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  1. Just in time back at home in Huay Yai to take the laundry in. Thunder rolling, the black rain will come down within the next minutes. Hope to breath some clean air afterwards.
  2. My renter bought an air purifier but never used it. He had to leave earlier than planned and is now selling the unit, still in the box it was delivered in. https://wedo-air.com/smart-air-the-sqair-air-purifier/ The one he bought comes with a carbon filter, those without are a bit cheaper. Easy to operate, just one button to change the fan speed. It doesn't have any indication about the air quality index. He is asking for 2500 Baht. If interested, please sent a pm.
  3. Index has safes as well, but the prices seem to be on the higher side.
  4. Bought this one either in Baan&Beyond or Homepro for 2180 Baht during a clearance sale. Normally 3180-3680 at Thaiwatsadu according to this link: https://www.thaiwatsadu.com/th/product/ตู้เซฟนิรภัยสำหรับโรงแรม-KASSA-รุ่น-195ZB-ขนาด-437-ซม-สีดำ-60293756? Using it for one of my rental condos, big enough for the average size laptop. Office mate in front of Baan&Beyond seems to sell safes as well.
  5. Glad to have the airfilter. Feel every pollution particle in my nose. Why did I think that living nearby the sea would get me fresh air?
  6. And then Khun Nephew goes skiing in Austria with Khun Red Bull.
  7. Not a recommendation yet as I have been there only twice: once maybe more than 5 years ago, the second time tonight after a friend recommended it. The place changed a lot, now has a large pool and some other attractions. Food was nice, though the Gai Pad Med Mamuang had only crispy chicken skin and no meat. Taste of all 3 dishes was nice. The menu offers besides the Thai food pasta, pizza and steaks. Coke 30 Bt, large Leo 90, the 3 dishes with 2 rice was 520 Baht. Rooms start at 1500 Baht, in case you need a place for the inlaws with their kids. The Cowboy Farm Resort (not the Cowboy Steakhouse mentioned earlier, I believe).
  8. Is there a place worth going with the wife on the Darkside on New Year's Eve? Don't feel like getting into traffic madness on the bright side...
  9. Love the Kawa, but the Harley is destined for the scrap press.
  10. Try the https://www.jesadatechnikmuseum.com/ between Nakhon Pathom and Bangkok. Unfortunately still closed but at the top of my to-do list.
  11. Just got a phone call that someone paid a deposit. Good deals are gone quick. Or ist it cheap looking deals are gone quick?
  12. Nice shots, beautiful cars, thanks for posting.
  13. I hope you haven't bought anywhere near one of those houses that are rented out daily as "Pool Villa" which seems to be allowed at Baan Dusit Park as there are quite a few of those. I saw an offer there for a house for 3.5m, 66 TW and pool. However, it seems that the neighbor at the back is renting out his 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house for up to 15 people, more pay extra. Two doors down another "pool villa" for daily rent. Will look at it tomorrow but if it's the house I think it is I'll let it pass. Lots of cars blocking the driveways, loud noise and music until 6am, we had experienced that for a while in our village until we called the authorities. Now it's quiet again.
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