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  1. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    Just seen the first test is at Edgebaston....that won't please the Aussies!😎
  2. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    He'll need a push....
  3. coxyhog

    The Ashes

    In just over two weeks from now one of the greatest sporting rivalries will resume,The Ashes. A lot of questions will be answered.... Will Archer & Roy be able to make the transition between white ball & red....if they're picked? Will Anderson & Broad still be able to work their magic with the Duke ball? Will the Aussie batsmen be able to cope with the Duke ball? Will grayray & his mates down under be able to stay awake all night? All will be revealed....
  4. Marks & Sparks Gastropub range,best pies I've ever had mate.
  5. Chicken & leek pie,pease pudding,veg & gravy.Washed down with a nice Macedonian red.Had lots of Romanian red before when I worked over there but never any from Macedonia.Not bad. Rom red is very good.
  6. I emailed my Scottish mate in Bangkok today,the last time England were in the WC final,1992,I watched it in his bar in Soi Post Office.....suffice to say he wasn't supporting England.
  7. It was a great game played in the right spirit,from when Boult trod on the boundary & his co-fielder immediately signalled a 6 to when Woakes apologised for the beamer & Stokes apologised for the extra runs. Made a pleasant change from cheating,diving,injury feigning footballers.
  8. It used to be less wickets but was changed.I guess much more drama with a super over.In the end it was our big hitters who won it for us,more boundaries by quite a few. Kiwis were very unlucky & I had a few bob on them to win it.But I'm very happy to have lost the few bob.
  9. What a fuckin game....
  10. Jane Birkin....she was smokin' hot.....
  11. My mate hit a deer riding his Yamaha FJ1300 through the New Forest in England.The bike was totalled & he had broken leg,hip & several other injuries. According to a witness the deer shook itself & ran off.
  12. If they win it then when you ask them about the cricket they'll say:"Not my sport mate,womens netball is my sport"😎
  13. When I've been in Thailand & England have held the Ashes the usual reply I got from Aussies when I bring up the subject of cricket is:"Not my sport mate,Aussie Rules is my sport" 😂🤣😂🤣
  14. YES!!!!😁😁😁😁....107 balls to spare....a right royal stuffing!!
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