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  1. my family...sat down to roast rib of beef,yorkshires and the works...great company,great food thanks to the missus
  2. it does mate...your personal isolation sounds entirely appropriate...hope it lifts soon for you
  3. Im a bit confused ..so your risk is equivalent to a healthy 40 yr old ...or higher? I have high BP (treated well on meds),hyperlipidaemia , and smoke too much (Copd doesnt seem to be a risk factor very strangely...just reflects this a blood vessel disease in many cases not lung disease)..am wondering how you guage your personal risk?
  4. Struggling...although i havnt had a break for 18 months no doubt contributes I am fortunate in that I can still work and get outta the house
  5. Cummings did the right thing by his family...there are approved exemptions for this ...he is in the clear...as he should be
  6. strange how russia didnt have the problem before.....
  7. jesus christ the first 20 secs of this video shows the scale of this pandemic
  8. provide evidence to the contrary...you cannot ...you are a busted flush warped thinking mon ami
  9. hey mate we may disagree but you have done nothing in invoking mod intervention...keep posting
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