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  1. I have seen it a few times whilst fishing, but usually there are a few crows mobbing the hawk at the same time which tends to piss it off enough to leave the area.
  2. That's a great series of shots, was the crow trying to get rid of the hawk?
  3. I love the improvisation of a coke bottle. The days catch and probably the evenings dinner.
  4. I did the same last week in Tescos, 18 bottles with 25% off.
  5. Been a lazy day watching youtube. I was up a decent time for a mornings pike fishing in the boat, but my mate is feeling crap, so we didn't go. he instead has just taken a covid test. Hopefully it is just a chest infection.
  6. Catching up on recorded TV whilst slowly getting pissed on wine.
  7. Reheated from frozen spag bol. The best flavour of the batch.
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