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  1. Breakfast on the ferry £8.95. Bit of a contrast to the pub one yesterday.
  2. He is not calling you a Dope, dope is slang for drugs, he is suggesting that the bags could be used to put dope into.
  3. Up at 5am today so that I am tired enough to grab a couple of hours sleep tonight before driving down to Dover at 2am tomorrow.
  4. You can get monthly deals on AIS for a few hundred baht. Great service!
  5. There is also a shop in Big C Extra on Klang.
  6. Just sat down for the evening watching The Chase.
  7. You were doing really well untill you said ''Just unpack the ZIP file'' LOL 🤣
  8. Last nights treat. Mixed kebab with potatoes. Washed down with a nice bottle of red.
  9. Enjoying a nice bottle of red.
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