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  1. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    WTF sending the Poms into bat!! Ian Chapel said that if you win the toss 9 times out of 10 you bat and on the 10th time you think about it and then bat anyway
  2. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    Ah...... the search for the great all-rounder. We haven’t had one since Keith Miller and when we did have someone promising we failed to utilise them. Shane Watson was a good opening bat in the traditional scents. But he was constantly pushed down the order with powers that be keep wanting to use him as a power hitter. Watson could bowl at over 140 km/h and his record as an opening bat is more than reasonable, but we were used to the opening combination of Hayden and Langer who consistently returned 200 without loss mid way through the second session. Watson was the more traditional opener, batting out the first session and seeing off the new ball
  3. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    And Atherton did the same against Australia with the pocket substance and was again caught on camera doing it and nothing happened. As I stated earlier, we Aussies are not very good nor experienced at cheating on cricket
  4. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    Nah Ray. We are hopeless at ball tampering. See how easy we get caught. We still don’t know what Atherton had in his pocket. The Poms are far superior ball tamperers than us, they learned from the experts- the Pakis
  5. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    No one soaked up the pressure and carried the team like Allen Boarder did
  6. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    Last time I saw this movie I didn’t like the ending
  7. The posts on here by Wombat refer to someone who was in the bar that night and the report of what they heard and saw. This report very much supports what you have said above. Also there was a post by (I think) Jambo referring to the people who went to the ATMs that night to get the money to get Soi7 out of Soi9. My memory is not the best but it is worth noting who went to the ATM and who did not, for whatever reason
  8. There are some posts already on here relating to Soi7s time at Soi9. Not sure which threads or if they are still there but some interesting stuff from Wombat and Jambo
  9. Over 5 months now with not so much as a puff. But I’m getting fat. Still don’t miss the evil weed
  10. Khun Ling

    The Ashes

    I thought we were screwed. Aussies can’t bat for shit but the Poms are even worse. Aussies selectors should dump Warner, his record outside of Australia is pathetic
  11. And; Know when to walk away and know when to run! Think Ben knows these lyrics well?
  12. Ben made a lengthy post on the old forum outlining why Pattaya bar business was hard and he thought it was only going to get harder. He is not stupid it seems. Has Secrets PP been sold yet?
  13. 25rh March 2019 I stubbed out my last smoke and went cold turkey AND it was easy. Why was it now easy when I had failed so many times before? Because this time I really wanted to. Not one more. I could go next door and scrounge a smoke when I smell the neighbours out having a fag and on previous attempts I probably would have. But this time my thinking is different, I’m at a good party right now, Thai Wife’s friends 40th , live band and lots of drunk Thai women, and plenty of smokes getting handed about, but I am not even tempted. I’m bored because I have a 90 minute drive home so not drinking. Too easy to have just one smoke. But that is bullshit, there is not one more smoke, if I wanted a smoke I would go to the tobacconist and buy a carton and a new lighter and ash tray , any thought of having a smoke has just evaporated. Ling
  14. All very funny. Truth is stranger than fiction
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