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  1. If true, this is an announcement from Penang consulate. So if you apply for a visa at that consulate, you will need a health certificate.
  2. It is not the doc. The guy in the pic is wearing the mask bottom to top
  3. While Ao Khai is our favorite spot it had become quite busy with famllies, mainly from Scandianavia. Laem Mae Phim has plenty of restaurants, but most were dead. A handful were doing a decent trade. There are several places that are empty, for sale or already falling apart. Still it looks better than Mae Ram Phueng, where many ghost houses and garbage can be seen along the beach road. Doesn't look like a place where someone wants to spend their holidays. 2 or 3 nights are more than enough. There is not much to do, so life gets boring fast. The good thing about this area is, there are hardly any Russians or Chinese, most of the visitors are Skandiavians. It is easy to find a spot on the beach, where you are alone without any hawkers bothering you.
  4. We then had a quick lunch at Mae Ram Phueng beach near Ban Phe.
  5. On the way back home we stopped at the Three tree restaurant for breakfast:
  6. Spend some time at Coca Cola beach: For second dinner back to Laem Mae Phim, where a couple of Thai tourists took pics of the sunset.
  7. Spend both the evenings checking out the cocktails at the Lucky Viking. Probably the best night spot in the area. She did a good job.
  8. Had dinner in Bali Pizza, where the ppizza margherita starts at 280 Bt. This one with several toppings came to 370 Bt. It was (a bit later) one of the busier places, probably due to the philippine entertainers.
  9. Just back spending 2 nights in Mosaic appartments next to the Grand Blue hotel at Laem Mae Phim. Very quiet down there.
  10. Great drinks at the Lucky Viking Bar. Hardly any coke in the long island💥
  11. Was the last day of the promo at Aroi: 2 burger for 225 Bt. Ordered them without the fries.
  12. Got stuffed in Huay yai. Pork, Mama, eggs and green stuff, Seafood Cantaloupe shake 710 Bt.
  13. Great deal of information here, thanks for posting. Did 2 trips with my car to Malaysia around 15-20 years ago, was a bit of hassle but not as much as you had to go through. Doubt I would do it again. I like doing road trip myself, but at my age trips longer than 8 hours/day wear on my attention span and makes driving more dangerous, though GF might take over the wheel if necessary. I like PTT stations as well, watch out for Shell, they charge more than 30 Baht for gasohol 95.
  14. I won !!!!! 🤑🤑 🤑 🤑 Ok, just last 2 matching numbers. With 2 tickets = 4000 Bt. Still more than we spent for all the tickets. No, the number wasn't 30.
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