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  1. Fellas, what was that result again?yesterdays warm game Aus V Eng go you good things aussie,aussie Oi Oi Oi same result in the final regards grayray
  2. J, it's hard to watch a friend going down.maybe budha will come to her. regards grayray
  3. finished Chris Ryans Bad Soldier last week and this week started to read Roberto Costantini The Deliverance of Evil,100 pages in,not bad so far. can't put the book covers on here because having problems with printer. regards grayray
  4. f**k off,Batz gone ,where did he get killed down the island or in pattaya. fucking hell I loved the times we had at secrets and at the fights and in sugar baby,and a great drunken night Leng Kee resturant,he could take a photo. f**k f**k I rang him for a hour or so the other week talking about the shags we was gunna do when I get over again,and who he would have lined up down at the island. I will light a candle mate regards grayray PS this hard to type with fucking tears pissing down my face
  5. heard it here first lads Australia V England in WC final, aussie,aussie go you good things come on fellas iam a oldman, iam still allowed to dream regards grayray
  6. mate you can well see why labour/greens lost,fancy going anti coal[when 42 countries are building new coal fired power stations] and the labour/green wankers are closing them, cost labour the seat of hunter[1st time] in the centre of coalmines in the hunter valley,and the central,and nth queensland where labour was bashed up,grazy loony left. I had not voted for labour in the last 2 elections because they had the most left socialist leader since Whitlam.didn't vote for ScoMo either. regards grayray
  7. Namps, the great un-washed voted the tories back in,the labour and its green loney left got a slap from the country,it was a climate change, ecomny vote and the loonies lost,think it was not that the tories won but, the loons lost. I would have stripped off, to jump in the tub at babydoll but there was a pom showing off in there already. Pell is in jail,but reckon he will win on appeal. England are rightly favourites for the one days and test,but our blokes will give your mob a wee slap. I am the old fooker that's going to steal your number one BG when I get back,i may not be build like donkey in the right place,but the wallet is the large and no matter how fugly I am that is all I need to win over your "lady in grey" oh!!!! I am forever blowing bubbles. regards grayray
  8. Lads, its just some aussie/pom banter we both understand what I was saying,so do most poms on here. yanks mostly don't understand the bullshit us aussies say. regards grayray
  9. Hawke restored my faith in the labour party,won 4 elections in a row,only lost PM when that prick Keatting white anted him. felt very sad last night when the news come on,he was a good bloke. nothing wrong with him,he loved sport,beer and the ladies.no fancy dan forsure R.I.P. Hawkie, the silver haired bodgie regards grayray
  10. Things I love today, 1.that Namps the pom who is banging the "lady in grey" [the bastard] is me mate even if he uses a mates flatcap to wipe up a beer he knocks over as soon as he walked up to join,Alfazulu,myself and the mad Irishman. in Secrets back in 2016, S you ok mate--------------------------------for a pom. regards grayray
  11. ask Kev-in-Thailand.he thought he would wait till he hit 60 to get insurance,59+ and he goes down with cancer. one of the main reasons I did not move to Thailand was the cost of the meds, I take each day just so I can walk un-aided to the the bog. I will buy a powerball ticket soon regards grayray
  12. when I first found LVbar in soi post office, the girls was wearing these wee lace skirt with no panties,i never went upstairs with any of the lovlies but they had some beauty dancing their. regards grayray
  13. I was there in dec93 to end Jan 94 pity the lads did not show more around, think when they come of 2nd road they went into soi 7. big difference on the road now regards grayray
  14. Mike, one afternoon in Las Vegas nudie bar in soi 13/1 I stripped off and run around banging 2 bottles together,the girls 5 of them nude also, jumped down off the bar and ran around with me,mate reckons it was the maddest thing he'd seen me do,the girls all lined up for a quick feel both ways, shit!! I had some great nights in big Petes bars over 20years,from when he was in soi Post Office and in soi 13/1a great owner forsure. regards grayray
  15. it's called Uluru ya dumb pommy lady stealer, you drop your troosers around there and old khun dingo will have ya nuts for lunch. you back in blighty now? regards grayray
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