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  1. Yesterdays dinner. Steak pie, tats and beans. Was lovely.
  2. I am sure there will be but I generallly don't worry about the exchange rate whilst on holiday. It doesn't stop me going, it does reduce my spending power whilst there though, but I can adjust to cope.
  3. Don't worry you wont be on your own. 😎
  4. Don't look at Killing Eve or you won't get to bed tonight. LOL
  5. It's brilliamt, I am on episode 7, looks like I will have to watch it all before I can go to bed.
  6. Just opened a bottle of red and celebrating the win by the ladies.
  7. Thanks for the review Larry, another option for travel if time is not a consideration.
  8. Always nice to see the pics, thanks muchly.
  9. Watching ''heat'' waiting to be tired enough to fall asleep.
  10. Been lashing it down all day here too. Bed time for me.
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