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  1. Well Jambo my mother always told us, that where flu is concerned, you can take various things and it will go away in a week, or take nothing and it will be gone in 7 days. Sage advice. 🤣
  2. I never believe in polls. We’ll know for sure in the early hours of Friday morning, after most of the votes will have been counted. I can wait. 🤔
  3. Slightly off topic, but are there any Thai websites that you can use to get a very large discount, like we have in the UK, such as www.carwow.com. ?
  4. KhunDon


    Bastard! My favorite go to soup. 😡 When I make chicken pies, I put a couple of tins of that in, to make the sauce.🐔🐔
  5. “Guaranteed investment rates” maybe. The disclaimer would put me off straight away.
  6. We’ve all had our flu jabs (son had the spray up the nose job) as we do every year. Either at the Doc’s or at the local pharmacy. Luckily none of us have had the flu for the last 9 years, but when I have had it, I never used as many tissues as you mate, but it’s laid me low for days. Maybe you should stop trying to pull your head through the eye of your dick, that’ll save at least 3 boxes of tissues a week. 🤣
  7. KhunDon


    It’s getting worse by the day! Please STOP posting snack porn, my heart can’t take anymore. ☹️
  8. KhunDon


    They are way, way, way, way too moorish, but I love em. 👍
  9. My sister has just bought her husband a new Range Rover Vogue, V8 diesel with every extra added, Bose stereo, full white leather and 2 video screens in the back seats etc. He drove it twice and it’s now been back in the dealership for over month with starter faults. Well north of £100K for a car that doesn’t work. At least they were given a replacement RR to run around in.
  10. You lucky, jammy bugger. I’ve sent her the princely sum of £19.50p over the years! Only ever got one picture of her in a deep sea diving suit, at least she said it was her, difficult to tell, looking through the glass visor. 🤗
  11. So it was mate.🙃 Didn’t she have a funny haircut? In my defence, I’m mostly a classical music fan.
  12. Reminds me of the Commodore Hotel in SP. I got into the lift, not realising it was mostly glass (que puckered sphincter by the time I passed the 2nd floor) went up to the top floor and looked over the wall, down into the foyer, nearly shit myself.☹️
  13. I have to say that the BMW girl is the prettiest model I’ve seen in a long time. Much better than the ones that are milk white in skimpy shorts, with false boobs and nose jobs. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer them with cloths on. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind driving my car through their “car wash” on a weekly basis. 🤣
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