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  1. Starshine

    What are you doing right now..?

    Watching cricket from Barbados.
  2. Starshine

    Should I upgrade from an iPhone 6 to iPhone XR?

    You can have my old Galaxy A5 for 100 quid, John.
  3. Starshine

    Funny pics

    Very creative.
  4. Starshine

    Do you have a favourite Thai dish..?

    Sweet and sour chicken stir fry.
  5. Starshine

    What are you drinking?

    A wee Jamesons...for medicinal purposes only.
  6. Starshine

    Post a pic of your breakfast/lunch/dinner

    Looks absolutely delicious.
  7. Starshine

    Le Pub

    Chelsea beat but Spurs got a jammy late goal. Odds tumbling now on a Man U top 4 finish.
  8. Starshine

    What you reading?

    Any clearer who shot him?
  9. Professional basketball player.
  10. Starshine

    What are you doing right now..?

    No way back for Ronnie now methinks.
  11. Starshine

    Le Pub

    Great bar, great owner and the girls are lovely.
  12. Starshine

    What are you doing right now..?

    He want's his 8th Masters title. Trump always wobbles in finals.
  13. Starshine

    What are you doing right now..?

    Any relation to The Donald?