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  1. A few bikes around the complex.
  2. Yep, Mark is really helpful and friendly.
  3. http://hallmarkmotorbikerentals.com/ Highly recommended.
  4. I think you might have had an off day. Have never had the pork chop, but have had plenty of other meals there that have always been great.
  5. Got a link to the location? Cheers.
  6. No pic, but a TT exchange booth has opened about 2 weeks ago on the ground floor in Big C Extra Centre Klang. Handy if you live in the area.
  7. A mate of mine went. He said there were only 6 others there. He had 8 pints so it was a good deal for him. 🙂
  8. This one at The Cove Jomtien.
  9. Great display. Better than being there. 🙂 Thanks.
  10. Parked on Soi Buakhow.
  11. That's some load of baggage. You did well. Thanks for the update!
  12. Saw this electric Jag on show at Changi Airport. Looks great.
  13. They do it all the time on FB. Post a pic of some star with a caption indicating the star endorses the product which of course is BS and click bait. Even FB allow it. 🙂
  14. They don't have his permission. Used all the time by putting in a famous name as click bait.
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