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  1. Khun Ling


    He used a few capital letters which is more than could be expected on the old forum
  2. 4 wheels good. 2 wheels bad
  3. Still dependant on the network speed. If you have bad wifi signal INSIDE of your own network it will help
  4. Yeah I’m curious as to who and what board they were on previously
  5. Don’t know why I made the above post in this particular thread. Just had a look at my profile and it seems I have been here since the start. Only took the first year to stop talking about Secrets
  6. I have saved some good money during our lockdown. Looking forward to a trip. Our second house in Chachoengsao is progressing apparently. House Money saved because Tiny Teerak can’t go shopping
  7. Go back to England and get your income happening. Understand that might take a while, but when the money starts to flow you can make new plans. As mentioned above; Thailand and Pattaya will still be there
  8. As per usual I got f**k all. Not a cent. Oh..I have been allowed to continue paying taxes
  9. Very sad news. RIP Lanza
  10. Great thread guys, thank for going to the effort
  11. Some sign improvements coming soon we gather
  12. I know a blokes reckons after take off he saw someone get out some kind of cooler and start cooking food in the isle. Early 90’s onward this tale
  13. Khun Ling


    Do you wear lace up or elastic sided boots?
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