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  1. On a short trip it won’t be so bad but with a small child it’s wise to avoid exposure to that level of pollution. I wouldn’t raise a child in those sort of conditions. This photo was taken at 7am Monday morning in Bangkok. According to the weather forecast it should be sunny. That’s absolutely horrendous. Whilst the prime minister is useless I do agree with his comments today that the govt is powerless as whatever the authorities try to do the public simply won’t comply or co-operate. They are a lawless bunch.
  2. I can recall a only a handful of times when the AQI reading in Bangkok dipped below the 120-150 mark. Many days it was closer to 200. Combine that with the heat and humidity and it’s sickening trying to walk around. Recently it’s been in excess of 200 almost daily and in some occasions 300. This is not some Greta Thunberg pseudoscientific nonsense, that sort of pollution will do serious damage to your health.
  3. We all know that’s going to start the ‘walking street is being demolished’ rumours again.
  4. One thing I admire about the Thais is that they love having a good time. In the west we are conditioned to believe that work is almost the sole purpose of ones life. The Thais on the other hand believe that sanook is the purpose of life.
  5. It helped create an impression the city was busy during the low season by creating traffic jams.
  6. Lots of roadworks all over pattaya Klang the last six months.
  7. It could be a good show if they actually covered some of the ‘real shit’ that goes on and not visa overstayers etc.
  8. I think kwa below is right. I thought you were talking about the bigger market down towards south pattaya road. I’ll get some pics of along buakhao for you. Bars changing all the time.
  9. Market and the hospital? Really. Mate it’s been a while since you where in town. That part of buakhao is the quietest part. The complex where your old bar was half of them are shut down. Most the action on buakhao is centered from the hospital up towards central Pattaya road.
  10. Good luck to your other half. Is it true they have, or are going to, substantially increase the fine for driving without a license.
  11. I was in serenity a couple of weeks ago with a couple of bm’s. There wasn’t many girls in the bar but those that were there were very decent and hands on. As a matter of fact I walked in on one fingering herself in the toilet.
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