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  1. KhunDon

    Funny pics

    Zoom in on the name.
  2. KhunDon

    Funny pics

  3. KhunDon

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    The cars sold for self import to UK are the exact same specifications that you buy from a UK dealer. It’s just that you buy through a car dealer in France, Belgium, Germany etc. Most dealers will take a deposit and order the car to your specifications ( Right hand drive) direct from the factory, when it’s delivered to their showroom you pay the final instalment and they then stick it on a car transporter and deliver to your house in the UK, or you can go and collect it. You are responsible for applying for VED road tax and insurance. I had mine delivered on Christmas Eve, as a present to myself. There are loads of companies that will do all the work for you and charge you a few hundred £’s to save you the hassle. Richard Branson’s Virgin even do it. 👌
  4. KhunDon

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    The dealers register them to themselves, partly to make their sales figures look good and partly because they have taken too many into stock from the manufacturers. If dealers didn’t take and register these excess cars, the manufacturers would have to stop production with all the costs that entails. So the manufacturers drop the price to the dealers, who then take these cars onto their books and register them, then give huge discounts to move them. I’ts been normal practice here in UK for 10+ years and all manufacturers offer pre-registered models from dealers or online. Technically these cars are second hand, as I’m the second registered owner on the Log book, but the second hand market has become a lot more sophisticated over the years and people aren’t bothered (at least I’m not) at not being the first name on the log book, if they can save up to £10K on a car.
  5. KhunDon

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Of course it was mate. Steering wheel and pedals both on the right side. 👌
  6. KhunDon

    Funny pics

  7. KhunDon

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Ray, Pre registered cars on sale here in UK are brand new and never been driven, with zero miles on the clock. They all come with their normal manufacturers warranties. Mine was a Citroen C4 auto 1.6 Ltr 130Bhp diesel. With a few extras, list price was £23,300 and I paid £16,000 including VED road tax. Most, if not all manufacturers offer Pre Reg cars now, via either dealers or online sites such as CarWow or Buyacar. I just went online and put in the car I wanted, automatic gears, engine size and fuel type, specification and colour and that was it. Then dealers across the country send in their offers (cash price or PCP) for what they have in their showrooms (unregistered or preregistered) including delivery. Mine actualy came via my local Citroen dealer just a few miles away, so easy for me, as I’d used another dealers price to get them to knock off another hundred quid and give me a full tank of fuel + 10 Ltrs of AdBlue thrown in. I sold my old Citroen car privately. Back in 2000, I self imported a top spec Audi TT from a Belgium dealer, for £26,100 compared to UK list price of £33K from my local Audi dealer. Even at that lower price, the Belgium dealer was still making good money. 👌
  8. KhunDon

    Cash - On the way out.

    The wife tends to the roses and the stuff in pots and I can just about do a bit of watering with a hosepipe, but me old knackered bones don’t allow me to get down and dirty anymore I’m afraid. So shelling out a grand or so a year is money well spent.🤗 I’d concrete it all over and paint it green if I had my way, but she won’t let me. 😟
  9. Never been on it mate, mainly because we need a car if we go to that area and so we would drive instead. Besides, I don’t trust the damn thing, when I see all the stories of “accidents” with boats in Thailand. 😟
  10. KhunDon

    Cash - On the way out.

    Always cash in Thailand, contactless Debit card in UK, for small purchases under £30 and PIN number for over £30 and for online or very large purchases we always put it on wife’s credit card and pay off in full every month. I get daily bank notifications for purchases made on my Debit Card, so I can see what my balance is. We use CC for piece of mind if the product or purchase goes South and we can get all our money back without any hassle. We do pay cash to some people, like gardener, handyman, plumber etc, but that’s usually around £200, no more and I know they’ve done a good job for the money because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. All other bills are paid by DD or Standing Order.
  11. Usually Hua Hin, Pathum Thani and the R&R farm in Nakhon Sawan. Been to a couple of other places for short trips, but the above are the usual stops. The wife and family go right up North East into the hills, for a real long stay at some small resort, can’t remember the name and I usually go and stay in Hua Hin and they come down to collect me, plus they like to visit every temple within 500 miles, so I’m happy in HH.
  12. One of these I think. 🤗
  13. KhunDon

    New Car: Which one? Buy or lease?

    Do the US dealers sell pre registered new cars Ray ? Over in the UK it seems all the rage now. What about 0% interest deals? Or does your poor credit rating mean you can’t go that route? I bought a new car with cash, full warranty and all the bells and whistles thrown in and got £7K off list price, £7.5K if I took out finance. Ok, as the car is pre registered, I’m technically the second owner, but as I will only be doing around 4-5K miles a year max and will keep it until it’s knackered, I don’t mind. We change our other, large car every 2-3 years and that is the one that we pile the miles on. I don’t have anything on credit, don’t even have my own credit cards, yet when I check my score on credit rating sites, my rating is very high, not sure why! Personally, I would put down as much deposits as possible, why pay a high rate of interest for the sake of waiting for another month, either way, you will still be getting brownie points on your credit rating. Obviously it’s your choice what ever you do. Good luck and keep hammering away at the dealers. 🤗
  14. Hired a woman with grey hair who said to me “ I know I have winter on my head, but there’s summer in my heart”. To which I replied, “well, you’d better get some spring in your ass, or we’ll be here till autumn”. Only joking. 😎