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  1. Thai govt saying they won't lift any of the current restrictions until at least the end of this month. Financial support has been extended through to Match, and Centara Krabi are cancelling reservations for April. Sadly, it doesn't look like the tourism scene is improving anytime soon.
  2. It will have to be incorporated into the air ticket as less and less people carry cash on them nowadays.
  3. I would love to hear a bargirl pronounce Gamma Globulin.
  4. It should be that straightforward. If you are vaccinated then you are immune to serious illness. It's a misnomer that the vaccine must prevent transmission, other vaccines have not prevented transmission and yet are widely considered a success. At some point we must move on from this, if that's not a vaccine then please tell me when? https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/vaccines-need-not-completely-stop-covid-transmission-to-curb-the-pandemic/ Although many vaccines widely used today (against measles, for example) produce very effective sterilizing immunity, others, such as the
  5. Nobody knows. We do know that the vaccines are very effective at preventing people from getting sick. The Greeks and the Portuguese and other tourist economies can't go another year without tourism, it will destroy more businesses and lives than the virus ever will. Allowing vaccinated people to travel is a sensible compromise that any right thinking individual would support.
  6. EU is considering 'vaccine passports' under pressure from countries like Portugal and Greece that depend on tourism. I think it's a good idea. Absolutely no reason why someone who has been vaccinated should be prohibited from travelling.
  7. Northern Ireland well on track to have its vaccine programme completed by Autumn.
  8. I would go as far to say that the Holiday Inn sky bar is the most impressive Sky bar in Thailand that I have visited. The 360 degree views are incredible, the glass floor is, and the drinks prices are very reasonable. That's some great info thanks. No doubt I will be in Hua Hin again, it's fantastic there. I even enjoy the ferry trip from Pattaya. The fact that isn't as much a party town as Pattaya is what appeals to me. It's nice to get away somewhere and relax for a few days, but still have the opportunity to have a beer and enjoy some female company. I found that most of t
  9. Possibly, there is another gaff I think it's called tropical, stays open till the wee hours with a dancefloor etc. It's actually a very decent spot though the music isn't exactly my scene. The best bar in Hua Hin for me is Father Ted's. Much preferred the Holiday Inn sky bar to the Hilton sky bar.
  10. Ah right, I get you, I was talking about the Soi Bintabaht area. Its a nice wee soi for a night or two, but not exactly party central and it starts winding down quite early. I did venture into Hua Hins answer to ibar, quite busy but it was only two shophouses. When I was there the town was rammed with Thais. They had an isaan music event in a large square, couldn't get a seat as there were hundreds and hundreds of Thais eating and drinking. I really, really like Hua Hin. It has everything you could possibly need without some of the hassles of Pattaya.
  11. Apparently Hua Hin has been one of the worst hit resorts in Thailand. According to some of the YouTube vlogs I have watched as much as 50% of bars there have closed as a result of covid19. I was there December 2019, I loved Hua Hin, but I couldn't believe how quiet Soi Bintabaht and the surrounding sois were.
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