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  1. Had confirmation yesterday for 3 days work in Dubai (last week in March) so I will fly to Thailand from there.. Interesting answers on this thread and like a lot of posters I favour flying direct. Last 3 times it has been with Thai and no complaints really. Apart from the wait for bags at Heathrow which I guess is not Thai's fault, oh and the stingy measures of red wine....
  2. Breaking News Apparently something nasty is happening at 21 in Korat. Sorry no details just a load of FB stuff from my daughter. A soldier is shooting at random....
  3. I have been having a look at flights from the UK end of March. EVA £550, Thai £670 direct. Emirates £520, Etihad £480 and Qatar at £430. Oman are cheaper still but one of the stopovers is stupid so not worth considering. Who would you choose and why?
  4. Sarcasm mode OFF Nice post TS, what does SITREP mean? I think it's interesting to hear how people handle one of the biggest transitions of their life. Add in moving to another country plus the relationship challenges. Fair fucks to you mon ami 🙂
  5. The German guy I met at Xmas was talking about a new care home for dementia/altziemer sufferers in the planning stages near Udon. The way I understood it the place would be for any Europeans. Some big corporate money behind it apparently.
  6. I really don't like driving at night over here, even locally. Far too many without mirrors, driving too fast, tanked up on Laokow and just to complete the circle of lunacy, the F**kwits take the back lightbulbs out so "pee" can't follow them home on the motorbikes.
  7. Yeah, looks like it to me. I mean what's going on with the crotch piece?
  8. Some fool - that will be me, bought the kids fancy arse skipping ropes for Xmas. Terak lek got it straight away as she later admitted she uses one at her fitness class. The lad just couldn't do it. But this morning, working together and helping each other, both him and I managed to get up to 25 skips each. Sat here drenched in sweat, heart pounding with a tremendous sense of achievement. Age is just a number. That's me knackered for the rest of the year 🙂
  9. At young smiler's school Xmas concert waiting for his year to do their thing. This is a dual faith school and no matter how many times I visit it, the Buddha stuff next to traditional Christian iconography always looks strange. I am not knocking it - seems to me it works and there is a great atmosphere around the place.
  10. Packing up the car ready for a night out camping. There are 2 cars and 3 pick-ups going from our village - should be a good laugh. It's like trying to herd cats getting everyone together though 🙂
  11. At the Singha Junior Cup footy tournament in Mahasarakam. Absolute chaos as you might expect but good fun nevertheless . Come on you mighty Udon Power academy machine.
  12. I brought this over with me and was trying to save it for when we went camping later in the month. Fancied a glass last night but unfortunately the whole bottle got drunk. Damn it was good 🙂
  13. Sat round the Barbie, wrapped up in blankets with the Mrs and kids trying to decide where our next road trip will be. Looks like we will be checking out the sky walk near Nong Khai soon...
  14. One of my mates had his van broken into while he was in Tesco the other week. £2k worth of tools gone in less than 10 minutes. There were some CCTV images but nothing has come from them.
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