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  1. 42 days till we fly to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for a bit of Winter Sun. Havn`t flown to anywhere but Thailand over the last 14 years so looking forward to a short 4 hour flight. It will be my wifes first experience of another culture other than her life in the UK. She is looking forward to the seafood and trying Sangria for the first time and visiting a bar that serves a Blueberry Colada. I have booked what looks like a smashing apartment 150 metres from the sea through Airbnb.Staying in Corralejo. https://www.airbnb.co.uk/rooms/19597956?c=.pi80.pkbWVzc2FnaW5nL25ld19tZXNzYWdl&euid=e530e20f-eeac-1bce-eb1a-1352c61ff86d&source_impression_id=p3_1571143362_zQqhEfHhoCETjHy3
  2. Bloody ell 46 years ago this was out, reminds me of a works do to Blackpool back then. I was 19 working as a chef at a House of Fraser store in Liverpool and we hired a coach to take us to the Pleasure Beach for the night.I feel sick just thinking about what I drank that night.
  3. Always considered somebody over 70 to be getting on, so a few years down the line before I consider myself old. 65years since I made an appearance on the planet.
  4. Knocking up a Green curry for when the missus gets home from work
  5. Lambs liver tonight, cheap and so tasty.
  6. Smashing photos Mike, looked like a great night.
  7. Not arf, talk about a game of two halves.
  8. French looking really up for it and playing some exciting rugger.
  9. Only the Big Yin knows that Mike.
  10. Went on Friday last week to apply for the Visa,all very straight forward .The Embassy would have opened the application on Monday morning and we received the passport back with visa via courier this morning at 10am.Great service indeed.
  11. Yes indeedy, just have to go on an unbeaten run untill xmas now
  12. No , that was nationally.
  13. Some smartarse is sittting on 128 points tonight, he or she has Abrahams as their captain and played the Triple captains points card.
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