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  1. My company in Oman had just changed my status to accompanied....
  2. BTW my mother gave me a bollocking for getting married in trainers
  3. Yep well done but the FA is to blame for us having to play 3 games in 6 days.We are not a top Premier League team who can put out a second eleven who are experienced. I think we had 3 players who have played in the Premier League,of which 2 were coming back after injury or suspension & the other,Andre Gray is a total waste of fucking time....he couldn't even kick off properly.None of our bench have played for the first team before. But I am quite pleased with it all,we're in a relegation scrap and the FA Cup sadly comes a long way behind staying in the Premier League.
  4. This was our second bottle of bubbly tonight and far better than the first,which was Champagne,albeit a cheap one.
  5. 29 Years ago we got wed in a Bangkok registry office.The only witness was her brother who was working as a teacher in Bangkok at the time.Afterwards he took us to his favourite restaurant & my new bride ate a crispy fried frog....wtf have I got myself into here I thought. Later we went to Jools in Soi Nana where I imbibed lots & lots of champagne & ended up in a right old state as the pic below shows.I guess my new bride was thinking wtf have I got myself into here as she took the photo. Fortunately 29 years later we are still wondering....
  6. The missus put this lot together to celebrate our 29th anniversary....the two dark looking sauces were tamarind & coconut based and I think tomorrow I'll be crapping paint stripper but it was bloody good.One bottle of bubbly gone & one to go....
  7. Yep I always ignore that one.... It is a wonderful beer!
  8. Had this on offer in Waitrose,£1.50 a bottle,seemed silly not to....
  9. Yes a sad day for Python fans....https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51209197
  10. I've always liked this guy & so far the book doesn't disappoint.
  11. coxyhog


    England win by an innings & 53 runs in Port Elizabeth😁
  12. My first trip to Pattaya was a 3 day excursion from Bangkok,so when I left I was going back to Bangkok so no probs. When I left Thailand though it was another story,back to the shithole of Saudi Arabia,while I wasn't in tears I wasn't at all happy.
  13. coxyhog


    Stokes is usually the safest pair of hands in the England side so don't be surprised if he takes some tomorrow. Hopefully decent weather tomorrow for a good win for England.
  14. All VIP stuff at Northolt.We have a couple of Heathrow air traffic controllers live opposite so I'll ask them when I see them next(if I remember lol).
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