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  1. Me too mate, but more likely a tuppenny cone.
  2. Apparently it is so called because the majority of ice cream merchants in the fifties were Italian. The King of Italy had an elite bodyguard consisting of 99 men. So anything elite was called 99s by Italians. So they called the elite ice cream a 99.
  3. Binlid

    Brave browser

    Sound as a pound Sean. Look forward to the next time we can get together for a few swallies
  4. Binlid

    Brave browser

    Got it installed on my PC and my S9 and had no probs.
  5. Binlid

    Brave browser

    Has anybody tried this browser yet? I installed it over the weekend and am finding it very fast and it also blocks the annoying adverts on Youtube as Default https://brave.com/?ref=nou071
  6. I am weighing in at 113 kg which is about my regular weight over the last 10 years.It is my diet that is responsible for my weight as I drink alcohol infrequently, for my height I should be about 85kg but unfortunetly I have a sweet tooth and eat a lot of fatty foods. I have been working right through the lockdown which has kept me active, I am on my feet for the whole of my working day, which is the only real excercise I take except for a nature ramble with the missus now and again Although I work in a hospice that has had covid patients the catering dept has not been going into the units so I consider myself to have been low risk. My wife however is a carer and has been in the thick of it with multiple deaths in her care home, I dont mind admitting I have found the last couple of months very stressful as we have not been keeping apart, as of today though there are only 2 cases in her home and they are not in her unit, so that is a big relief.Here in Wales we can still only make essential journeys by car so hopefully next month sometime we will be able to go further afield in the car to stretch our legs.
  7. Phew! eyes bigger than my belly this morning, struggled to finish this. * * * * * *
  8. Roast Duck Penang takeaway with my own chips and peas.
  9. Years since I supped this stuff, what a great flavour, recommended.
  10. Good call Ian, I rang up my credit card company last night and explained the situation, they could not understand why they were not offering me a full refund, and so they set up a dispute. I come of the phone to the bank and emailed PH Travel informing them that a Credit Card Dispute had been set up and it would be in the interesst of all parties if they agreed to give me a full refund and I would then call off the Credit card dispute. I received the following email this morning:
  11. Apoligies! I should have been flying on 22nd flight qr324 not the 25th. It is saying not available. But like you say flights are available from 25th. We had actually decided that we did not want to make this trip in light of the situation which has unfolded since making the booking and we were hoping they would cancel. I now have to sort out how to minimise my losses.
  12. That`s interesting regards the hotel rooms, can I ask what your tack was when dealing with them Ian. I am booked at Centara Azzure.
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