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  1. Just remembered that I did have to cancel direct with EVA around 8 years ago and it was quite late, think I got 85% refund within a week or two. My fault of course or rather the shower of shit I was working for.
  2. I use kayak and travel supermarket to look at times and prices but always check the airline as well before I book. Never had a problem with travel trolley or west east or last minute, same as others though, I have never had to change plans and in fairness they state the rules of the ticket quite clearly. I have however had extended stays because I was sick and that's what travel insurance is there for.....
  3. Sound info from Painter in his post. The border opens around 6 in the morning and last bus back over the bridge is 9:30 ish pm. Can get horribly busy at peak times especially if you get stuck behind a big tour bus. Useful tip for the boneshaker bus things that do the shuttle - try and stand as close to the door as possible. Or even better just wait for a green bus which might have air con. Or you could get a taxi from Thailand into Vientiane for 1000 ish baht but for that sort of money you would be sitting in the relative comfort of the taxi while the visa process takes place. No doubt you will be approached as you go into the border area before imm. If you think Thais are bad drivers then be very scared of Lao people. They are on another level and just mental on the roads. Nice place to chill for a few days though, Laos PDR means Laos Please Don't Rush. Enjoy 🙂
  4. Kin exciting......
  5. I hadn't seen one of these for a long time - The tearful farewell at the airport. 3 weeks ago at Swampy I saw an old dude in bits with an obvious working woman. Sad.
  6. Could be cellulitis - Dr Google will see you now sir..... Mate don't piss about with your health in the tropics (assume that's where you are) get yourself off to an international hospital and get any condition that hangs around checked out by a proper Doctor. Might be nothing and a total waste of money or you may find yourself writing a post similar to this in the future.
  7. My mate is a scouser he is very upset. In fact I don't think I have ever seen a scouser so upset over one leg since Paul McCartney was dating Heather Mills. 🙂
  8. It's a cigarette paper thin one when it comes to what is practiced up here in the jungle. Guess you could say that about most religions though. Fair enough if it works for you though. I saw my grandpa die with a smile on his face because he was convinced he was going to meet his C of E god. Likewise Mrs smiler's 94 year old mum is certain she will have a next life.
  9. Mate I love my time in the village, been married for 10 years so I know most people and am accepted as much as a farang can be BUT I could never live here full time. A couple or 3 weeks at a time is enough.
  10. One of the brother-in-law's has had a series of minor strokes this year, he really is not very well at all, worse than I was led to believe. To compound matters he is almost blind. An old Yai (grandma) turns up at the house this morning and says she saw him on his farm. She didn't because he needs help walking but the superstition mill started to turn and by coincidence (??) another oldie says he dreamt of him at the farm as well. Well that is all that is needed to start a full blown merit session here this evening. Lots of string to be tied around wrists and no doubt a few beers as well. Before it starts though the local wise women who is also my mum-in-laws sister and various other oldies have to go down to the farm and perform a ritual or 2. Now over the years I have learned to just accept things as they are here in the jungle and keep my own council. Yes so much of what goes on seems daft to me but it is what it is. Any experiences anyone else want to share?
  11. Getting on the outside of a few ice cold beers, damn it's hot up here in the jungle. Won't be long before I hit the sack and blessed air conditioning.
  12. First time with Gulf for me, from what I have read on various sites today it would appear a 2 hour stopover often becomes 4 in Bahrain No problem for me because I will be on my own, actually don't mind a break in the journey but wouldn't want too much more a delay on the way over as it could cut things tight with my flight to Udon. Last year young smiler and I had to wait 5 hours at Heathrow with BA and we missed our connection at Swampy. I have a few hours to spare - hope I don't need them. On the other hand a night in Bangkok would tick a few boxes......
  13. I have just been diagnosed as having a certain type of amnesia about bands from the 80s. There is no cure........
  14. So I booked a last minute flight a few hours ago, I am flying from Heathrow tomorrow morning. TBH it wasn't exactly a spur of the moment thing because my brother in law has been very ill and I knew that I might have to be there but I had pencilled in 3 or 4 weeks from mid May. Anyway the point about this topic is traveling at the last minute. It used to be cheaper back in the day to go standby, the first Mrs smiler and I did quite a few trips in the 80s all be it to Europe. It's changed over the years of course and now it seems the earlier you book the better the price. I have been keeping my eye on prices for the last month or so. We are almost over peak Easter fares and I am very pleased with £398 return with Gulf Air - bargain with a short stopover in Bahrain and times which work for me. The domestic flight with Thai Smile is 1400 baht so no last minute premium there. In fact the only leg of the journey where I appear to be paying "extra" is the coach up to Heathrow. Around £50 as opposed to £27 if you book 2 weeks in advance. Better get packing then!
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