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  1. Father and daughter with chavtastic Nike's!
  2. Having a 40 minute delay on our flight to Turkey. Still, 30 degrees out there, not this damp and dreary pish here for June.
  3. So is it universally known that you're a sexual deviant then?
  4. Played 4, won 4, for my wee country! Can't ask for better than that. Though sadly it'll mean our manager will start to linked to all sorts again. Couple of easy 3 pointers next, the Dutch and Germany ...
  5. The alert came through earlier. 'Van Gogh arrival imminent, Bull market on Avenue shares, lump on!'
  6. Might eat some horse and snails tonight in your honour, impeccably presented of course 😁
  7. Agreed, and can't do the Chinese ones either, kinda chalky, if that makes sense.
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