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  1. Yea, i don't like Gatwick either. Location, delays etc, much rather have Heathrow. Though, hopefully the start of more competition ...
  2. Was having a look at some dates for non stop flights to Thailand the other day, noticed, EVA, Thai and BA on it now. Can only be a good thing, more competition, not that i've ever flown on them to Thailand.
  3. Honestly can't remember, but it will have been on ebay. Still have all my vinyl though, thankfully. Some classics, Love will Tear us Apart original 7inch, loads of punk stuff.
  4. Because anything's better than her previous one, Jimmy Krankie
  5. Welcome! I personally can't get enough amusing anecdotes and fun facts
  6. Laughing at every simpleton SNP supporter who contributed to them and 'Freedom' 🤣 Fucking Bar L jail in Glasgow more like
  7. Krapow


    Had no idea Coxy was really Nigel Farage! Love this forum ...
  8. Yes, remember it well. I had been told to be careful, that the girl you picked might be swapped for a ladyboy to actually do the 'deed'
  9. Reported! Ageism breaks all sorts of inclusion and discrimination rules that @Nightcrawler was campaigning so hard about when wanting to display his ladyboy pics in a new section. @Butch remembers it well ...
  10. I found it quite cold when i was in Thailand the last weeks ...
  11. I keep them for the work head to head KO rounds, where there's cash as well as bragging! I'm 4th in that so far, no way i'm not making the KO rounds.
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