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  1. boydeste


    You are strange guys. He was 8 to 1 up from the earlier session but this session he was 8 to 1 down to be 9 to 9. Even Steven Hendry in the commentary box wrote him off as he certainly wasn't favourite to win the last one. But I had faith in his class. 😎 The reality is it was just a bit of fun as it's pretty much a toss of a coin between two guys of their standard. They both past champions but usually the guy that's won 8 on the trot will win as he is more confident and has table time.
  2. boydeste


    I am watching a replay of Ronnies game now as I was fishing, I called a Cahill win yesterday so I expect to be right again.
  3. boydeste


    I made the call at 9 8 and 9 to 9, get with the program
  4. boydeste


    I made a good call against the odds, Bingham is a class act and pulled it out the bag when the chips were down. Fair play to Dott for his effort.
  5. boydeste


    Interesting now! My boy still favourite.
  6. boydeste


    Is my boy going to show his class?
  7. boydeste


    That's classy from Dott.
  8. boydeste


    Like a pressure cooker out there now.
  9. boydeste


    Sorry I missed your post, I am on BBC sports App. It should be on the red button on BBC 1 or 2 too.
  10. boydeste


    OH f**k he has made it 9 to 9, I still think Bingham will do the do. BUT......
  11. boydeste


    Stuart Bingham was 8 to 1 up at the start of tonight, he is now 9 to 8 up and struggling, can he get over the line? My feeling is he can but lets see!
  12. Yes we had a good morning, I landed over 20 pike with the biggest two just into double figures, My mate had quite a few too including a big perch just under 3lb
  13. Some routers work on 2 frequencies ( 2.4GHz and 5GHz ) but the device will only see one of them, I had to access my router and get the two frequencies separated which gave two different ID's to log into, then my new devices would see the one it wanted and log in as normal. Worth a try me thinks.
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