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  1. KWA

    What do i need

    If there's one nearby, use an ATM in a bank branch as it may be easier to retrieve a lost card from them.
  2. You need to have words with your signmaker. Neither of the guys pictured (Greig Laidlaw and Sergio Parisse) will be playing on Saturday.
  3. I think it's another plug for his youtube videos.
  4. KWA

    What do i need

    It changes all the time. I opened mine while on a 30 day visa exemption with proof of address from an apartment block's business card, and my passport. Others report much more rigorous requests and a requirement to purchase unwanted insurance. Kasikorn and Bangkok Bank are anecdotally the easiest banks to open an account with.
  5. Stickman's interviewee maybe isn't that clued up. The No. 5 bar happy hour was 130,000 dong a year and a half ago, and I can't imagine they cut the price. The sign wasn't even there recently, although their website still says the happy hour is on.
  6. The Department of Royal Rainmaking and Agricultural Aviation can probably tell you better than anyone on here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Rainmaking_Project
  7. KWA

    What do i need

    Credit/debit cards with no overseas transaction fees. There's a few available. Hard cash in clean, unmarked notes - as much as you are comfortable travelling with. Proof of source of funds if over £1,000 GBP. Tetley (or your own particular preference) tea bags. What type of visa do you plan on getting and from where? Do you have accommodation booked, or anything particular in mind?
  8. There's a lengthy thread on it on another forum, so not an isolated case. Some stores seem to know how to bypass it, but others don't or won't. Non Thai ID seems to be unacceptable. I'm not sure if the PEA office requires it, but I ended up paying my electricity last month using the PEA app. Some bank apps appear to allow paying it too.
  9. KWA

    Valentines Day

    St. Valentine's Day UK style. 40,000 rings bought from Poundland. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-51473071
  10. According to Google, it's a feasibilty, design and environmental study for the development of Pattaya's public transport system in the form of electric trains. Project lasting from 1st October 2019 to 26th Jul 2020.
  11. The golf advertised in this pic has been cancelled due to the corona virus.
  12. There's lifts in all the buildings, however in the A, B and C blocks they are in between the floors so you have to walk up half a floor to get on, then walk up or down half a floor when you get off.
  13. There's no shortage in bars etc opening (or re-opening under new owners) so no need to worry. PS. I thought you posted recently you'd cancelled your trip?
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