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  1. just remember if you try vegemite,NEVER spread it thick like you would say, peanut butter, you spread in very thin like a boarding house spread of butter.it was/is given to most aussie babies on bread. love it with a strong cheese on a fresh bread. regards grayray
  2. same,same I will sit eat them cold straight out of the tin for a snack,yum,yum regards grayray
  3. KYBER,shit mate iam not a tantrack specialist I love the 2nd hole from the back of the neck,in ladies only. what did they do?NOTHING they could see that it was just a pissed bloke enjoying himself and all the BGs was in party mode you have to remember you [punters] don't own the girls they are only on hire.you don't loose them just miss your turn why would you get jealous of a BG,shit BB your not one of those blokes that fall in love easy? plus I was not calling them down,they just wanted get some LDs,maybe the blokes was with them was tight arse expats. I was back in more than once and did not notice any bad blood,the BGs knew it was a one off. would I do now?doubt it,but than iam a old worn out fart,not in my reckless youth anymore regards grayray
  4. BB, I had an arvo in TQ1 back in the 1997 I was buying LD for any girl that allowed me firstly to put be hand down their bikini for a wee FF, they was lining up, most just pull them down so I had easier access to their minge. some of blokes was not well pleased when their BGs got in on the act,i loved every bit of the 5000Bt I spent in there that few hours. took 2 of them back to my loom and had a great session or 3 I think. I did enjoy TQ1 of a arvo when I did not go up to Soi yodsak Pattaya then, was like Ermita in the 80s,in that those times will never be repeated. just lucky I survived those days,with some of the strokes we pulled back then, had great times in the 1960/70s in firstly Sydney and then on the Gold Coast inQLD.then in the 1980s in PR and 1990s in LOS. regards grayray
  5. it could be like the early days of forums especially PI forums,where mods was know to use different nics to start a fight to get interest on certain threads,even happen I reckon on few LOS foums,sometimes to get a excuse to get rid of a certain BM that was getting up the noses of the socalled elite pampered BMs, cause I would reckon it could never happen here----------------------could it? NO I could never believe that of our mods. regards grayray
  6. remembered the number of blokes found dead over the years in Pattaya and the local filth have ruled "self inflicted" there was the bloke found chained at the bottom of the pier handcuffed hands behind him around the pier and gunshot to the back of the head. or the one found all tied up and shot in the back. give us a break
  7. Happy 4thJuly USA. regards grayray
  8. grayray


    back in the late 90s Pattaya was nearly as bad,the local council would have blokes cleaning up every morning before 7am. seen it on most mornings not as bad as above but dirty enough that I have NEVER swam in pattaya,not even in the pool of the pubs I stayed in before 96/97. regards grayray
  9. JM, go home and sleep it off,or I will row over there in me wee plastic fantastic canoe,and kick ya up the arse no more posts till to-morrow PLEASE good night mate regards grayray
  10. shit! I will be 76 before I can get back,hopefully,will self funded insurance be ok?,cause with some of the health problems I've had the last few years I want get in Insurance cover had to pay 460AUD back in 2016 for 16days regards grayray
  11. , TS, think I better keep B.B.T.F.alive Bring,Back,The,Frenchman. regards grayray
  12. go you good things,the mighty Hammers 3 Chelsea 2 are we going to stay up?? YES YES YES YES regards grayray
  13. TS, you behave newbie, because there will be some who would demote you even futher down the rat hole. regards grayray
  14. Khun D, if English is not your native tongue,you are going to get some strange posts,but is that OK to give someone the stick then get all upset when he comes back. NOT where iam from , I will always back the underdog especially if its against some poms and yanks who love to dish it out but get all strange when it comes . "it" could be anything from throwing personal/country shit or just smartarse comments to get the frog to arch up. but if the Mods are on their game when they censor his post they are checking other posts also in whatever thread. regards grayray
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