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  1. here she is again,the concentration,the placement of the que ball,shot selection,be hard for a old professional,she does it with ease,so it looks like,but know it is from hours of practice. watch this one regards grayray
  2. Mr Freee!! don't forget the aussies------------the intelligent mob regards grayray
  3. Sir I forgot to post the video,thanks mate she is one very good player is that a sign of a misspent youth LOL regards grayray
  4. Nutcharut Wongharuthai [Mink]breaks 147 at Hi End snooker club on the 3-11-19 she is only a wee girl she won the u/21 world title back in 2017,she is one the cleanest hitters of a snooker ball I've seen. love the little jig she does at the end after shooting the 147,if you have the time to watch it is very good snooker regards grayray
  5. namps or the red button?? regards grayray
  6. Namps only if you take sloppy seconds--------------------------------again regards grayray
  7. Namps, easy you wanted to get a education on doing the right thing when you spill someones beer "iam forever blowing bubbles" not jacko's monkey either ya sick puppy regards grayray
  8. Namps, why do women rub their eyes when they wake up in the mornings?? give up?????????????????? cause they don't have balls to scratch regards grayray
  9. Namps, I knew it,you are one sick puppy regards grayray
  10. thinkingallowed, thank you for that post,i got bit teary towards the end. regards grayray
  11. Baz, still have not got all the info re trip, will ring soonest regards grayray
  12. thought photos belonged to the photographer. regards grayray
  13. i've lasted 18 years after I got the "you have 3mths to live" so iam just say a quiet prayer for you mate, you have your son to see grow into a man. "f**k em mate it don't mean nothing" up the old red roaster and more piss regards grayray
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