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  1. My Electric bill is usually between 1,400 to 1,600 but the one I just paid was 3,200....I just cant stand to sweat in the condo....Most of the year fans are all I need but in April and May aircon is a must...
  2. I agree 100% about Maneerat.....Not only are they super nice but they get the job done...They know their stuff...No BS ever.....I have been using them for about 10 years now.....I will be sticking with them for a looooog time to come... They do a smashing business there.... One time I saw a box they had all the passports in.....There had to of been close to 200 passports in the box....And that was just on that one day....Plus they operate with minimal overhead costs unlike a bar or restaurant.... They deserve to do good they do a great job and take care of the customers...
  3. Well he was near the end of the road I guess a life insurance policy was not a bad idea...
  4. Man its just baking hot in Pattaya today......Too hot to walk.....Pattaya is not a nice place in April or May....Very unpleasant place to be...
  5. I did not see one water cannon or anyone drinking alcohol from my room...So as far as I know no one broke any rules this year....
  6. Most of the Pattaya eccentrics use to hang out at the beach a lot....But they sucked the life out of the beach by cutting down all the trees and now the beach is a hot unpleasant place till after sunset..... The eccentrics or hardly any one else for that matter do not hang out at the beach any more ....After the sun has set I see a bit more people there..
  7. fforest


    They are slacking off....They forgot the blood,pee,and sperm sample...
  8. There was a poster on the Pattaya Addicts board named Don (Joker) who passed away its been reported.....He had his own tread about his time in Thailand after he retired a year or so ago.... He had been on chemo for cancer for a number of months....
  9. A nasty Songkran fight in Phuket... https://twitter.com/i/status/1779332496535994729
  10. https://donedeal.in.th/businesses/1043_lk-metro Business Details: All New Las Vegas Beer Garden 10 Bars for sale Starting from 750K THB
  11. From all reports I have read from the almost dead, there is plenty you have to answer for on the other side...
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