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  1. Now you mention it, mine is the same too! LOL
  2. I shouldn't mind feasting on Nigella! 😜
  3. That's a shame, I really enjoyed my ESB and LP mini barrels.
  4. Speckled Hen, Bass and Abbot have been my go to beers from the supermarket for years as they are nice in a can, as is Guiness. I really enjoyed my spell ordering bottled beer from Fullers during the last lockdown though!
  5. It will indeed, I just took a sip and it's pretty firery already!
  6. I might add that before I sat back down I spent an hour chopping and prepping for another pimped up batch of Bol mix. It is now simmering away on the stove.
  7. 55555555 I take your point, but whilst you suffered your cold 75 degrees, it's 33 degrees here with driving rain and winds of 65 KPH. A slightly different league mate. LOL BUT, I did get off my ass, got dressed and put on one of my waterproof fishing coats, armed with a golfing brolly I headed out. The rain and wind had subsided a bit so I went on my shorter 2.5 mile walk which gives some wind protection. The brolly and myself made it in one piece and now I am showered up and sat back on my ass for a night of Broadwalk Empire.
  8. Good spot, I didn't get out of bed until midday. I usually sit in my dressing gown until I go out for my walk. The wind and rain has been bad here over night so I may not go today!
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