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  1. My mate got a mini barrel of ESB from fullers last week & it was flat & smelled of vinegar.
  2. He now has the same amount of goals this season as our(Watford)£18m,£70k per week striker Andre Gray. & his one was a fluke.
  3. My missus lights a candle in the kitchen after cooking fish to get rid of the smell. What do these people do,light it & sit there sniffing & wanking?
  4. Speckled Hen is a good beer but I used to drink Newcastle Brown when in the RAF so tried some a couple of years ago for the first time for years. Meganormous hangover next morning so will not be repeating.
  5. I just ordered 12 bottles of Oyster Bay Merlot from DrinkSupermarket.com,not as cheap as when it was on offer in Sainsburys but at a tad over £100 well worth it.
  6. Since the gyms closed here last March I was walking,always at a fast pace & between 2-5 miles.About 2 months ago my left knee told me to f**k off so I'm now confined to base.I still exercise but I've been putting a lot of weight on.If I had room in the garage I'd get an exercise bike but my Harley takes up too much room.Gonna try to sell the Harley in the spring. Mind you the next time I ride it I'll change my mind for sure.
  7. A neighbour of ours used to have an Audi R8 & my wife's Nissan Note could drive faster around here than he could.
  8. coxyhog


    There were suggestions Australia batsman Steve Smith deliberately scuffed up the crease to gain an advantage - a claim he disputed - while captain Tim Paine was embroiled in a verbal exchangewith India's Ashwin. Paine could be heard saying: "I can't wait to get you to the Gabba, Ash."😂 Well, Paine's words may well have returned to haunt him, as Australia suffered their first loss at the ground since 1988.
  9. That would be useless around most of the UK over the speed bumps.
  10. coxyhog


    Great series win by India in Australia😂
  11. coxyhog


    Ada is certainly shaggable😛
  12. Agree that lasagne is better fresh but spag bol sauce & for that matter curry sauce tastes better after time in the fridge/freezer.
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