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  1. Pity i'm gonna miss this. I reckon I could've made a mint standing outside selling Socialist Worker.
  2. Why's this not in the Politics Section? It has as much relevance there, as the Extinction Rebellion thread has.
  3. Boat noddle at Victory Monument, pile those bowls up
  4. Went and seen The Joker the other day. Wasn't really what I was expecting TBH, in the Gotham City genre. The lead role was excellent, the acting terrific. Was kinda about society, and the way it treats the vulnerable, the have and have nots etc. Wasn't bad, but was expecting more, was a bit disappointed, truth be told.
  5. But everything said and done, i'd still certainly be going even if not married to a Thai girl. There's nowhere else quite like it, it has something for everyone. I joined a 'generic' Thailand facebook group a few weeks ago, mostly families, loads of good ideas and info. Then there's obviously Pattaya and what it offers. I'm flying New Year's Eve for a month, and starting to really look forward to it. Sure it's changed, but so have I, and the 'new' Thailand suits me now, and my needs, though I'm still very happy it hasn't been infected by the PC bollocks that the West has. The smells, the heat and the organised chaos as soon as you step out of the airport, still gives me such a buzz on arrival.
  6. Yea, at the end of each trip these days I'm happy to go home, ready for it. No urge to go back. Once a year is fine for me, with at least one trip elsewhere Inbetween. It would probably be longer if it wasn't for knowing the wife obviously likes to go see her family, and them wanting to see her and our daughter. They're lovely people anyway, like their daughter, I enjoy seeing them as well, though get bored quickly. But we travel round a fair bit, only spend a few days in Pattaya. I try to go somewhere I haven't been before each trip,and somewhere I can dive, which might coincide.
  7. Yes, just noticed that, Admin Notes 🤣
  8. Well, if it's any I started, I purposely post them on the higher levels as anyone can read all content in the lowest level without even joining the forum, just as a guest. I'm reliably led to believe some do just that, then carry stuff and post it elsewhere. I don't want any of my threads moved down, if they are any of the threads you talking about I also think this should be moved up, for the same reason, it'll probably be carried elsewhere, such is the sad lives some lead. But I wasn't the thread starter here, so not my call.
  9. I'm just back last week, the 500k's of Morocco's finest pollen should be arriving this week.
  10. She'll love it, the tapas, the seafood. Will be hot, but not too hot.
  11. Though only post on this forum, which was my point, I spend too much time on it alone, so thankfully don't use any others.
  12. I get amazed that some post on loads of different Thai related ones, never mind anything else. I just don't have the time or inclination to be fair, and I'm quite happy about that, I think I spend too much time on this one alone as it is.
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