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  1. https://alloutfootball.co.uk/a-tale-of-tim-robinson-referees-ruining-the-english-game/?fbclid=IwAR19IKw9U6ePSYkOP4qOJNw5uTSuF7rCoP-01W6jCEwS2eT_0oawomN7v-4
  2. Thank f**k we only have to play Boremuff twice in a season....they must be one of the dirtiest teams in the Championship. I moaned a lot about VAR last season but I reckon with it they would've been down to 9 men by half time. & their No 5 who should've seen red for a knee high studs up tackle should've got at least another yellow for pulling back our forward when he was through on goal. The standard of refereeing is not very high in the Championship. Rant over.
  3. We were fortunate that Kabasele only got a yellow when one of your guys looked clean through as well. For me the important thing is that we're not playing particularly well but still winning.When we get some of our injured players back hopefully we will play better. Good luck to you too mate,I'm sure if you keep playing like that you'll be in the mix at the end.
  4. It could go either way,good game & your lot look dangerous going forward.
  5. @Aqualung What do you reckon then?....We've been good in defence but are forced into a back 5 as we don't have a proper left back,so have to play with 3 centre backs & 2 wing halves.Also most of our strikers are coming back from injury,this is why we've scored so few goals. I'm going for 1-0 to us but not putting any money on it.
  6. coxyhog


    Good news https://www.skysports.com/cricket/news/12123/12110326/england-to-begin-white-ball-tour-of-south-africa-in-november
  7. My wife's friend,a Thai lady well into her 60's,flew back to Thailand from the UK on Sunday. She lives in Bangkok but they put her into quarantine in the Beverly hotel in south Pattaya,which sounds a little odd.
  8. Spencer Davis dead at 81,he made some wonderful music.... https://www.walesonline.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/sixties-music-star-spencer-davis-19136428?fbclid=IwAR1PXcU98d9SatENaXjq6ZPPY0-XELcf5Z2DEbRcnqiMa1rBM7xvlDjcCNg
  9. After getting my mums car sorted with a new battery & other bits last week the battery in my Merc died on Saturday. £246 for a new one but I can't complain as the car is nearly 10yo & it was the original. Then after a jump start from my mates Q7 this morning off to my neighbours body shop for his mechanic to fit it. The only charge for that being my missus has to cook them some Pad Thai.😁
  10. Angus steak pie from our village farm shop with baked beans & some Beaujolais,luvverly!
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