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  1. my wife have lived with me in Denmark now 19 years,she work, she can talk danish, we have 2 daughters togheter,before she work in Thailand,have her own fish restaurant,work 7 days week,12 to 15 hours every day, no holliday-so yes life is more easy for her in Denmark
  2. I have a Asus laptop,and a Imac,but i bought a Ipad pro 12.9 new generation, and i early use iMac and laptop anymore, very powerfull and handy, but ok very expensive, but i bought it by my phone company so i pay in rates, so dont feel the high price so much
  3. Can only say that it seems the list is spot on, i am in the second ranking country Denmark, and get a lot off attention and nice smiles from the local (dam i not is single)
  4. Walking newer under 15 miles a day, off course in the afternoon, when the heat is worst
  5. Ohh i am hooked on wine, and often drink some very very expensive wines too, when in Thailand i dont drink much wine, not many very good and way to expensive, but sometimes i bought a Usa Burgundy styled wine on Pinot Noir grape, i dont remember the name otherwise it is Poul M?????? about 500 bath for a litre in a special bottle,it is a okay wine
  6. Oh i dont mind to cross 3 road, doing that often, so matters not guess i will give it a try to stay in this apartment
  7. Hallo,i will be in Pattaya in May. I have seen this City Center Residence on Soi Bongkot (near 3`road),it is very new, the rooms look nice, have a offer 1 month incl water and electric about 15.000 bath, it seems pretty fair for me, i dont care about the distance to nightlife, i am a long distance runner so can easily walk (and dont drink either). Sombody stays there? pros and cons. Best regards niels
  8. I am glad to hear it will not make my diabetes worse,but i found it to be a good way to helping me losing some weight, my wife often said it was 128 pounds power when we meet,but now it is 200 pound laziness
  9. Shit i have get the old man Diabetis and this trip will be without any kind of wine or alcohol, witch i always use as help for my sleep. I was looking for sllepingmedicine,but the doctors here in my country will not give any kind of supcription for sleeping aids, i know i can have different under the counter many places, but wanted more legal. Can i drop in by a doctor and let him give me a supcription? what will the price be for so a doctor trip? Best regards Niels
  10. Old man diabetes 2,so no alcohol for me, only coffee and waterline or 2 times a year i have some ++++++++ wines togheter with good friends
  11. I am Niels from Denmark,i am new to this forum, but not new to Thailand, i have been in Thailand around 20 times since first time in 1999, funny thing was when i was in Thailand first time, after 3 hours on my first day there on my first visit,i meet a girl on her work in a restaurant in the Siam area in Bangkok,after some days we date a little bit, we are still togheter now 20 years after, she live in Denmark togheter with me, and our 2 daughters, we have ,she is a good girl and i couldn't be more happy. best regards Niels
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