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  1. We always have rice in the fridge and sometimes if I am short for time I mix some rice with a can of baked beans and fair dollop of chilli sauce. Lovely fill in meal.
  2. As the solar panels can swivel you may have to get up and adjust them after the sign is placed above.
  3. This is dinner tonight and it is one of my favourite dishes. I think it is called: Stewed Pork with Eggs in Soy Sauce (Moo Palo)
  4. That is nearly a new daily thread on Pattaya Addicts.
  5. We do and it is called Christmas Island. Currently being used to isolate people returning from the Corona virus affected areas in China. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Watering the garden. How my life has changed.
  7. I got an email from Aldi today advertising their Easter stuff.
  8. Can you please move the blue waste paper basket to the right a bit.
  9. Same here and I was made to play the recorder as well. I got 10% for music.
  10. At my local bowls club there is now a Malaysian restaraunt. The general comment (me included) is that the food is bland. I far prefer Chinese food.
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