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  1. Krapow

    Koh Kham

    Never knew of this island, and we're in Sattahip quite regular with some of Sa's relatives living there. Looking forward to your report.
  2. Tiger full of drugs partying next door
  3. What bait were you using? When I was a kid a few of us would go to Toomebridge and fish the river Bann there, was quite famous for pike. We just used to use wee perch plugs spinning, or small roach we caught first. But we were kids. Mini bus loads of guys just to go. Seen them use everything from bacon to mackerel ffs.
  4. Free Thai food at the Songkran festival more like it, 6 plates later, Sa mortified
  5. At the gym, about to start circuits. Put on a kilo over Easter, shambles!
  6. Aye, you're getting it rough alright!
  7. A great leader and very decent human being by all accounts. Old School, like John Greig, who will no doubt lead tributes to Billy. Dementia is a c**t of a thing. RIP Billy.
  8. Krapow


    That's crying out for a large dollop of manly coleslaw in the middle!
  9. Had been just about to book this, then Sa got pregnant. Damn inconsiderate of her.
  10. While certainly listen to 'old hands' or ex pats, some are so bitter and cynical they'd have you believe every single Thai girl is a liar, not to be trusted, and will scam you at every opportunity. Use your common sense, they are not all the same, one size doesn't not fit all!
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