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  1. Lol They are following the one at the top with a flag
  2. @Steelers4Life I'd love to copy that and leave her a review fucking funny🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I stopped reading after about the 3rd or 4th line on the link she referred to Phuket as "the city" OK right 🤔🙄
  3. Apart from selling it back to the bank, selling to a Thai you know or putting it into a Thai account not sure.. NM Money have pretty good buy back rates in UK https://www.nmmoney.co.uk/travel-money/sell-unused-travel-money 60000 will give you £1411 losing you around £60 at today's rate I think Maybe try there.
  4. Was your hair wet? Maybe she meant a cut and blow and you misunderstood her 🤣🤣🤣🤣😱🙈 Ooops 555
  5. roomark

    Phuket Airport

    Nice pictures @Yessongs
  6. roomark

    Phuket Airport

    Just read your a +1 then you can't go wrong in Natural Resort because of the pools outside the rooms and DooDee for food. Make sure you ask for a Deluxe Pool Access room though Taxi call before you get there if you can he will pick you up in a 7 seater loads of room and TV 🤣 (family friend) 800 baht and most taxis at that are normal cars / air con meter taxi's Khun Lek : Tel :0858896200 Can't recommend him enough.
  7. roomark

    Phuket Airport

    Baanzaan Market behind Jungceylon on Sai Kor (Patong's now 3rd Road) If you want to stay a little bit further out (about 1/2 mile South of Bangla in Patong on Sai Kor I can recommend The Natural Resort http://www.naturalresort.net/photogallery/ it's 699 baht per room or night at the moment ask for Pool Access room I was there last month and always stay. You are next to two of the best places to eat (all the Thai's in Patong know it DooDee 1 and DooDee2 brilliant Thai food and cheap too . The only downside is the TukTuk is 200 baht or motorbike taxi 60 baht never a problem for me I always rent a bike from the hotel and at night get a motorbike taxi to Bangla or walk.
  8. That's right Can't step on the beach and a good thing it is too.. Some parts of Koh Larn could learn from them too with the boats and rubbish.
  9. Nice choice.. Nice pad too , not a bad place to be outside of BKK 😊
  10. f**k me Noel better send for Liam 🤣🤣🙈
  11. FINNAIR INFO: AY141 Helsinki - Bangkok Due to the closure of Pakistan airspace, there may be delays on Finnair flights from Helsinki to India and Thailand and vice versa caused by longer flight routes. We will reroute missed onward connections on the same ticket from Helsinki. We apologize for the inconvenience. http://finnair.com/passenger-rights I got that text the night before flying off Finn Air in Marchand again on the way back end April No problems at all and the flights were both on time.
  12. Bolton / Burnley 🙈🙈🙈 Blackpool mate , but my old fella a Scouse fan so I grew up torn between the two (though when the Scousers played Blackpool when Hollaway was manager and they were in The Prem I was a Seasider through and through) Both looking good CL final on 1st and a bid from a Billionare to to take over at Bloomfield (hopefully will happen after all the Oyston shite) Soccer they say? My arse its Footy
  13. Football FA Cup final today or Soccer if you have a funny accent.
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