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  1. In every area other than calculating the numbers of 100% of shares available.
  2. Westminster Bridge, London. 8p.m. Thursday 16th April 2020. "Clap for the NHS". Social Distancing by the public, NHS staff and the Police??? Are they MAD??? clap.MOV
  3. Lockdown fun with the little one... Playing darts with Briana during isolation and I hung up a map of the world and told her to throw a dart at it. "Wherever it lands we will go on a long holiday when all this is finished, I promise" I said. Looks like we will be spending 2 weeks behind the fridge!
  4. They are all isolating it seems?
  5. I made the mistake of telling Briana an early symptom of Covid is the loss of smell. She has now taken to farting in my vicinity and when I react she tells me “I'm performing a health check Dad, you're fine!”
  6. @Thai Spice A relative of yours by any chance mate? 😄
  7. 'Live' (excuse the pun) up to date figures for each country + totals globally. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/#countries
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