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  1. Tightening up at the top, top 4 all in with a great shout of of winning.
  2. Spent a fair bit of time up in Scotland in the past and my favourite tipple would be a pint of Belhaven 80 shilling or their IPA.
  3. What Dean Smith said to Jonathan Moss before his red card: Smith: "Offside, you dozy c*nt!" Moss: "The offside rules were applied correctly." Smith: ”Well the laws of nature weren’t applied correctly to you” Moss: “One more word and you’re gone”
  4. Would you like to share with the board which venue you had booked for this messy event to take place.
  5. Would give my right arm for one of them right now.
  6. Yay! We have a winner, Hopf Beer House. Well done Mike.
  7. Your a trier mate ,buts its a No.
  8. No Ian, I have actually never been in the Sportsman.
  9. Just for fun, from this close up where was I.
  10. Just had the muscle on my left arm punctured
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