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  1. It was an annual end of season Charity show made up of many of the stars appearing on the piers and theatres for the Summer season. Les Dawson was top of the bill, The Nolans, Lenny Henry, Keith Harris and that dam duck, as Parkinson used to to refer To Orville as, Joe Longthorne, Little & Large, thats all I can recollect. Wentone year when Ken Dodd was top of the bill, 4am when the show finished
  2. I will certainly be having the vaccine and as a frontline worker probably wont be waiting very long for it.
  3. Seen them singing this at a midnight charity show at the Blackpool Opera House 1984
  4. Beef braised with onions,garlic,carrots,red wne & thyme.Mopped the plate up with 2 rounds of bread and butter.
  5. How it works here is you would normally be given 3 penalty points on your driving license and a £100 pound fine for the level of speeding I was being done for. But if you have not committed an offence for 3years you can be offered the opportunity to take this Driver Awareness Course which cost me £87 and if you complete the course you do not get the 3 penalty points. Any penalty points you acquire on your license will last for 3 years, and if you accumulate 12 points on your license at any one time you will be banned from driving for a period of time, not sure if its 6 or 12 months. Incidental
  6. I did indeed drench it it salt and vinegar Adam, out of picture were indeed two rounds of Warburtons bread and butter but I would have to pass on the tartare sauce.
  7. waiting to take a speed awareness course online using zoom for doing 38mph in a 30mph area.Fingers crossed it works as I have never used it before.
  8. Battered Cod loin chips&peas, made the batter with Fursty Ferret beer😀
  9. Drop of Cornish cloudy, ooh arrrr! at Wetherspoons in a very windy Aberystwyth
  10. Not come across this cider before, reminds of Blackthorns.
  11. Nice bottle of a local IPA.
  12. Yes mate, we have travelled up to North Wales for a few days holiday. Not quiet Koh Samed where we would have been if not for the dreaded Covid.
  13. Never supped this before, but I was pleasantly surprised, a Brooklyn Lager.
  14. Strolling around the North Wales town of Llangollen on the River Dee
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