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  1. R.I.P Jackie...absolutely loved in Ireland as well as England...should have been knighted.
  2. Well done Coxy....great win.
  3. Stillearly or the guy with his head in the sand?
  4. Cheers mate...we left it too long with old manager....We got the go ahead for the new ground but no money to build it....lol
  5. I am Irish and i find that comment offensive.
  6. Keep fighting Coxy...We at Luton have blown it now.
  7. The Queen of Soul??...The greatest ever??? DAMN RIGHT she was...she blew the roof off and the walls out at the Kennedy Centre.
  8. Have you tried taking a knee?
  9. Do they also provide shuttle bus back to swampy airport after two weeks quarantine for us two week millionaires?
  10. They were lucky they never got a public caning as well.
  11. I think we will be relegated by then.
  12. Don't panic, you playing us last game of the season.
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