to score a bucketload against Thailand and pip USA to top the table.
  3. What's worse is if you order on line for pick up at the airport you get a much better rate than walk in customers. Currently 37.4. Still not good but better than the 32 in your pic.
  4. KWA

    Women's World Cup

    Women's sport in general (not just the footy) is getting too much media coverage as they all try to be politically correct. It's annoying.
  5. Opposite up here yesterday. I landed in Edinburgh mid-afternoon and it was scorching. Out in the back garden with a beer once I got home.
  6. It's only a few miles up the road from me, but you can tell the writer has never visited here.
  7. Last time I remember these things being discussed the nitpickers declared you can't call them poached eggs, but to me they are just fine.
  8. From the UK. I was responding to RR007 who mentioned:
  9. In The Emirates Lounge at BKK. Had beef cheeks and mash but pretty meh. Crackers and cheese a safe back up.
  10. Must have changed as I did mine a few months ago. All on line and could be tracked, but they wouldn't start anything until the old one had been received. Just a few days to process though.
  11. There's no link to a gofundme page. When will that be up and running?
  12. Sydney, Manchester and Edinburgh amongst others might disagree with you, but lots of these projects seem to have cost a lot more than planned.
  13. Thanks thumper63, I thought it was misteregg that bought the drink so I stand corrected.
  14. Even different bits of the main course arriving at different times.
  15. It's a shame mickjn is no longer with us. He had so many tales to tell of this that would beat all of the above.
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