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  1. Still trying to get my breath back, incredible come back against an excellent in form team. For the 21/22 season onwards, Scotland now have 2 CLQ places back again.
  2. She already has a UK and an Irish passport. She could get a Thai one as well, but we haven't just yet, as 3 passports would maybe be a tad much and take a wee bit of explaining if questioned
  3. Can't see it, already bought before the new rule. But who knows, might try. It's only my daughter's, now I think about it, I'm traveling on my Irish passport due to my wife's UK visa status until next year.
  4. Turkey just scrapped Visa's for UK tourists amongst a few other European countries from March. f**k sake, could've saved over £50!
  5. Good Scuba diving round there @code_slayer_bkk?
  6. 80 to Turkey 105 to Thailand 355 to Tenerife. Thinking about Timbuktu next!
  7. Are you going to sit up, or be up for breakfast to watch it? Read it's about 5am UK time.
  8. Choon!!! Love Talking Heads, especially Stop Making Sense era.
  9. Triple D, yea, he's some dig on him. Biggest step up in class yet with Joyce, but I think he'll dispatch him same as the rest.
  10. So, like Ortiz, Fury could and probably will box the face off Wilder the whole fight, but like Ortiz, if Wider connects right, lights out?
  11. It's not the ATM, it's the card and Bank that issued the card. Which I kinda think you knew anyway ...
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