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  1. I plan on letting off a bit of steam with a night in Bangkok before I fly up to the jungle next week. Rather than get a taxi I think I will take the train so will leave my big case at left luggage. Must be 10 years or more since I did this, anyone got any more recent experience?
  2. That was probably the most emphatic performance I have ever seen against New Zealand. Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to not just beat the kiwis but to take them apart, f**k sake what a win. No fear, bring it on.
  3. If you want to be the best you have to beat the best and for me the All Blacks have to be favourites BUT still think England will give them a good game. No fear, bring it on 🙂 It's been a great day but pisting when post is never a good thing so it's good night from me....
  4. Waiting for my mate to pick me up and we are off to our rugby club to watch the game and beer for breakfast!
  5. Booking coaches, flights etc. 😎 and loving that countdown starts now feeling 🤩
  6. UK mate for another 3 or 4 weeks trying to cram as much work in as possible before going back to the jungle and chillin (no g) till new year 😎
  7. Yeah better start making some plans I guess. I will ask her tomorrow if anyone has any ideas. Wouldn't surprise me if it was a done deal already, her and the kids probably know where they want to go!
  8. Mrs smiler was talking about Christmas today, wanting to know if we would be at home in the village or "have hotel lesort". We have been together long enough for me to know that means she wants to go away 🙂 Can't blame her as last year we had a house full and she really deserves a break from taking care of her mum and brother. Haven't given Christmas a thought other than a few ideas for what to get young smiler. Guess I should start looking for somewhere we can go for a couple of nights, seems a bit early to me though.
  9. Kin ell Dave, 6 pints @ 5.9% would be a struggle for me 😮 Will have a look for it when I take the old girl shopping later.
  10. The game against the boks was an entertaining one today. I think the kiwis must be favourites but a number of teams will fancy their chances. Looking forward to an exciting tournament and who knows, maybe a few upsets....
  11. Just remembered that I did have to cancel direct with EVA around 8 years ago and it was quite late, think I got 85% refund within a week or two. My fault of course or rather the shower of shit I was working for.
  12. I use kayak and travel supermarket to look at times and prices but always check the airline as well before I book. Never had a problem with travel trolley or west east or last minute, same as others though, I have never had to change plans and in fairness they state the rules of the ticket quite clearly. I have however had extended stays because I was sick and that's what travel insurance is there for.....
  13. Sound info from Painter in his post. The border opens around 6 in the morning and last bus back over the bridge is 9:30 ish pm. Can get horribly busy at peak times especially if you get stuck behind a big tour bus. Useful tip for the boneshaker bus things that do the shuttle - try and stand as close to the door as possible. Or even better just wait for a green bus which might have air con. Or you could get a taxi from Thailand into Vientiane for 1000 ish baht but for that sort of money you would be sitting in the relative comfort of the taxi while the visa process takes place. No doubt you will be approached as you go into the border area before imm. If you think Thais are bad drivers then be very scared of Lao people. They are on another level and just mental on the roads. Nice place to chill for a few days though, Laos PDR means Laos Please Don't Rush. Enjoy 🙂
  14. Kin exciting......
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