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  1. Who can get them in a pharmacy, does your GP send you, or is it just a walk in and get one if you’re in the high risk group?
  2. I’m an MRSA carrier and I’ve had 3 operations cancelled when the surgeon was told I was a carrier, while I was actually in the anaesthetic room waiting for the jab of the white stuff. This happened despite having gone through a week long decontamination process each time! Twice, the hospital Chief executive wrote letters of apology to me, saying “the surgeons didn’t realise it was safe to operate once the decontamination process had been completed”! 😡
  3. Are they having their lunch, or are you about to have your lunch. ? 😉
  4. Yes I’ve seen some at silly prices. 🤔 I figured on somewhere around £350 -£450 absolute max. At that price point, there are some good ones out there. 🤗
  5. All our LG TV’s have Atmos sound systems built in, but I’ve considered getting one of their LG soundbars for a while now, just to give a bit of a boost to the sound from the tellies. I don’t like the idea of loads of separate, wireless bass speakers, so I’d probably go for an all in one sound bar in front of the TV instead. Seen a couple in the sales that have come down a bit, but still very costly.
  6. Good question mate. 👍 I’d not thought too much about it, but are batteries not liquid cooled in some cars? I suspect someone will know. Also, most EV’s use Lithium Ion batteries, not the lead acid batteries found in most cars. I think I’ve heard that Tesla’s have to pre condition their batteries before doing high speed runs, not sure if that involves heating or cooling though, but I think it’s the latter. Edit. Just Googled it and it seems that KIA’s batteries are liquid cooled and in colder climes, the heat from the batteries and other electrical components is recycle
  7. We have both diesel and petrol cars at the moment, both coming up to 3 years old. The petrol car (a seven seat Peuogeot 5008) eats fuel at around £75 per week and has done 44K miles and is due for a change, so we have decided to replace it with an electric vehicle and charge it at home. I test drove a Kia Soul last week before lockdown struck and was really impressed on how it drove. The acceleration was very good at around 8 seconds to 60 mph, the torque was so good at low and high speeds and it stuck to the road well as I chucked it about. No noise from an ICE engine and it's spook
  8. Well it couldn’t be any worse than the debacle my son went through with his online lessons today, which were delivered live, via Microsoft Teams by his teachers. It was a shambles and a total waste of time, with none of the teachers able to use the system. In fact, the kids (10 years of age) knew more about the Teams system than the teachers! I’m not blaming the teachers, they were trying their best, but they had absolutely no training on the system, as the school closure plans were only put in place by Boris late on Monday, which meant teachers were left scrambling around to get the
  9. I don’t think it will work outside of the region in which it was bought, but I could be wrong. https://www.the-ambient.com/how-to/use-alexa-non-supported-countries-855
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