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  1. Thank you Mr DK, nothing compared to your troubles and I hesitated to post in case accused of thread f*cking but if one person visits a GP / MD and is diagnosed early then I think my post is worthwhile.
  2. But it feels like living on borrowed time. My brother died of bladder cancer within 2 years of diagnosis so I was convinced my time was up. Wish you well.
  3. A muntjac made a worse mess of the front of my car than a VW Golf did hitting the rear!
  4. Diagnosed June 2015, 2 x TURBTs that year, now undergoing the last set of BCG chemo x 3 and flexies every 6 months until 5 years are up. Fingers crossed.
  5. Don't know why, when I enter the thread clicking on the black dot, I end up about 3 days back to posts I've already seen.
  6. I've never had a colonoscopy but had about 8 flexible cystoscopies to date, next 1 already scheduled. It is strange to watch the monitor as the camera travels up the urethra, past the prostate and into the bladder for a look around.
  7. Do you mean they sniffed the cameras and one replied in the negative? 👃
  8. I thought it was the brown behind the pink 555
  9. Tried to log in to Secrets forum this evening using a favourite bookmark, it was ok in the afternoon.
  10. Cheap ticket to Cambodia, Vietnam etc for day 30 will cover that. Take a side trip or just rely on 30 day exempt + extension. Someone mentioned Hull but there is a consulate in Cardiff that might be worth considering for a guy in Stafford.
  11. Initial contact to London is by online application followed up by personal visit OR by post
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