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  1. Did someone say fish. I didn't have any food but my shadow was sufficient to attract them
  2. Breakfast at Nicky's, Soi Buakhou
  3. And that could be the answer for many bars, maybe a core group on salary and the rest freelance
  4. @forcebwithu appreciate your hard work and excellent information, many thanks
  5. Fried potatoes, onions, bacon and eggs at Hungry Hippo, 49 bt early special including coffee
  6. Apple Ifruit not good value 555
  7. Lenovo PC (Win 10) + 27" monitor, HP laptop (Win 10). Realme 5, Cubot A5 and Samsung S3 mini. Only Apple product is an old Ipod Touch.
  8. Oman for me but was disappointed this trip to find a new lounge at Muscat for silver card holders does not serve alcohol
  9. I think Crapatalk tried to sneak in via Sssh you know who
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