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  1. great pics ..good to see no pointing !!
  2. Someone f***d up a liberal bleeding heart or just that the Prisons are way too overcrowded making sensible decisions difficlt,either way we need a Royal Commission on this
  3. Eugenics anyone...?? People have used mind altering materials for melennia Your solution would work...but invokes total control by State Im quite sure that is a rabbit hole down which we should not descend Better the carnage we have(which can still be ameliorated) rather than a greater one imo as always...just my opinion
  4. after 5 mins what did you do next...
  5. Girl from Krackow...finished it ...very good
  6. trying my hand at a Kung Pao chicken Inspired by the "School of Wok'"...great site btw photos ...hopefully... to follow
  7. Not to be contrary for the sake of it but I would be weeping buckets if it were my son/daughter.Bloody idiots
  8. I wish I could equate my own with their achievements,,,but I can't in any minute sense at all.Nevertheless I am grateful for my lot However I feel we are all lifted up because of their accomplishments . My son also has a theatric bent and ,to his credit raised Johnathon Millers exceptionalism with me which I was pleased to discuss with him Its amazing that some people like Miller can overachieve in two seemingly unrelated disciplines..it speaks to an incredible mind .I met a very few of similar ability in Uni and held them in awe,it all seemed so effortless to them.
  9. Christmas dinner Mr Egg??
  10. thanks...shame the Sportsman dont do all that as a carvery 🙂
  11. Bloody hell, Clive James,Johnathon Miller and Gary Rhodes in 1 day RIP and lives very well lived,to all our benefit , thanks to all of them
  12. divine intervention...you are obviously a Papist 🙂
  13. 1996...got a filofax ...she never lived it down untjl 1998...bought her the exact same bracelet as I did in 1996...it was a nice bracelet ffs
  14. Have a great night all boardies Wish I was there with you
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