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  1. true eno....its gone again...damn
  2. if you are truly allergic to cumin and not an eyebrow raising, gut pain,quinoa allergic anxiety neurosis retard ...then dont eat Indian...very fucking simple a "bit allergic" translates to a "bit pregnant"
  3. I dont do moto sports...smacks of vicarious limp dick syndrome and batshit boring
  4. 600 baht for a meal and a pack of ciggies...enough
  5. prolly got a camera in my bathroom
  6. just like skiddies,old cocks and factories...not my thing ...but have a blast if you must
  7. just takes a bit of navigation for the new layout...it will work fine and the orange reminds me fondly of the old yellow board
  8. secrets of old used to serve silver lake...it was passable plonk
  9. i suppose how funny it is depends on who he/she is
  10. Terrible news..met him many times in Secrets ,a real good guy and great photographer.RIP
  11. Watched "The Circle"...worst Tom Hanks movie I have ever seen ....total crap
  12. with you mate...an abiding memmory on FACup day was playing ,with tackles on the biggest 7 year old you will ever see, on the green at the end of Anchorsholme lane I ,at 9 just kicked him in the goolies ..i won ,,,that time then we went to watch the Arsenal..Charlie George final with the stolen Hubcaps lifelong friends now it was fucking hot that day so screw global waming
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