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  1. On TV forum is a recent report about the extension where the OP had a lengthy chat with one of the immi-officer. He didn't mention which office it was on purpose, as every office might do it differently. One thing was, that even those who are doing the 1 year extension before 1st of March, will have keep more than 800k in the bank for the coming 3 month (or 400k for married or the combination). Otherwise the next extension won't be granted. To proof this, one needs to show a bank statement for 12 month at the next extension. It might take the bank several days to produce such a statement, so better talk to your bank ahead of time. Went to Jomtien today to apply for my retirement extension and the lady there confirmed that I will have to keep my 800k for 3 month longer. Furthermore the pick-up time for the passport in the morning (10-11am) is currently cancelled (the time on the sign at desk 8 was crossed out), so only pick up time is 2-3 pm.
  2. Fantastic currywurst at Jürgen's in View Talay 1.
  3. Had to squeeze the burger a bit and after 2 bites the pineapple fell off, but it was good fun and tasted great.
  4. I was trying to sign up using my yahoo mail several times. Then used gmail and it went through immediately.
  5. Sandflies: didn't have any encounters with them in Ao Pai. I read that they were active in the northern bay, so I didn't go there. At the last evening in Ao Wong Duean a large bump came up, yesterday and today about 10 more itchy spots around my ankles developed. Worse than a mosquito bite. GF had no issues, usually she is eaten by mosquitos alive while I am spared when we sit together.
  6. Schnitzel gipsy style... Real whipping cream, not that canned stuff.
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