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  1. Getting better already: since today there is a statement on the webpage of the Thai consulate in Hamburg that no financial proof is required for the tourist visa anymore.
  2. Why madness? Madness would be giving away the tourist visa without restrictions. Consulates couldn't handle the applications, quarantien hotels would not be availalbe. They are opening step by step and picking now people with money to spend. What would you do instead? Letting everybody in and run around on an exempt stamp and a covid test? This will come sooner or later, but not now.
  3. Anantara was also on my list, though I booked the Mövenpick Wellness Resort. Had good reviews, nice garden to walk around. There is another Mövenpick nearby which is not as good (no balconies, I believe).
  4. https://www.bahtsold.com/view/android-tv-box-410133
  5. So sad news. Rest in peace.
  6. Covid test is required for all arrivals via land borders. My mistake.
  7. Now Covid test mandatory from 17th August on.
  8. Life is unfair.... ...but the beer was good. Quesedilla as well.
  9. Dont forget to request the passenger location form, otherwise 500 Euro fine
  10. Arrived two weeks ago and my return flight is booked for next Monday. Might reschedule it if the client doesn't come up with the quarantine excemption docs for South Korea in time. Have to do the visa in Germany which takes 2-3 weeks, maybe will visit Athen while waiting for it to be issued.
  11. No chance to diet on Crete, especially with that bloody Raki stuff they are throwing in at the end of a dinner.
  12. 😵 Death rate of motobike accidents in Samui is 3 times higher per capita than in the rest of Thailand. Everyday there are 1-2 people dying on a bike in Samui. I lived there for 5 years and have seen a lot.
  13. If true, this is an announcement from Penang consulate. So if you apply for a visa at that consulate, you will need a health certificate.
  14. It is not the doc. The guy in the pic is wearing the mask bottom to top
  15. While Ao Khai is our favorite spot it had become quite busy with famllies, mainly from Scandianavia. Laem Mae Phim has plenty of restaurants, but most were dead. A handful were doing a decent trade. There are several places that are empty, for sale or already falling apart. Still it looks better than Mae Ram Phueng, where many ghost houses and garbage can be seen along the beach road. Doesn't look like a place where someone wants to spend their holidays. 2 or 3 nights are more than enough. There is not much to do, so life gets boring fast. The good thing about this area is, the
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