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  1. The wife's village is on highway 2021 just up from the railway line.
  2. That must be very near my wife's village. Highway 2021 maybe?
  3. Can you please do me a favour and find out what draft beer they have on tap?
  4. Summers in the UK are amazing. The winters are miserable and so depressing. I worked outdoors on the railway and could only survive 2 winters in the UK. I'd love to split my time working both summers in Australia and the UK.
  5. Back in the early 90s I was in a work syndicate that won first division in lotto. It was worth $440,000 and we got $40,000 each. I gave my mum and brother $10,000 each. I'm not sure what I wasted the rest on but mum reckons I had a lot of freeloaders expecting free drinks everytime I went out. I drank heavily at that time so not really sure if that was the case but didn't really have much to show for the $20,000 I kept for myself.
  6. Homemade pork and rice soup. A simple dish but very tasty. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Some nice boats. Thanks for posting the photos.
  8. Just said my final goodbye to my mate of over 30 years. He wasn't comprehensive but good to say goodbye and then I shed a few tears with his wife and son. I couldn't have asked for a better mate.
  9. Been sitting with my mate who has now only a couple of days to live. He is full of morphine and out to it. I was honoured that his family asked me to come and see him for the last time. Life can be a bitch at times.
  10. Stuck her finger up your bum?
  11. I spent nearly every afternoon in 2001/2002 sitting in the outside chairs at Cheers watching the world go by.
  12. Not sure about genuine but at the Soi Boukhow/South Pattaya Road, Tuesday and Friday markets there is a stall that sells remote controls. They have remote controls for all types of things and I have bought a couple from there over the years.
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