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  1. I am not a big coffee drinker, but it makes a nice change from tea. When I do drink it I like a decent quality. L'OR is quite expensive, so I buy a couple of jars when it is on offer.
  2. Waking up! Plus the sun is shining and the birds are singing.
  3. I have upgraded to strong coffee now. L'OR intense. Should wake me up me thinks!
  4. 5555555 I am happy with a fun 7, let alone a 9.
  5. It was quite nice, not something I would order myself, but OK for a freebie.
  6. We fish in some quite remote places sometimes, this is a swim we cut out in a long stretch of reeds in a remote bay off the main river.
  7. Nursing a hangover. supping tea and generally being lazy.
  8. +1 Don't know why his picture would be posted here.
  9. Been in the fridge since it arrived.
  10. Bit of an odd choice for me, I got this bottle of Prosecco free with an order at Laithwaites. Let's see what it's like.
  11. Just finished a lovely bottle of Italian finest, decisions now as to what to go on to!
  12. I loved that mate, plus his daughter is pretty fit too!
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