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  1. 31 here & although 1.45am in Korat only 27. Wish I had a ceiling fan in my living room here....& my bedroom!
  2. The Icelandic one got us a weeks free full board in the Radisson Bangkok,courtesy of Oman Air.
  3. I think the biggest problem for most people in the UK is that they're just not used to it.
  4. Sunday lunch,garlic prawns,sea bream and wifey's first ever attempt at a potato salad....bloody great!
  5. coxyhog


    Ben Stokes flying to NZ for family reasons & will miss the remainder of the series. England will surely miss Ben Stokes but best wishes & hopefully a happy outcome.
  6. My mother had an overnight stay in hospital here in the UK on Friday.That involved me taking her there,picking her up and today picking up her meds for her. Visitors are strictly barred and all the hospital personnel I saw were wearing masks.Given that the current temperature here is 30 deg C to wear a mask for what is probably a 12 hour shift cannot be easy. Amazing that even with a mask on you can tell from the eyes that a Filipina nurse is hugely attractive....
  7. Pre Sunday lunch San Mig,fish & prawn salad to come.
  8. coxyhog


    I know what you mean but I watched about 90% of our second innings & there is no way they threw that.
  9. coxyhog


    & he duly delivered!
  10. coxyhog


    Pakis wasted most of their reviews,in the modern game that is unforgivable.
  11. I love a cheese & mushroom omelette with wifey's home made chili powder with baked beans.
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