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  1. farangme thats exactly how I got mine in Pranburi in 2000. Had to show my visa in passport, my UK DL and my IDL and prove my Thai address as well.
  2. I have been on Atoravastatin, since having two heart attacks in 2000, plus a shed load of other meds. My Cholesterol blood tests are fine and have been for over 10 years now, so no real worries with the drug I'm on, but got an invite to go on a new drugs trial at my County hospital for a new drug called Inclisiran (HPS-4 TIMI65 ORION-4) and I wonder if anyone living in the UK is on the trial? It involves having a medical screening checkup, followed by a finger prick test to measure cholesterol levels, then the next visit is for randomization visit, where i will be given an injection of the drug, or a placebo. Then next visit a blood sample (from a vein) followed by another injection of the drug or placebo. This lasts for 6 months, then just follow up visits for more blood samples for 5 years. The drug is designed to lower LDL cholesterol in patients that have had Heart attacks or strokes, by having an injection every 6 months, instead of tablets. Anyone else on this trial please post your experiences so we can all benefit from them please. Thanks KD.
  3. I’m not sure why prices should rise dramatically, it’s the UK that apply any tariffs on imported goods from the EU if we leave. Didn’t the government just the other day say that there would be zero tariffs on most goods imported from all over the World. The cost of cocoa is what tends to push up confectionary prices and that doesn’t come from any EU country that I know of.
  4. Maybe because sex with them will make your eyes water.😭 Throw another plate on the floor Demostanese.
  5. I had a little Raleigh 50cc moped as my first ride at 16 years old, in 68. I remember that the fuel tank (1.5ltr) was under the seat and you had to mix oil with the petrol, think it was around 30-1. Put it on the stand, pedal like hell, close the decompression lever and off I went. Went every where on it. Halcyon days.🤗
  6. Sex for accommodation seems to be gaining ground here in the UK. https://www.itv.com/news/wales/2018-01-30/sex-for-rent-the-landlords-offering-free-accommodation-in-exchange-for-sex/
  7. I’ve been in the past, but the full entry cost this year is £308, add in a few nights hotel fees and meals and you are soon up to £1K. Still, for a petrol head, well worth it. Some fantastic cars and motorcycles and great events over the week.
  8. So, you’ll be in drag when you collect it then Painter? Don’t forget the lippy. 🤣
  9. I’m more of a waltz man myself. 👍
  10. Her bath water tasted good as well. 🤪
  11. I must be crazy, but I love the change of seasons here in the UK, so does my wife and son and they both pray for snow at Christmas and the little bit of child still deep inside me does as well. 🤗 Anyway, “cold” is just a number on the thermometer and the central heating or log fire takes care of that. Don’t get me wrong, I liked living in Thailand as the heat never bothered me much and if it did, I’d switch on the A/C.
  12. I recommend a guy called Rocky, he has wonderfully strong hands. 🤣
  13. Any chocolate bars used to do it for me, but now diabetes rules sweet things out. Wagon wheels favourite as a kid.
  14. RR007, my dad lived till he was 107, but for the last few years he was extremely stubborn, especially with his family. It made our lives extremely difficult. We used to stock up his freezer with proper, home cooked meals every month, which he loved and had done this for years. Then one day he said he didn’t want us to cook for him anymore as he didn’t want to pay to run the small chest freezer as it was too expensive! This, from a man with over £400, 000 in the bank! Not to mention the thousands of shares and bonds he had amassed over his lifetime and the 4 pensions he got each month. He had decided that he would be better off shopping in Iceland ffs! Despite us offering to pay the leccy bill for him, he was adamant and refused. My wife and I paid for night storage radiators to be fitted all over the house, so that he would always be warm in the winter and told him we would pay the leccy bill for the power they used. We would go to his house and they would always be turned off and the house was freezing! We would go around and turn them on again and when we left, he would turn them all off again! He got caught in a Double Glazing scam for well over £40k, because he didn’t want to talk to me on what he needed and where to buy DG, despite the fact I had just had a 2 houses done by a friend at mates rates. I arrived at the house after a week away and the windows and doors were fitted and paid for and the work was complete shite, plus the cost was way OTT. The company responsible was taken to court by others who had been scammed, but as is usual with these shysters, there was no money to pay compensation. I suspect that dad was in the very first stages of dementia when he got cold called by these DG shysters and coupled with his life long stubbornness, got it into his head that he was doing the correct thing, so we just had to humour him or have a row, which would have been stupid, especially at his age. It turns out, after doing probate on his estate after he died, that he had been paying thousands of pounds a year to so called “charity” scams. Yet, he always said he only ever gave money to RNLI. Still, I suspect he was happy in his own mind, which is what mattered the most, at least we didn’t have to put him into a old peoples home, that would have finished him off. My opinion, for what it’s worth, is that as the children grow up to be adults, the parents revert to being children again and we all know how difficult children can be, don’t we. 🤣
  15. What can I say that others have not already said. You were always going to get through this Phil, it just took time, willpower and love from your family. Luckily, you had all 3 in abundance. Onwards and upwards. 🤗👍👌
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