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  1. Krapow

    What are you doing right now..?

    Trying to find a link for the boxing. @Sangsom you watching it?
  2. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    Think maybe people are coming at from different angles at well. Me personally, nothing against Secrets or Secrets posters, how could I, I've never been there, don't use the forum. Don't know the vast majority of posters, just names to me. Appreciate many have had great times in the bar and forum, but i'm just bored to tears with the 'love in' here for it from posters from there, hence being delighted it's still open. This is 24/7, not Secrets2. It's still there, go and have your 'love in' there ffs. And yes I appreciate i'm posting on a thread about it, but as said, I normally don't open them, but seeing the update on the thread title that it was staying open, certainly peaked my interest so I clicked on it,, and the posts since last night have been, shall we say, 'interesting'
  3. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    Well yes, you'd need to up your game, the Telegraph would be considered akin to Socialist Worker by most over there
  4. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    I think he'd find a few kindred souls on Pattaya Live.
  5. Krapow

    Secrets forum

  6. Krapow


    Boom Boom!
  7. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    No, I mean that post will be lifted as a screenshot. Well, both posts now.
  8. Krapow


    That's Nok, easily mixed up.
  9. Krapow

    Secrets forum

  10. Krapow

    An old frog Indonesians exploration

    Interesting stuff Spicey, thanks!
  11. Polo shirt and Adidas samba, old skool! No poofy man bags either!
  12. Krapow

    personal messages

    Imagine your life is so sad you'd want to get banned from a forum for bragging rights lol Nearly as sad as taking screenshots from one forum to post on another. Takes all sorts ...
  13. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    I do, what do I win?
  14. Krapow


    Yea, but now she works in a bar?
  15. Krapow

    Secrets forum

    We're trying to hijack this one!