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  1. grayray

    The Ashes

    reckon there would have to be some disappointed people on both sides.both sides "only if" in all 5 tests, both sides could have well won all 5. atleast I can get back to some normal nights sleep. see you all in 2021 when its on again,hope iam still here to give you pommy wickie wackers some good old aussie advice, fill ya boots lads we will be waiting how sweet it will be regards grayray
  2. grayray


    Steelers beat in game 2 it is looking more than likely Steekers are info a long season. don't have a second team,well maybe Cowboys cheerleaders regards grayray
  3. I was asking about leaving Thailand on a thai passport and coming back on a British, if she is living in Thailand why would subject her the same visa restrictions falangs have in living here? regards grayray
  4. if a kid enters on a british passport would she need a visa? me, I would bring her back on the Thai passport,save any problems that could happen down the road regards grayray
  5. you are a bad man Sir regards grayray
  6. grayray

    The Ashes

    what would those two know? regards grayray
  7. grayray

    The Ashes

    NO argument from here mate,iam on a winner I think but then I am a direct descendant of 2 irish convicts so I could be a bit dysfunctional. but reckon iam on a winner here regards grayray
  8. grayray

    The Ashes

    Allan, we don't have to do either, we have already retain them think you poms are the ones that are hard work Australia 2 wins I draw out 4 games England 1win I draw out of 4 games how sweet it is regards grayray
  9. grayray

    The Ashes

    Khun C. Australia.only had one thing to do on the 2019 Ashes tour, DO NOT LOOSE THE ASHES. only one team had to win the ashes,England and they failed end of story. HOW GOOD IT IS, AUSSIE,AUSSIE,AUSSIE Oi!Oi! Oi! regards grayray
  10. grayray

    The Ashes

    by default think you would have to be the one that don't understand. ashes are held by Australia,england had to DEFEAT aussies to win them back. there is NO FLUKING DEFAULT go the aussies Oi!Oi!Oi! regards grayray
  11. grayray

    The Ashes

    aussies did not have to "win" we hold them,so we now retain them, go the aussies Oi!Oi!Oi! regards grayray
  12. grayray

    The Ashes

    you forgot something Ivan,it is the longest word we have didyahavagoodweekendmate regards grayray
  13. grayray

    The Ashes

    the aussies checked all the county cricket results and found that day 2 and 3 are the best scoring chances. Marsh has astounded everyone with he 4 wickets on the 1st day,we just have to get the last 3 quickly and hopefully Warner comes good. go the aussies Oi! Oi! Oi! regards grayray
  14. Larry, thanks for that,i miss Baz a lot we had some laughs,especially at the boxing,he spent most of the time taking photos of all these chineese lovilies that was there. he took some great pics of the fights also then he gets a FL from the beach rd and has his gear stolen. I enjoyed his company R.I.P mate regards grayray
  15. grayray

    The Ashes

    bloody rubbish selection, looks like they will drop Cummings,the bloody poms will be laughing in their cuppas this morning at breakfast. sooner they get rid of the coach and selectors the better,shit Cummings has got 2months of no cricket before next test in OZ. regards grayray
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