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  1. Try this matey https://www.reddit.com/r/netflix/comments/czl42z/sharing_an_accounts_between_2_different_countries/?ref=share&ref_source=embed&utm_content=body&utm_medium=post_embed&utm_name=1a65c6c2c40b43919ff4fcedfe3ed4c9&utm_source=embedly&utm_term=czl42z
  2. They have to get in the country first... 😉
  3. According to this link, no need for VPN
  4. I'm in... 'Erewegoagain'
  5. Absolutely brilliant.... Binge watched all 3 series in 3 days... Recommended..
  6. It has driven me round the bend fella as well.. The mosquitoes love me, and I'm hyper sensitive to their 'kisses', and my stepsons are prone to leaving doors open constantly,so I have to remind them .. As for her choosing between family and her husband, we all know, there is always will be ..a no contest I feel for you mate...
  7. I know exactly where you're coming from @Jambo The closeness of your wife's immediate family, is somewhat alien to us in the West, I am similar to @Pumpuynarak, in that my wife and I agreed , that we would live at least an hour from her immediate family.. I have a dog as well, and.. Initially I was continually instructing my stepson's to close the gate, as if it's left open, the dog could escape, if there was a motorcycle or truck passing by at high speed, then there could be a terrible accident or..soi dogs could walk in.. now.. they do close it, but i still make sure they do..
  8. He was probably checking her temperature... anally
  9. I always order from Lazada... However, I never use my bank card... always pay 'Cash on Delivery'.. as you never know... Also.. I tend to select from sellers who have a 4 star rating,or more, or the product has a high rating number... another tip is.. 'Location' always tick 'Local' as if you order from overseas, expect a long wait.. Also, beats going to a multitude of shops, only to find the item I need.... is not in stock... This shop is good for UK Expats... have Gravy,Sauces, etc etc https://www.lazada.co.th/food-variety/?langFlag=en&q=All-Products&from=
  10. Amazing Performance.. Wilder looked shocked at Fury's power in RD1..Wilder called Fury's power, as 'pillow fists'.. For mine AJ hasnt a prayer against Fury.. I hope Fury gets great recognition in UK, for his achievement
  11. which is better than continuing smoking...
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