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  1. Two in Jomtien: And one on the Darkside, but only if you're not looking for a traditional English or American Christmas dinner.
  2. The best value-for-money Christmas dinner in town is the all-you-can-eat buffet at Chik-N-Coop bar in the beer bar complex diagonally across the street from Mike's Mall on 2nd Road. It costs 500 baht. It's a U.S.-style dinner with American touches like different kinds of stuffing, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce and green bean casserole as well as roast turkey and ham, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc. All the food is in the best tradition of home cooking. Thai dishes are on offer for wives and girl friends who aren't fans of farang meals. Coop has a very loyal following for his holiday buffets and Christmas dinner is sold out every year. If it sounds good, get your ticket ASAP. A couple of things to note: there are cookies, candy and homemade fudge for dessert but no Christmas pudding or pie. It's also open-air dining on folding tables and plastic chairs. Another inexpensive option is the Devonshire on Soi Lengkee. If you want to fill up on turkey and the trimmings at Coop's, you could go to the Devonshire for Christmas pudding. Evil
  3. Today I tried one of the Saturday specials, the Philly cheesesteak at 199 baht. Here's the pic from RH's Facebook page: It looked very similar to what I got on my plate, although maybe the portion was somewhat smaller. It was even the waitress in the pic who served me. According to the RH Facebook page, the sandwich consists of "Slow roasted topside of beef, sautéed green peppers and onions, melted cheddar cheese, garlic mayo, toasted baguette," with a side of "French fries or sweet potato fries." A Philadelphia-born cheesesteak purist wouldn't approve, but the Robin Hood's sandwich was close to some cheesesteak variations that are served in Philly. And most importantly, it tasted good. The beef was tender and full of flavor. The baguette was fresh and properly toasted. The fries were crispy. No complaints on my part, especially when it cost 199 baht. One curious thing: the cheesesteak special wasn't on the menu, nor did I see it on a sign inside the restaurant. If I hadn't read about it on the RH Facebook page, I wouldn't have known it was on offer. I'll be back to try more of the Robin Hood menu. Evil For reference, this is what a Philly cheesesteak without Cheez Wiz and green pepper slices looks like in the U.S. The cheese is provolone. The pic is from the Internet.
  4. Tourists have no concept of how fast things can get out of control in Thailand. One second it's a shouting match, the next it's a physical confrontation. They don't have a sense of cooling the situation down because they don't realize it has gotten "hot." Evil
  5. Dicey Reilly's on 2nd Road now offers a Beyond Burger for 350 baht net:
  6. The Robin Hood Tavern is offering Christmas Eve and Christmas Day lunch and dinner. I sent them a message asking if the prices and menu were the same both days. Here's the answer: "Yes the menu and the price are exactly the same we hadn’t planned on doing a Xmas eve dinner in all honesty but have been suprised by requests by customers to book for Xmas eve so we’re offering exactly the same package. If you’d be interested in booking please let me know and we can add you to the reservations list many thanks." Christmas Eve costs 999 baht and Christmas Day is 1,199 baht, but early birds who book by Dec. 20 with get a discount (850 b on Xmas Eve, 999 baht on Xmas Day). Children under 5 eat free. Evil
  7. I read a customer's post on the RH Facebook page that said there was no problem taking home what he couldn't eat. Those guys must have one hell of an appetite and major stomach capacity. There's really a lot of food on the Big Boy plate. Of course, if the customer plans on taking half of it home with him, it would make sense. Evil
  8. Time for an update. As the earlier posts in this thread note, the Robin Hood Tavern went through a major crisis in 2019 but seems to have gotten back on track under new management. I don't know who owns it now, but a young Belgian chef named Max is involved on the food side and he has totally revamped the menu and food service. According to a lot of reports, the dishes there are consistently good now. I haven't tried it yet and the info below comes from RH's Facebook page. For those who favor traditional UK pub fare, the Ploughman's Lunch looks good at 199 baht: There's also a larger "Big Boy" version at 325 baht: The all-you-can-eat Sunday carvery is popular: There's also Max's Menu, which goes beyond pub food: It seems like the Robin Hood Tavern is worth another visit. Evil
  9. Good advice! In both Thailand and China, I've witnessed attempts to "customize" a menu item end badly or even disasterously. The one exception might be if you're a well-known regular customer and you speak the local language fluently. 😄 I did once witness a farang guy almost get into a fight with wait staff over substituting French fries for rice. He thought it would be free, but the restaurant charged him 40 baht. It was really painful to watch that confrontation. The farang was yelling his head off in a crowded restaurant over a 40-baht misunderstanding. Evil
