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  1. That Copper wants fucking and no doubt he'll get his in general population in prison. Despicable f**k
  2. To be honest it wouldn't be a bad time to throw a bit of money into our own economy and holiday or short break in the U.K this year if there is any chance to do that. No way I'll be going to the LOS or anywhere with a 2 week quarantine.
  3. Don't understand how someone can have their say , but then the other can't have theirs.. We are all long enough in the tooth on here to govern ourselves and I think that the owners of the forum know that already so mods why delete posts when there is no need?
  4. It's absolutely crazy all the history and good memories they have between them even more so considering their ages you would think by now (and even with the current world situation) they would know better .
  5. I agree 100% the same in a massive way can be said about Phuket , Patong especially is now a busy city (well prior to Covid)
  6. Phuket more to the point Patong was back up and running in February , by December and the 1st Anniversary it was near on back to normal. It was Phi Phi that suffered longer , but from memory they didn't get government money as quick. Different ballgame completely the rest of the world was doing ok and people could spend over there and elsewhere the worlds economy looks like it is going to be f***d after this and who knows when long haul will be an option for your average person.
  7. Just about to get into this spent loads of time in Ibiza late 80s till late 90s so gonna relive my youth 🤣🤣 Looks good to be fair 1 season
  8. I filmed the last 2 mins of Comfortably Numb (I dont normally film at a concert but couldn't resist this bit) his stage shows like Pink Floyd's are something else. Was at the Manchester Arena where the bomb went off not long before (the sick side of humanity 😢) I had a spare for this concert as my mate couldn't make it and ended up getting let down last minute with someone who agreed to buy it outside on E Bay ended up being an expensive concert 555
  9. Lockdown Roger Waters -Mother from "The Wall" Saw him live a couple of years ago in Manchester brilliant concert, bit too political for me but his and Floyds music is timeless.
  10. Mine's faster than yours 😆🤣🤣
  11. Cgeers 🤔😷 Your temp ok Bob? 🤣
  12. Don't you fly over to England to watch an English team? 🤔🤣🤣🤣
  13. So .. Am I allowed to go to work today or stay in or use public transport or go in my van or stay alert ? Thought I'd better ask the google warriors on here .. I'm fucking done with this bollox 🙄😆
  14. Is that not because there has been some kind of a lockdown it's been kept down though?
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