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  1. first bar i ever drank in when i first visted town had many nice girls back in day and had a few parties when there was a grass area next doorr.still pop in when im back in town and say hi to the lady owner and some of staf who worked there many years.
  2. not a movie but a 5 part doc on the wwe wrestler undertaker the last ride very interesting indeed
  3. me and friend and his thai wife may take a trip to tokyo and few other places in japan before we can get back to pattaya for a trip so she can see her family while he stays in town for the stay.was wondering what hotels to stay at and prices.im also after goign to the famous gadget alley in tokyo so see what they have and maybe get something u can not get in uk.also like info on other places to vist in japan and round tokyo to.we would be willign to travel to other cities as we know the rail service is so good there.would love to go for japan grand prix but its a bit late in year really.id go
  4. i watched it all but they have cut certain things out of it.like james doing one track where he does not play his guitar and admits it the first time ever hes done it at a live show.and was shit scared doing and not knowing what he was going to do with his hands.lots more to but i can not remember what else was missing.till ive watch the blu ray some time soon
  5. livenet tv is another good one to watch anything from around the world not in app store but can be found on ur browser and download the fiem insall and away u go.im using it to watch f1 at work now on sky
  6. https://www.sky.com/watch/title/programme/bbd054b0-648d-4c04-befa-83e5cdf2249b?fbclid=IwAR3x0H4Eh1h9vCuomOAAHn_I7B5gPK8IPWaRDz8XVg1udlZeN95t4J8Hr-o was filmed last year then released one night only in cinemas around the world.it was that popular they did a few extra one off over the next few weeks.ive got it arriving on vinyl blu ray cd andother stuff this week from the metallica store
  7. Marcel Theroux visits Thailand and the controversial Dhammakaya movement. Critics say they're a money obsessed cult. Dhammakaya claim they're a force for good. https://www.channel4.com/programmes/unreported-world/episode-guide/series-2020 just been on ch4 should be playable in next 24 hours
  8. https://www.metallica.com/club-news/2020-07-15-fifth-members-save-20-percent-on-sm2.html
  9. got he new album last week on vinyl loving it also got s+m2 metallica coming this friday on blu ray and vinyl to
  10. some of the saphire ladies have start shifts at lady love on lk metro ive been reading.one even put she used to live 1000 a day now has to live on 600 a day
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