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  1. Which one are you fforest? Good Afternoon Gentlemen my name is fforest I am a Hal 9000 computer....lol
  2. Is kind of funny how all of these riots are happening just as the lockdown eases.......A coincidence I think not... BREAKING RIOT UPDATES - BLAZE TV to many riots to list but this guy on twitter keeps up with most of them.....you can search for this name... Here is just one example... CHAOS: Police officers dragged through the street in Chicago This is madness..
  3. How could it go bankrupt.....Almost every foot of the place is covered by vendors.....And the buildings are nothing fancy..... I will say the whole market has been under the watchful eye of speculators for a while now who would I am sure love to see it go bankrupt..... It is a very cool market.....
  4. Well the monorail is at least a better idea than a useless tram.....But the monorail needs to connect to the high speed train to have a purpose.....The high speed train is a ways off...
  5. They are building Trams in many cities around the world whether people want them or not...The number 1 complaint with trams is that they are slow very very slow....As in walking is just about as fast slow.....Plus they have loooooog wait times between Trams......Plus they slow traffic down. Plus they have to wait at light same as cars...... Pattayas Baht buses are the opposite of Trams......The Baht buses move very fast and there is very little wait time and they are very cheap...... So people would not use the Tram in Pattaya......The only way they could get people to use a Tram is to get rid of the baht buses.... Pattaya has ZERO need for a Tram.........The only real benefit to building a Tram is some one is going to be making piles of money on its construction......
  6. One guy owns these 2 bars and a third right there too.......He is a farang.....I am not sure what nationality....He started with one bar then bought the 2 others.....
  7. To speculate you need at least a basic foundation to build the speculation on... With the Covid rules constantly changing it makes speculating about the bar industry almost impossible..... The only thing 100% clear is 2020 will be the worst year on record for bars... And Expats are to few in number save to bars if they ever do reopen except for a few places like Phils bar, Pin-up, Windmill, Maybe the Beer Garden all the rest will fight over their share of almost nothing....As they wait for the tourist to return...
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