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  1. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Been a great thread....thanks to Coxy for starting it....many laughs and good natured banter...well done OZ...see you 2021.
  2. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Will Leach and Overton play?
  3. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Love to see Corky win the blast.
  4. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Lots of holes in both teams...but not one boring match.
  5. Starshine

    The Ashes

    And in the process stop Australia from winning the Ashes.
  6. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Smith will be up all night oiling his bat😉
  7. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Yes tell Namps to behave. We could get 400 lead with Archer swinging the bat.
  8. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Yes, but they have not won them this series. Khawaja: born in Pakistan Labuschagne: Born in South Africa oh and Steve Smith's mother is English James Pattinson parents are Both English and he was brought up in UK...his brother Darren even played a test match for England Thank goodness for the United Nations Cheers
  9. Starshine

    The Ashes

    Yes, and Australia have to beat England to win them
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