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  1. UK Highway Code rule 264, states that after overtaking another vehicle on the motorway, with 3 or more lanes, you must move back into the inside lane after completing the manoeuvre. Back in the real life, I’ve very rarely stuck to that, mainly due to all the lorries/heavy vehicles in that lane. On a 4 hour motorway journey, I’d be a jibbering wreck after continually moving in and out of the inside lane trying to pass them. I would imagine that a similar law applies in Thailand and like the UK law, will be ignored by Thai’s. 🤪
  2. A huge stuffed toy donkey wearing a sombrero, but I had to stop off in Spain on the way back too the UK, to pick one up. 🤪 v v v v v v v v Not really. 🤣
  3. The wife always seems to bring back the entire contents of Chatuchak market each time. We are still burning incense burner cones gathered from a trip to LOS in 2006! Raw fish, dried meats, silks in various forms, 🌶 of course, presents for friends, the list goes on. She goes out with suitcases literally full of Thornton’s and other makes of chocolates, as she has plenty of clothes and shoes there, so does our son, so no need to carry any out. I don’t care, as long as I get my Massaman fresh curry paste I’m happy. 🤗
  4. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting him, but it seems that he touched the hearts of those who did meet him. You don’t meet many people in life that can do that. RIP and condolences to his family.
  5. Why do pissed girls always have to climb on the table in stilettos, is it bred into them from birth I wonder. 🤔
  6. It’s the little things that get them hooked mate. 👍 Well done on remembering her birthday, I’ve forgotten my wife’s, at least 4 times in 20 years. 🥴
  7. I met my then future wife when she was 19 and at Oxford University. I didn’t know she and her family had money, as she didn’t act HiSo and didn’t go in for expensive clothes etc. It wasn’t until I met her family, who are far from HiSo, that she told me they were loaded. Money doesn’t really mean much to her, or me. OK, it makes life easier when we both have money, but there are more important things in a marriage, than who has the biggest bank account. As to the age difference, who gives a feck! We certainly don’t, neither do her parents or the extended family and anyone else can go stick their thumb up their bum and climb up to their elbow, for all we care. Been married for 19 years and it gets better everyday. 🤗
  8. I imported mine through a company called Sussex imports late 99. I paid £6K inc VAT deposit and another £20k inc VAT or so when the car was about to enter the UK. It arrived on Christmas Eve and it was taxed and had reg plates. I didn’t think anything more about it, until about 2 months later got a letter from HMRC legal team, asking whether I had proof I had paid the VAT to Sussex Imports, which of course I did. Turned out that they’d imported hundreds of Audi’s and other cars, but never passed on the VAT to HMRC! The amount owed ran into many millions, but the company had done a bunk, so I doubt the government got their pound of flesh. 🤗 We were in Pattaya Starbucks near AA hotel one morning in 2001, sat in the window seats and I was just talking to the wife about how many different cars I recognised in Thailand, but that I’d never seen a TT. A minute later, she nudged my arm and pointed out the window, just as a silver TT225 drove by. 😀
  9. Yep that’s right, the car got a bit wobbly when doing a quick change of direction at speed. 🤪
  10. 23 years between my age and my wife. Try as I may, I can’t make it any less. 🤔
  11. Years ago in the UK, doctors used to prescribe either Guinness or Mackeson to the elderly in hospital, as a way of getting Iron into their system, without resorting to tablets or injections. Getting pissed on the NHS, and not even having to get out of bed to do it. 🤗
  12. Aged 9, we watched Shirley Ann Field film The Damned with Oliver Reed, being filmed. We were very quite as kids and she came over and said that we had been good during filming and actually served us lunch from the mobile film canteen. Veal and egg pie, salad and Coca Cola. Didn’t even know Coca Cola existed back then! She was gorgeous, even though I was 9, I knew beauty when I saw it. At 16, went to a party in a house around the corner from us, went down a dark hallway and tripped over some twat who had passed out! It was Long John Baldry.
  13. KhunDon

    Our Airbnb

    Very nice Binlid, well worth the price. Very central you can walk to city centre.
  14. They play in Tangerene! Where the fucks that? 🤔
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