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  1. Always good if there is a Red Rooster and KFC nearby. Buy the chicken from Red Rooster and the coleslaw and potato and gravy from KFC.
  2. The bullshit that can be thought up in some girl's heads is amazing. My wife has come up with some ludicrous statements of what she believes I have got up to.
  3. Sitting on the balcony of a holiday apartment at Rainbow Bay, Gold Coast having my morning coffees. Half way through a 10 night stay.
  4. Walked past Clinton Plaza numerous times but never ventured in there.
  5. Still working and have 9 years to go until I hope to retire at 60. I hope then to have enough superannuation (private pension) and an investment property to support me.
  6. My afternoon snack. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. How much longer are you staying in the jungle?
  8. That would be the reason I would have never went there or even remembered the place.
  9. Do countries still have the option to issue passports with 64 pages to people who travel frequently? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. How many in the photo thought they were partners in Secrets?
  11. Domestic chores nearly done for the day and it is not yet 7am. Vacuumed and mopped out the house and now waiting for the 2nd load of washing to be finished. Nothing like a visitor coming to stay to make you get off your arse and give the place a spruce up. I think I deserve to be at the pub for opening time after this effort. This missus is heading over to her friend's place who sets up a Songkran street party each year. She is disappointed I don't won't to go.
  12. Sydney is a great city. I try to visit every couple of years for a few days. A lot of my time there is spent on the ferries going around the harbour.
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