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  1. I asked my guesthouse in Pattaya if they report TM30 to immigration because I will have to go for a certificate of residence to renew driving license. She told me to speak to her before I go and she will make the report then! Apparently she would be fined 4,000 bt for failure to report.
  2. Many people have posted that you can only get another 2 year license if on TV. I will find out in May.
  3. Mine were May 2017 hence I will try to renew in May this year. Only 2 year available for me, I think 5 year licenses require a long term visa.
  4. Farangme, I rolled up at LTD, asked what I needed and they gave me a small slip of paper :- Documents Residence Certificate (From Immigration) 1 + copy Passport + Visa (Original, copy) Driving License (Original, copy) Medical Certificate 1 + copy --------------------------------------------------- I will go early May and try for renewal.
  5. I got my licenses on a 60 day tourist visa in 2017. Applied in morning and got appointment for the afternoon. Cost about 600 bt + documents and copies. I plan to renew in May again on TV.
  6. Copies of passport, stamps, Residence cert and medical certificate. A copy of your IDP will mean you only have to pass reaction, colour blindness and depth perception tests and watch a video. Without IDP you would have to pass a multiple choice test on computer and take a practical test, ride straight, stop, start and go through a slalom.
  7. The last time I went for an IDP at a UK Post Office, the clerk checked an A4 size chart to see which groups to stamp. The supervisor noticed I had an old pink paper license and said the chart doesn't correspond to old licenses, stamp all groups. I do have full UK bike license and ride a 1000 cc bike at home, if not I wouldn't risk using a stamped IDP without the full license to back it up.
  8. I have a policy with AXA through Lloyds Bank. I have checked and it covers motor vehicles that you are licensed for. I stressed two wheels and he confirmed all motor vehicles.
  9. I might see you there.
  10. I currently have 20,454 miles, unfortunately LHR to MCT needs 36,000 and MCT to BKK needs 28,000. Close but no cigar.
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