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  1. Laker Airways also operated the DC-10 & he got some stick for not grounding theirs in the aftermath of the accident. Laker Airways followed the maintenance manual instructions.
  2. The funny bit was when a fan asked Smith to sign a piece of sandpaper.😂
  3. https://www.harighotra.co.uk/indian-recipes
  4. Said he and his Sherpa guide were ill.Sounds more like something they ate.
  5. Or get a jar of Patak's curry paste & just follow the instructions,really easy to make a decent curry.
  6. Looks a mess but it's turkey burger stuffed with cheddar cheese with a lot of Thai chili powder added.Bloody lovely with a nice Kiwi bubbly & King Crimson filling my ears....
  7. This reminds me of another thread on here....got it now - Cairo is a proper shithole!
  8. Long before the internet I got a lot of really good advice from guys that lived in Pattaya and Bangkok. When us old timers came to places like Pattaya there was no Google to research it,you went there & found it out yourself. I like to think that some of the advice I got from those mostly long dead really good guys contributed to me now being married for over 28 years.
  9. A very good mate of mine who now lives in Jomtien is married to a Thai-Chinese woman who for a long time made a good living from selling Thai goods in Oman. She would do a good trade in fake watches & T shirts etc but also had brochures from top jewel shops in the UK & would get fakes made for the guys to take home to their wives in the UK. When I left Oman(sacked) she went with me to the Thai Airways desk & I got my massively overweight check in baggage checked in.
  10. Yep all of that,also Korat sausages and mangoes from our garden. Never happy unless 10kg over the allowance & the suitcases are stuffed to breaking point.I don't think they can sell chocolate in Thailand? Couple of trips ago we got stopped at customs here in the UK.Started chatting to the guy while the missus was undoing the string on her cardboard box & he saw she was struggling & let us go.
  11. I bring nothing back but if you've got a few hours to spare I could tell you what the missus brings back....
  12. As above only knew him via the Secrets forum. What a tragic waste of life.
  13. Good for a larf.... https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/may/21/david-squires-on-manchester-citys-dominance-and-football-whataboutery?fbclid=IwAR1l3B-suRfOK_P0d3MOIaUGlpvp0S7-VGyMnsx2-bXucyww0JsaKvRklkE
  14. Great in theory,nigh on impossible on the M25.
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