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  1. There's lots, on various media outlets. I'm sure if you were living in Deutschland, there would be even more!
  2. Still enjoying watching the daily news reports from our favourite place with interest. I know we can't talk about it here, and i totally get why, but all sorts of lines are being crossed presently and in different countries, stuff no way would i have thought would have, or been tolerated. I hope it continues to gather momentum, but am also fearful for then what could happen. Anyway, yea, soon be Christmas and all that
  3. Just spotted this is the fridge, was wondering what the wife and daughter had been baking this morning. Be giving that a go later.
  4. Thinking Marcus Rashford, what a guy! And the way he articulates everything he is doing.
  5. Playing well. Was there last season or season before, can't remember, against the Geordies, was the same day as the opening of the Billy Bonds stand. Good day, Billy and family were there.
  6. Beat 3 players, one of them twice, hit it from a waterlogged pitch in atrocious conditions from his own half. Aye, he's some pup! Not sure how Neil Lemon got on, maybe @JPK can enlighten you ...
  7. You can't, that's the reality. If it was that easy, they'd already be doing it, whether in the UK, Spain, France, the US or wherever.
  8. Not a bad wee night, all things considered And one of the best goals you'll ever see, Kemar Roofe!
  9. The vaccine won't eradicate Covid, at best it will be like the flu jab, yearly, will help stop you get it or if you do, not hit as hard. That's what i think anyway. And there will definitely be vaccines, too much money to be made for there not to be.
  10. Not really sure of what was wrong in what i said? It's repulsive in all sorts of ways.
  11. Just a random pic, to check i can still post pics, seems so
  12. Just back on now, as before all I had was like a vertical line. Was that bad I was close to calling Nigel Farage!
  13. Yes, since the latest update it seems faster.
  14. Has anyone seen @JPK? I'm a bit worried, there's only so many bottles of buckfast you can drink, and bounce the empties of a picture of Neil Lennon while screaming ginger prick, before getting sectioned!
  15. Aye, Celtic have easy double the spending power Rangers have, that's the way it should be, them winning everything. But we'll see where we are end of the season ...
  16. It's something i've thought about, due to my job i'd be near front of the queue for getting it. There will definitely be a vaccine, or vaccines, there's too much money involved for there not to be. How effective or safe they will be is another matter. Even though with my age and a couple of health issues, i'd probably be at higher risk, i'm still not convinced about getting it when whatever is rolled out. That would be a no from me as it currently stands.
  17. Hundreds queue in Yiwu, China for experimental Covid-19 vaccine https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/world-asia-china-54582150
  18. I certainly wouldn't be paying it, Hesgoal is always a good stream.
  19. We've just won back to back games against them at Parkhead
  20. No, we're a happy bunch these days, normal service has resumed
  21. I wish there would come a time where it's breaking news if only 2 get infected!
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