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  1. In the Brick house now and they have run out of Guinness too. Trying an alternative with my cottage pie. Oh and look what else they have in cans too! 😎😎😎
  2. In the Brick house trying an alternative to Guinness as they have run out too.
  3. It's pretty good, the mushrooms aren't the best though!
  4. It was so good I went back today for the same.
  5. I am very saddened by this. Apart from always wanting to f**k her, she was a brilliant presenter and full of life. A reality check of how the world can turn on you very quickly for a few emotional outbursts. RIP SEXY LADY.
  6. No, I will take a look tomorrow. Apparently Guinness is in short supply to Thailand for some reason.
  7. I love the beans. Today's start to the day.
  8. They ran out of Guinness, so a bit disappointed.
  9. Yes and the night market is pretty impressive too!
  10. In an Irish pub near my new dwellings waiting for some food to rock up.
  11. 1st time flying on a smallish prop plane today. Don't know why but it felt a bit strange not having jet engines.
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