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  1. Dimmer switch seems to have packed up in the bedroom, so I’m off to Screwfix for a new one. The wife did say “if they sold Blackout Switches, then I should get one, so she didn’t have to see me undress”. ☹️
  2. 3 sheets. 1 to wipe up. 1 to wipe down. 1 polisher. 😎
  3. The wife has done her “pre lockdown” panic buying this morning. Extra soft Bum Fodder and Electric Hair clippers, both for me. She really spoils me.🤗
  4. I think these so call soft briefings are designed to soften up the UK population for another full lockdown. Government put it out there and see how it goes down with the people first. Personally, I’ve suspected another full lockdown was inevitable because of the numbers and because people are so confused with the different rules and changes in so many areas, it’s almost impossible to keep up with the rules. Anyway, we’re sticking to the rule of 6 in our house. Me, my wife and son and 3 bottles of Merlot.🍷🍷🍷👍
  5. Cleaned out the attic today with the wife. Dirty, smelly, covered in cobwebs, but she’s good to the kids.
  6. Yes, it does need to go right in up to the makers name, to be effective.😎
  7. So you’re not pregnant then. Phew, that’s a relief. 🤣
  8. You would have thought that being a nurse she would have self isolated, especially as she was in a high risk group. I commend her for wanting to help other nurses by delivering food, but her health should have come first. Now she has lost her life and a kidney that would have given someone else a new lease of life.
  9. Damn! Drains can be a real bastard.
  10. My sister had a new TVR in Tasmania, but not for long though, as it burst into flames halfway up Mount Wellington and was a total right off. Actually, she was glad it got burned out, as the damn thing was forever in the garage getting “fixed”.
  11. My doctors surgery is one of two surgeries in his group and I was asked to visit one last Thursday for my yearly diabetes checkup. I was the only person in the waiting room and was seen by the diabetic nurse after about 5 minutes and had all the checks, which were fine. Got an SMS message this afternoon to say they’d closed that surgery because 3 of the staff had tested positive on Saturday for Covid, but I wasn’t to worry, as I’d not come into contact with any of them. Damn! there are only 4 staff there, so it seems I was lucky and was seen by the only staff member who didn’t h
  12. Those boardwalks were never going last. Designed and installed by idiots. Same, same as a lot of Thai building work. 🤪
  13. I think that one belongs to some drunk Frenchman who lives in Bali. 🤪
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