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  1. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    Ratings according to the Guardian..... https://www.theguardian.com/sport/99-94-cricket-blog/2019/sep/16/ashes-report-cards-england-australia-player-series?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR1RYVUWC9w_tZG05L3mTNx9EELAg40dLqWeYo0NUIski0BLt_1gkqyIEWs#Echobox=1568640499
  2. Seemed appropriate in Battle of Britain week....
  3. I've got blue eyes & I was born in Watford....
  4. Watford 2-2 Arsenal....what a great game!
  5. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    England batsmen back in ODI mode,there's 2 days left ffs.
  6. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    Does it make any difference who bats first when you're as brittle as England? Just been looking at results & the last time England scored 400+ in a test innings was over a year ago.
  7. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    All things being equal I would agree with the bookies,but they're not.Smith has still to bat.
  8. Garlic prawns,sea bream,salad & cheap champers,bloody great!
  9. I went in one once with the missus,onle because she wanted to.Girl gave us a dance & asked me for a tip,so I told the missus to give her one,can't remember how much she gave her but she was not very impressed.
  10. In the 1980's I was drinking with a couple of Royal Marines in Pattaya & we said our goodbye's as they were leaving the next day. Then they were in the bar the next night....they had worked it out they could have another night in Pattaya & just make it back to their Scottish base in time. The Kuwait Airways flight they should have been on was hijacked & flown to Iran....
  11. I'm not much of an expert on wine but I know what I like.Beaujolais was the first red I ever drank,I think it was in 1976 or 7 when I was in the RAF in Germany & I've liked it ever since.
  12. I'd just finished supervising a repair after a power truck ran into an aircraft in Madrid.I couldn't sign it off because the local mechs couldn't get the engines started & I needed it pressurised to leak check the repair.So I had nothing to do & one of the said mechs told me to go to Casa de Campo,he said I'd like it. It was a big park full of hookers,mainly African & mainly with their tits hanging out.I drove round for ages. On the way back to my hotel the missus rang & said something about a plane going into a building in the States & I got back in time to see the second one go in on CNN. Next morning the engines got started & I signed it off.When I checked out the hotel lobby was full of people wanting a room because flights across the pond had stopped I guess. I was running late for my check in & the thought hit me that if I missed my flight I'd be sleeping rough that night.Fortunately I made it.
  13. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    Good read https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/sep/09/england-must-consider-captaincy-top-four-wicketkeeper?fbclid=IwAR3XuDMFMAuEY3j6LMqj7BG7qqhmR0pSuMQXxTSpXm2ERa5VFD-M6WqQQ6Q
  14. A terrible event,one of those where you'll always remember where you were ones.
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