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  1. I counted Baz as a good friend and I know many others did as well. He was indeed one of the nicest guys you could ever meet as well as a top-notch photographer and Web designer. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong instant, crossing the street when hit by a speeding motorbike. It's a tragedy that brings home just how fragile life is.
  2. I was back in the U.S. recently for a medical procedure. I lucked out when I rented this car, a 2019 Dodge Challenger R/T, for U.S. $80.00/day. I only needed for one day. It would have been great for a cross-country drive. On an empty highway in Nevada, with miles of clear view and a straight road, I could have pushed close to 200 mph, at least for a few minutes.😎 LOL, not really. I doubt the standard tires would handle that speed, but 130 mph and maybe 150 mph wouldn't be a problem. It had a 5.7 liter (375 hp) Hemi V-8 engine. Evil
  3. Over-establishment is the biggest problem facing bars and all other businesses in Pattaya. The market was saturated 15 years ago, but the supply side has just kept growing. Today far too many businesses (not just bars) are fighting for slices of a pie that's getting smaller. Evil
  4. Grumpy Cat (real name Tardar Sauce), the world's most famous cat thanks to the Internet, has passed away at age 7. The cat got it's grumpy look because of a physical distortion caused by feline dwarfism. It's believed Grumpy Cat's permanent scowl earned its owner as much as $100 million. Evil
  5. From Stamey's, a famous North Carolina BBQ restaurant in Greensboro. Sliced pork BBQ, quarter-chicken BBQ, hush puppies, cole slaw, then peach cobbler for dessert.
  6. Flat iron steak, sweet corn, fried mushrooms, mashed potatoes with pan juices and buttermilk biscuits.
  7. I should be back in Thailand by the beginning of May, so will also try to make the meetup. Evil
  8. The hotel has very limited kitchen utensils, so I went with something easy to fix: rigatoni with tomato sauce and meatballs.
  9. Chicken and dumplings at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant in Gettysburg, PA. Sweet corn and cornbread dressing were my sides. It's a cosy restaurant for a meal on a cold, wet day. Evil
  10. My favorite is the dyslexic agnostic who couldn't decide if there was a dog. Evil
  11. I asked that question a month ago; have to ask it again: Why would anyone go to such lengths to tout a non-existent restaurant? As I understand it, the spoof was aimed at Facebook food groups and not the punter boards. Evil
  12. I've never had them in my pocket, but I've given the girls plenty of these: The chocolate cocks and pussies were very popular and many girls ask me for them every time they see me. Evil
  13. My favorites from childhood: Licorice allsorts Buttermints I also like pecan pralines and fudge, but they have to be homemade. For some reason, the commercial stuff never tastes right.
  14. Rice soup with fish for 60 baht at a Thai hole-in-the-wall: It's a lot healthier than the "eggs wrapped in bacon" (99 baht) I tried at the same restaurant. Evil
  15. Great news, Phil! My sincerest wishes that you get only good news and no bad in the futurel
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