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  1. Frustrating for you Dave, all a far cry from when I applied to bring Wie here on a fiances visa back in 2007.I arrived in Thailand on the Sunday, on Monday we went and lodged the application in Bangkok and 8 days later we received a text message to go and pick Wies passport from an office in Sri Racha. Managed to book Wie on the return flight I had booked for myself, so from applying to Wie arriving in the UK it was only 3 weeks.
  2. Great night for The Pool tonight, so all four English clubs in the quarter final draw on Friday. Th semi final draw will be made at the same time.
  3. Ah ok,was hoping it was one of your 3 month trips so I could whoop your ass at pool in May (in my dreams)😊 . Have a safe and pleasant journey Stew and enjoy your trip.
  4. Smashing news Phil, we are very happy for you and all the best with your future treatment mate.
  5. Not underrated by me Gal, one of my favourite live bands.Caught them 3 times live including the Carling Academy in Glasgow.
  6. Hi Steve, flying out on 3oth April with the wife and will be in Patts for 17 days, I do get let of the leash during our stay so do plenty of bar hopping with my pal Baldylocks who is in town at the same time.If your interested we could meet up one night.
  7. Enjoy your trip Al,think we will just miss you in May, we are leaving for 8 days in Hua Hin on the 17th and then home.
  8. Just taken the Anglesey Eggs out of the oven for our patients tea. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
  9. Just booked the wife a return flight from Don Mueang to Loei with Air Asia during our May holiday, it was a mere £29.49. These internal flights seem to be getting cheaper.
  10. Did a whole roast chicken satay tonight with a spicy peanut sauce.marinated the chicken overnight. Had roasties and veg with mine and the little un had sticky rice and miscellaneous shrubs with hers. Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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