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  1. Send me paypal details or whatever, i'll contribute. Like you, i promised Lanza the forum would go on.
  2. Sorry Spicy, I always put them in Advanced, as the way the forum is set up, you can read anything that isn't in Advanced or higher without even joining. I don't agree with it, but, i'm just a mere poster ...
  3. So @galenkia's last and 2nd last then, consistent if nothing else! 😅
  4. So when it gets proper cold, ice, snow, whatever. Do you still camp out, or is it more of a warmer weather thing? I used to go fishing every weekend as a kid in Northern ireland, Toomebridge, huge bream, perch and even bigger pike. But haven't done it in years.
  5. It's another step in the right direction i suppose. Though would be no good to us as it stands, i can only get about 3 weeks off work at a time, and also our daughter has just started Reception Class. 2 weeks in quarantine would not make it feasible. If it changed to 1 week, and there was still no other alternative in say the summer, then would possibly look at it. Though hoping, hoping, things will have eased a bit all over by summer school holidays 2021.
  6. About to watch Josh Taylor fighting the Thai guy. Both unbeaten fighters, though Taylor is a wee bit special.
  7. Missus said to me earlier there has been some 'chatter' online amongst Thais about flights starting with more frequency from London, EVA and Thai mentioned. No idea if true or for who specifically. Assuming Thais at this stage, but know Thai Air had already been offering limited seats for farangs who met the criteria on what small number of flights they were already doing.
  8. Catfish jungle curry. I like my Thai food spicy, but this tested me!
  9. Well done @galenkia 2 weeks in and you're not last yet 😄
  10. Yea, i'd be the same, that'd why i asked. I'd feel a bit sad and a bit weird to be honest. I honestly think since i had my own daughter, i look at things like this differently, or my feelings to such things are different now.
  11. Yea, that's why i did the Advanced. I did my first wreck dive of Pattaya in January, loved it, though it was just 22m. So wanted to get Advanced, dive deeper wrecks. And yea, once in the water, it's magical, such a stress reliever as you say.
  12. Where's the coffin, you not feeling confident in catching something?
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