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  1. Atmosphere might have changed by the end of the second half...! Oops!
  2. It was nothing special inside, not as good as the Pattaya branch!
  3. Phil, have you expanded into Africa...I found Le Pub Tunisia branch!
  4. There is a metro station in the airport on the right as you head to the exit. it is cheap and easy to use. Get a day pass. It is line 2 and heading to the city you have to change, I think it might be the first stop. You just walk across the platform and get the next train. If you get out at east nanjing road it is a short walk to the bund where you can see the tall buildings across the river. The view is better at night when lit up. nanjing road is a shopping street so plenty of food places. If you was alone I would say stay away from the offers of massage, it is risky... There
  5. Spyder


    Hanoi on 5th April could be worth a trip!
  6. Thanks roomark. He has booked into an all inclusive resort but would like see some sights so I will pass on your list as places to go.
  7. A work colleague has booked his honeymoon in khao lak. He knows I am a regular in Thailand so asked me what it is like and any places he should visit etc. I've never been to khao lak or anywhere in south Thailand so any tips I can pass on? I guess he won't be mongering as it is his honeymoon! 😨
  8. Hi, moved across from Secrets. Live in the UK and visit Thailand twice a year since 2007. Planning a trip in April via Cambodia and Myanmar, any advice on these is welcome.
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