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  1. You get a tax break in the UK as well if you're married.
  2. The gyms opening on the 25th, so I can get stuck into stealing my daughter's home made chocolate cake 😋
  3. Aye, i went and bought scales the other day from Argos, and was delighted i had only put on half a stone. Though up until 3 or 4 weeks ago, i had been doing near an hour and a half 3 or 4 times a week. Hard to get motivated now, and have a 11am meet in the park with a PT tomorrow for a 'free taster' session. And was delighted to read this earlier - Posted at 12:5012:50 Government hopes to reopen gyms in mid-July The government hopes to open gyms in England in mid-July, with beauty salons to follow as soon as possible, Leader of the House of Commons Jacob Rees-Mogg says. Speaking in Parliament, Rees-Mogg tells MPs: "Our hope is to reopen gyms and leisure facilities in mid-July. "Other close-contact services, tattoo and nail parlours, will follow as soon as possible. "The government has been clear that it wants to reopen the economy carefully and gradually and this is why some businesses which involve less sustained contact between people have opened before others." Meanwhile, Northern Ireland is set to become the first nation in the UK to allow gyms to reopen - with leisure facilities preparing to open their doors on Friday.
  4. Only a few games left and i haven't used anything yet. Last year when it finished i still had a free hit left ffs. But keeping them till the head to head final rounds in my work league, money involved!
  5. @Blue Streak great pics, thanks. At least it shows some 'life' coming back ..
  6. Don't have to wear a mask where I live. I'm not getting desperate, nor is anyone I know. Economy is not destroyed. Indeed BOE said the other day it won't be anywhere near as bad as they thought. No food shortages here. I can use cash wherever I want here The vaccine, if there is one, will not be forced. I've already offered you a wager about this weeks ago. In short, 'The Plan' as no doubt laid out by other nutters on your nutter websites, is just that, nuts!
  7. He did the music for my favourite movie of all time, Once Upon a Time in America. The music to that movie didn't let it down, was brilliant, just like the movie.
  8. Come next month in the UK when employers have to start paying some, even just NI and tax i think for the first month, it's going be carnage. Currently the Government are paying money for jobs that aren't there anymore. They need to change their approach to creating jobs, not paying for ones that are already gone.
  9. Yea, same here, missus sometimes talks to our 4 year old daughter in Thai. At the start i said wait until she's a little bit older and has a good grasp of English, then teach her Thai as well. But then i hear our daughter singing Thai songs perfectly to her relatives in Thailand via Line or whatever. Well, i've no idea if they're perfect, her mum says they are 😄 So i just let them get on with it. Their brains are like a little sponge when young, absorb everything.
  10. 45 kilos max, wouldn't ride anything else.
  11. f**k me, started playing that and the neighbours had the Police phoned in 2 minutes!
  12. Just back from a wee stroll, even Spoons are taking precautions!
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