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  1. Her indoors has just re-newed hers.. It's still Burgundy , but doesn't say European Union on it anymore.
  2. https://www.bric.co.th/พีทีที-ไทยแลนด์-กรังด์ป-2/ You should be able to change that to English if you can't read Thai mate..
  3. At this moment in time I'm cured of it went last in March / April and am not so sure when I'll be back . My last trip apart from a few highlights I was jaded with it and that was my first trip for a year before that . I don't think it's Thailand so much, just that I need pastures new. No matter what you do in life if you batter it , it becomes boring. Who knows though 🤣🤣
  4. Cheers lads Took me two hours to write that out 🙈😭😭😭
  5. Keeniow popcorn? 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Iv had quiet a few So then that's when I realised something wasn't quiet right.
  7. @Skalliwag But are you super shredded ? 🤣🤔😉 Happy Anniversary 🍻
  8. You should receive one from the Queen next year.
  9. Maybe they are wanting to appeal to a younger audience .. It's got nothing to do with the era at all though I agree Peaky Blinders has some brilliant music on, but the same thing .
  10. roomark

    Nigel Benn

    There's a fella lives around the corner from me fought Ali too.. Brian London although he is old now and not too well he would always have time for everyone and always willing to tell you stories of that fight and many others a true gent. Worth a watch from 2017 the other two hours to it are in the link in the comment section.
  11. Good to see your still sober pal 👍
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