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  1. Every Thai I’ve seen in most restaurants take pics of their meals and more and more foreigners do it as well. Wonder what their problem is with free advertising? Of course, if their food is crap I’d understand it. 🤔
  2. I’ve seen every episode, 10 times. 🤗 Try “The Night Garden” that always sent my son to sleep. 👍
  3. Jackie Charlton passed away today. ☹️ https://news.sky.com/story/amp/england-1966-world-cup-hero-jack-charlton-dies-at-85-12026139
  4. The list of talent that has passed goes on. ☹️ https://www.thewrap.com/celebrities-deaths-coronavirus-star-hollywood-notable-stars/amp/
  5. Not surprised, those shorts are no more than an ass pelmet. 🤗
  6. They had the customers, but didn’t have the room in the take out to serve them, so they’ve had to move all the food counters forward which meant that no customers could go into the shop. Luckily, the front of the shop was built with large opening front windows, so now they serve customers through them and the customers stand under a fitted awning.
  7. My sisters main shop has managed to remain open and very busy, which is lucky for the 20+ staff in the main business, but they closed their take out for a month or so and furloughed all the 5 staff employed in there. Now they’ve re opened it again after reorganisation of the shop and all the staff are back in full time employment. So luckily they’ve managed to save all the jobs in the business, but many small businesses have gone under around the country and thousands of jobs have been lost forever.
  8. So sad to hear of his passing. I loved his music, especially in the film “The Mission”.
  9. ^ Apparently those 3 girls were real heavy drinkers back in their day. 🤪
  10. His wife I think. 🤣
  11. Garlic and lamb, my favourite combination for Sunday lunch. 🤗
  12. Yes, our son was born in 2010, so he did get to spend quite a few years with his grandad, as we moved to a house a couple of miles from him when we moved back from Thailand. He also had a lot of great, great, grandchildren, mostly in Australia.
  13. He was born in 1908 one of 9 children and life was different back then living in a small village in Cornwall. He never drank much, just the odd half pint of beer, but gave that up in his late 40’s along with smoking. Always ate healthy, home cooked food and always walked everywhere if he could. Different breed back then I suppose. Total opposite of how many people live today.
  14. Turn your bike around and cycle home then. 🤣 Seriously, anyone who doesn’t have problems as they get older is bloody lucky IMHO. My dad would think nothing of walking 10 miles at 105 years old and regularly walked 5 miles every day, wind or shine. Damn, I wish I’d inherited his healthy genes, but it wasn’t to be. I climbed the stars late last night in the dead of night and heard my left knee creeking and thought oh ffs not the knees now ☹️
  15. 👌I was as fit as a butchers dog in my 30’s but it went downhill fast when I reached my 40’s. Now at 67 and falling apart at the seams, I class a good cough and a fart as exercise. 🤣
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