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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10164242483160246&id=734705245 Not sure if anyone can see this but i'd heard about this before with other people This is going viral on FB right now. Very believable.
  2. I couldn't get past the shitty music.. Would have been miles better with some decent 60s music The Stones or something we could all relate to with Thailand and the past.. Cheers for the post though. 不不
  3. I'm having a weird problem twice it's happened today (using my phone) Iv had to sign in twice (and i've kept the tick option full to stay signed in) I only use the forum on the phone so can't see anyone else getting my password . Anyone else had the same problem??
  4. Even if you didn't you probably do on a BIB check 不不
  5. It's all getting to me now , usually graft and have a goal wether it's meeting mates , going on holiday or even buying some clobber to go out. We're all in a massive rut the world's going mad .
  6. Just need rid of a small problem named Covid 1st 打 Missing going to gigs myself now.
  7. Hope you wasn't still in it 不不 One way to get you up for school
  8. f**k that fling her the hot water bottle 不不
  9. Yeah I think so .. One thing about all this Covid i'm grafting and doing nothing , so luckily have it put away.
  10. 100% better now you're right i've known a while it was on it's way out 瞿2k I didn't spend towards LOS in July /Aug will sort it Thankfully
  11. I'd like to have.. My fucking boiler went this morning and the plumber can't fit a new one till Monday 梗不 Under a quilt with a hot water bottle . Luckily i've got a seperate building with an electric shower or I would be in the shit (or stinking of it lol)
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