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  1. coxyhog

    Phuket oops

    https://www.aol.co.uk/news/planes-engine-erupts-flames-more-191936214.html “It appeared at the behest of those who have never worked in civil aviation and who are unaware of the fact that the practice of interchanging serviceable spare parts from jet to jet has always been widespread, even during the Soviet times,” he claimed. It happens all over the world,but there are strictly laid down procedures to follow.
  2. Sean Dyche has only been Everton manager for an hour and look what it’s done to him already....
  3. & Just started this,at over 800 pages maybe it'll save me going to the gym....
  4. Just finished this,by a former SAS RSM it's a great read.
  5. The way women are treated in Saudi I'm sure he'll feel quite at home.
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