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  1. ArtyGraph

    Fish and Chips

    Nearest Chippy is 8 miles away though we do have a mobile van comes every week on a Thursday to the village. Always mobbed between 5 and 7pm.
  2. ArtyGraph


    Done mate.
  3. ArtyGraph

    Vientiane, Laos ..visa run

    The one time I went to Lao for a visa run we decided to take the car and stay for a few days in Vientiane. From memory was about a 7 hour drive from Pattaya. The Mrs made sure we had all the documents and photocopied everything just before we left and put everything in a padded A4 envelope. We set off at midnight qnd arrived just after 7am in the morning and decided to go for a coffee/breakfast before crossing the bridge to the border. I took a few minutes to check the documents and discovered the stupid cow had left my passport on the photocopier!
  4. ArtyGraph


    If anyone needs a link welcome t us this one... Here is my invite link: https://initiativeq.com/invite/SrWkX4ihm This link will stop working once I’m out of invites. Let me know after you registered, because I need to verify you on my end.
  5. ArtyGraph


    Registered @STARGAZER, please verify.
  6. ArtyGraph

    Funny pics

  7. ArtyGraph

    Where can I get BitCoins?

    Needing BitCoins urgently having just received the email... Hey.You can complain to the police but they will not solve your problem.I am foreigner.It means nobody can catch my location even for 3 weeks. Your system was infected by my virus.We turned on your web-cam,at the moment you went to the porn web-page.Now I have a video with your masturbation. I copied all your contacts so if you want me to keep this secret you should pay 540 USD in bitcoins.Enter this wallet address - 1DLt3sFcfZa9YVaYpjYsjS1YfJSmBZSGLr(use it like your credit card number). I give you 28 h after you open this letter for making the transaction.All the best.Dont forget about the disgrace.
  8. ArtyGraph

    Do you like driving

    The little one has a birthday on Saturday so driving down tomorrow to the Safari Park (just over 2 hours) then on to Ayrshire to our Hotel for a couple of nights and a few meals with family I haven't seen for 20+ years (another 2 hours) then on the Sunday the drive home of about 4 hours. Looking forward to testing out the new car as so far have only done 350 miles in her in 8 weeks.
  9. ArtyGraph

    Last Film You Saw

    Took the little on yesterday and sad to say I enjoyed it.
  10. ArtyGraph

    Thais demand that foreigners should be jailed ...

    A nations flag should never be desecrated or abused... there is the odd exemption of course. 😄
  11. ArtyGraph

    Things gone from your past

    That’s where the expression “phone tapping” came from.
  12. ArtyGraph

    Who loves the new Eyebrow fad?

    Wait till next year mate. It’ll be a male fad before too long.
  13. ArtyGraph

    What are you doing right now..?

    Working at home on a website, business stationery and brochure for a new haulage company.