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  1. Maybe not. I've just passed by on my way to Jollys and there's another new sign just to the left of the door. I never got the chance to read it all, but it referred to Xmas and may have been changing the offerings to more of a regular Sunday roast. It needs another scouting mission but it's beer o'clock time for me.
  2. KWA

    First night in Thailand

    Often too pissed from the journey to make it far, or if I do manage out get pissed mega quick and collapse in a heap.
  3. KWA

    Christmas pudding?

    Haven't had one for years, but rum butter would be the one.
  4. KWA

    Vivo 11 mobile phone

    Not true. Yours often bore the tits off me.
  5. KWA

    Bah humbug thread

    It was introduced in October 2016 from what I can see online. Free in Business or First Class or the "more expensive" Economy fares, as well as for some Skywards members as mentioned.
  6. KWA

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    My MO is to get to the airport early, before check in opens (although Emirates has a few flights within a couple of hours so may be difficult). Once there, go to the ticket desk and they will allocate an exit row seat on request (if available). Less than 6 hours prior to take off there is no charge. I got three exit rows seats to myself on a quiet flight last week with them.
  7. KWA

    Bah humbug thread

    Got to be Silver or higher for a free one before on line check in opens.
  8. Another no turkey option, at the Chunky Monkey this time. And another no frills and no turkey meal from the Seaside in Soi Choyapoom.
  9. If it's not got loads of milk and plenty of sugar it's not a real cup of tea. If it's got a fruity flavour or a scent about it it's not a real cup of tea. If it's green it's not a real cup of tea. All IMO, but I won't call people made up names for liking them. Beurk isn't a real word you know.
  10. KWA

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    Cheers. 4 weeks at least, so yes we'll overlap and hopefully get a drink.
  11. KWA

    Wheels Up.........how many days till ?

    1 day. Doors should be closed and pushback about to start this time tomorrow.
  12. Your right it was excellent, but did you have to quote it in its entirety? My scroll wheel has just burnt out. 🙂
  13. KWA

    Recommend your taxi service

    I'd maybe better try to improve mine. 🙂