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  1. I did several reviews of the Chunky Monkey; the first one covered the pork chop special that cost 79 baht when the CM first opened in October last year (Under 300 Baht  And Good! post #25). If the pic above is accurate, the 99-baht pork chop has gotten a bit bigger but lost the fried onions and applesauce. Some pics from that review: The problem was the food at the Chunky Monkey went down in quality quickly and the next meals I had there were included in the Under 300 baht and Mediocre thread. After a couple of less than good meals, albeit at cheap prices, I gave up on CM. I believe it's a question of terminology. You are giving examples of the markup on the meals at the CM, i.e., the difference in the cost of the ingredients and the price at which the meals are sold. That's not the same thing as the net profit (total revenue minus all costs of running the restaurant) on which the profit margin is based. The markup can be relatively high, but the profit margin can still be razor-thin (or non existent) when all costs are taken in account. The big factor for restaurants, bars and other businesses in Pattaya- and elsewhere, for that matter- is the rent. If it's low enough, the business may be able to survive with a very low profit margin. If the rent goes up, that will often wipe out the profit margin entirely. In the 1980's in Saudi Arabia, I had roast camel stuffed with a roast sheep stuffed with chicken that were stuffed with eggs. The pic is from the Internet and gives a general idea, I didn't like it. The camel meat was tough and gamey, the mutton and chicken were greasy. Evil
  2. Three of the combatants in the Disneyland brawl have been charged with crimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cTbip8STVo Pink-Shirt is facing five felonies and nine misdemeanors which add up to 7.5 years in jail. In addition to bashing women, he apparently tried to run down a Disney employee with his car when leaving the park. He's being held in jail ahead of the trial as he he was slapped with $1 million in bail. What I find interesting is that NO ONE has come to the family's defense. Thousands and thousands of posters on social media have condemned them and hundreds have stated that family isn't representative of black Americans or that white families have done equally outrageous things, but no direct defense of their actions. Cop killers and sometimes even terrorists get sympathy in the US, but not Disneyland brawlers. :wacko: Evil
  3. Sitting in a motel room at Newark Liberty Airport, watching classic Western TV series from the 1950's and 1960's. Looking at Rawhide right now, the series that led Clint Eastwood to the movies that made him a star. The top star of the series, Eric Fleming, had been offered the role of the "Man with No Name" in A Fistful of Dollars, but declined and recommended Eastwood to Sergio Leone. Not a bad room for $100/night. A spacious room like that with microwave, fridge and big-screen TV with 200 channels would cost $300-$400/night in Manhattan. It was very clean with a comfortable bed, but the furnishings were a bit worn.
  4. Many small businesses fail because they set prices too low. They simply can't generate enough revenue to cover expenses. The budget end of the market is extremely tough. Customers are very fickle. They'll take advantage of the special prices on food, but will drink in a bar where bottled beer is five baht cheaper. And it's a fact of life that you can't make money in Pattaya by selling meals for 99 baht unless the quality is abysmal. Evil
  5. That is very possible, considering how busy the old Food Park always was. But they must be putting some sort of new twist on it; otherwise, it wouldn't be closed for such a long time. Evil
  6. The redone Food Park on the lower level of Central Festival: It's slicker, more comfortable and has a better layout than its hugely popular predecessor. I took these photos at about 8.30 p.m. on Sunday, July 14. The Food Park was busy, but there were plenty of seats available. The old Food Park was often rammed, even in low season. It's also more expensive. I couldn't see any Thai dishes for 45-50 baht; the cheapest seemed to be 90 baht. The space that housed the old Food Park is still under wraps, but the ads that block off the construction indicate it will be food oriented. Evil
  7. Would have been even better if Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck had done the shooting. Evil
