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  1. Thanks for that mate I think I'll be ordering very soon! Just done an order,ESB,1845 & London Porter....reckon I won't be going to the Spar in the village for a while!
  2. Pork & chicken massaman with a nice Italian pinot grigio. Also sprouts so could be a bit noisy tomorrow....
  3. Just started on the Rev james & it is nice.Been partial to a drop of Brains since I went to RAF St Athan in 1970 as a 17yo.
  4. Went for a walk around the village for my daily exercise & called in the Spar shop for some essentials....never usually buy booze there because it's pricey but circumstances dictate....
  5. Hey mate I just read on the Korat FB site they're banning booze sales up there soon - best you get some in pronto!
  6. https://www.aerotime.aero/clement.charpentreau/24788-fighter-jet-crash-averted-by-defect-in-civil-ejection-incident?fbclid=IwAR3MVmgrLlTB6ESZunkAsrIxrskfsk_ypPgkVSAnJrniYTmAzgCiZfUiMcQ
  7. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8199719/Dr-Tedros-Ghebreyesus-career-politician-running-China-centric-WHO.html
  8. Pilchards in tomato sauce,salad with black olives,jalapenos,nuts & feta cheese.With McLaren Vale Vat 7 red wine which is really the dogs dangly bits!
  9. Possibly,I can't remember as it was in 1985.If so my longest would be LHR - BKK.
  10. First flight: Gatwick to Jersey in a Dakota,circa 1958 Last flight: Bucharest to Luton,Wizz Air,earlier this year Shortest flight: In a glider at RAF Bovingdon late 1960's,the winch cable snapped & we came down with a bump Longest flight: Heathrow-Manila,BA Favourite airport: Heathrow on my way to Bangkok Least favourite: Charles de Gaulle,although it's probably changed since I spent ages there in 1986 awaiting a connection
  11. His son Timothy played with the Eagles & Whitesnake.According to Wiki....
  12. Nipper Read....he certainly outlived the Krays.... https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/1266071/leonard-nipper-read-dead-kray-twins-police-coronavirus-latest?fbclid=IwAR0zzrDrGMlDipkBX89m3zxhUgA4M0gDO5fIyQv5_zWTacXj6oSmwT1kFLY
  13. Seeing ads on UK TV now for pre-paid cremations....seen ads for pre-paid funerals before but never cremations. There's always an opportunity in others misfortune....
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