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  1. Which cancer ,particularly histological diagnosis would lend some extra credibility and potentially postulate a mechanism HPV(sexually transmitted) is well known to cause Squamous Cell Carcinomas --Cervix,Oropharynx , Laryngeal,Anorectal,Vulval,vaginal and possibly oesophageal ...anywhere that has a squamous cell epithelium and possibly an accessible HPV recipient!
  2. rather tentuous connection but I will not labour the point...if i ever would
  3. Bless,he should have stared at Halifax/Rochdale etc...learn the fucking ropes for 5 years ,,,like..."who is any good "
  4. Wow..she..and you are in deep Its tragic ,but is the typical story of families trying to deal with the addiction of a loved one Mate.cut off any avenue to monetary recompense ,she would sell your house from under you such is the power of addiction on this scale Drugs are a horror story,I was briefly entwined as a very young man,I hope to God I never find myself back there ...i hope you work it out
  5. that would then seem to be appropriate...no one has any clue what is happening in china as a whole
  6. sucker..watch the thorn in the eye😀
  7. what is your fucking problem... no idea where the image is from!!!... in China.Wuhan totally realistic...in Buenos Aires probably not...its the context Why are you trying to belittle terrified uneducated people whilst there are plenty in Wuhan justifiably terrified ? How does that float your boat???? Are you that sick?...its not the first of those images from you...its fucking pathetic and worthy of total scorn imo At least provide a location from where the image was taken to gauge how appropriate frightened people most scared for their kids over themselves are
  8. The global number of confirmed coronavirus cases now exceeds 60,015 -- the vast majority in mainland China. i think this is a very good analysis of yesterdays "spike" in deaths and indeed cases.This is all about who you count ...no nation in the world .. including the USA can monitor this accurately on a day to day basis let alone provide more than educated guesswork on infectivity and mortalty rate..it will be a retrospective analysis in the final analysis Who knows what the f**k is going on in China but epidemiological analysis of extra-china spread and comparing to previous other infectious disease outbreaks suggests total number infected is between 10-20 times official figures...so now way more than 1 million infected with Wuhan Novel Coronovirus...forgot the fucking new name lol Its worth pausing for reflection on this
  9. true enough but droplet spread is more potent than hand/surface spread...he has at least some protection
  10. masks help reduce transmission..wtf is the problem...given that the non mask wearer is a another potential vector Its not a xenophobic thing ...just fucking common sense
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