  10. Seems like the American in the following picture and article could have helped by this thread. More details emerge in case of American Tourist chased by angry mob after restaurant dispute in Phuket Of course it would be good to have his side of the story, but if the article is substantially correct, then he is a right fool. From the article: "Officially, Phuket Police have declined to comment on the story stating that both primary parties involved were fined 500 baht for assault and were arrested after the incident. They stated the matter is closed. Witnesses however reported to Khaosod News and other media that the situation was at a seafood restaurant where Mr. Connelly wanted a custom order that was not a regular menu item. The Burmese waiter, who was the other primary party involved, told the American tourist the item wasn’t available. A language barrier and frustration set in and according to witnesses the American tourist became rude and abrasive. Multiple parties said the American attacked the waiter first after refusal to get a manager and take his order and after he was asked to leave. At this point, the American who was significantly larger than the Burmese man began to overpower the smaller waiter and other staff joined in as they were afraid the American would seriously hurt the waiter. It took a dozen people to control the American before he fled on foot in the footage seen above. It was not mentioned what he was trying to order." Evil
  11. One positive step: London Bridge: Second terrorist returned to prison in wake of attack. Unfortunately, it came too late for Saskia Jones and Jack Merritt. This could get very political, very fast and I know that isn't allowed. But for me, there's a huge difference between the French Resistance of WWII and the Taliban, in terms of both methods and goals. The French Resistance strove to drive the Germans out of France and restore an independent French democracy. The marquis targeted German military and French collaborationists but didn't randomly attack random civilians. In fact, the biggest and most important contributions of the French Resistance were not guerilla attacks against army units but intelligence gathering about German forces and sabotage of electrical and telephone lines, railroad tracks, bridges, etc. The goal of the Taliban was to establish an Islamic state under strict sharia law. From the beginning, it had nothing to do with driving out foreign occupiers. The Taliban didn't emerge as a movement until 1994, which was five years after the withdrawal of Soviet troops and more than two years after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Taliban achieved dominance in the Afghan Civil War because it represented the Pashtun ethnic group (about 40% of the population) and had the active support of the Pakistani government. After the Taliban won the civil war and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, which was noted for its brutality and was only recognized by three countries (Saudi Arabia, Paikistan and U.A.E). Several hundred thousand Afghans are estimated to have died at the hands of the Taliban because of religious or ethnic (tribal) differences. The Taliban also committed one of the worst acts of cultural terrorism in history- the destruction of the monumental Buddhas of Bamyan. All this happened before the U.S. invasion of Dec. 2001. Since then, the U.N. estimates 80% of the civilian deaths in Afghanistan are attributable to the Taliban. There's nothing positive about its struggle to return to power. If the Taliban succeeded in driving out the U.S., it would only create a government far worse than one than now exists. Evil
  12. I'm going to try to steer this thread back on topic. I responded in post #27 to support the OP's point that recidivism is a real danger among Islamic terrorists released from confinement. There have been 780 prisoners held at Gitmo through the years, only about 40 remain today. About 730 have been released and nine have died while in Gitmo. Of those released, 121 are confirmed to have returned to jihadist activies and another 75 are suspected of having done so. That's about 27%, or one in four, of the released detainees, who return to terrorism. The release of John Walker Lindh, the "American Taliban," about six months ago will prove to be an interesting case. Lindh was captured in Afghanistan as an armed member of a Taliban unit. He accepted a plea bargain on terrorism charges and was sentenced to 20 years but was released after serving 17 years (that's normal in the U.S.). Part of the terms of his release state he cannot hold a U.S. passport or travel abroad again. The really odd thing is that Ireland accepted his claim to Irish citizenship through a grandparent even before he was released. He thereby gets access to an Irish passport that has no restrictions. Lindh has said he itends to move to Ireland once his three-year probationary period has passed. Lindh has never renounced his commitment to Islamism and the Taliban. I wonder why the hell the Irish government would grant Lindh citizenship? There's a big risk that Lindh's access to an Irish passport and the freedom he has in Ireland to use the Internet, etc., will facilitate Lindh's return to active terrorism. Evil
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