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  1. coxyhog

    737 Max

  2. The one that really stuck in my mind was the Irving Vincent going up the hill,mostly on it's back wheel,awesome machine & awesome sound.
  3. Marks & Spencer Gastropub Chicken & Leek pie with pease pudding,peas,gravy & Beaujolais....lovely.
  4. I don't know you mate but a tear welled up in my eye when I read that.Keep it up!
  5. I'll look out for that,I've read Bill Wyman's,albeit a long time ago,Keith Richard's,Roger Daltrey's & Tony Iommi's.All were really good.
  6. I've just finished Bruce Dickinson's autobiography.I'm not an Iron Maiden fan but it is a good read.Heavy metal lead singer & airline pilot,also flies his own WWI replica Fokker Triplane at airshows.Some guys just have too much talent!....Also survived a serious bout of cancer.
  7. Windies 71 all out in 3rd T20....England should win the series 3-0.
  8. 2nd T20 England 182. WI 45 all out.England 2 up in 3 match series. England were 34-4 at one stage.
  9. In the UK I tend only to use cash in pubs or on the very rare occasion I get a taxi. In Thailand I use cash for everything except hotel payments.I try to only take with me enough for the night plus a bit extra.Probably stems from being mugged in 1981. In Romania I used to use cash but now have a Santander Zero card which does not charge for overseas payments.Use cash for taxis.
  10. We live in the UK so buying half decent vino is not a problem.Every now & then Sainsbury's or Waitrose will have a 25% off for 6 bottles or more & there are always some that are already discounted.The 25% off is from the already discounted price.Last time was Sainsbury's & I bought 24 bottles,12 red & 12 white.Mostly French but also some Aussie,Kiwi & South African. Sometimes I buy a case online from Virgin Wines,been buying from them for over 10 years & never been disappointed.They sell Chilean reds from Perez Cruz,absolutely lovely but it's listed at £19.99.Every once in a while they'll have it discounted to £11.99 & that's the only time I buy it.
  11. My missus is always trying to get away with extra,makes me laugh when she has to take a few kilos out of her checked in bag to put in her cabin bag as though it reduces weight.
  12. If they have a treadmill in your gym then use that for your walking. I'm 65 and use a gym regularly for weights,resistance & a lot of walking etc but I've been doing it for a long time. Maybe good to get a health check before doing anything strenuous.
  13. Some pics I took at a car show at Baneasa Airport,Bucharest where I was working a couple of years ago. The one that looks like it's made of wood....is made of wood.Have a prang & call a carpenter I guess & hope there's no fire involved.
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