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  1. The old embassy building wasn't even 100 years old.
  2. And wasn't it Boris who knew the name?
  3. The legacy of the late Apple cofounder Steve Jobs just got a little richer on Monday. The garage where he started Apple with Steve Wozniak has been named as a historic site. Hewlett Packard Founded. Hewlett Packard was founded on 1st January 1939 by Stamford University graduates David Packard and Bill Hewlett. Their initial premises was a garage in Palo Alto, California, as was the case with so many Silicon Valley computer companies of the time.
  4. If the unwashed invested in some they might comprehend what was posted.
  5. So does VFS actually renew the passport of do they just receive the paperwork and the British (or UK) Embassy does the issuing?
  6. That was just an off the top of my head example. If you want another one which illustrates the same point I was making, I'm pretty sure that you cannot renew a UK passport at the US Embassy.
  7. So what? If you don't like the new British Embassy you'll get your visas from another embassy? PS. Microsoft started here and didn't Apple start in someones garage.
  8. You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din. Last time I went to the AIS shop on arrival it was a whirling dervish of Indians and Chinese all discussing how many SIMs they needed and what each had to pay. I was about to walk away when the nice AIS lady beckoned me forward telling the Chinese and Indians to get out of the way. The occasional privilege of being a pale skinned roundeye in Thailand.
  9. How long before they do a bit of data matching and find a person with 20 SIMs registered to them, all still active but in different parts of the world. Probably get arrested for facilitating a terrorist network.
  10. Buy a basic SIM card. Determine which data package you want. http://www.ais.co.th/one-2-call/promotion/en/netsim.html Make sure you have sufficient credit on the card. Subscribe to the data package. Topping up the card gives you a certain amount of validity. Used to be 300 baht got 30 days. For additional days validity send USSD code (dial) *500*9#. This will give you an additional 30 days for 30 baht. Maximum validity is one year. If you have a Thai bank account you can top up your credit via online banking. If you don't have a Thai bank account then make sure you have extended validity to the max or have sufficient credit BEFORE you leave Thailand. If you intend to extend validity using the USSD code method while in your home country make sure the home country telco which partners with AIS will send the USSD code. e.g. when in home country put AIS SIM into phone, connect to partner network, send USSD code. To check credit and validity dial *121#. Any AIS shop (Telewiz) can do all of this for you. If in Pattaya teler's on in the basement of Central Festival (Beach Road end).
  11. sublimate /ˈsʌblɪmeɪt/ verb 1. (in psychoanalytic theory) divert or modify (an instinctual impulse) into a culturally higher or socially more acceptable activity. "libido must be sublimated into productive work activities"
  12. fygjam

    The Ashes

    New Study Explains Why You Frequently Don’t Know Which Day Of The Week It Is One experiment showed that people most frequently don’t know which day of the week it is during midweek days of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. A very common occurrence is that a person thinks it is Wednesday when in fact it is Thursday. Almost 40% of the participants got the day wrong and stated it was the day before or the following day. http://www.thelatestnews.com/new-study-explains-why-you-frequently-dont-know-which-day-of-the-week-it-is/ And some think it's Thursday when in fact it is Wednesday.
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