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  1. Kids mate , they say horrible shit not even realising especially at 8. They see so much shit online too it's hard to stay away from it.
  2. For those that know that's 20kg more or less ... Imagine him training for the military what a shite excuse.
  3. Rattled in the Waterloo loo 🤣🤣
  4. I used to go to a strip gaff in Blackpool back in the day for a laugh and the girls used to come out to this.. Every red blooded lad wanted a slice of Wendy. Just googled it about the concert in Bpool I can't believe it's at The Waterloo Pub!! I thought maybe Empress Ballroom (even better at a boozer!!) @thunder367 do you know if she does her Transvision Vamp stuff or is it new stuff?
  5. Brilliant fight .. I honestly believe if they didnt throw the towel in he would have gotten seriously hurt. He looked terrible before the last round.
  6. Anyone with Kodi Rising Tides add on is perfect picture and links..
  7. Anyone with Kodi Rising Tides add on is perfect picture and links..
  8. I think he means Krabi somehow can do that in 90 mins
  9. Always fancied Tijuana , but not so sure nowadays I did two weeks in Acapulco in 01 and had a brilliant time , not too sure I'd go back there at the minute either ..
  10. Read his book The Governer years back was a good read, nothing like the film.which was crap I thought.
  11. Never thought about it like that.. So true
  12. Just seen a video on twitter people on the floor outside the mall .. terrible RIP . The very worst of social media
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