  8. Disney's security people have some heavy restrictions regarding physical contact with park visitors. They are not supposed to lay hands on anyone unless it is an extreme emergency. Their orders are to call the cops, which they did. It has to do with legal liability and the possibility of multi-million-dollar lawsuits. That's what has prompted the discussion. Are visitors to Disneyland safe if random whackos go on a rampage? The consensus seems to be it is as safe or safer than most theme parks and this was an isolated incident involving a particularly nasty family. Evil
  9. Yes, it's real. Disneyland, the local cops and the prosecutor's office have all issued statements. The incident is under investigation, but the family isn't cooperating. It's sparked a big discussion on social media about security at Disneyland. Evil
  10. ... check out this video of a brawl at Disneyland in Anaheim, CA. I've never seen seen or heard of any fight in Thailand's "adult Disneyland" that comes close to the punch-up in front of Goofy's House in ToonTown. (YouTube doesn't allow embedding of this video). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7gtoLmHd5w All the combatants in the now-viral video are members of the same extended family. It began when the pear-shaped woman in white told her brother (pink shirt) not to disrespect her daughter. He answered something like, "I don't give a f*ck, b*tch," she spits in his face and he starts pummeling her. Pear-shaped's husband or BF takes on pink shirt and the fight is truly on. Pink shirt's mother pulls up in a mobility scooter and promptly gets knocked to the ground while none of the adults pay any attention to the screaming kids. One of the kids even hits an adult ( at 1.47). DIsney security, a feeble-looking bunch, don't arrive until bystanders have subdued pink shirt, who's yelling, "I don't give a f**k about no video," and "I'm ready to go to jail tonight." It's finally a white girl who pulls one of the kids out of harms way. Even in the worst of Thai brawls, I doubt a handicapped woman would be knocked to the ground or the safety of children would be ignored. Evil
  11. I don't know if it is deliberate, but July 5th is a Friday. Evil
  12. It was a family-owned-and-operated bar that had been going since 2001 with a strong Danish angle. I believe the original owners sold it to another Danish bar owner. I don't know if it will re-open as Rich Bar or under a new name. It was in need of renovation. Here's a pic from Facebook of the closing party at the end of April.
  13. That menu looks familiar! I guess the buyers of the Chunky Monkey didn't ask Robin to sign a non-competition agreement. 🤣 A couple of pages to illustrate. When the Chunky Monkey first opened, the food was pretty good, but went downhill fast. I wonder if the same will happen with the Hippo, which has plenty of competition in the Soi Bukhao area at the low-price end of the restaurant scale. The only way it can succeed is to take customers away from other restaurants. There's simply not enough butts in town, hippo- or monkey-sized, to fill all the seats. Let's hope the Hungry Hippo succeeds in dishing up decent food at low prices on a long-term basis. Good luck, Robin! Evil
  14. I used to be married to a Swedish woman. Lutefisk, which is also eaten in Sweden, doesn't have much of an order. Google surströmming (Sweden) and hákarl (Iceland) if you want the details about the really stinky stuff. Evil
  15. That's true. According to food historians, British cuisine acquired its bad reputation in the 40 years between WWI and the mid-1950s. Prior to 1914, British cooking had been highly regarded abroad. Strict rationing during the World Wars and a depressed economy in the inter-war years reduced the quantity and quality of ingredients available to both British home cooks and restaurant chefs. Food got a lot worse than it once had been. Hundreds of thousands of foreigners, ranging from U.S. military personnel to European heads of state and government, visited or lived in the U.K. during this time and got a bad impression of the food. Moreover, nearly two generations of Brits had grown so accustomed to bad food it became the norm, even when rationing stopped. Culinary standards weren't high and the food served in transport cafes was the benchmark of excellence for many younger Brits. It's not surprising U.S. fast food caught on quickly in the U.K. Tourists started flocking to the U.K. from the 1950s and many took a negative impression of British food with them back home. There are thousands of travelers' accounts about what a fantastic city London was except for the food. However, foreigners who were lucky enough to have well-prepared British food generally liked it. Before the 20th century, the U.K. had had a long tradition of food that was wholesome and tasty for the masses, while sophisticated at the high end. It's the unfortunate developments in the 1900s that blighted British cuisine. Evil
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