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  1. Well done Bokke! 🙂
  2. Saw this electric Jag on show at Changi Airport. Looks great.
  3. They do it all the time on FB. Post a pic of some star with a caption indicating the star endorses the product which of course is BS and click bait. Even FB allow it. 🙂
  4. They don't have his permission. Used all the time by putting in a famous name as click bait.
  5. rhodie

    The Ashes

    Good job you 'aint seen Cameron Smith, Johnathan Thurston or Andrew Johns. 😉 Smith has done an awesome job under pressure. Nearly another ton yesterday with a good strike rate. 🙂
  6. I send both my daughters an email listing everything important. Don't include all detail like bank account numbers, but I guess that would be easy to obtain. I list all institutions with number of accounts. Send updates when anything changes like travel insurance etc. They know I have a folder in my cupboard in my condo back home that has all my financial affairs. Hopefully some help when the day dawns. Hope I have a few years to go though. 🙄
  7. Not sure, but if you export your bookmarks to a file in your documents folder before you plug it in, it should back up the file which you can use to rebuild the bookmarks on a new PC.
  8. Haha, never smoked but they stopped smoking in pubs in OZ in 2006 so I am well on the way to recovery. 🙂 The stench of my clothes after a night in the pub was unbelievable, but that was just part of drinking. 😅
  9. Never smoked, but if I really enjoyed it, that is what I would aim for. Known a few guys who do that, or only smoke others 🙂 , but not easy I bet.
  10. Mate, easiest would be to get a SETV when back home. That way you have 60 days when you come back and can extend for 30 days. Also no need for a reentry permit. Only snag is if they deny entry, but not likely. Good luck. Edit: You would need to check that you can convert the SETV to an extension. Some offices allow, some don't.
  11. If it's cataracts, an optician should be able to diagnose. Get yourself onto Thai Visa and ask there. Great advice for a specialist in your area from the medical mod there. Good luck.
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