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  1. Imagine my surprise 🤔 Will the authority’s never learn.
  2. Had several endoscopies and colonoscopies, mostly under anaesthetic thank god and had the PillCam which was the easiest to have done. Also the Barium Enema, 2+ litres of that white liquid shoved up my ass for X-rays. You know you’re getting old, when all the doctors spend more time around the back of you than the front! 🤣 Just had my PSA (prostate) blood test results which were 2.4 so less than the 4.0 threshold for further investigations. 👍
  3. Compo loses his ferret in a gogo bar, and we know how ferrets love exploring dark holes. Hilarity ensues. 🤣
  4. Sadly, the World changed that day and will never be as it used to be.
  5. My dream, a few stunning bar girls in wrinkly stockings. 🤗❤️👍
  6. I pretty much only use my Azus laptop for writing letters and transferring pictures off our iPhones and my kids iPad, then I transfer them all to a separate hard drive for safety. Also connect to scanner/ copier/printer to copy documents etc. It’s a 1 TB SSD with no CD slot like my last Laptop, so can’t even watch video discs now, not that I have the time. I do all other stuff like browsing etc on my iPhone these days, does away with the hassle of firing up the laptop. The only problem is when not using it for a couple of months, I have to spend time allowing windows 10 and other apps on it to update and to do various security sweeps. As for carrying it abroad, no way would I lug it around to use.
  7. I would take you up on that offer Krapow but it’s a bit chilly out there and at my age I need to be careful not to get a cold on my chest. 🤣 Thanks to everyone involved in setting up Thailand-247 and all those who post on it. 🤗👍🏆🥇
  8. I’m ashamed to say that my son whips my ass on that game every time. 😢
  9. A group of 15 family and friends turned up at a pub we regularly use 15 miles away for Sunday lunch at 1pm. We left at 5 pm, suitably refreshed and wider of waist, plus, the sun shone the whole time. None of us had to get up for work the next day and our son doesn’t start his new school until Wednesday. The only downside was for my wife, she had to pay. 🤣 Retirement, can’t beat it.
  10. I was giving a girl a good seeing too a few years ago. She was on her hands a knees on the bed and I was doing her dog style. Above our heads a lite bulb burned brightly. She looked at me and said “turn that off and shove it up my ass”. In retrospect, I probably should have let the lite bulb cool down a bit first. 🤔
  11. Saw a great international kite festival in 2001 in the army camp on the Hua Hin/ Pranburi Road. Those kites were over 100 meters long, with half a dozen guys hanging off the end to hold them down. Fantastic pics TS, thanks. 👍
  12. Welcome to the forum Saucy Jack 🤗 I retired to Thailand when I was 47, back in 99, when prices of property, exchange rates (76) and cost of living was so much cheaper for Brits. Now mostly back in UK, so can’t really comment on how things are for retirees now, other than to say it’s a lot more expensive when taking exchange rate into consideration. If I was thinking of doing it now I would spend a year looking around to find an area I liked, with good transport, shops, hospitals and bars (if that’s what you want) within easy reach. Plenty of rentals about at competitive prices, so take your time before committing yourself to a long rental. You will soon make friends in Pattaya, just choose wisely, take your time and I’m sure you will enjoy yourself. 👌👍
  13. What he meant to say was “when you’re on holiday in Pattaya and you take a shit in your hotel, don’t worry, you will be reunited with it again when you’re sunbathing on the beach”. 🤗
  14. My last GP always insisted that I got a prescription for 2 months supply, but my new GP reduced that to one months supply. Luckily, I order my drugs online and the pharmacy deliver them to my home.
  15. I doubt anybody will notice the hump in the road. It’s Thailand after all. 🤔
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