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  1. I haven't set foot in my house for 10 months. The heating comes on for 10 minutes every morning and the fridge, freezer and a few other things will use some electricity. EDF last week proposed a 30% increase to my Direct Debit to make sure I didn't fall behind. Clowns.
  2. To be fair his job is telephone sales/support, he probably works to a script and has no need of technical knowledge. I couldn't tell you the BHP of any car that I've ever owned because I just don't care enough to look it up, but as discussed on here recently, I could still do most of my own maintenance in days gone, by so not a car dunce.
  3. Rémy Julienne. Stunt man for James Bond and many more. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-55765555
  4. Why is there a link to a Brentford FC message board in this post?
  5. If that is the answer then perhaps I now know the reason behind some recent obscure posts. Ridiculous that it has to be brought in where unecessary.
  6. As others have said, that's how it seems to be, however the reduction in symptoms the vaccine brings means you'll be snottering and spraying a lower viral load so less likely to spread it around.
  7. Two woke lesbos drinking Starbucks peppermint tea. Should have been locked up for that alone. 😉
  8. Papers just released of the Scottish Government cabinet meetings from 15 years ago show it was "was bracing itself for a flu pandemic which could kill up to 45,000 Scots in a "worst case" scenario." There's currently ~ 10% of that number died from Covid in Scotland. Couldn't have braced themselves very well I reckon.
  9. It's a "yes" again I think. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-55528352
  10. The NYT piece was an anti UK mud sling which it turns out they're well known for, and people should be aware of this. Mud slinging has no part in professional reporting and thickness of skin makes no difference to this.
  11. You can't deny the article was much better written and less emotional than the NYT one, even if it contained much of the same information. It even says Pfizer/BioNtech did not explicitly criticise the (UK) government's new approach which is telling. Interesting additional information is that the German govt has asked it's disease agency to consider the same approach, so it seems like it's not just the crazy Brits that might want to stretch the boundaries if it benefits society overall. I wonder if the NYT knew that when they wrote their particular Brit bashing piece?
  12. Less than 2 hours later Prayut allegedley tells them "No". Flip flop information every day. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2045891/prayut-rejects-proposal-to-seal-off-5-provinces
  13. What happened to it shooting up when a Brexit deal was signed?
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