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  1. 2 things seen in that video,the girls all looked like they had short hair and the blokes was dressed up for a night out, NO wifebeaters or shorts for the blokes 3rd thing no tats on the ladies 4th thing NO bloody heads in phones. thanks for the video the ladies looked a like their sister Filipinos in M.H.del Pilar street and Mabini street in Malate Manila in 1984 regards grayray
  2. iam the same my Vit D cost 35aud twice a year for past 3years, I have been wearing a masked since March, when out and about,except all day Friday when I was in the local to celebrate me old mates 70th, only problems was now you have to sit,NO standing except waiting to be serve at the bar not much social distance was in practise by the end of day,they sent us home in a taxi. shit we was pissed at the end.no lunch or dinner,fell into the fart sack and passed out till about 3am,had the joe blakes yesterday stayed in doors all day.
  3. ex aussie fastbowler Brett Lee gave him CPR for a hour on the floor of the studio,but he was gone who will ever forget his double ton in india,in oppressive heat,he had batting for awhile and went to allan border the captain said he could not gone on.border answered with a now famous quote "well f**k off and we can get a Queenslander out here" jones went to make one of Australias finest double ton in india. shit he would have been a superstar in twenty 20 cricket RIP jonesy
  4. not likely mate, I like me girls with a bit rough about them you have seen who I end up with in pattaya. regards grayray
  5. cant get the youtube forum to open today so someone will transfer this over. regards grayray
  6. you sure they was not saying "faker,faker faker,
  7. reckon,the main thing is how many people infected?how many fully regovered?personally I believe that deaths while tragic are not the main thing,survial is the most important heard last night that 99% of those that infected only have a very mild case. and 99.7% of the world population that have had the Wuhan Virus and survived. cause the looney left keep on about the deaths and not those who have survived the virus. think I heard that 83 is the average age of the dead worldwide goverments are not telling us how many died because of the virus,or have the virus along side of some other problem that would have killed them anyway. I understand in my case,either my heart or demetia is going to get me in the end,or could be the number 9 bus going up the high street. one way the other iam going to be brown bread. and if it happens to-morrow,i have had a good life,met some great blokes over the years and banged some beautiful women a couple of Playboy/Penthouse pussies of the month and even a miss Philippnes. only problem is I can only remember half of them,the blokes that was regular mongers in both PI and LOS,who have the craic and made a day go better by being in their company. and even the loons on this forum get me going when the hammer looks the best option,i log on here and what ever shit is floating around in my head is gone, and if I ever get back to Pattaya I will buy you all a beer yes a big bucket of beer and all the straws we need to go around May you all be in heaven a week before the devil knows your gone. May the rains fall gently on your fields. May you always have a few coins in your pocket for a pint. regards grayray
  8. Soggy? do that mean they are already wet? regards grayray
  9. Code, you can't get a bite? try putting bait on the hook next time regards grayray
  10. Kapow. my gym has been open about 2months . it has a strange name for a gym, the Jesso Pub. those 3/4 pint classes get heavy after awhile and the walk from the bar to the beergarden gets longer after each beer,i kid you not. nice pics of the family.how was the locals? happy to have you touring? regards grayray
  11. welcome,to the best board on Thailand, shit! I hope that earns me some brownie points regards grayray
  12. our local supermarket had in the selfservice section 6 cash/card machines and 4 card only plus cash withdrawl. last week they changed to 2 cash/card machines and the rest card only,and only 2 that you can withdraw cash the checkout chicks was not happy,a lot of pissed off old dears regards grayray
  13. Khun Joe definitely "beauty and the beast " there regards grayray
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