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  1. tea then few hours playing gears of war 5 on pc
  2. its all about the international airport in phuket
  3. 12 weeks fly 20th dec arrive 21st for 2 weeks
  4. https://www.ironmaidenbeer.com/news/sunandsteel
  5. https://www.channel5.com/show/airport-247-thailand/ just been advertised so goign to watch it on catch up in a bit
  6. saw them last november in london like i said i missed out in june as i had not been back long and id have to travel from preston to london for it but cash was tight.theyve only played london hoping they play a manchester gig someday
  7. new feeder album plus slipknot getting live slash album recorded at hammersmith appollo london on his uk tour earlier this year out next week and still listening to band maid japanese 5 piece girl rock group who i missed play london in june after i just got from thailand
  8. just dropped a trailer in at faslane submarine base north of glasgow.its been loaded over night with battaries from one of the uk trident submarines.which is on a lift out of the water surrounded by scaffolding.got to see some of her and she looks wekk impressive indeed.going back in morning after 9hr off duty to pick up trailer to take 2 back to depot.then most likely take it to kent to be offloaded on monday then back up to pick up new ones for it.if they got me down for job.
  9. i saw rammstein at milton keynes in july.just got tickets to see the metallica s/m2 concert in local cinemas around the world on 9th october.but also got slipknot ozzy osbourne babymetal and rammstien again in june on my birthday at coventry rest are in manchester.
  10. the new slipknot album plus rammstiens new one and emmigrate to
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