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  1. grayray


    I'd help ya mate, you do know how 3 blokes keep a secret? you kill the other two regards grayray
  2. grayray


    yes you can loose a mate when he or you do something that really flucks you up. I haven't yet lost any, got the 3 I had as a school kid back 70years ago,2 have not seen for a long time,one who we stay in touch all the time the others know that I can't travel, hear from on our birthdays,see them at a few funerals over the last 15 years. but if I walked into our old town local where they still live,we would just start up like I just got back from another mongering tour, there was 5 regulars who one of the barstaff called us the "filthy five" we won a prawn tray at the raffle and one of us had bag peanuts he brought back from queenslands Kingaroy peanut farms. so we ate the prawns and nuts and the shells was all over the table and floor,and the nickname stuck. fluck how can I remember that he have trouble remembering the beer order when its my shout. regards grayray
  3. grayray


    more! he will help you bury it. regards grayray
  4. grayray


    we in OZ there are "friends" and then there is "mates" a mate is closer than a friend,in some cases a mate is closer than a wife, most blokes share things with their mate, things that they would never tell wifey. you can always get another wife,but lose a mate and you never get him back regards grayray
  5. you want hear a cow who jumps down a embankment lobs on the bonnet and it's arse comes thru the windscreen and covers the driver in shit. happen back in 78 on the gold coast here in OZ,i hope it was cow shit,but no one yet has explained how it got inside my suit trousers well that's iam saying regards grayray
  6. that was back in the 80s not hostels but cheap hotels in manila,never charged for quest,stayed in Hilton in Manila back in 1984,120aud a night plus 35aud for lady,stayed 4 nights and moved in to Las Palmas,16aud a night and nothing for ladies. a great hotel till a mad aussie started a fire,he was trying to kick lady out of his room,he steps outside room tells her to go,she sees him out in hallway,slams door locks it,he gets some newspapers and sets fire to the up against door,mad bastard,cost him 20000aud to keep it quiet,no police. regards grayray
  7. stayed a few in PI and LOS that you could hear 2 fleas banging 3 rooms away. one place in Manila the walls was 2ply,i kid you not,you could hear the pussy sucking sounds,plus the squeals,shit those where the days. regards grayray
  8. yes think I posted about the one sided support from the brown nose union most probbally one of the many posts I hand censored or deleted, some blokes can not handle the piss taking or the truth. i post mainly to have a craic or two,shit I could have closed the whole forum if I posted the stories true or bullshite about some of the practices at Secrets,but would not want a shit storm to come down on the innocent. have fair bit of respect for any number of members and staff I met over the years. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllll some of them are poms,so I will have to carefull giving out to many "goodonyamatelubya" regards grayray
  9. I remember a few years ago Ben changed the menu and of the 17 post in the thread, 14 post was by mods/admin supporting the new menu, think some would have seen that thread as a big brownie effort by all concerned. regards grayray
  10. being a aussie unlike you poms who want English style food where ever they are in the world. we have a go at most meals,i like the Golden Ferrit in Pattaya Plaza when I want falang,but mostly eat at the thai place on the corner of the plaza and 2nd road,also like the permanent food cart at the soi buakhao end like their noodles most BGs I take there enjoy their food also. don't mind Sizzlers on beach rd for some salad some days. and other days I just have a beer feed till late at night ,could end up at Leng Kee restaurant for some seafood. regards grayray l
  11. we have had a number of "one punch" deaths in Sydney over the last few years,the punch don't kill them, its the head hitting the road or pavement,that is the danger. regards grayray
  12. IAM PROUD TO BE A LURKER HERE, most days I can't help myself, I just gotta post, some days I can think straight,some days iam away with the wee people,fighting off the pups of the black dog. and some days iam fecking flying,way over the moon. shit! I love my life,when iam thinking straight, i miss Baz,fellas regards grayray
  13. same with blokes who wear tight T-shirts,i call them "look at me, look at me shirts" then they complain how hot they are, you poms 400 years in the tropics and still have not learnt what to wear "mad dogs and Englishmen,go out in the midday sun" but I do respect some of you bastards regards grayray
  14. Khun C, "she listens from time to time" could that be the first lie of the day?? regards grayray
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