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  1. As an Aberdeen fan best place would be a soundproofed & blacked out room.
  2. Degenarate, filthy, low life scum, failed bar owner, QPR parasite... Probably a nice guy in real life though!
  3. Didn't know the guy personally but reading posts like this, whoever they are about, is always emotional. No-one deserves their lives to end like this. RIP and condolences to friends and family.
  4. Have often had girlfriends up to 25 years younger than me, not only in Thailand but also in the West. Fortunately not until I was in my mid forties though... honest!
  5. I've an email for him too but it's 6-7 years old.
  6. Aberdeen mate. Big day tomorrow. last day of the season to determine a European spot or not. Yeah, I know Drumoak, still see his coaches going about.
  7. Bookies have us as a <1% chance of winning.
  8. Not watching it. Engrossed in a rerun of the FOOTBALL - I'm a Man City Fan today. I like FOOTBALL!
  9. 68 - To Turkey though with the little one.
  10. Happy to watch Jeremy Kyle take a bullet. His career taking a downward turn now thankfully.
  11. Rome without doubt. There are Spaniards in Barcelona.
  12. Announced on their Facebook page that it was a wind-up.
  13. And there the similarity with Scottish women ends.
  14. You can steal mine for a couple of hours?
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