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  1. Worst airport .. for mine was Dhaka Airport, what a shite-hole.. It was a cheapo flight across Xmas to BKK... ,using Bangladesh Airways - never ever again.. Connecting flight to BKK from Dhaka was delayed by 5 hours, so I was offered a free meal, big mistake...... Ate the curry, had an immediate 'rumble in the jungle' sprinted off to find the nearest bog... Found one, just a hole in the floor, with insects flying around,like a swarm, dropped me kegs off, and aimed and fired.. Luckily I had a few Kleenex left in my pocket... Best experience , an extra month off work, during Yellow shirts protest, luckily i had 6 weeks time in lieu owed from work....
  2. miko

    Last Film You Saw

    just watched these 2 movies... good watch
  3. i'd probably never lost my virginity or had a BJ....
  4. @dcfc2007 Seems CF has met the same fate...
  5. miko

    Tyson Fury - Deontay Wilder

    Actual footage of Tyson Fury training to get back up from a knockdown jZXCzuIVDgPmFBCw.mp4
  6. miko

    Swampy today.

    i stand corrected..
  7. miko

    What Was The Last Live Gig You Went To?.

    Probably not a lot of change from 300 notes, nearly a flight ticket to Thailand..
  8. miko

    Swampy today.

    I think it had to do with,Thai Citizens scanning their passport in an automated machine..
  9. miko

    What Was The Last Live Gig You Went To?.

    spent 90mins online on saturday,trying to buy ticket for Ed Sheeran in BKK next April.. I was in the queue from 10am.. got a chance to buy a ticket all was left was 4500 upwards,and that was to stand up... So i sacked it off,bollocks to that..
  10. miko

    Which nationality causes the most trouble

    Saw a Thai/American kid got viciously assaulted by a group of taxi drivers in Soi Marine.. Because he parked his motorcycle in their spot, he was beaten that bad,he was laid in middle of 2nd Road..
  11. miko

    Swampy today.

    Usually when going through immigration at Swampy, I used to go through the 'Thai National' channel with the Mrs.. However I was informed, I was unable to do so... So I was ushered to another lane for' Attaches and Envoy's' I showed my passport ,and was then met with a quizzical look, then I saw another sign 'Over 65's, Disabled, and Pregnant' , as I failed the first 2 conditions, I showed my protruding belly.. The lady officer started laughing, and waved me through...
  12. miko

    Tyson Fury - Deontay Wilder

    or... QRMouFpE0d6n0EQ-.mp4
  13. miko

    Tyson Fury - Deontay Wilder

  14. miko

    Iraq 2018

    @DodgeThis Really enjoyed your Trip Report.. You're a braver man than me, going out there.. Kudos ....
  15. There are 'rumours' in the Thai newspaper Khaosod.. that vaping in Thailand could become legal, as they are looking at methods of applying tax to ecigarettes.. 'Translated from Google.. 😂 Taxes on electric cigarettes after the embassy 7-8 countries call tourists arrested. E-cigarette tax - The Department of Excise will pay taxes on electric cigarettes lawfully after the Embassy of 7-8 countries call tourists to Thailand. He was arrested for bringing electric cigarettes. E-cigarette tax - Mr. Pachara Anantasilp, Director-General of the Excise Department, To be imported right. In principle, cigarette taxes keep the current maximum rate. The amount of electricity is 1.20 baht and the value is 40%. Personal electric cigarette is about 30% of the price. The Excise Department has studied the basics. Currently, there are three types of electric cigarettes: 1. Electric cigarettes that use tobacco like cigar cigarettes. Can not add I have limited time. 2. Water-filled cigarette There are cigarettes and electric cigarettes and cigarettes. 3. Electric cigarettes that use tobacco cigarettes. Use innovative heat. Have a cigarette And electric cigarettes "The first and third types of electric cigarettes are easy to make because they are clear. But for the second type of water. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) must help determine what ingredients are mixed with water. To make taxation correct. " Mr. Pachhor said that the electric cigarette is a product that is consumed worldwide legally. Electric cigarette tax In addition to making consumers not wrong. In the past, 7-8 Embassies have complained to tourists who come to Thailand. Caught by the electric cigarette. Now has solved such problems. The Excise Department And the Ministry of Health. "The Excise Department is ready to tax the electric cigarette as a legitimate product. Because it is not a drug. But the Commerce Ministry banned imports. The Ministry of Health does not want to consume electric cigarettes. This causes problems for both consumers in the country. The illegal smuggler bought it. The impact on tourists with electric cigarettes come in. This is a big problem every day, "he said.