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bob lt

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About bob lt

  1. bob lt

    Secrets forum

    Apologies to the board and congratulations to the *** auto correct software
  2. bob lt

    Secrets forum

    That's f***d the new keyboard lol
  3. bob lt

    Should have gone to ...

    Should have gone to Spunksavers
  4. bob lt

    Secrets forum

    You owe me a new keyboard, the old one shorted out with coffee.
  5. bob lt

    Home alone....

    I've never been a fan of pneumatics
  6. bob lt

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    Oman have recently created the Economy Lite ticket, no instant seat selection and restricted terms. I could have booked Lite for £416 but preferred standard Economy at £456. Not sure that Lite would award same tier miles to maintain Silver status.
  7. bob lt

    Someone is having a laugh

    Reminds me of a scene from Blazing Saddles around the camp fire.
  8. bob lt

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Beautiful looking car, I thought you liked the deep blue metallic though.
  9. bob lt

    Pattaya Beach Nourishment

    I saw that but didn't know how to link. I enjoyed it.
  10. I leave mine on the side for the cleaner.
  11. bob lt

    Pattaya Beach Nourishment

    Will they be floating slabs?
  12. bob lt

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    Yes, when I was booking it was 4 X £8 Economy Lite or + £40 to book Economy wth better T&C's
  13. bob lt

    British Airways and Eva London Bangkok

    + fees for advanced seat selection on BA if required. Not sure if EVA charge yet.