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  1. A few mentioned in this previous thread including the guy who did my implant. https://thailand-247.com/index.php?/topic/2329-any-recommendations-for-dentists-in-pattaya-please/&tab=comments#comment-73300
  2. Mate was thinking about going up to Chiang Mai but the night time temperatures look similar there:
  3. KWA


    Just been reading about it elsewhere. From BBC News: Amazon won the rights to show every game from the first round of midweek fixtures in December and all 10 matches on 26-27 December as part of a three-year deal.
  4. Always lots more willing to take their place which is good news for their customers.
  5. I don't think so. A fellow BM did this in July, 90 days after getting a retirement extension. The insurance requirement for OA visas and extensions was 1st November I think, but not the 90 day proof of funds.
  6. KWA

    Black Friday

    Went out for a bar lunch today with a friend's son who moved to the UK a little while back. The bus even had a Black Friday sale on tickets - WTF.
  7. KWA

    Black Friday

    Had emails waiting when I woke up today from both Emirates and Qatar advertising Black Friday sales but not much savings on a trip I've been looking at.
  8. KWA

    Black Friday

    She should be able to do contactless payment for anything under £30. 😉
  9. I don't think they've popped up more than a handful of times in my searches, but think I might have used them once a while back. Maybe they have better deals with other airlines, but not in the top 13 here (although there's some here I wouldn't book if I could help it): or top 21 here:
  10. Qatar give free lounge access to Silver Frequent Flyer Club members and above, both at Doha and at outstations. It's one of their better benefits as the equivalent status on many others only gives lounge access at their home base.
  11. Some of these cases will be down to the agent not booking real time with the airline and either finding out their advertised price is no longer available or more likely just trying to gouge the customer. If you refuse to back down you can often get the original price, but who really wants to deal with lowlifes like that?
  12. Momondo, Kayak, Google Flights and ITA Matrix as well as Skyscanner. None perfect but all have some good features.
  13. Had similar at Decathlon a couple of months ago but to become a member all I had to give was an email address, so if you previously gave a false phone number you could now give a false email instead. My biggest annoyance was them not offering a bag for my goods - not even one to purchase.
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