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  1. Mate went back today to collect his PP. Stamped in until 31st Oct. Told to return on the 30th for the next stamp. 🙄
  2. They just create work for themselves. My mate had to return to Jomtien today with his under consideration amnesty stamp to extend to 26th, 31st or 30 Nov? He will only know Monday as he has to go back then to get his passport. That's 3 trips that should have been 1.
  3. Tin cup has been closed for a few days, was open yesterday.
  4. https://12go.asia/en/travel/chiang-rai/chiang-mai
  5. Some pics of Naklua beaches and hotels. Quite clean but deserted.
  6. Seems things are just not going well for you here. Worrying about finance is stress you don't need. Go back and get a job. Weather won't be great, but you'll have mates around you and it sounds like you need them right now. With a bit of cash built up you might enjoy a long holiday here every year better. Good luck wherever you end up.
  7. I don't think they last too long in this heat, if not stored well. Got a few older ones when the bars re-opened here and I could taste the difference.
  8. 22.17 to the AUD looks like a mistake. Maybe 22.67 or 22.77. Mid rate currently 22.9+ and was similar all of yesterday.
  9. A few bikes around the complex.
  10. Yep, Mark is really helpful and friendly.
  11. http://hallmarkmotorbikerentals.com/ Highly recommended.
  12. I think you might have had an off day. Have never had the pork chop, but have had plenty of other meals there that have always been great.
  13. Got a link to the location? Cheers.
  14. No pic, but a TT exchange booth has opened about 2 weeks ago on the ground floor in Big C Extra Centre Klang. Handy if you live in the area.
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