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  1. No, it's not just you. That guy is next door to psycho, if he's not already around the bend. One day he'll start screaming and won't be able to stop. I just hope he won't have access to a gun the day he snaps. Evil
  2. More detail: Fraudster who stole Saudi Sheikh's £97,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe is guilty of trying to buy grenades from undercover FBI agent on dark web An excerpt: "In March 2017, Humza was jailed for four years for stealing a Sheikh Mohammed Alibrahim's Phantom Coupe Rolls-Royce worth £97,000 after filling out a DVLA form claiming he was the new owner. "Humza drove the supercar out of the Audley Street car park in Mayfair on April 18 2015 and went on to sell it to Shaks Specialist Cars in Huddersfield for £27,500 along with a BMW and a Mercedes, before attempting the s
  3. Yes, I use one and it works well. The house where I'm living now has heavy wooden floors. More significantly, a previous owner sound-isolated the three upstairs bedrooms because he slept during the day and worked at night. His routine clashed with the sleeping habits of other family members and sound-proof bedrooms were the answer. Unfortunately, the sound-proofing interferes with WiFi signals. When my niece moved in, she solved the problem by upgrading her router and using a booster. Without an upgrade to the router, a booster wouldn't have helped much on its own, she said. In
  4. Someone did! Evil You may be but I'm not . I'm happy to discuss the implications of the summer's events in the Politics Club thread. Evil
  5. The female Black Lives Matter protester who showed her pussy to cops in Portland caused quit a stir in the U.S. While police fired pepper balls at her, she put on a show wearing only a face mask and beanie cap for 15 minutes at 1.45 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The cops retreated before she finished, which may have been mere coincidence or a tactical decision on their part because the show was attracting other protesters to the intersection. Dubbed "Naked Athena," the protester generated a huge amount of attention online and in the mainstream media. I don't want to violate board rules,
  6. The 100-baht Sunday roast dinners were a huge draw for the Marquee pre-Covid. When I passed by on Sunday afternoons, the bar was almost always full. Regulars told me the Sunday dinners sold out by 6 or 7 p.m. The Marquee had a loyal ex-pat customer base and if it is struggling now, I can imagine what it's like for less popular bars. Evil
  7. Some of you may have known Khaimook (Mook) who worked at Sapphire and then Queen on LK Metro. She passed away from kidney failure brought on by the chronic disease lupus. Her funeral is today in Pattaya. She was a lovely young lady who seemed to be on track for a better life. She'd saved her money and recently finished a house in Isaan. She's also found a boyfriend with whom she was happy. It's tragic she got struck down so young.
  8. KFC drops famous 'finger lickin' good' slogan amid COVID-19 pandemic By Tisha Powell Kentucky Fried Chicken is pressing pause on its popular slogan "Finger lickin' good" during the fight against COVID-19.The fast food chain said the 64-year-old slogan doesn't quite fit in the current environment. KFC released an ad on YouTube where it blurred out the slogan featured on old billboards and signs. The company said the slogan won't be gone forever though. KFC plans bring the slogan back when the time is right.
  9. This is an example of the type of behavior that will significantly delay travel by Americans to other countries. 🤦‍♂️ Link Evil Dozens Of Coronavirus Cases Spread Across 7 States Linked To Sturgis Motorcycle Rally TOPLINE More than 70 coronavirus cases diagnosed in seven states across the West and Midwest have been linked to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which attracted more than 460,000 vehicles over a 10-day period earlier this month, and at least one state health official expects this is just the start of cases linked to the event. Motorcyclists
  10. Very sad news indeed. My deepest condolences to Puang and little Thomas as well as Phil's many, many friends. It's always sad when one of the good guys goes too soon. I have some photos of Phil in happier times, but right now I don't feel like searching for them.
  11. The picture below was taken on a relative's property by a motion-sensor wildlife camera. A mama bear and her four(!) cubs upended a deer feeder filled with corn and the camera caught their thievery. One of the cubs is flat on its back, probably sleeping off a bellyful of corn. It's unusual for a bear sow to have four cubs survive. That's most likely down to plenty of food in the area and a lack of predators big enough to take down a bear cub. My relative is rethinking the placement of the deer feeder. He doesn't want a return visit from the bear family. He and his wife hav
  12. It does when the aim of the thinking is to be critical of official government policy. If the thinking isn't grounded in reality, it's not critical but merely speculative. In any case, I couldn't see any critical thinking at all in that video. He just offered his opinion. Evil
  13. No, because it isn't based on an official announcement or government policy, just the opinion of a British vlogger with a YouTube channel. He tries to project an air of authority by including TAT logos and slogans in the background, but it's just a gimmick to impress viewers. That guy's opinion and $1.85 will get me a cup of coffee at Starbucks. He has no more insight into the future than any of the dozens of other farang vloggers in Thailand. Evil
  14. No, I don't. I much prefer draft beer to bottled beer, but draft is a fresh product and has to be stored, handled, transported and dispensed properly or its quality (and taste) drops significantly. Beer taps and lines need to be flushed every time the keg is changed. The mugs or glasses also have to be washed thoroughly and kept clean. Unfortunately, you can't count on that happening in go go bars and I mostly stick to bottled beer. Moreover, I was put off draft in pussy bars by something I witnessed years ago at the Star of Light blowjob bar in Patpong in BKK. A girl spit a mo
  15. I've had a bit of excitement during my "Stay-at-Home" days in Delaware: two tornadoes and heavy, heavy rains, winds and storm damage in a five-day period. On Tuesday a "shelter-in-place" order went out and we had to spend about 30 minutes in the basement waiting for the tornado to pass. When we were in the eye of the storm, the sky turned an eerie pale yellow I've never seen before. No wind or rain, perfectly calm. There was no damage to my niece's house or property, possibly because she had all the trees trimmed and a dead one cut down a few weeks ago. Some pics from the area:
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