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  1. Krapow

    fishing in thailand.

    I prefer sea fishing,
  2. Krapow

    Sports Personality Of The Year 2018

    Jonathan Rea, 4 time World Super bike Champ not even on the short list this year either.
  3. Krapow

    What are you doing right now..?

    Was yea, just listening to him there, slating Sports Personality because Ronnie has never even been nominated. He has a point. They told him who won, he went who?
  4. Krapow

    if you didnt discover thailand

    Very happy with mine 😍 You'll maybe bump into her end of next month when we meet to go diving!
  5. Krapow

    if you didnt discover thailand

    Yea, if I was single and of the same mindset as when I first came to Thailand, I wouldn't be happy with the changes. But as you say, one's priorities change, and now that i'm married with a child the way Pattaya and Thailand in general has evolved suits me and my current situation.
  6. Krapow

    Scottish money!

    Yes, whenever I come back from the land that time forgot every Christmas, I try to have as little Northern Irish notes as possible. Most shop keepers won't take them, saying it costs them more when they change/bank them or some pish. I think they just haven't seen them before, so scared of getting stroked. I use them at the supermarket self service tills, no bother there.
  7. Krapow

    What are you doing right now..?

    Watching wee Mark in the snooker final again, he's having a great season.
  8. Krapow

    fishing in thailand.

    I've caught a few crabs In Thailand, but I don't like to talk about it ...
  9. Krapow

    fishing in thailand.

    😂 You look like Arnold Blackenbecker there, Matty 😊
  10. Krapow

    What are you doing right now..?

    Aye, it's on a par with surgical spirits ffs. Industrial alcohol with a bit of flavouring. Cheap and nasty, because it literally is cheap and nasty, stay away from that shite.
  11. Krapow

    What are you doing right now..?

    Fucking poofs, get a bottle of white ace down your neck!
  12. Krapow

    2 weeks and not one cigarette..

    Everyone is an individual, what doesn't work for one, may work for another. Certainly you should give THC and anything else a go. I could google 10 minutes and find 10 articles saying it's shite doesn't work, and 10 articles saying it does work and has worked. We're all different, one size does not fit all. All through shite like this there is one constant, a positive attitude, hope with a will to fight and not give in is hugely beneficial. Keep at it mate, don't let the bastard that is cancer grind you down, no one can say with certainty what is going to happen!
  13. Krapow

    Turkey, yes or no?

    I'm looking forward to it, gonnna wear my Rangers top to fit in! I know there's a Rangers bar. But anyway, was only joking. Just heard Icmeler was more 'relaxed' shall we say. Love markets and stuff, so will be in the grand bazaar etc ... And love Turkish food, as does the wife and even daughter likes it.
  14. Krapow

    What Are Your Top 5 Movies?.

    Don't know how I forgot 'Dances with wolves'. Brilliant show!
  15. Krapow

    Turkey, yes or no?

    It is yes Matty, Thai's don't need one, we are £10 online visa. We've 2 weeks booked in June all inclusive, if you fancied it ...