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  1. Flew on a similar one several times from Hua Hin - Don Muang - Hua Hin. We always seem to be sat in seats looking out at the propellers and it always gave me the hebee jeebies, thinking what would happen if a blade came loose. 🤔
  2. I would hazard a guess, that someone somewhere, is getting a “grant”. 🤔
  3. After the cull, there will be more to be shared out amongst fewer Hi So’s. After this all settles down it’ll all be business as usual. TIT. 😡
  4. @Ma Noi Welcome mate, hope you enjoy the forum. 👍
  5. You’d have thought they would have had the foresight to bring a cherry picker with them, or at the very least a feckin ladder! Oh hang on I forgot, TIT. 🤔
  6. There was a large unisex hairdressers in Hua Hin back in 2001 on the main drag. I took my brother in law there for a beard trim and a haircut. There were several floor level Koi Carp ponds inside, with narrow walkways you had to negotiate to get to the chairs. Brother in law who is 6ft 6 and built like the proverbial outhouse, fell in one of the ponds and the splash soaked pretty much everyone in the place. Needless to say they gave us a discount on our haircuts. He saw the funny side of it and my sister almost pissed herself laughing when we got back to the house and she saw him. 🤣
  7. Just come on the BBC 40 minutes ago with a picture of the 21 Mall, people running out etc and a picture of the shooter. This mass shooting type situation I’d expect in America, but didn’t expect to see it happen in Thailand. Hope for everyone’s sake they get him soon.
  8. There was a program on TV last night about Barrymore and the death at his house during a party. Still nothing proved on who killed him and his injuries.
  9. There are approximately 25 million homes in the UK, most of which will be screaming to have Off Peak electric meters fitted, not to mention the business that will want off peak power for their vehicles. 🤔
  10. @Tj916 I think you’ve strayed into the realms of fantasy there mate. 🤪
  11. We are changing one of our cars early next year as it’s 3 years old by then. We have already chosen which model PHEV it will be and where our charge point will go. This will replace a petrol car, which the wife mainly uses to run our son around on local journeys. I’ve even chosen the model of charger (7kw) so a full charge would take around 1.5 hours and give a battery range of 30+ miles, (then the petrol motor kicks in) so around a third of her daily usage. The approximate cost of the charger is £900, but a government grant (£600) reduces the cost to around £300+ for us to pay. The problem will be for those houses that don’t have off street parking or driveways, or who live in hi rise apartments, usually with insufficient parking, where the hell do they charge their vehicles? Even with super fast chargers which are extremely expensive, you will still have people scrabbling around to find a charger every day, rather than filling up at a fuel pump a couple of times a week. The other elephant in the room, is what will the government replace their lost fuel tax receipts with, it will have to be raised by either higher VAT on electricity, or a pay per mile tax, or possibly a mix of the two. Let’s face it, here in the UK at least, governments have been crap at pricing/planning past or present infrastructure projects, (HS2) so the chances of them rolling out the required charging systems on time and on budget, are pretty remote, but that’s just my opinion.
  12. Hybrids and PHEVS as well I believe, but Hydrogen cars will be ok. Can’t see it happening without massive infrastructure investment for the installation of charging points etc. The other problem will be producing enough batteries at an affordable price.
  13. Love the palm trees, reminds me of somewhere I once lived, not many wearing turbans back then.
  14. Every Friday afternoon, the kids teacher would ask a question of her class, the one that gave the correct answer got to go home 2 hours early. Little Johnny always put his hand up, but never got picked, despite knowing the correct answer every time. Needless to say he wasn’t happy, so he decided on a cunning plan. With his pocket money, he bought a pack of Malteasers. Come Friday question time, he rolled two of them down the isle in front of his teacher, she looked down and asked “OK, whose the little funny guy with 2 brown balls”? Johnny shot his hand up and said “Sammy Davis Junior ma’am, see ya Monday”.
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