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  1. The 2 cylinders are from a 9 cylinder Pratt & Whitney Wasp radial engine.
  2. Ideal for the busy streets in Pattaya
  3. /\ /\ Ancient and Modern Oops sorry I didn't take the photo ☹️
  4. Thinking only of UK to Thailand flights, I surmise that direct and flights via Middle East will be busier picking up passengers that may have booked Air China, Southern, Eastern etc.
  5. Thank you for the details, a tragic event.
  6. Dunno, "You must log in to continue."
  7. I confess to buying the pizza ready made. As a kid, spinach was the source of strength for Popeye but still had a bad press because it was frequently over cooked and bitter tasting. I stir fry fresh spinach for a couple of minutes with garlic, tasty.
  8. Dinner, fish, potato gratin and peas
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