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  1. Down under next...when is it scheduled for?
  2. Just finished "The Spy" with Sasha B Cohen....bloody good and full on drama (Borat not in evidence).Sasha was brilliant ...thoroughly recommended
  3. we have really let them off the hook....Archer needs to speed up
  4. Now, that requires serious translation...did you miss an "s" ? I gather its a bush thing down under
  5. they rise out of bed whining ...for the lucky country it is a sight to behold ...after the initial required(after a how are you) "Im good "they then descend into how miserable their lives are...bit same same old country
  6. found it a struggle ...gave up after 3 episodes ...didnt grip me ...maybe my ADHD
  7. woakes bowling like a drain
  8. all that glitters is not gold sounds like we are in agreement chaps
  9. interesting....why anybody,at anytime would want to go to Dubai (no 4) is beyond me
  10. I was all genial joshing ...perhaps because I accepted the outcome and the better team won... without sour grapes
  11. Archer getting attitude....good
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