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  1. Binlid


    I drive 10 miles at off peak times in an average 22 minutes .
  2. Today's indulgence commonly known as flys graveyard or flys cemetry and I would imagine very popular in Issan.
  3. Making coconut pyramids for this afternoon.notice my nipple fixation coming to the fore.
  4. It would be remiss not to mate. I spend a unhealthy amount of time on Chaturbate.com, Jeeze there are some filthy bitches on that site and all happening live.
  5. Gutted Phil, all the best with the next round of treatment mate, we will be rooting for you.
  6. looks to me like the game wk1 scores are up to date but as yet the total column has not been updated from yesterday
  7. yes it good fun mate, I think if I remember correctly the top four with 2 weeks to go are involved in semi finals and a Final
  8. Or even the first player to score a hat trick and get red carded in the same game
  9. what would have been fun would have been to all put a tenner in a kitty and the winner would be the first to have a player score a hat trick.
  10. I think the top 5 all had Salah and VVD in their team. Couldn`t make my mind up whether to make Salah or Aguero my captain, plumped for Aguero friday afternoon.
  11. Well I decided probably a good idea to write to the Spanish embassy and today had this reply from them.
  12. FAF we even have members here that have entered Le pub Fantasy League but not ours, why not just sign up for both as Krapow and myself have done , couldn`t be easier you have already done the hard work, just use our codes using the same team you already have entered.
  13. Who was the disgusting perv genius that came up with the Musical Faces game in Babydolls Larry? I remember my mate Baldylocks taking part one night, I was weak I laughed so much, watching the girls scrambling to find a face to sit on was hilarious.
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