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  1. Agreed, I was just about to post I don't think that's at all accurate or likely to happen, what RR007 has posted in his last two posts. But I'll save it for the Brexit thread.
  2. Krapow


    Sounds interesting. Off Scottish coast?
  3. Great thread @Thai Spice, thanks for keeping it going.
  4. Finishing a great session at the gym, where you're like jelly walking out. Exercise is so good for you, both mentally and physically, I feel great. Now, home for some krapow moo, another thing I love.
  5. You were either auditioning for the new James Bond, or it was 'Name's not on the list, you're not getting in' ...... unless you give me a quick shag.
  6. Seen that, I hit the sky box to 'remind me' so will get a prompt each game they show.
  7. Krapow


    I can walk to my work in about 30mins, which is really great. Previously I can remember commuting for about 90mins on a good day, well over 2 hours on a bad traffic day. So that's times 2, takes a huge chunk of your day. I had once thought about getting somewhere outside of London, commuting in by train, could have afforded somewhere much better, but at the mercy of the trains. Fine where I am, really means a lot to be in control of getting to work easily.
  8. Top left as I'm looking at it, you look like Carlos the Jackal lol
  9. Female referee as well. Super Cup has been going years, a lot of history. First chance for silverware this season. I think both teams will take it seriously.
  10. Sorry, should have said I get my SIM at the airport, I use dtac not AIS. Find they're quite quick.
  11. I always get mine at the airport as soon as I land.
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