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  1. Thank God indeed ..Halep well done
  2. great to hear from you here MrDK
  3. deathly quiet at work this am until I called a team meeting and addressed the faithful thus ...."Good morning Australians"
  4. in keeping with the Confucian take over of Patts lol
  5. not as far as a number of posters are concerned...get real
  6. Obviously Ben seems ti have few friends here but he was always good to me and mine.He came to visit me in hospital when I got sick and ended up in Bangkok Pattaya with pneumonia too...it was an act of kindness which I much appreciated. In its day Secrets was a great bar.The idea of the bar and getting it off the ground was his I gather.Not many will have had the success he did in the heyday of pattaya
  7. good to hear your points Jambo. I used to snack and eat there quite frequently so it would be a loss to me .The food in most part was very good
  8. lack of a kitchen is a major drawback for the hotel
  9. Classic Colesman balls..."for those of you watching in black and white the blue is behind the pink"
  10. Several awesome chippies in Fleetwood,Lancs. Poulton le fylde too...used to do turbot ,not sure now
  11. Whats this walking thing ??...are you all having physio?
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