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  1. They would need to employ some BIB to create a safe pedestrian crossing over that crazy second road or build a pedestrian bridge?
  2. Someone did a similar Hitler thing on shh. That was also funny
  3. Khun Ling


    There was mention of this on stickman but turned out to be false. One branch was closed for renovations
  4. Ah Captins Saveahoe or white knights as they are known on PA, not heard that term for a while
  5. If you can’t beat them; join them. Welcome to the dark side
  6. Maybe you need a sniper. The other advantage of a sniper is that it is set and forget
  7. Don’t bid until the last hour or less, you don’t want to start a bidding war. Also don’t leave it until the last 30 seconds as you could easily get knocked out by a sniper bid as previous mentioned. But not mentioned is that a sniper bid can block any other new bids. The sniper has no effect on previous placed automatic bids, the sniper works by placing the same bid from multiple IPs. Another way to beat the sniper is to get your own sniper- Google is your friend
  8. Well done and congratulations to the Poms. Great to see the All Blacks get knocked off. Best of luck doing forward
  9. My rule is that any BF must be younger and prettier than my wife. She is 35 now
  10. It was always thought that you could not f**k chips but it seems someone managed to do that to
  11. That man has fantastic taste. I wish I had that much money to throw around
  12. Hey mate, great to see you posting here👍
  13. In my late forties I switched from 375.ml beer cans to 500 ml beer cans to work on upper body strength. Works well except all the muscle build up keeps slipping down to my belly 555
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