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  1. Can any BM point me in the direction of getting tickets for a sports game in the Boston/New York area. I'm over for a while at the very beginning of July. Preferably ice hockey, American football, college football or soccer?
  2. One of these vloggers are going to get seriously hurt. Particularly the voyeuristic type vloggers such as Bangkok 112 and cheap charlie.
  3. When the bravest went to fight actual Nazis. Shouldn't have bothered.
  4. dcfc2007


    Brought up in a very working class background. Went to a fairly crap secondary school. Plenty of chavs about but wouldn't consider myself one of them. Having said that I much prefer the company of a down to earth, honest, working class character than a middle class latte drinking snob.
  5. Enjoy the bike if you go for it and drive safely. I'm sick of reading horrible stories of good blokes taken way too soon on Thai roads.
  6. Righteo. So is the secrets forum still running on a website or just Tapatalk then?
  7. What exactly is Tapatalk?
  8. Tamnanthai restaurant on the 6th floor (I think) of central festival does some lovely Thai grub in nice surroundings. The KFC has some amazing views of the bay. The foodcourt on the bottom floor is decent enough, well the Thai food is alright and the pizza is ok. Worth a butcher's mate.
  9. @KhunDon plenty of times I've made a dash for central when I felt I was going to shit my pants.
  10. They can be a nice break from the unrelenting heat.
  11. Observing a middle class meltdown.
  12. Tragic what happened to that family. Road racing is insanely dangerous.
  13. The cunts that used to stand outside royal garden plaza pretending to be deaf. One of them let on he was raising money to go to the special Olympics.
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