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  1. Takeaway from my favourite village ruby vendor.Usually have king prawn jalfrezi but this time went for one of the chefs specials. Called mogul's return it was tandoori chicken,big king prawns & minced meat in a mild sauce.Fucking lovely!
  2. They were the replenishment vessels.
  3. London Pride is 60 years old today,it's been around rather longer than the hijacking of our language by that lot.
  4. It was billed as 60 minutes of free beer to celebrate the 60th anniversary of London Pride.Fortunately the serving wenches were late to turn up to my local club so it went on for longer than the 60. The serving wenches were from Ecuador and very,very nice.
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-50397069?fbclid=IwAR0PTRK4nr57JtxJgww94tkDRer3TCE7IjAGRErLXYfCkFAk1VgRU7y-jnc
  6. Having the luggage & the fuel on the right side would surely make the thing fly around in circles & eventually disappear up its own orifice?
  7. This was the required reading when I took my licence exams,don't ask me anything about it as it was a long time ago & was one of those things you have to learn & then never,ever use. Hopefully aircraft designers remember it but all I ever did was fix the fucking things. Basically the shape of a wing gives you lift in much the same way as a helicopter rotor does, and the blades in a jet engine and the blades of a propeller generate thrust.I do remember having to learn Bernoulli's theorem when doing engine theory. And it all goes pear shaped when you go supersonic,had to learn all that shit for only one reason - Concorde was on the civil register.
  8. I got as far as this one & gave up....total bollocks: There's a reason you almost always enter/exit on the left There are a couple of potential reasons why people usually enter and exit on the left side of the plane. Firstly the luggage hold and the fuel tank are (mostly) on the right side, so keeping passenger activity to the left reduces the risk of injury. But some believe this pattern is actually linked to nautical history. A ship’s port would always be on the left and so it's thought that aircraft designers followed this same format.
  9. Watching the Jack Bruce tribute concert,really good.
  10. Liver bacon onions veg gravy food of the gods,especially with some nice Oz red....
  11. As a ground eng on the flight line you're always under pressure to release the aircraft,but I guess the financial compensation scheme does increase that pressure.
  12. Bangers beans mushrooms & Bordeaux,multiculturism at its very best😀
  13. Been there a few times,always a good night.
  14. My dad was a Gooner as a kid in the 1930's but I got him hooked on Watford in the late 1970's when Graham Taylor did so well for us.
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