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  1. I didn't bother getting a Thai SIM last trip. Wi-Fi is so widely available and you can just use WhatsApp. No real need for a Thai SIM on a short trip. Last time I put a Thai SIM in my phone I got locked out of mobile banking etc, it was a right pain in the hole.
  2. Yes. I've had enough of his polite, insightful and mannerly posting 🤔
  3. Debating whether to do Norwich away this weekend it's a hell of a trek.
  4. The wee gaff off soi diana isn't bad. I can't remember the name of it. I love Indian grub but it's relatively expensive in Belfast for a decent one.
  5. That's why I said as long as the drink price is on the menu.
  6. They usually leave me scratching my arse the next morning.
  7. 24k baht per month that's a roof over your head and two meals. That's a very good option for brits who are struggling on a measly pension and crap exchange rates.
  8. Devonshire lengkee offering 800b a night for a room as well as a breakfast and a daily special.
  9. But I was told they were all doctors and scientists. 😂 I actually find most eastern Europe folk to be really decent people. But we aren't a wealthy country anymore and we can't afford to re-home half the developing world.
  10. Some don't have a choice. Particularly in many Northern towns and cities were the only jobs are in retail and other low paying industries.
  11. Wages rising faster in the UK as less and less positions are being filled by eastern europeans. Priti Patel announcing that new immigrants to the UK will have to earn at least 36k per year. Finally the tide is starting to turn in favour of the ordinary Brit. 😎
  12. I prefer Rambuttri road to khao san though Mulligan's is a good spot. I find Bangkok very expensive for a night out and tend to burn through some dosh.
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