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  1. KWA


    That helps. Let me think for a while.
  2. KWA

    personal messages

    I don't think it's as complicated as that. When folk have had issues across the road, Lanza has previously responded "I've logged on as you and you had such and such a box ticked. I've sorted it." The user's account was then back to normal. Either you've over complicated your description or Lanza simplified what he was actually doing.
  3. I went one night in HCMC, bus down to Vung Tau for a week and ferry up the Mekong back to HCMC about 6 months ago. I was lucky in that a mate who knew his way about was there and helped me out with organisation etc. but could easily be done yourself or with a little help from here.
  4. KWA

    personal messages

    If Admin (not Mods) can log in as another (basic) user to help with an issue they may be having, then they will be able read messages received and sent by that user. At least that's my understanding of it.
  5. KWA

    Someone is having a laugh

    No, that's opposite the next side road off Lengkee on the other side that leads to Vogue Hotel. Opposite the one on the map are the two businesses I mentioned, and then Ned Kelly's. The arrow is probably on Ned Kelly's but that looked like business as usual an hour or so ago.
  6. KWA

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    Another option if they don't/won't allocate at check in is to ask at the gate after check in is closed. Not with EVA, but I've had success doing that before.
  7. KWA

    Someone is having a laugh

    Driving License/Visa/Real Estate shop and Dental Hollywood looked like business as usual from what I saw earlier.
  8. KWA

    Someone is having a laugh

    Another one here who had a look walking along to Retox today. I was late morning and saw nothing that looked like a prospect. One single bar unit closed on the left near the Buakhao end then nothing until much further along, but nothing that appeared to be getting worked on.
  9. KWA

    Airbus scraps A380

    Nice analysis, even if somewhat irrelevant and with some strange conclusions drawn.
  10. KWA

    Airbus scraps A380

    If you mean Emirates, then that would make sense as they have a policy to retire their planes at around the 10 year mark. Not due to the planes lifetime having expired but to keep a young fleet. Regarding the older ones with the lower weight restriction, Emirates have almost 40 of these I believe, between 6 and 10 years old, so some will probably go soon.
  11. KWA

    Airbus scraps A380

    Similar to many analyses I've read which also missed the vital point mentioned in post 32. You're looking at the A380 in isolation and need to look at what it did to Boeing 747 sales and how that affected both companys' smaller aircraft.
  12. There's a new (to me) pizza place in Treetown, just next to the Bangkok Bank. All pizzas 99 baht and a good selection to choose from. Decent size and taste based on a sample size of one.
  13. I think that one is still there and the yellow one has moved.
  14. KWA

    Airbus scraps A380

    Yes, but many analyses, including one above, do not take it into account and classify the A380 as a failure based purely on the profit/loss figures on their own, not those of Airbus as a whole.
  15. KWA

    Manure £3.8Billion + Offer

    Fake news being claimed now and they were only talking about a sponsorship deal. Allegedly.